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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 10 - Chapter 6


Book 10: Chapter 6 - Dong Bo Xue Ying's Visit

Before Xue Ying had left for the Temple of the Earth God's main headquarters on the Xia Clan World, in another location, there existed an island that held the Meishan Clan Master's hidden accommodation.

Within a plain and simple courtyard, a lonely old man was currently pouring some fruit wine while two people accompanied him. One was a black-robed male whose eyes held a nefarious yet crazy light within them. The other, however, was a beautiful young lady garbed in white robes. At the current moment, both anticipation and excitement graced their faces.

’’It's been so long since we reunited, Third Brother.’’ The black-robed male said excitedly. ’’Ever since you left the Temporal Temple's restriction and arrived in the Xia Clan's World, we've always wanted to come and find you. As you know, however, Reincarnators of the Temporal Temple don't have free will. If we'd attempted to travel to this world specifically, the price we'd have had to pay would have simply been too great. Fortunately, in the end, we've been reunited here once more for yet another life and death adventure.’’

’’Big Brother Wu Huang, why do you always act like an old man despite being so elegant?’’ The white-robed young lady asked. ’’Just go back to your usual appearance.’’

’’That's right, you're Wu Huang! You're supposed to shake the world wherever you go;how could you be so lethargic?’’ The black-robed male shook his head.

’’Wu Huang is already dead! I'm merely a guest of Meishan.’’ The lonely old man smiled, ’’Nowadays, I'm known as the Meishan Clan Master.’’

’’Meishan, Meishan... you still can't forget about her, can you. You still can't forget about our big sister.’’ The black-robed male shook his head.

’’Forget? Why must I forget about her? The days that we spent with Meishan were the happiest days of my life. Even though the time we shared was short, it's enough. However, the Temporal Temple's restriction prevented me from having my own free will.’’ Hatred blossomed in the lonely old man's eyes. ’’We faced life and death battles time and time again;in the end, it resulted in Sister Ping's death. Not only does the Temporal Temple control our destinies, they also control our souls! How could I ever be willing? I didn't mind paying any price to escape from it. This Xia Clan World's Crimson Rock Mountain is actually an inheritance that was left behind by a major existence from the Deity World. Within it lies hope for me to bring Sister Ping back to life.’’

’’You still wish to bring Big Sister back to life?’’ Both of his comrades were shocked.

’’Did you think that Sister Ping was already completely dead?’’ The lonely old man sneered, ’’That's not the case. Even though she went through three punishments three hell rank missions Sister Ping still wasn't able to get away from them. In reality, the Temporal Temple has merely taken away Sister Ping's soul and kept her under their control. If the Temporal Temple wasn't able to squeeze our potential dry, how could they let us die so easily?’’

’’Ai, we've long guessed that was the case.’’ The black-robed male shook his head. ’’However, we aren't as courageous as you were. After all, you were willing to pay any price for just that little strand of hope. Do you remember how hard it is to regain our freedom the moment we sign that contract? I believe that only after we bravely advance forward after we've not only become Deities, but we've become huge existences in the Deity Would will we regain our freedom.’’

’’Right, bravely advance forward!’’ The white-robed young lady echoed.

’’Second brother, little sister, I've already given my promise to a World Deity from the Temporal Temple. Naturally, I'll do my best! I'll use all my effort to help him obtain what he wants.’’ The lonely old man said, ’’The two of you can follow me at that point of time. Oh right, since we haven't met for so many years, what improvements have the two of you made in terms of combat power?’’

’’It's truly gotten harder to improve the further we've gone. The effects that life and death missions bring to us are getting weaker as well. Our current combat power can barely equal that of yours when you left,’’ the white-robed young lady said.

’’Mn, not bad. A tremendous number of dangers exist within the Crimson Rock Mountain though;it's much more dangerous and terrifying than any mission the two of you have participated in! As such, you two definitely need to follow me.’’ Meishan Clan Master's eyes were filled with a sharp glow. ’’And this time, nobody will be able to block my path! Whoever dares to do so, I'll kill!’’

A terrifying killing intent emitted from his body.

The eyes of the black-robed male and white-robed young lady were once again filled with anticipation and excitement.

This was truly their captain of that time the one whose fame had spread far into the remote lands, the one known as Wu Huang! Who other than the legendary amongst the legendary... Someone who'd grasped hold of a grade one True Meaning! In reality, those who'd grasped hold of a grade one True Meaning wouldn't normally risk their lives at the Crimson Rock Mountain, as these absolute geniuses had a value equal to the Crimson Rock Mountain itself.

As for the Temporal Temple's Reincarnators who'd grasped hold of a grade two True Meaning, there were some who were weaker, and some who were even more terrifying. There were even Transcendent paragons who merely lacked a grade one True Meaning! The Temporal Temple would certainly give people such as these special rights.

In reality however, that single step they lacked...was still a single missing step.

