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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 1 - Chapter 5


Xia's Gu YuanHan ’’Heavenly Ice Warrior’’ 's spear techniques legacy.

In the golden pages you can see drawings of a person displaying spear techniques


A mysterious power shook the entire room.

’’What?’’ DongBai XueYing looked up to the ceiling only to see the golden pages of the book start producing a silver light forming an old man about the size of a book holding a spear.

Th book caused a certain coldness which cause DongBai XueYing to shiver.

’’Ha!’’ The old man trusted his spear one move at a time, his spear moved like a dragon fierce and powerful.

This was all too familiar for DongBai XueYing who had practiced this set of spear techniques since he was 6, it was a common spear techniques spread throughout the Dragon Mountain Country, ’’The Spears of Emotions.’’

The Spear of Emotions is spread all over the world. It is the most basic form of spear techniques, nicknamed ’’The Origin of Spears’’. Although it doesn't possess any powerful moves, many spear expert used ’’The Spear of Emotions’’ as their techniques' foundation.

’’I practiced ’’The Spears of Emotions’’ for almost three years, how come I didn't know it was this powerful?’’ DongBai widened his eyes at the old man's performance with the spear. One simple thrust from the old man caused the spear to spin like a snake. The thrust's power caused DongBai XueYing to closed the book and mulled over some things

DongBai XueYing began practicing with a spears at the age of 6. He is now 8 and it is winter, so he has indeed been practicing for nearly 3 years.

’’The spear moves my dad taught me was also very accurate! He also taught me move by move, but why do they feel so different?’’ DongBai XueYing looked closely.

They are both basic spear techniques. However there is a difference between a master and a practitioner.

’’There's power behind the spear, every thrust has a power behind it. The strength of his entire body is focused at this one thrust.’’ DongBai XueYing concluded.

He opened the book again, and this set of ’’Spear of Emotions’’ continued to play out.

Half an hour passed, not knowing how many times he had watched the set before finally turning to the next page.

This page was filled with word ’’Spear techniques requires a strong foundation, which is why the first spear techniques I'm teaching you are ’’The Spear Of Emotions’’ Once you have reached the peak, then you will have hope of learning my own spear techniques.’’

’’Next is a set of Dou Qi usage techniques’’

’’My spear techniques emphasizes on speed. This set of Dou Qi usage techniques can make you spear techniques faster.’’

This Transcended Warrior had a casual tone but Dou Qi usage techniques are priceless treasures! If two warriors on the same fought each other, the one with the Dou Qi usage techniques only need 4-5 moves to win the fight.

’’My Heavenly Ice Spear are split in three stages.’’

’’The first stage is the Falling Snow. Once you mastered this move, you will be a beginner at my sets of techniques and a Spear master.’’

’’The second level is the Bloody Rain. Once you mastered this move, you can be a powerhouse among the Titled and have hope of becoming a Transcended!’’

’’The final stage is the Heavenly Ice, every Transcended has their own path, this represents my path, so my path might not be yours. If you mastered this move then you use some of my Dou Qi usage moves.’’

DongBai XueYing looked at the book with excitement.

It is truly worthy of being a Transcended's legacy, being able to lead you to be able to become a Transcended.

As he continue to read the book, the next page is a detailed explanation for the ’’The Heavenly Ice Spear’’ and several special Dou Qi usage techniques. It has enough words to fill up 20 pages and was very straight forward. DongBai XueYing was able to understand the book.but, he soon learned that his level of techniques was not high enough to master this set of spear techniques.

He flipped towards the last page.

It was filled with picture, suddenly a beam of bright light began to form an old man who started to performed Falling Snow stage.

The old man's performance of Falling Snow stage gave off one feeling, Fast. One move consist of between a hundred to a thousand spear strikes, almost like the countless snow falling from the sky. Well at least DongBai XueYing wasn't able to keep track of the amount of strikes, the second performance was in slow motion and allowed DongBai XueYing to observe clearly.

It then continued to perform the Bloody Rain stage and finally Heavenly Ice.

To describe this set of spear techniques only needs one word, Fast!

The spear techniques look the for one thing the peak of speed.


Of course, you still need to build up your foundation by mastering ’’The Spear of Emotions’’ at its peak to even reach the basic Falling Snow stage.


At night, DongBai XueYing has to coax his little brother to sleep, his brother is really and needy,and DongBai XueYing took about an hour to finally get him to sleep.

Next morning after breakfast.

Training Ground

’’This training ground .’’DongBai XueYing looked around, this was where his father trained everyday.

’’Okay, time to start.’’

DongBai put on his weights and began to run, running around the castle which was about a mile. He does this everyday, DongBai XueYing was already used to it.

