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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 10 - Chapter 3


Book 10: Chapter 3 - Scram!

’’A truly pleasant matter?’’ Xue Ying's gaze swept across the group before him, including the gold-robed man.

That was when this gold-robed man revealed a smile. ’’I, Sand Tiger, have lived in White River City for many years, and I've heard that there is a restaurant here owned by a Dong Bo, who is an amazing artist. It is only today that I finally get the chance to meet him.’’

’’An artist?’’ To the side, Palace Head Chen began laughing. The grand, majestic Xue Ying had been called an artist. This situation was truly interesting.

Xue Ying sent him a slight nod. ’’Scarlet Flame Knight, Sand Tiger. I've long since heard of your name. I wonder, why have you come here today?’’

The silver-robed teenager, Long Tian Yun widened his eyes. ’’My teacher has come today ’’

’’Tian Yun, stop.’’ The gold-robed man frowned.

’’Yes.’’ Long Tian Yun immediately shut his mouth in obedience. He was truly respectful and docile towards this man.

The gold-robed man continued speaking with a smile, ’’I'm here today since I've heard you have a good disciple by the name of Ye Qing.’’

’’Ye Qing?’’ Xue Ying frowned. For this 100 years, he had taught people some simple spear techniques as destiny dictated. Among his disciples, there had been few whom he had liked. The only one whose talent could spark his interest was the third disciple, Ye Qing. By comparison, the talents of the oldest disciple Long Tian Yun, the second disciple, Chen Qin, and all of his other disciples were quite ordinary. Despite him teaching them according to their abilities, the chances of them becoming Legend rankers were extremely low.

After all, while the teacher was important when it came to a disciple's improvement, their own talent mattered even more. Ye Qing could be considered an individual with relatively great talent.

’’Ye Qing!’’ The gold-robed male looked towards Ye Qing.

’’Senior Sand, if you needed anything, you could have just looked for me. Why would you search for my teacher instead?’’ the red-robed teenager asked in anger.

The gold-robed male replied, ’’I haven't come looking for trouble. I'm here to receive you as my disciple.’’

’’Receive me as your disciple?’’ Ye Qing was startled.

Xue Ying was also relatively startled.

Stealing someone else's disciple?

The gold-robed man laughed. ’’Haha, I truly would have never thought that the teenager my daughter liked would be you! Even though you've offended me before, back when you were young, that was not with intention. My daughter actually likes you, and since your talent is relatively good, you should just receive me as your teacher! Join my Scarlet Flame Castle and become a disciple under my school. Do that, and I can give you the assurance of becoming a Legend ranker! I'll be sure to give you the best Qi cultivation techniques, which will let you cultivate even faster. Haha, I'll even give you a better weapon, and you can then become my son-in-law. We'll all be one big family!’’

White RIver City was only so big, and with Ye Qing's current strength, he had naturally entered the vision of the Scarlet Flame Knight, Sand Tiger.

Upon further contemplation, one would find him shocking... This brat, at only a bit over 20 years old, had reached an exceptionally high realm with his spear techniques the realm of the great master! Ordinary people might not have been able to see him for what he was, but as a great master himself, the Sand Tiger could tell that Ye Qing was a great master in spear techniques! It must be known that there were many Legend rankers who had not reached the realm of great master in their combat techniques, yet this brat, Ye Qing, had already clinched a path towards becoming a Legend ranker. In addition he was the one his daughter loved, which caused Sand Tiger's heart to be moved as he let Long Tian Yun bring him directly over to this Dongyu Restaurant.

’’Impossible.’’ Ye Qing shook his head.

’’What did you say?’’ The gold-robed man, Sand Tiger, thought he might have heard wrong.

’’Teacher's kindness towards me is as heavy as a mountain. When I first received tutelage under teacher, I was the youngest, at only 11 years old. I did not have a father nor a caring mother, and I never got to eat any good meals. It was teacher who gave me food, provided me with clothing, and taught me spear techniques and Qi cultivation techniques. To me, this is already home,’’ Ye Qing said.

Xue Ying felt his heart warm up when he heard the teenager speak. He could not help but reveal a smile.

Ye Qing, this brat...

