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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 551


Chapter 551

Without worry . How difficult was it to achieve a state of without worry? Even many stage four World Deities had many worries themselves which they could not escape from! They were thinking of all ways to escape from them .

Without fear . When facing those at the level of Bloodshed God Emperor, Temporal Island Lord, one could not feel fear . One would not feel fear even when facing death, and facing an even more terrifying danger, one would not fear it .

An emptiness of one's heart . Emptiness was intrinsically a transcension .

Moving on forward continuously . Never let any other matter hold you back, and allowing your heart to soar without any greed, and to have a fierce belief to move forward . It was unlike those of wholeheartedly waiting for death though . If Monarch Mo Xue waited for death alone, he would not have reached his current level . It was because he achieved a state of no worry or fear and that he remained having a strong desire . Staking it all in the Lake Heart Island historical remain for his daughter and for himself as well . He was currently seeking for an opportunity to break through .

Heart and mind becoming as one, purity! Pure thoughts! No impurities within!

Attaining one objective was hard already . Achieving all was something extremely difficult .

. . .

Within the Destruction Eden, Xue Ying was seated by the side of the battle platform, looking at the chains of mountains . He was currently deep in thoughts and facing his inner heart .

"Brat Dong Bo, wanting to break through the seal using your will alone is very hard . "The black-armored monkey sat by the side, babbling non-stop, "Reaching your level of realm, any torturous and agonizing torture is useless to you . What you need more is self-comprehension! That year, the master of Lake Heart Island has been cultivating his heart and comprehending the dao over here at the Lake Heart Island, and according to the legends, he had shedded his body, releasing a boundless light… every single living thing in the entire cosmos, even those of the mortals could see a figure releasing an endless light . That time, the master of Lake Heart Island had finally stepped onto the peak, reaching a level which is the highest . "

Xue Ying was shocked as he listened .

The entire cosmos, every single spirit living thing had somehow seen a figure emitting boundless light? This power was truly unfathomable .

"Even if the entire cosmos has entered an apocalypse, entering a new epoch, even reaching this epoch of yours, the Lake Heart Island remained completely fine! Even your cosmos epoch has none who could truly enter the core of the Lake Heart Island . One could see how powerful master was . "The monkey sighed .

Xue Ying nodded in praise, "Truly amazing . "

"Our Destruction Legion's absolute art has been created by master . The soldiers, captains, and commanders learn an absolute art that is powerful the higher your rank . Even the absolute arts us soldiers learn is enough to turn many true gods crazy . "The monkey shook his head, "Brat Dong Bo, properly cultivate your heart . Compared to our master, as long as you reached one out of 10,000 of our master's heart realm, it should be enough to break through the seal . "

The monkey felt Xue Ying was pleasing to the eyes . Only then did he speak so much .

"Understand . Come, have a taste . "Xue Ying flipped his hand, bringing out a bottle courd of wine before passing it to the monkey . He himself took out a black wine bottle gourd too .

"Fruit wine?"The monkey immediately drank the moment he took it . Ze ze ze, he drank until his entire mouth was filled with wine, "Hahaha, we might be undying, but it remains that we can still feel and smell . This wine tastes quite good . "

"Mn . "Xue Ying stood up, "Senior, I can go anywhere within this Destruction Eden right?"

"Up to you . The important grounds are all isolated by arrays . Some of the areas will force you out as well if you barged in . There's no danger at all . "The monkey replied .

"Good . "

Xue Ying took a step .

Xiu .

He immediately turned into a streamer, flying above the chain of mountains . He could not use his World Deity energy at all, and not his luminous sun force . But he had a powerful World Deity body, giving him the means to display many methods .

"Stepping forward without looking back . Turning the heart and mind together as one . These two aren't difficult . "Xue Ying looked downwards at the undulating mountains while thinking in his heart . Many mortals could move forward without looking back when they were teenagers . Turning the heart and mind together as one was something he was talented at due to his long hours of training in spear–he could easily let go of all rubbish thoughts, focusing on a single objective while moving on .

"No fear towards even the more powerful experts . To revere them but not to fear them . Even death will not make me terrified, so why fear the experts? Why fear danger?"

"No perplexity, no worries . "

Xue Ying was comprehending .

These were the two most difficult points . As long as he could resolve these two points, no perplexity, no worries, no fear, moving forward without looking back and turning the heart and mind together as one, it would be easy for him to achieve an emptiness in the heart realm .

"How should I not have any perplexity?"

"How should I not have any worries too?"

