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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 2 - Chapter 9


Book 2: Chapter 9 - Chosen Mission

When he heard the familiar voice, Xue Ying couldn't help but reveal a hint of a smile. He immediately picked up the Flying Snow God's Spear beside him. Within a breath's time, his body flashed like a shadow, and then reappeared more than a hundred meters away up hill.

Nearby the Bamboo House.

A slender and elegant girl wearing purple robes and carrying a basket was looking around.

She was the grown-up Kong You Yue, now 19 years old. The little girl from before had already become a real beauty. Her skin was slightly pale as she had spent a long time studying magic, but her paleness only made her look more delicate. A mage's mysterious aura could faintly be detected from her. She had indeed grown-up and had become a charming lady.

At least, among Bai Yuan Zhi's disciples, many male disciples admired her and some of them were even trying to pursue her.

’’You Yue!’’

Xue Ying appeared next to the Bamboo House, putting his spear aside before approaching You Yue.

’’Brother Xue Ying, you mustn't exhaust yourself while practicing your spear techniques! Teacher said that during practice, people occasionally need a breather,’’ You Yue cheerily said while standing beside a stone table. She took out some snacks from the food basket, ’’I've made some of your favourite pastries, try it.’’


Xue Ying could smell the pastries as he walked over, and said with a smile, ’’ Smells good.’’

He picked up a soft pastry, took a bite and said, ’’ You Yue's cooking skills are getting better and better.’’ In his childhood, he really liked this kind of pastry made by his mother. After his mother had left, he couldn't eat this kind of pastry anymore. Although the servants would sometimes make it, the taste was different. You Yue's cooking skills were already quite good, although not as good as his mother's cooking in his memory, but much better than the servants.

’’He he, I learnt it just for you.’’ You Yue said proudly.

’’Wait a moment, I will return to the castle. Today, let's eat lunch together,’’ said Xue Ying. He sat and quickly ate the pastry, a whole pastry vanishing into his mouth with each big bite.

’’Okay, it's already been a long time since Brother Xue Ying has returned to the castle,’’ You Yue replied while standing beside Xue Ying.

In a short time, all the pastries had been completely eaten by Xue Ying.

’’Let's go,’’ Xue Ying stood up.


You Yue nodded.

A man and a woman walked side by side.

Starting from the winter when Xue Ying had turned 20, You Yue had started to reside within Snowrock Mountain. Most of her time was spent within the castle walls. She and the younger Qing Shi sometimes went to the rear mountain to visit Xue Ying. As time went by, Xue Ying and You Yue became closer and more familiar with each other.

Six years together...

To be precise, You Yue was the only girl Xue Ying still kept in touch with . He felt comfortable with You Yue. All this time, his mind only focused on the plan to rescue his parents. He wanted to rescued them as soon as possible. All this time, You Yue was just there beside him, watching him and never bothering him.

Sometimes Xue Ying also had the thought that

Maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to have You Yue as his wife.

Although it was not the same as the kind of love that his parents had for each other, he felt that he could be happy as long as they could live happily together since Xue Ying didn't have any close relationships with other girls.

Moreover, You Yue never bothered with the other Great Mage disciples' attention. Everyone could see that her whole affection was directed towards Xue Ying.

As for You Yue's father, Kong Hai, he was always trying to bring forth the matter of Xue Ying and You Yue's marriage.

’’No need to rush.’’

’’You Yue is still young. Let's wait until after I've rescued my parents, then we will discuss it again.’’ Before he could rescue his parents, Xue Ying didn't have any intention to get married!

Because Knights and Mages prioritized training, they would tend to get married and have children relatively late. His father, Dong Bo Lie, only married his mother when he was approaching 40 years old. You Yue's father was the same. He was around 40 years old when he'd had his oldest daughter, You Yue.

For a female mage, 19 years old was still considered as being a young child. They would usually get married around 30 years old. If a female mage got married within their twenties, it was considered an early marriage.

