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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 1 - Chapter 4


The next day, after noon.

Dragon Mountain Tower, Water City.

In this world, every city has a Dragon Mountain Tower! The Dragon Mountain Tower of Water City is an ancient five-story tall stone tower.

The Dragon Mountain Tower's entrance was guarded by many powerful warriors. Both civilians and nobles don't dare to be within 10 meter radius within it, because once you entered this 10 meter radius even nobles will be forcefully killed!

A white haired old man rushed inside the Dragon Mountain Tower.

’’Lord YouTu,’’ the 2 green armored warriors saluted.

’’Is the Tower lord here?’’ asked the old man.

’’Yes, he's here, however, the Tower lord doesn't too good.’’ One of the green armored warrior replied.

The old man stepped inside of the Dragon Mountain Tower and headed up to the third floor.

’’Knock, Knock’’ Someone knocked the door.

’’Come in,’’ a voice from inside said.

The white haired old man open the doors closing it casually. Inside the room there was a smooth, yellow table, with a stack of papers and books on top of the table. The one sitting behind the table was a black robed middle aged man, looking through a scroll.

This man is the Tower lord of Water City's Dragon Mountain Lord, Lord Si An!

’’How was it, YouTu’’ Lord Si An raised his head.

’’The news was accurate. Last night, Baron DongBai of the Snow Eagle Territory and his wife were taken away,’’ said the old man. ’’The forces of Snow Stone Castle tried to resist but in the blink of an eye lightning came down and ultimately defeated them.’’

’’Hun, the MoYang clan is really too tyrannical!’’ frowned Lord Si An. ’’I only received news from the prefecture yesterday and they already took them late at night.’’

The internal rules of Dragon Mountain Manor are also very strict.

The empire's 19 provinces.

Each province's capital has a Dragon Mountain Tower. Each is mysterious and holds a tremendous amount of power.

Province, Prefecture and Counties.

The levels of administration are divided into a system of a 3 level division, a system which the world follows.

’’They are the MoYang clan after all. The MoYang clan are one the top 10 clans of the Eastern Province,’’ said the white haired elder.

’’Huh,’’ sneered Lord Si An. ’’They are last among the top 10 clans of the Eastern Province! Also, the rise of their clan was all due to their ancestors! Otherwise, they wouldn't even have entered the top 10 clans.’’

’’However, even a tiny bit of their power, managed to crush our major figures’’ the old man sighed and shook his head. ’’It's so sad. the Snow Eagle Territory is now left with just the two children. My investigations told me that the 2 year old son cried non-stop. Even soldiers and servants of Snow Stone Castle were saddened by the whole incident too.’’

’’The DongBai couple have treated their people well and loved by many’’,’’ nodded Lord Si An.

Snow Eagle Territory's tallest mountain ’’Snow Rock Mountain’’ 's summit lies the majestic Snow Stone Castle.

Within the castle, the servants quietly gossiped in the dark . However, due to the presence of lion-man Tong San and Six Armed Snake Devil Zong Ling, the daily life of the entire castle continued as usual.

Although, it was already daytime.

Little brother QingShi had just managed to calm down. Ever since his parents were taken away, he had been crying non-stop. No one could calm him down! In the past, his mother attended to him personally. Since his mother is a Mage, her voice has a hypnotic effect, so putting a child to sleep was a simple task . But now, with the the traumatized QingShi has become a big headache for everyone.

Since QingShi is scared of the Lion-man Tong San, Snake Devil Zong Ling and, the maids had never tuck the little brother to sleep. It only fell to DongBai XueYing to do it!

Although XueYing was miserable, he endured it to comfort his little brother. Finally it was daytime and his little brother ran out of energy,looking like he forgot the event that took place. He was afterall still a 2 year old child and when he grows up, he wouldn't even remember last night.

’’Good, little Shi. go to sleep.’’

’’I want to sleep with you, big brother.’’

’’Ok, I;m already here with you, right?’’

’’Elder brother, I want to listen to you sing’’


Gradually, a tired QingShi fell asleep in the arms of DongBai XueYing, not daring to move, in order to avoid waking up his little brother.

Soon, night came.

Zong Ling and Tong San arrived outside the house.

’’Let me see,’’ said Zong Ling as he gently pushed the doors slightly and peeked through the slight opening. He caught sight of the chubby Qing Shi lying spread-eagled on his elder brother's chest. His saliva on his brother's chest. However, DongBai XueYing was also sound asleep. His clothing was a little messy and the blanket only covered half of his body.

Tong San also peeked through the door ,heartbroken when he looked at the two brothers .

