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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 1 - Chapter 2


It was late at night and DongBai XueYing was lying on his bed comfortably reading his book besides his fire crystal lamp.

The book was called ’’The Ten Great Transcended Warrior.’’

These types of book was DongBai XueYing 's favorite, it illustrates various stories of Beyonds. Being a noble and having a mom that is a Mage meant that there are a lot of books, allowing XueYing to know a lot of stuff.

For example, he knows that warriors are split in seven levels, which are Human, Earth, Sky, Stellar, Lunar, Titled, and finally Transcended.

Human, Earth, and Sky levels are in the Regular Warriors stage.

Meteor, Lunar, and Titled level warriors are in the category of Stellar Warriors stage.

Above the Stellar Warriors are the Transcended.

The three stages are each incredibly hard to break through. After all, his dad and Tong San is still a Sky Warrior.

As for Stellar Warriors, why are they called Stellar Warriors? They shine as brightly as a star in the battlefield, countless arrows can't hurt them and they can kill a general within his armies.They are near invincible.

However, this power is still a mortal's power.

A Titled Warrior's power could wreck an army ten thousand strong and is called ’’Power of An One-Man Army’’, ’’The Peak Of Mortal Power’’ ’’Power Closest to God’’, and various other names. However, in the end, it is still the power of a mortal and enough people could still kill them.

The level of the Transcended is a qualitative difference. You are no longer a mortal but something but beings that transcend that, the numbers of mortals will no longer have any meaning in front of them. Under normal circumstances, no amount of mortals could kill them. They have the unimaginable power of something beyond.

Even Gods are wary of them.

According to legends, the Lava Giants over a thousand meters tall of The Abyss and the Devils of Purgatory are all Transcended. Humans could also achieve the level of the Transcended through training .

Human's Transcended, defeated the Devils and traitors.

They are Human's protectors, defenders of the other races.

’’How great would it be if I can become a Transcended. I would catch a few Devils to play with, get dragon as my ride, and drink with the Gods.’’DongBai XueYing smiled as he imagined himself as a Transcended, suddenly-


The fire crystal lamp's light was extinguished,

’’What? How could the fire crystal lamp's light already be extinguish?’’

DongBai XueYing who was just getting into the good part of the book held a bitter smile,

’’Having a Mage for a mother is so sad, even the fire crystal Lamp get extinguished by itself.’’

’’Go to sleep!’’

Oh well, since there's no light he could only go to sleep.


DongBai XueYing started sleeping, in his dreams he was mighty Transcended, being able to do anything. The sleeping DongBai XueYing started smiling at wonderful dream.

The DongBai couple was both resting in their beds.

’’DongBai, lately I've been having an ominous feeling.’’ The wife said to he husband.

’’Ah Yu, don't worry, we have been in Water Country for eight years, it has always been peaceful. Your clan still haven't found you , so don't worry, there's not going to be a problem. Our family will live peacefully for years to come. They won't find us, ever.’’ DongBai Lie comforted his wife.

The wife rested her head on her husband's chest..

She had nothing to say, she understood how powerful her clan was, and one day she will eventually get caught.

She had a small smile on her face. She never regretted her choice, if she had followed her clan's order, she would never had escaped, met her true love and have a pair of adorable children. She's already satisfied with her life.

’’DongBai, will you regret it?’’ his wife asked softly, ’’Once they catch you, they won't go easy on you.’’

’’How many times have we been through life and death togethe, is there any point in asking?’’ DongBai Lie smiled.



Deep within the night, the castle was really quiet.

Other than the soldier guarding outside, almost everyone was asleep.

’’Whoosh’’ a giant shadow was seen, a sharp noise was shook the castle and broke the window.

The giant bird stopped at midair. The gray robed man and the armored man looked down.

’’It seems we arrived’’ the gray robed man eyes filled with various kinds of emotion, ’’I really don't want to drag you away, little sister.’’


A strong voice shook the entire castle, as Lion-man Tong San let out a roar.

’’Oh, it's a Lion-man form the Beast man race?’’ The silver armored man looked down curiously/

’’It's the Lion-man slave that was given to my little sister by the clan. Who would have thought after all these years that he still follows my little sister. How loyal.’’ The gray robed man looked at the Lion-man thinking back on how the small Lion-man teen that followed his sister turned into the strong, imposing man he is..

Th castle below is about a kilometer, split in two, the Inner and Outer castle. The Outer castle have four camps of soldiers and servants, with one camp doing night patrol.



The 300 soldiers on the castle wall picked up their giant scarlet crossbow, which already have an arrow on it and aimed at the Four-Winged Vulture.

’’Go.’’ The gray robed man ordered.

’’Yes sir.’’ The silver armored man flew down in approximately 56 meters without any cushion, and landed on the wall on both feet. This caused the earth to shake and crack beginning to form around the feet.

The silver armored man look straight ahead. This instance the DongBai couple already came out, even Dongbai XueYing and his brother QingShi rose.

With all that noise outside, how can anyone sleep.

’’What's going on?’’ asked DongBai XueYing, who was holding his little brother beside his parents.

’’MoYang Yu’’The silver armored man said in a cold voice not caring about the giant bow pointing at him, ’’Even now, why you are still so stubborn? You should behave and come home with us ’’

’’Look around you.’’ DongBai Lie shouted.

The silver armored man scanned around at the soldiers who was all holing giant red bows and smiled, ’’Stellar Destruction Bow, not bad. How could a little country's normal city could have Stellar Destruction Bow? With this many Stellar Destruction bow, there is some hope that you can kill me.’’

’’You are a Meteor level warrior. If this is one on one no one in this castle is you your opponent.’’ DongBai Lie said, ’’However,with 500 Stellar Destruction Bow, each of which is capable of hurting you combined with all our power, we are capable of killing you.’’

’’This the land of the DongBai.’’ The purple robed woman MoYang Yu added, ’’You invaded a noble's land, which is a direct challenge towards us. We can kill you with any consequences. Your death will only be a pointless death.’’

According to the laws of the Empire, Nobles have special privileges, and a noble's land can't be invaded.

’’You two married couple should just follow me, stop being stubborn.’’ The silver armored man frowned.

’’Nobles are protected by the Empire's laws, do you really want to break the law and kidnap two nobles. ’’ The purple robed woman, MoYang Yu said in a cold tone.

’’Xiao Yu’’

A slightly hoarse voice said.

Everyone raised their head to look at the gray robed man that was holding a staff, suddenly a powerful pressure was formed and the sky began to darken and lightning began to form. The lightning then landed on every soldier there causing pained screams and bows dropping was heard throughout.

In matters of second, the soldiers lost all ways to resist. The man was already being merciful., or else they would have been nothing mere ashes.

The Four-Winged Vulture landed and, the gray robed man walked down. He took off hood revealing a handsome face that looked incredibly like MoYang Yu.

’’Xiao Yu, do you still want to resist?’’ Th gray robed youth asked.

MoYang Yu widened her eye with her body shuddering ,’’Big Brother’’


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