Those who'd grasped hold of multiple grade two True Meanings would never surpass someone who'd grasped hold of a grade one True Meaning!

But Wu Huang was one of the brightest Reincarnators amongst all those who had at least one grade two True Meaning, and he'd even done something extremely shocking in the past he'd actually taken the initiative to receive three hell rank missions! That was truly transcending beyond the Temporal Temple's control! After completing the three missions, escaping the restrictions of the Temporal Temple, and regaining his freedom, he'd became a legendary figure.

When he'd escaped the restrictions of the Temporal Time, he'd requested that they place him on the Xia Clan's World. He'd stayed here, his killing intent silently festering within his heart!

He was waiting!

He was waiting until he had enough strength and for the conditions to be right before he entered Crimson Rock Mountain!

Yet, who would've thought that a higher-up from the Temporal Temple would ask him for help? He'd even provided many treasures in exchange. The Meishan Clan Master had naturally agreed to help him. The two helpers the higher-up had provided him with were naturally the two life and death comrades he'd had in the past. That year, there were nine of them...but now, only three of them were left.


Experts were akin to clouds in the sky amidst the continuously constructed amber palace. There were swathes of guards everywhere who belonged to the Temporal Temple, many of whom were pseudo-Transcendents! They had originally been Legend rankers, but they had chosen to forcefully 'transcend' their bodies. Even though only one in ten would survive becoming a pseudo-Transcendent, they'd still have to work for the Temporal Temple for many years so as to repay the debt they owed and regain their freedom.


A crack opened up in space,a white-robed teenager walking out of it. However, his face was quite pale. Despite his pale face, he only needed a single step to reach the extravagant amber palace's main entrance.

’’Sir Dong Bo Xue Ying.’’ The guards at the entrance didn't dare to delay, as those who could tear through space to arrive here were definitely extraordinary figures. After searching through the apex Transcendents of the Xia Clan within their minds, this white-robed teenager looked just like the Xue Ying whom they'd been told about beforehand, only his skin-color and aura were somewhat different. They'd seen his picture before, but the Xue Ying within the picture was garbed in black and had an extremely powerful aura.

’’Just tell them that Dong Bo Xue Ying is here to pay a visit,’’ Xue Ying said.

’’Yes yes yes, Sir Dong Bo Xue Ying, please wait a moment.’’ The guards immediately replied.


There were currently three people within a garden amidst the Temple of the Earth God's continuous chain of palaces.

One of them was muscular with fiery-red hair. His irises were red in color, and he emanated a terrifying and tyrannical aura from his entire body, just like a volcano. He was currently lying on a chair, pouring wine from a flask into his mouth whilst mumbling, ’’The mortal world will forever be a mortal world. Even their wine is boring.’’

’’The mortal world is a material world. Countless Deities are currently fighting for the beliefs inside of this material world we can't look down upon it.’’ A tall and thin male who was wearing a thick robe was currently sitting cross-legged in the corner.

The last person within the pavilion, a golden-armored young man, was eating all sorts of desserts and food.

’’Young master!’’ The muscular red-haired male shouted. ’’I've heard that this time, there are several Demigod teams coming from the Dark Abyss, even two to three teams of people from the Temporal Temple who've struggled amidst life and death missions. There are also several Demigod teams from our Deity World who've been dispatched here. It seems like things are about to get very interesting!’’

’’It does indeed! I've long heard that the Reincarnators from the Temporal Temple are all very interesting people. I truly want to see just how strong they are! We've ultimately killed our way to first place in our starfield competition.’’ The thick-robed male expert's eyes were filled with excitement.

’’Hmph. It is fine if they don't disturb us, but if they dare to fight with us, we'll just kill them!’’ The golden-armored young man eating his dessert said coldly.

Suddenly, the golden-armored young man looked up into the sky. ’’The Xia Clan World's Dong Bo Xue Ying is here.’’

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying? That brat has great innate talent and already grasped hold of two grade two True Meanings despite cultivating less than a hundred years! I've heard that one of them is either the True Meaning of Shadow Space or the True Meaning of Mirage.’’ The muscular red-haired male said, ’’However, it's a pity that it's merely at the first realm. That kind of combat power is far too weak;for him to follow us would merely be a hindrance.’’

’’A hundred years has passed. This Dong Bo Xue Ying's combat power has most likely improved quite a bit,’’ the tall and thin male wrapped within his robe said.

’’Let's have a look. The intelligence provided by the Xia Clan regarding the Crimson Rock Mountain is still quite rich, so if we can obtain it, it'll be for the best.’’ The golden-armored teenager said, ’’But if he's simply going to hinder us, I'd rather not have him nor the information.’’

Soon afterwards.

Xue Ying entered this garden under the lead of the guard commander.

He'd also noticed these three Demigods that had been sent over by the Temple of the Earth God from the Deity World.

’’Dong Bo Xue Ying greets the three of you,’’ Xue Ying said.


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