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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 1 - Chapter 3


DongBai XueYing who was holding his little brother was both shocked and nervous, this gray robe youth is his mother's big brother?

’’Big brother, so many years have passed.’’ MoYang Yu smiled, ’’I am very happy to be able to see you again, you have already reached Stellar Realm, Lunar level Mage,right?’’

’’Yeah’’ The silver robed youth nodded.

Mage's Stellar Realm also consists of Meteor, Lunar, and Titled these three great level.

This silver robed youth is a Lunar level Mage.

Within his family, he must have high position.

’’Being able to become a Lunar Mage, even in the clan's younger generation, you are ranked top three.’’ MoTang Yu said with a tiny bit of envy, ’’When Big Brother become a Titled Mage, you would be incredible. ’’

’’Our family still don't have a Titled Mage, to become one is incredibly hard.’’ The gray robed youth sighed.

Titled level

You have to know, the entire Dragon Mountain only one Titled Level! They are an incredibly feared and respected existence, the pinnacle of mortality.One step away from a transcended.

We all saw how powerful a Lunar Mage is, he was able to easily destroy an army, however in front of A Titled level existent , the Lunar Mage won't even get a chance of casting a spell before he is killed.

’’You disobeyed the clan's laws, you have to know our clan's history that is over a thousand years old is founded on the clan's laws.’’ The gray robed youth said, ’’Without it, even a stronger clan would fall,. Our clan was once in a sad state, but thanks to these laws we are once again prosperous. That's why if you break the clan's law, you will be punished.’’

’’So tell me your choice.’’ The gray robed youth said.

The tension was thick, DongBai Lie , the Lion-man, and XueYing who was holding his brother was all incredibly nervous.

’’I am nobility, protected by the Empire's laws! You might be strong, but you can't break the Empire's laws. Breaking the Empire's laws would only result in death.’’ MoYang Yu looked at her brother.


The gray robed youth shook his head, ’’It seems you won't give up even now. There's no need to resist any more, I brought a warrant with me.’’

MoYang Yu, DongBai Lie, and the Lion-man's expression changed greatly.

The gray robed youth stretched his right hand and a gold colored scrolled appeared. he then opened the scroll causing a mysterious power to be spread. Even XueYing who was holding his brother felt that power, only to feel a forced sense of respect from it.

’’The Empire's warrant, MoYang clan's order, clansmen MoYang Yu, shall be kept in isolation for 100 years, Baron DongBai Lie shall carry out 100 years of forced labor. Executioner, MoYang Yu.’’ The gray robed youth was heard throughout the castle.

The DongBai couple looked at each with some form of release.

’’100 years of isolation? 100 years of forced labor? It's too long.’’ The Lion-man beside them hurriedly said ’’The lifespan of a normal human is just about a century, even after reaching the Stellar rank, it is just a century more, they are already pretty old, another century of isolation and hard labor isn't that just isolation till death, forced labor till death?’’

’’No, uncle please, you're the executioner, please save my parents, please save them.’’ XueYing desperately shouted.

A single shout of ’’uncle’’ made the gray robe youth trembled.

’’I can't save them. No one can, the MoYang's clan rules are very strict, not caring about anyone who tries to intervene.’’ The gray robe youth shook his head.

’’Wah, Wah!’’ cried the QingShi who was his brother's arms. QingShi is only two so he don't understand what's going on, but he could feel the dreary atmosphere.

Even XueYing wants to cry.

He is already 8, so he understands what's going on better. His parents are being isolated and forced into labor for an entire century, all the way till they die! His parents , his closest family members.

’’Please, please save my parents!’’ XueYing's eyes filled with tears, ’’Uncle, you must have away. there is a way.’’

’’XueYing don't cry, little Shi don't cry.’’ MoYang Yu knelt down in front of her sons, she turned to the gray robed youth, ’’Can you give me and DongBai some time?’’

’’Yes’’ The gray robed youth nodded.


In Snow Eagle City there is a nameless mountain and a cottage.

Dong, don, dong

The mountain's road shook.

