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Lord Xue Ying - Volume 1 - Chapter 1


Dragon Mountain Year 9616, Winter.

Anyang province, Green River County, Water Country territory.

There was a eight to nine year old boy wearing an exquisite white furred jacket, a spear sheath ,and held a black javelin in his right hand. The boy was swiftly ran through the forest chasing a deer trying to escape. The leaves rustled and the snow shook off.


While the deer was fleeing, the boy bent his body slight backward, focusing all his strength from his waist all the way to his right and threw his javelin.


His short spear flew through 30 meters and fell on the snow, while scratching the deer leaving a small blood wound. This caused the deer to run even more desperately and it looked like it was about to escape.

Suddenly there was noise, and a stone flew out.

The stone flew like a shooting star and shot straight through the forest, and flew through a hundred meter , a giant tree, and shot right through the deer's head. The deer then staggered about ten meters and finally it crashed to the ground and die in the snow.

’’Dad,’’ the boy turned towards that direction with an annoyed expression in his face. ’’You didn't need to to do anything, I almost got him.’’

’’If I hadn't done anything, that deer would have ran away. Your javelin's accuracy is still a little off, we will practice javelin throwing five hundred times this evening.’’ A deep voice was heard, with two shadows approaching.

Two men appeared, one was a black haired middle aged man with a strong body build, carrying a box of weapon. The other man was even more muscular being about two meters, with arms thicker than normal people's legs, but his head was that of a lions. He was one the rare Beast-man, ’’a Lion-man’’, and he too was carrying a box of weapons.

’’Tong San, look how incredible my son is, this year he is still eight, but he already has the strength of an average man.’’ The middle aged man said with a smile.

’’Yeah, XueYing is indeed incredible, there will no problem for him to be stronger than you later.’’ The Lion-man said with an amused tone.

’’Of course he will be stronger than me, I was ignorant and still playing with the other children when I was eight. It was only after I entered the army did I get a chance to practice Dou Qi!’’

The middle-aged man sighed

’’As a father, I can't give my child that great of an advantage, but I would do my best to give him anything I can, to properly nurture him.’’

’’Dongbai, You went from an ordinary citizen, to a sky level warrior, and even bought a noble title, that is already very impressive.’’ The Lion-man said with a smile.

That middle aged man is the lord of the land a hundred meter around him, Baron Dongbai Lie.

Baron is Xia's Empire, ’’Dragon Mountain Empire’’ lowest noble title.During the rise of the country, the process to get a noble title was very strict, however, after 9000 years, it has became much more relaxed. Some noble title was now sold or even give to officials.

It was because Dongbai Lie and his wife was having a child that he decided to but a piece of land and the nobility title. This piece of land was named Snow Eagle City, the same as his son, showing his love for his son.

*XueYing means Snow Eagle.*

Of course it was a small piece of land in the Water Country Land.

’’I started training for Dou Qi when I was twenty, but my son is different, he is still eight. I think he will be able to train for Dou-Qi around ten. Haha, of course he will be stronger than me.’’ Dongbai Lie looked at the boy, filled with fatherly love and hope for his son in his eyes.

’’Yep, looking at his strength, he should start producing Dou Qi around ten.’’ Th Lion-Man agreed.

Their experience is incredibly vast, so naturally they could see thing really clearly.

’’Dad, you were so far, how could your rock pierce through that thick tree?’’ The boy stood beside the tree looking at it curiously, ’’A tree this thick would have taken me a long time just to chop it down.’’

’’Now you know the might of Sky level Warrior.’’ The Lion-man said, while Dongbai Lie smirked, every dad wants to look cool in front of his son.

’’Are they as strong as the Gods?’’ The boy smirked.


Dongbai Lie, the Lion-man Tong San was speechless.

Dragon Mountain Empire was said to be created by a powerful god called ’’Dragon Mountain Emperor’’, everyone knew that. Dongbai Lie was considered a fierce general, but how could he compare to a god?

’’Looks like today's 500 javelin throwing should change to a thousand times.’’ Dongbai Lie said

’’Dad,’’ the boy widened his eyes. ’’You, you’’

’’Oh looks like you want to argue with me, remember arguing with your dad, will only get you punished, okay, time to get back.’’ Dongbai Lie said.

The Lion-man, Tong San took a whistle around his neck and whistled a low noise.

Very quickly twenty armored soldiers came.

’’Bring the game back’’ Dongbai Lie ordered.

’’Yes, your lordship.’’ The soldiers said respectfully.

Dongbai Lie, the Lion-man brought the XueYing to the peak of the mountain, there was about a hundred soldiers there. On the ground was a white furred blanket covering it and on that blanket was a purple robed woman and a cute two to three year old boy, all the soldiers looked at the woman with respect.

Because that purple robed woman is a mighty Mage.

’’Little Shi, come quick, look who is it.’’ The purple woman said with a smile, that two to three year old boy turned his head, and his eyes immediately brightened.

’’Big Brother lift, lift.’’ The little boy immediately ran there.

The purple robed woman smiled at the scene.

’’Little Shi.’’ XueYing kneel down and picked his little brother QingShi up,

XueYing carried his brother and hugged him.

’’Little Shi, toady I hunted a wild deer ,look.’’ XueYing pointed at the deer.

’’Door?’’ QingShi, look at it with eyes, unable to pronounce it correctly.

’’It's deer, a type of wild beast at one of our mountains.’’ XueYing said.

’’XueYing, give me your little brother.’’ The purple robed woman rose

’’Yes, mom.’’ XueYing gave his little brother to her.

The purple woman said, ’’I brought some osmanthus cake. It's in the basket, hurry up and eat it.’’

’’Cake?’’ XueYing was drooling at the blink of an eye, and immediately flew towards the basket.

’’I want some too, I want some too.’’ QingShi immediately start struggling from his mother's hug. Once you mentioned cake, he will be the most eager one instead of how he acts when they are just having normal dinner.

’’Of course there are some for your picky mouth.’’ The purple robed woman saw Dongbai Lie and Tong San, ’’You two hurry up, I prepared some for you guys too.’’

’’Haha, mistress is not only great in magic but also great in cooking.’’ said the Lion-man.

Tong San was a slave for the purple robed woman for many years, even though they are now like a family, the Lion-man still insisted on calling her ’’mistress.’’

After XueYing was done, he looked out afar because he is on top of a mountain and he could see various farmland and mountains. That was his family's land,the land that his parents bought because he was born and ended their adventuring days. It was the Snow Eagle City.

XueYing couldn't be any happier, he had loving parents, a super cute brother, and loyal citizens. The only part of his life that he didn't like was his father's hellish training.

It was midnight and the wind was howling.


About a several thousand miles above ground, there was a giant bird flying at an incredible speed.

The giant bird had four wings over twenty meters and is flying near the speed of sound. This is the extremely dangerous monster, ’’Four Winged Vulture’’. On top of the vulture was an armored man and the other was wearing gray robe and had a deep purple staff.

’’Are we there yet?’’ The gray robed man asked.

’’Master, we have already entered within Water Country's territory, we estimated it would at most half an hour.’’ The armored man said with eyes filled with a cold light.

’’There 's only half an hour till I get to see my dear sister.’’ The grey robed man said with a complicated tone. ’’She's very good in hiding, it took our clan a total of fifteen years to find her.’’

The Four-Winged Vulture flew, heading straight towards Snow Eagle City.


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