’’Yu has always been the one taking care of little Shi and had never allowed the maids to look after him. The sight of us frightens little Shi, will XueYing really have to put him to sleep every day?’’ Zong Ling was a little worried.

’’Uncle Zong, Uncle Tong,’’ greeted XueYing as he gently left his brother.

’’You should sleep more,’’ said Zong Ling. He knew that XueYing hadn't slept long.

The truth was XueYing had indeed not slept much. His emotions are all over the place and he still has to take care of his brother. It was purely exhaustion that made him fall asleep, but even then, his sleep was light. The presence of Zong Ling and Tong San had woken him up. Fortunately, his constitution was strong and he could take it.

’’It's ok. Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, Little Shi was always being being taken care of by mom alone and no one else,’’ said DongBai XueYing. ’’Since my parents was taken away, the news won't be a secret for long. That's why I can't allow the servants to take care of my little brother. He is scared of you two, so only I can take care of him. After all, I only have to get him to sleep. During the day, we will only need to arrange for someone to keep watch.’’

’’There are many people in the castle to keep watch during the day, so that won't be a problem’’ said Tong San.

’’Okay you can handle it for now.Once your brother gets older, it should get better,’’ said Zong Ling.

’’Ok,’’ DongBai XueYing didn't say anything else. QingShi was after all his little brother. With their parents taken away, he would have to take good care of his brother.

’’Right, Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong, back than you said I would need an Iron badge from Dragon Mountain Tower to know everything. How do I get it?’’ asked Dong Bo Xue Ying.

Both Zong Ling and Tong San were secretly helpless.

It seemed that this child had already committed to save his parents.

’’Once you have grown stronger, the Dragon Mountain Tower will find you and give you an Iron Badge,’’ said Zong Ling.

’’Stronger? How much stronger?’’ asked DongBai XueYing.

’’Your father, Uncle Tong and I all don't have an Iron Badge,’’ said Tong Ling. ’’Once your strength is acknowledged by the Dragon Mountain Tower, then they would definitely send you an Iron badge.’’

DongBai XueYing understood.

To obtain the so called ’’Iron Badge’’, he must be more powerful than Uncle Zong!

’’I understand,’’ DongBai XueYing did not ask further.

’’How long has little Shi been sleeping?’’ asked Zong Ling.

’’About 6 hours,’’replied DongBai XueYing.

’’Then wake him up. It's already evening and Little Shi haven't eaten anything yet, so him wake up for dinner. Also, let the maids play with him so that he will be able to sleep at the night. ’’ Zong Ling said.


The sky was dark.

In the dining hall, DongBai XueYing sat at the head of the square table with QingShi beside him, where the servants began to serve the food.

For dinner, DongBai XueYing's food consist of fruit juice and an exquisite piece of demon meat. His little brother was having some milk and cereals.

DongBai XueYing watched his little brother with a smile, who is eating happily, as anguish filled his heart. His mom and dad used to sit at this table too, but now, it was just him and his brother.

’’Are you full?’’ asked DongBai XueYing.

’’Yeah, I am full, very full,’’ replied QingShi as he patted his little belly. He then asked with a curiously, ’’Where are mother and father? Why are they not around? Are they still sleeping?’’

’’They went out, Little Shi, want to go to the backyard to play?’’ replied DongBai XueYing.

’’Backyard. Let's go to the backyard!’’ QingShi's attention was instantly diverted away. The backyard was a very fun places. It was specially built by their mother for them. He loved it when he was little, it even has magical toys.

’’Take Master QingShi to the back garden and look after him well.’’ DongBai XueYing ordered the three maids standing at the side.


The three maids replied respectfully. They all knew that from this day forward, this youth was the lord of the entire Snow Eagle Territory.

As he watched the maids bring his little brother down the stairs, DongBar XueYing placed his hands on the railings and looked at the backyard. There were over 20 fire crystal lamps that lit up every part of the backyard. At the backyard, there were over 10 servants to playing with his little brother. Every servant playing with his brother had been carefully selected and is fairly loyal.

DongBai XueYing went back to his study room.

The study room was very big being about six meters tall, fifteen meters long and ten meters wide. Considering that Snow Stone Castle covers over a kilometer, this study room was very ordinary.

Inside the study room was a table. The shelves were filled with a large number of books, many of which were biographical novels. In the past, Dong Bo Xue Ying had enjoyed reading them and his mother had also accumulated many of them.

Inside the study room, there was desk that have a large amounts of books. A lot of them are legends from the days of old, DongBai XueYing loved these stories and his mother have a lot books too.

Sitting at the desk he stretched his hand and a Gold painted book appeared.

’’A Transcended's Spear Techniques manual?’’ DongBai XueYing flipped the book and started reading.


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