The Lion-man, Tong San hurried on a Frost Demon Horse. The Frost Demon Horse ran at an incredible speed as it didn't wear any armor and went from The Snow Eagle mansion to the mountain in a matter of minutes.

’’Zong Ling, Zong Ling.’’ The Lion-man shouted impatiently.

The wooden house's door opened.

A silver long haired male wearing a black robe that covered his body, except for the leg's length bluish-green snake tail that was showing. That showed that he has the identity of a Snake-man from the Beastman race, and since he has the facial structure of a human meaning he could only be the Snake-man's royalty, The Six Armed Snake Devil.

Because of the six arms he would often wear a black robe, not wanting people to see his six arms.

’’What is it Tong San?’’ Zong Ling asked.

’’Mistress's family have finally found us, and even brought a warrant.’’ Tong San the Lion man started to cry, ’’You are the smartest one of the group, hurry up and think of a way to solve this.’’

Zong Ling trembled then shook his head,’’MoYang Clan already activated the warrant, nobody could save them. Only a legendary Transcended can make the MoYang Clan let them go.’’

’’Is, Is there really no way?’’ Tong San looked up in an hurt expression.

He can never forget it. At his darkest days, that young girl brought him out to play year after year. Even when they left the MoYang Clan, he followed loyally without hesitation. They've been through countless life and death experiences, in his hear his mistress is even more important than his life.

’’There's nothing we can do about it, did Yu sent you?’’ Zong Ling asked.

’’Yeah, mistress told me to bring you there.’’ Tong San responded.

’’Let's go, we should at least see them for the last time.’’ Within his black robes Zong Ling clenched his fist very hard, his sharp nails pierced his palm. No matter DongBai or Yu, they have been through life and death together, how could he not be sad.? However, he is out of ideas, plus it is not in his nature to show his emotions. He is afterall a very calm individual.

’’Let's go.’’

The cottage also have Frost Demon Horse, Zong Ling and Tong San both hurried to the castle.


Snow Eagle Castle

The DongBai couple was just handing XueYing his stuff.

’’XueYing, this pendant is a storage item, so it has a storage space inside. It is very valuable, its value can match that of Snow Eagle City.’’ MoYang Yu brought her pendant out. ’’From now on, it's yours, other than Uncle Tong San and Uncle Zong, no one else can know. Don't even tell your brother, afterall he is just a child. Children ca't keep their mouth shut and could possibly reveal it.’’

The land is there so there is no possibility of taking it.

However a storage item once revealed could easily be take away.

’’Mom, you take it.’’ XueYing hurriedly replied.

’’Your father and I are being taken away, our storage items would just be taken.’’ MoYang Yu lightly pricked XueYing's fingers then silently recited an incantation. Soon the drop of blood formed a magic circle on the pendant, which made XueYing felt his spirit connect with the pendant.

The pendant held some medicinal herb, gold coins, and even some scrolls.

’’The most important thing are stored inside the castle, oh right, your father also have treasure.’’ MoYang Yu looked at her husband.

DongBai Lie took out a gold colored book from his chest.

The whole book was painted with gold, as gold could last a long time. However,only extremely valuable books would be painted with gold.

’’This is a set of Spear Techniques left down by a Transcended.’’ DongBai Lie smiled, ’’The basics I taught you was this manual's basic! Those ancient families have 3-4 books left behind by a Transcended. Our family only has one and it is only Spear Techniques. That's why I taught you spear techniques since you were young. Study it properly and remember not to tell anyone besides Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong San. When I got this manual they were there too.’’

After a mysterious fluctuation of power, he stored it in his pendant.

’’Let's go, wait for your Uncle Zong and Uncle Tong San.’’


DongBai Lie and MoYang Yu brought their children, XueYing and QingShi to wait at the halls. Very quickly two shadows appeared.

That's right, it's Tong San and Zong Ling.

’’DongBai, Yu.’’ Zong Ling wanted to say something yet no words came out.

’’We're going to have to trouble you two before we leave.’’ MoYang Yu said with a small smile, ’’Tong San is very brash, and won't be able to take care of the City, so i could only rely on you to take care of it and to teach my children.’’

