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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 545


Chapter 545

After receiving information on the "Ten Apocalyptic Fire", Xue Ying understood that this trial would be arduous since he had only grasped hold of three grade one Deity Hearts currently, and his feelings towards the laws of the world were not as acute as that of the stage four World Deities . But even still, there would undoubtedly be hopes of completing it since it was a trial .

"Pang Yi of the three ancestors could become a captain . I should at least be able to become a soldier . " Xue Ying was silently encouraging himself, but he knew that there were still many powerful existences who could not get through the trials .

Xue Ying was able to reach the sixth layer of the "Ten Apocalyptic Fire"with a single breath .

His personal realm was still quite high;he had reached the third boundary realm of the absolute art and had seen the enormous arrays which the many meteorites on Lake Heart Island formed . Borrowing this opportunity, he was able to perfect his spear technique 'Destruction'. His fundamentals were very firm, and there was no difficulty at all in reaching the sixth layer .

But the seventh layer was just like a heaven's moat situated right in front of Xue Ying .

"Baffled . "

"How should I go about doing this?"

Xue Ying buried his head in pondering it . His real body, the white-robed Xue Ying which was located at his hometown in Xia Clan World, Crimson Rock Mountain, was comprehending within a hundred times time-accelerated environment . But sometimes, his state of heart would get irritable since the feeling of having no idea where to start was incredibly terrible . When cultivating, he would at least see some slight improvements, only then would there be motivation for him . Such cultivation where he could not see the outlines at all would indeed affect his heart realm .

Changing his thinking, Xue Ying had even gone towards studying the "Luminous Sun"third volume fourth boundary instead! He had also gone cultivating the many array diagrams left behind by the senior 'Paragon Dust Cloud'. Sometimes, he would also think back to the many profound mysteries which the Lake Heart Island's protective array had…

The rocks on another mountain could be used to comprehend a jade artifact .

Cultivation techniques which he could not comprehend, he could actually rely on the more profound absolute art or array diagrams to find inspiration from .

Within the blink of an eye, a thousand years had passed .

In the inner world of Xue Ying, "Hong long long~".

In the high sky of the vast world, the wind was howling with many clouds moving about . These white clouds were transforming . The 'luminous sun force'which formed these clouds were also undergoing a qualitative change, turning into something firmer, stronger, and more tyrannical . Every single strand of luminous sun force had the sharp edge of a stage four World Deity .

"Ai . "An enormous head illusion formed in the sky beside . It was the appearance of Xue Ying . He was looking at the rushing clouds, "I am still at wits'end regarding this secret technique . Instead, I've reached the fourth boundary for "Luminous Sun". "

Indeed, he had reached the fourth boundary realm for the luminous sun force!

"Good son-in-law, is this the strength of your absolute art?"A figure came flying up from beneath . He flew till midair, moving closer to the enormous head illusion . It was none other than a white-haired bearded Monarch Mo Xue .

"Its the absolute art which has been imparted by Teacher . "Xue Ying told Monarch Mo Xue .

"Formidable, indeed very formidable . Even seeing it from afar, I could feel the tyranny and oppression from this force . There is a sense of unbreakable . "Monarch Mo Xue sighed in praise, "Just comparing this strength within your body, you have surpassed me already . "

"Sir father-in-law, it is also only this luminous sun force which I could still rely on . My realm is still far off as compared to father-in-law . "Xue Ying shook his head .

The fourth boundary had been reached successfully .

His own combat power should most likely be comparable to that of Monarch Armadillo Jade, and close to a powerful existence . But compared to someone who could fight against powerful existences like his father-in-law, he was still lacking .

It was just that the the gap between a stage three and stage four realm was too big . Stage four World Deities could at least grasp hold of all sorts of grade one Deity Heart, to the extent that one could have five, six… and even grasp hold of the entire law of the world .

Monarch Mo Xue's physical strength was considered average, but his realm was too deep and was an entire level beyond that of Xue Ying .

"You did not have any excitement after seeing a surge in your combat power, is it because of the trials for joining the Destruction Legion?"Monarch Mo Xue asked .