He continued, ’’It would be impossible for me to leave, or to join your Scarlet Flame Castle. Senior Sand, you are a Legend Knight and one who sits closest to the apex in the entire White River City. What difference would it make whether I joined your Scarlet Flame Castle or not?’’

’’You would rather stay in this place and accompany a bunch of dolls as they train in these crude spear techniques?’’ the gold-robed male shouted, a frown on his face. ’’Ye Qing, you should broaden your horizons!’’

’’Teacher's body isn't healthy, so I will naturally accompany teacher,’’ Ye Qing replied. Sitting beside Palace Head Chen and Jing Qiu, Xue Ying felt himself getting happier and happier the more he listened. A taciturn person, Ye Qing had already trained his spear techniques to such a high level, yet he would come over to accompany him and to train together with these other little dolls time after time. It also seemed that he was awake that Xue Ying's body was in a bad condition.

Indeed, of all his disciples, Xue Ying liked this Ye Qing the most.

The first time he saw him, Ye Qing was merely 11 years old a thin, weak, snotty child. He looked like the 7 or 8 year olds of other families. It was winter, yet the clothes he wore were tattered beyond belief. In most scenarios, he was extremely obedient and was willing to undertake any task despite criticism.

He truly did not know when it happened, but to Ye Qing, this Dongyu Restaurant had long since become his home and Xue Ying, his family.


The gold-robed male angrily shouted, ’’Alright, I don't have time for such nonsense with you! Let me ask you, do you like my daughter or not?’’

’’Naturally, that would be a yes,’’ Ye Qing answered.

’’Then follow me!’’ the gold-robed man continued shouting. ’’If you dare decline, I will never let you be together with her. Not only that, with a single command of mine, this Dongyu Restaurant owned by your sickly teacher will no longer be able to operate! I only have to give the signal, and your teacher won't live another good day for the rest of his life.’’

’’You ’’ Ye Qing was infuriated, but he knew that as an old and experienced knight, Sand Tiger was a massively influential figure. In the entire White River City, he was one of the top three strongest Legend-ranked knights!

Xue Ying laughed. ’’You'll prevent me from operating my restaurant, and you'll ensure that I won't have another good day in my life? You speak with a truly grandiose tone.’’

’’And not just any grandiose tone. Didn't even the Sorcerer God and the Great Demonic God want to kill you, but failed to do so?’’ Palace Head Chen laughed by his side.

The gold-robed man, Sand Tiger, was stunned.

Sorcerer God? Great Demonic God?

Wasn't the Sorcerer God from the Sorcerer Palace? And the Great Demonic God from the Demonic Faction? The mention of this existences alone made him dizzy. They were too far away for him they were not even part of the Xia Clan World but instead powerful Deities living in the Deity World and the Dark Abyss respectively.

’’Wu Lei, teach them a lesson and chase them away,’’ Xue Ying casually ordered.

’’Yes, Master!’’ the white-haired old man acknowledged with respect.

Everyone in the training ground, the Scarlet Flame Knight Sand Tiger, his group of subordinates behind him, Long Tian Yun, and Ye Qing were all looking at this scene in a daze.

The white-haired old man then turned towards the Scarlet Flame Knight, Sand Tiger.

’’You...’’ Sand Tiger was stunned. This old man had the courage to fight him?

’’You dared to be disrespectful to my master.’’ The white-robed old man extended his hand and white fog immediately formed on his palm. Within moments, this palm covered in white fog grabbed onto the gold-robed man who could only feel his surroundings being filled with fog. In spite of his desperate attempts to struggle, he could do nothing to break free! He revealed a terrified expression;he, a Legend-ranked knight, could not even struggle or move at all!

After being grabbed by the palm covered in white fog, Sand Tiger was immediately slapped down onto the ground, his limbs extended. His pose made him look as if he was prostrating himself.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

The grand and magnificent Scarlet Flame Knight, Sand Tiger, was currently facing the ground. In the blink of an eye, he was slapped down heavily onto the ground more than a hundred times, so heavily, in fact, that he began puking blood. Just how tyrannical was the body of a Legend-ranked knight? He had even spit blood, yet not a single gouge could be seen in the ground.

