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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 562


Chapter 562

Within a vast violet bamboo sea, there was a bamboo house and a violet-robed male currently enjoying wine in front of it .

"Prefecture Master, prefecture master . "

Along with the shout, a stream of light arced across and landed in front of the bamboo house . It was a muscular and big powerful existence . He was none other than Forefather Vicious Tyrant .

"Vicious Tyrant? Aren't you in a closed door cultivation deep within my Violet Bamboo Sea? Why are you out?"The white fingers of that violet-robed male held a wine cup . His handsome face with a pair of long and narrow eyes swept across Forefather Vicious Tyrant .

Forefather Vicious Tyrant had instead said, "Prefecture Master, have you heard of it? Dong Bo Xue Ying that brat has fought with the stage four World Deity, 'Sovereign Ze Nuo'from the Dark Abyss at the Lake Heart Island historical remain . This is too… ai, I say Prefecture Master, why do you not have any single reaction at all?"

Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master remained carefree as he drank a mouthful of wine, indifferently saying, "For the fastest cultivator in the history to become a stage three World Deity to create such a miracle isn't something huge . "

Forefather Vicious Tyrant was speechless . He pursed his lips before saying, "I don't want to speak with you anymore . Prefecture Master, you have a paragon realm combat power despite being a stage four World Deity . "

"I am different from him . "Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master lightly shook his head .

How could they be the same?

Those who could become a paragon would usually grasp hold of an absolute art and had opened their own dao . Wanting to match a paragon wasn't something that easy .

"But Dong Bo Xue Ying is indeed not bad . "Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master praised . What he praised was of Xue Ying successfully joining the Destruction Legion, saving Paragon Huo Cheng out of it . Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master could guess… that Xue Ying had certainly joined the Destruction Legion . Otherwise, there was no way of saving him! Pang Yi might be a member of the Destruction Legion too, but with the relationship between Pang Yi and Primal Master, it was impossible for him to save him .

Other than the rulers who were high above that were too disdained from entering…

Those who knew of Destruction Legion had tried taking the trials, but the majority of the true gods and even paragons had been eliminated!

Xue Ying had instead succeeded! This startled Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master a lot! Because one could always rely on absolute art and other opportunities to obtain and ultra strong combat power, but getting through the trials of the 'Destruction Legion'meant that Xue Ying's cultivation potential was very high since that was a trial which the Lake Heart Island Master personally set .

"Right, amazing . "Forefather Vicious Tyrant added, "Aiya, aiya, he should originally be my disciple, what a pity . "

"Your disciple?"Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master glanced at him sideways, "You shouldn't hold him back . "

"What is this, hold him back?"Forefather Vicious Tyrant said unhappily .

"How long has he cultivated? His combat power is close to yours already and you still want to teach him?"Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master snickered .

Forefather Vicious Tyrant was speechless .

That's right .

Xue Ying's current combat power was already comparable to his . After all, he could cause Dried Tree Old Mother to suffer, and that wasn't something easy .

"I am prepared to enter closed-door for a period . "Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master suddenly said, "Do not disturb me temporarily . "

"Oh . "Forefather Vicious Tyrant obediently nodded . .

Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master looked afar . His gaze was fairly discernible .

This opportunity was very precious .

He had to grasp hold of it!

One had to know that Lake Heart Island master had deliberately left behind an ancient cavern dwelling usually for the descendents . Such opportunity… was much more beneficial than going out blindly in search for one! Lake Heart Island master would personally guide them, allowing them to walk down further in the road of cultivation . This was also one of the reasons why the two people which the Bloodshed God Emperor decided to bring along were Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master and Monarch Gu Zang .

The two of them were anxiously wanting to break through .

"Dong Bo Xue Ying, this time, I owe you a huge favor . "Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master revealed a grin . He would gladly owe this kind of favor for it was an opportunity for him too .

. . .

The matters which happened in Lake Heart Island–Xue Ying causing both Sovereign Ze Nuo and Dried Tree Old Mother to suffer and for Paragon Huo Cheng to proclaim Xue Ying as his life and death brother, helping him to force Nine Yang Palace Head and Violet Gown Hex Empress to a retreat–weren't concealed at all . After all, there were only a few who knew of this, and over time, it would circulate across the many powerful existences .

Xue Ying's reputation was also starting to become bigger . Many powerful existences who were hiding in the dark also began paying attention to Xue Ying .

This world was as such . Combat power was the most fundamental! Xue Ying's current combat power had reached a stage that many powerful existences would attach importance to him .


Within the material realm, Xia clan world .

The black-robed Xue Ying had just come out from the Crimson Rock Mountain, he left that flying knife true god weapon within the Crimson Rock Mountain, allowing his true body to refine it . Wanting to refine a true god weapon wasn't something easy . And this time, he going to the Dark Abyss was truly too dangerous, and he had yet to succeed in refining the true god weapon so naturally he would not bring it over .

Actually, the flying knife and that divine sword had been comprehended by both him and his wife, just that his current realm was just at stage three, and he grasped hold of only three grade one Deity Hearts . It was still appropriate for him to comprehend that flying knife which he was good at . As for the divine sword… the profound mysteries had surpassed his current understanding .

Wait until he was a stage four World Deity realm before he might possibly go and comprehend that divine sword .

"Sou . "

Leaving the material realm, he entered the Deity world once again .

Thereafter, Xue Ying took the starfield flying ship, traveling towards the Dark Abyss .

The Dark Abyss had a shape of a distorted pillar, just like intestines . It was stacked by layers and layers of world together, thus, the Dark Abyss was also called 'endless abyss'. The entire Dark Abyss was pitch black as if it had swallowed everything .

"This is indeed the Dark Abyss . Just looking from afar, I could feel its aura that is filled with darkness, annihilation and the feeling of it trying to swallow everything . " Xue Ying sighed inwardly . He stood at the deck of the starfield flying ship looking to the distant . For the sake of hiding his own identity, even the appearance of the starfield flying ship had transformed greatly into one entirely black in color .

Xue Ying's own appearance had been transformed too .

There was a savage mask on his face with two black spiral horns on his head . He was wearing a crimson robe, and his entire figure was emitting a terrifying dark destructive aura . This aura felt akin aura felt akin to those lifeforms which had been given birth and lived in the Dark Abyss .

One had to know it was very tough trying to imitate a living being's aura . But Xue Ying was able to achieve that precisely because of that robe which he got due to his identity as the 'Bloodshed Tavern Master'. That robe was able to imitate another lifeform to a huge extent! One had to know that the Bloodshed God Emperor had spent so much effort in refining only these few specially for the Tavern Masters under him .

It wasn't easy being an assassin .


The starfield flying ship flew along the time-space tunnel, arriving finally at the surface of the Dark Abyss .

The Dark Abyss world was formed with layers stacked on top of one another . Thus, Xue Ying had to proceed down the many layers in order to reach his destination .

"Fortunately, the Great Demonic God 'Da Er Hao'is situated at an Abyss world relatively close to the surface . " Xue Ying thought .

"Hu hu hu~"

An endless dark destruction will swept over . That will seemed very lofty as it brought along slaughter, destruction and darkness;it was akin to trying to assimilate everything together .

But Xue Ying had isolated all scouting methods within the area more than a few hundred thousand kilometers from his position, and the will of the abyss could not come close .

"This darkness destruction feeling isn't comfortable . Those demons who have been given birth and have always been living here in the Dark Abyss could eventually transcend to become true god in the end? But like what teacher and the others said before, even if they become a true god, they are still lunatics deep deep in their bones . " Xue Ying thought .



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