’’To save father and mother, I have to accumulate 20,000 merit points. In order to obtain that many merit points, completing dangerous Bronze missions is the only way.’’ thought Xue Ying. ’’Although I'm feeling confident, it is not completely safe. If something were to happen and I perish while on a mission, everything would have been for naught.’’


Snowrock Castle, inside the dining room within the main building.

Xue Ying, Zong Ling, Tong San, Qing Shi, and You Yue, five people were seated inside.

’’Qing Shi, You Yue told me that you've already had a girlfriend for almost half a year?’’ Xue Ying cheerfully looked at his brother. His younger brother, Qing Shi had become an exceptionally handsome man! Not to mention that when considering all the soldiers within Snowrock Castle, even when compared with Water Rites Town residence, it could be said that his brother was the most handsome of them all!

His brother's eyes were bright and charming! Qing shi had been good looking since childhood. Even more so now that he was 16 years old! By now, he could survive just by relying on his appearance alone. Resembling his mother, who was skilled in ice magic, his brother also faintly exuded a kind of indifferent, cool handsome man aura. Xue Ying had also heard that many female students tried to pursue him.

Xue Ying was well pleased with this matter.

At the same time, he had mixed feelings. In the blink of eye, the snotty two-year-old child who slept in his embrace was now all grown up.

’’Sister You Yue, you really are a busy body, telling everything to my brother!’’ Qing Shi helplessly frowned.

’’You are really good at keeping secrets. I only found out you have a girlfriend after half a year. Of course I had to tell your brother, after all, he is your elder brother.’’ You Yue smilingly said.

’’If your girlfriend doesn't mind, invite her over. I want to meet her.’’ Said Xue Ying.

’’Okay, I will ask her if she wants to or not.’’ Qing Shi curled his lip.

’’Oh right, I'm in the midst of preparing to go out. I'm afraid during this trip I will be gone for ten days to half a month's time.’’ Explained Xue Ying

’’What kind of business? You wouldn't be going to the Mountain Range of Desolation, right?’’ probed Qing Shi. Zong Ling and Tong San also looked surprised at Xue Ying's announcement.

’’I can assure you I'm not entering the Mountain Range of Desolation.’’ Xue Ying grinned. ’’I just want to take a trip, exploring the outside world and to practice my spear techniques.’’

He didn't explain in detail.

He was unwilling to speak any further about taking on a mission.


At night.

Inside the study room.

The fire crystal lamp on the desk illuminated the study room. Zong Ling and Tong San were in the room.

Xue Ying, seated at the desk, said, ’’ Uncle Zong, Uncle Tong, I'm preparing to take a Black Iron level mission first. I want to try to accomplish this first before I advance to Bronze order. After that I will start to take on Bronze level missions.’’

’’Be careful,’’ advised Tong San.

Within the entire Snowrock Castle, only the two of them clearly understood Xue Ying's strength. They knew that Xue Ying's power level was already comparable with a Legend rank expert.

Xue Ying, I don't doubt your strength. It's just that your battle experience is still insufficient. I completely agree with you taking on a Black Iron Order mission first,’’ Zong Ling consented. ’’First accumulate some experience, then take Bronze level missions later.’’

’’Mn’’ Xue Ying nodded.

Taking on an Black Iron mission with Legend Rank capabilities, he naturally felt at ease.

’’I've already looked at the latest mission lists. There is a very suitable mission,’’ Xue Ying continued.

’’What kind of mission?’’ both Zong Ling and Tong San asked .

’’Take a look for yourself’’

Xue Ying picked up the mission lists from the table. One of the missions listed inside was circled. Zong Ling and Tong San approached and looked at it carefully.

The mission clearly stated:

’’A territory castle within Azure River County. Investigate the castle for fugitives. The castle's defences are quite strong. Requires five experts, at least at the Silver Moon Knight level! Rewards: 100 Merit Points. Participants to gather at Dragon Mountain Manor within County city of Azure River County on the first day of the sixth month.’’

Xue Ying explained, ’’I will notify Lord Si An and then immediately head to that prefecture city for the assembly. This task will not be easy, as it requires the strength of five Silver Moon Knights.. However, I believe that it will be a good experience for me.’’


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