With a casual flick by the white-haired old man, he threw Sand Tiger to the side, as if he were a dead dog. The audience of this scene all fell into a daze, Long Tian Yun even more so.

’’Senior!’’ The gold-robed man, Sand Tiger, immediately climbed back up without a care for his injuries. Filled with utmost respect, he spoke with a slight tone of flattery, ’’Senior... dare I ask who you are, senior?’’

How could a cunning person like Sand Tiger not know that this old man had to be a terrifying existence. Perhaps a Transcendent?

The white-haired old man, Wu Lei, replied, ’’I am merely the weakest servant of my master.’’

His words were true. Out of the army of Deity warriors, Wu Lei was indeed the weakest. Even so, he was still close to the Demigod realm in terms of his strength.

’’The weakest servant?’’ Sand TIger looked in alarm towards the three people Xue Ying, Jing Qiu, and Palace Head Chen.

Suddenly, the loud sound of a shout reverberated, ’’Teacher!’’

Pu Tong!

Long Tian Yun knelt down heavily on the ground. His eyes were already red and filled with tears. Looking towards Xue Ying, he shouted out, ’’Teacher, I've made a grave mistake! It was I, Tian Yun, who was wrong!’’

Xue Ying was startled as soon as he heard that. This senior disciple of his had once again broken through Xue Ying's understanding of him! He had first been disappointed in him, but now, it was no longer just mere disappointment. Xue Ying was now completely speechless towards him. How could a human be so shameless.

’’Scram!’’ Xue Ying fiercely waved out his sleeves.


An unseen force enveloped the group including Long Tian Yun, the gold-robed man, Sand Tiger, and their disciples. Shua, they all instantly disappeared.


Inside a certain extravagant castle within White River City.

This castle occupied a total area of more than two kilometers and was bigger than Snowrock Castle by an entire ring. The owner's official residence in this county was so big, it was easy to see how much power he had in this area! This was none other than the Scarlet Flame Castle.

All of a sudden, a group of people appeared out of thin air in one of the grounds where the guards usually trained. Simultaneously, a number of horses appeared out of nowhere.

Long Tian Yun remained kneeling on the ground. Sand Tiger was feeling a bit shocked;the guards and even the group of horses were shocked. This scene was soon followed by an uproar of horses neighing. Clearly, the sudden change in surroundings had been unbearable for these horses.

’’This is, this is the Scarlet Flame Castle?’’ Sand Tiger was stunned. This was his home, so he could naturally recognize it.

’’We're here at the Scarlet Flame Castle?’’ Long Tian Yun was hoodwinked. ’’With a simple wave of his sleeves, he brought as all over from Dongyu Restaurant to Scarlet Flame Castle?’’

’’Must be a devil's technique. From my knowledge, ordinary Transcendents aren't so formidable. he a legendary Demigod of our Xia Clan?’’ Sand Tiger gulped down in fright.

At this moment, a group of guards as well as their relatives were all rushing over.

They were similarly shocked and puzzled.

A green-robed female teenager with bright eyes and white teeth ran over. ’’Father, how did you all get here? Ah, father, why is your body covered in blood and so filthy?’’

’’Little Qi, my obedient daughter.’’ Sand Tiger was indeed laughing heartily. ’’It's nothing much. Father is fine. About that matter of you and Ye Qing...your father approves of it! I approve of it with all my heart! Haha, if you have the time, bring Ye Qing over to our place.’’

’’Ye Qing and I?’’ The teenage female was brought to a slight daze by the sudden arrival of such a great surprise.

Sand Tiger then sent a fierce gaze towards the kneeling Long Tian Yun who remained in a daze. Eyes filled with a sort of hatred, he shouted, ’’Take this Long Tian Yun and throw him out! He should think twice before ever attempting to enter my Scarlet Flame Castle again!’’

’’Yes.’’ A group of guards then came rushing forward and immediately grabbed a hold of Long Tian Yun.

’’My teacher, my teacher, he...’’ Long Tian Yun would never forget the sight of his sickly teacher, Dong Bo, waving his sleeves. With a wave of those sleeves, the whole world transformed before his very eyes.


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