"I am concerned about Xia Clan . I worry about my children . I am worried about the safety of my wife, and my good friend, Big Brother Eternal Wind, remains trapped, suffering within the Dark Abyss . "Xue Ying muttered . He had too many worries and it was almost impossible to remove all of them, "And even now, I am still worried that I can't break apart the seal within 10,000 years with my will!"

"And perplexity, there are many things in the Deity world, Abyss and material realm which I do not know, making me perplex of . In the eyes of my teacher, I am still very tender, and he hasn't told me about many things either . The many news regarding Lake Heart Island and other historical remains haven't be told to me at all . "Xue Ying thought .

Sacred Master Crimson Dust had died . How much could the treasure spirit Crimson Rock know?

In her previous life, Jing Qiu was also only a stage three World Deity .

Even Monarch Mo Xue was a stage four World Deity and not a powerful existence! They knew too few secrets .

"There are many things of perplexity . Even during cultivation, I'll meet some perplexity . Maybe teacher does not want my path to be too smooth, and wants for me to break through some perplexity by myself?"Xue Ying sighed, "Perplexity, worries . How could I achieve a state of no perplexity and no worries?"

"I truly want to be like father-in-law . "

"Even when his true deity heart is crumbling, and when he is close to death, he could truly let go of things . No longer No longer is he perplexed nor worried?"

Xue Ying thought .

He had even wanted to imagine himself to be close to death, so that he could let things go . But now matter how he imagined, it was still fake! Perplexity and worries were like some unseen shackles binding himself, and he could not entirely let his heart realm be empty .

"Monarch Heavenly Cloud has such a huge willpower . His cultivation heart isn't weaker than my father-in-law, and might be even higher . "Xue Ying was still comprehending on .

While flying within the Destruction Eden, he would enter some of the more unique caverns . As he walked around, he would view all sorts of interesting sceneries . Occasionally, he would meet the eight soldiers and three captains form the Destruction Legion . During his stroll around, Xue Ying had always been asking his own heart . Not just him, even the white-robed Xue Ying within the Xia Clan world Crimson Rock Mountain was also traveling around the mortal world, wanting to gain some inspiration from interaction with other living beings .

Time passed one year after another .

In the blink of an eye, his true deity heart had already been sealed for 5,000 over years .


At the belly of a mountain, Xue Ying was currently standing on top of a huge rock . His right hand was holding onto a unique three-colored flower, laughing voraciously . His laughter had boomed, releasing a huge shockwave in all directions, causing the entire mountain to tremble .

"No perplexity, haha, I am truly a fool . "

"The world is so beautiful, filled with countless things which I don't know about that I have to go seek and discover . "Xue Ying held onto a three-colored flower, "If I know every single thing about the world, then there will be no secrets, and this world will be too boring!"

He had only discovered this three-colored flower just previously .

At that time, he felt it was breathtaking . Such a pretty flower, such freshness and brightness, so colorful and beautiful . Its fragrant could charm others, releasing amidst a depth that was vibrant with life .

At this moment, Xue Ying understood .

"Everything is unknown . This is also something the world has provided us, living beings . It wants us to go out and discover, to go out and comprehend . This is a process of life!"Xue Ying's inner heart had been broadened at that moment . It became much emptier, and the Lake Heart Island which originally was filled with countless of secrets did not give him any terror anymore . Instead, there was only curiosity left .

He was like a child, looking at the world with a pair of curious eyes .

The Lake Heart Island . At this moment, Xue Ying only felt that it was filled with interesting things! He wanted to go search and discover the entire place and understand them . But he knew his limits;that he was too weak now .

"The future is still long . Let's take it slowly . "Xue Ying was beaming .

His heart was no longer filled with any perplexity .

The feeling he had at this moment was one of a smoother true deity heart . His willpower had become stronger too .

"Brat, why are you laughing!"A low growl came transmitting down from this mountain .

Xue Ying was stunned .


At that moment, xiu, a stream of light came flying out, before arriving at the origin of that sound .

There was a cavern underneath this mountain . The cavern was filled with many thick shackles which were currently shackling a tall and muscular man who had a red skin, red beard and red eye brows . His eyes were letting out a fury that overflowed the world . The aura he was releasing was filled with pressure as if he was an enormous volcano that had been suppressed for a few hundreds of millions of years .

"You are Paragon Huo Cheng?"Xue Ying was startled . A paragon who had a combat power on the same level as the three ancestors, and had disappeared for a few billions of years, was actually imprisoned here?

"Heh heh, brat, you know me?"The muscular man with red skin, red beard and red eye brows laughed .



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