’’Don't worry. Zong Ling nodded, ’’Leave it to me.’’

’’XueYing, remember, this entire city is in Zong Ling's care until you are 18.’’ MoYang Yu looked at her son. she worries that without anyone's help her two children would be devoured by strangers.

’’Okay.’’ XueYing hugged his brother.

His brother is no longer sad but scared. He is scared of Zong Ling and Tong San.

Afterall he is a 2 year old child, looking at Tong San who has a giant lion head and Zong Ling who has a snake tail is very scary.

’’Mom, tell me where is the MoYang Clan, how can I rescue you?’’ XueYing couldn't help but asked impatiently.


MoYang Yu and DongBai Lie looked at each other.

’’Don't think about that and just live your life happily, okay? You 2 brothers only need to be happy for us to be happy.’’ MoYang Yu said. Save them? The MoYang clan's laws are very strict, in order to have the MoYang clan to let them go, they will need a Transcended. Their own son as a transcended? They don't even dare to imagine it.

’’Tell me how I can accomplish it. I can do it’’ said DongBai XueYing anxiously.

’’Once you manage to get an iron badge Dragon Mountain Tower, then I would tell you in details on how to save them.’’ Zong Ling said.

MoYang Yu and DongBai Lie looked at Zong Ling blankly.

’’You should at least give the kid some hope.’’ Zong Ling said.

DongBai agreed, XueYing was already eight and was always a bright kid. He could never forget this matter, so why not give him a goal. DongBai Lie said, ’’Yes, when you get an iron badge from Dragon Mountain Tower, then your Uncle Zong will tell you everything.’’

’’An iron badge from Dragon Mountain Tower?’’ XueYing made sure to remember it.


Snow Eagle Castle's drawbridge was lowered.

The silver armored man and the grey robed youth were standing outside the castle. The DongBai couple were saying their farewells to their children.

’’XueYing, take good care of your little brother. Alright?’’ Mo Yang Yu ordered.

’’Okay’’ XueYing nodded with with red teary eyes.

’’Wah, Wah.....’’ XueYing was holding QingShi's hand when he suddenly started crying.

Mo Yang Yu couldn't help but kneel down and embrace her 2 sons. While she kissed their sons, DongBai Lie stood there with teary eyes.

’’We're going.’’ MoYang Yu bite down her teeth and walked with her husband were now leaving for a distant place with the gray robed youth.

As they walked, they couldn't help but turn around.

’’Wah Don't go, don't go!’’ QingShi yelled as he cried.

XueYing also had tears flowing down as he held onto QingShi's hands. He shouted loudly, ’’Dad, mom, I, DongBai XueYing swear I will definitely save you guys! Our family will definitely be reunited! Definitely!’’

’’I swear!’’

’’I swear, I will definitely rescue you! No one can stop me!’’

XueYing's promise echoed throughout the silent night sky.

Mo Yang Yu couldn't help but weep as she covered her mouth with her hands while DongBai Lie began to tremble as they climbed onto the Four Winged Vulture.

’’Let's go.’’ The grey robed youth lightly shook his head.

Save them.

How? Even he as the big brother wanted to save them. But the clan's rules were merciless no one can change MoYang clan's rules. Only a Transcended existence had the power to save them.

It wasn't just him, even the DongBai couple never even thought their son could save them. It's not that they were looking down on their son, but only Transcended existence can save them and Transcended are basically words of legends!

’’Hu!’’ the Four Winged Vulture spread its wings, and flied up immediately.

DongBai Lie and MoYang Yu looked down from the vulture's back, outside of the castle there were 2 children, who both looked weak and helpless. The DongBai couple's heart tightened, how could they not miss their own children?

’’Live on happily, live on happily.’’ MoYang Yu silently repeated, she prayed for her two children to be safe.

XueYing held on to his brother's hands as their parents left farther and farther away.

’’Don't go, don't go!’’ QingShi yelled as he cried.

DongBai XueYing lifted his brother,’’Don't cry,don't cry Little Shi, they only went out for a short while, they will come back soon. Big brother promise you.’’


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