After he was done with his run, he took off the weights and was sweating all over. The sweat was really comfortable. He walked then towards the javelin section, and all the javelins are custom made for DongBai weighing about 5 jin.

* Jin is a Chinese measurement and 11 Jin equals to 10 pounds*

’’Ha!’’ He picked up a javelin and threw it at the target which was about 80 meters thick. The target was fairly broken down with many marks on it.

’’Go, go, Go!

DongBai XueYing ran with the flying spear.

The javelin hit the bullseye!

’’Throw it!’’ DongBai XueYing ordered.

’’Yes, sir.’’ The servants picked up small targets and started to throw them in the sky. DongBai XueYing tried to hit them with his javelins from about 80 meters away while running. Some reached the target, some missed by a little. He still needs a little work on hitting moving targets.

His father once stated that the javelin is only a decoration and the movement is the key point, so he should practice 200 times a day to maintain the feeling of theose movements.

After throwing the spear a thousand times, DongBai XueYing's arms felt sore and was sweaty all over the place, but he was already used to it.

Javelin Throwing is now over.

Then DongBai XueYing moved onto a set of Boxing Techniques that trains the body and bones, it is also a mid level Dou Qi Training Method called ’’The Three Steps of Flame Gathering’’, his father had spent a fortune on it. Back then the Dou Qi Training Method his father has was only a low level inner Dou Qi Training Method.

Dou Qi Training Method actually works better when the body is tried.

Boxing Techniques require you to be both soft and hard, and being sync with the body. After you begin to practice it a mysterious energy would enter your body, allowing the body to recover faster.

After practicing ’’The Three Steps of Flame Gathering’’ two times, his arms made a full recovery.

’’Good, time to practice spear techniques.’’

DongBai XueYing picked up a spear next to him and because of his height spear stood at 1.8 meters tall and is around 10 jin.

’’Ha.’’ DongBai XueYing began to practice ’’The Spear of Emotions’’

He has practiced this set of spear techniques for almost 3 years, and is already very familiar with it, but it felt different today.

’’Yeah, channeling your strength like that is way more comfortable.’’ DongBai XueYing saw the Transcended performing this set of techniques yesterday, and can't help but imitate it, getting much better results.


His left hand holding the spear and his right holding the bottom channeled his strength

His right wrist spun!

The spear was like a giant snake when it strike. If it was an enemy, they would have found the strike aimed at their face twist and stab their neck. This twirl was to confuse the enemy and increased its power/

’’Ha!’’ The spear stabbed the golden dummy this dummy is made of several special metal looking like it's made of gold, it is very hard and has the ability of self recovery, at least people below the Stellar stage has possibility of hurting it. The entire training field only has 5 of these dummies, because each is worth 500 gold.

There is a dummy even more precious at his mom's laboratory, because his mother needs to use it for experimentation.

’’Ha, Ha, Ha!’’ DongBai XueYing channeled his strength again and again.

The spear thrust the middle, below, above.

It thrust left then right.

A simple thrust are spear techniques' bread and butter,every stab caused DongBai XueYing to remember the feeling of the Transcended's spear techniques.

After the thousandth thrust, DongBai XueYing's arm felt incredibly sore. He was drenched in sweat. He used to practice for about 500 times, but he is pushing himself further.

’’Ha!’’ He once again focused all his strength to stab the golden dummy again when his arm is became too sore and dropped the spear.

He fell down on the floor breathing heavily, his body full of sweat, and looking at the spear.

He might be filled with determination but his body was too tired and needs to give up.

He raised his head and remembered when his father used to scold at him,


’’You're already tired? That was only 300 thrusts! With your body, 500 thrusts should be the minimum, you should only be tired when you did this 1000 times, 1500 times should be your limit! Besides, so what if you get hurt, you will take a medicinal bath at night! Wit the medicinal bath, even if your body is wounded, even if your bones break, after soaking the medicinal bath you will alright the next day. Your condition was way better than mine. You can't do 500? Get the f*k up!’’

’’Get up, if you don't get up you're a f*king loser.’’

’’That was only 500 times, this spoiled little brat can't handle it ?’’

’’Get up, DongBai Lie's son is not a loser!’’

His dad's voice ringed in his ears.

’’Get up, get the f*k up.’’ DongBai XueYing picked up his spear and stood up.


Once again DongBai XueYing thrust with all his power.

’’Dad, I wish I could hear your voice again, even if just to scream at me, I will be happy,’’ DongBai XueYing's eyes got red and stabbed the dummy wildly. It is only when you lose something that you learn to appreciate it.


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