"Mn . "Xue Ying nodded, "Reaching the fourth boundary realm might be a good thing, but I am already fast enough, and it is only a matter of time . But if I am unable to get through the trials, then I'll be forcibly chased out . By then, landing in the hands of Nine Yang Palace Head and the others, ai, they might not get the true god weapon, but they will not let you, father-in-law, off . "

If father-in-law died, then this would be a total failure .

"Regardless what, the true god weapon must not be given to them . "Monarch Mo Xue said gravely, "The true god weapon is rarely seen . I could discover it coincidentally and fortunately is due to my great luck . I am someone who is dying, and even if I am fortunate to reincarnate successfully after escaping, I might only be able to live for a longer period of time since I am without confidence that I can transcend and become a powerful existence! I, this old man, has lived for so many years, and do not care about death anymore . The True God weapon must be kept . I must give a chance for my daughter to comprehend it . Even you, Xue Ying, could ponder over it . It'll be of a boon for your cultivation . "

"Mn . "Xue Ying nodded . He understood that it was impossible for his father-in-law to give the True God weapon to Nine Yang Palace Head . And the True God weapon was also currently in the hands of Jing Qiu .

"But it is tough to get through the trials . This is only the first trial also . "Xue Ying shook his head .

"What trial is it? Tell me about it . "Monarch Mo Xue asked, "I might be able to give you some suggestions . "Previously, he knew that Xue Ying was experiencing a trial, so he did not dare to disturb him .

Xue Ying's eyes brightened . That's right, if he could not find any head or tail on it, he could find his father-in-law for help! His father-in-law's realm was after all much deeper than his . His own realm was not any weaker than a powerful existence, and he has lived for an extended period of time so his horizons his horizons would be different . He might possibly give him some pointers .

"It's like this . "Xue Ying described the situation, "The Destruction Legion has given me a World Deity ranked secret technique known as "Ten Apocalyptic Fire". It is an apex World Deity ranked secret technique, and the difficulty of cultivating it is challenging . There are a total of ten layers…"

Xue Ying began briefly introducing the secret technique and told him about the issue which he was facing .

Monarch Mo Xue lightly nodded after listening to him, "The trial is indeed arduous . They actually let you, a stage three World Deity, comprehend a technique which only ordinary stage four World Deity could do so . "

"I am currently at my wits'end . "Xue Ying helplessly replied .

"Your realm is not deep enough . This isn't any help at all unless you become a stage four World Deity . But if you became a stage four World Deity, the trials would most likely be even harder . "Monarch Mo Xue said .

"Mn . "Xue Ying nodded . He understood this point .

"If one forcibly comprehends it, then there is only one single method which one could proceed from what I know . It is still difficult though . "Monarch Mo Xue caressed his beard .

Xue Ying's enormous head illusion was filled with joy, "Father-in-law, please tell me . "This father-in-law of his was indeed very well-learned . He had comprehended for a thousand years foolishly and had never come to seek his father-in-law for help .

"Your problem is that your realm isn't high enough . Clearly, this "Ten Apocalyptic Fire"has a harsh requirement on many aspects of the realm of a cultivator . "Monarch Mo Xue said, "Since that's the case, we could only solve the main question by starting from the small parts . "

"Solve the main question by starting from the small parts?"Xue Ying was carefully listening in confusion .

"Every single profound mysteries of law should have an essence . This is the law of the world . At its core, it is merely made up of many grade one Deity Hearts . "Monarch Mo Xue explained, "You should start comprehending the different essences of this secret techniques, coming from a different point of view such as that of the World Deity Heart, the Deity Heart, the Extremity Deity Heart, and the Chaotic Deity Heart . Try and dissect it from those perspectives . For instance, how is the World Deity Heart used in this secret technique? See how is this secret technique used via the Extremity Deity Heart… from these three perspectives, dissect it respectively . This secret technique should have a decrease in its difficulty of cultivation then . You will also have a chance of succeeding in cultivating it . "

"Solving the main question by starting from the small parts? Dissecting it and analyzing the small parts?"Xue Ying's eyes brightened . It seemed that there was a chance of succeeding .

"Let me try . "

Xue Ying's enormous head illusion smiled, "Thank you sir father-in-law . "

"Hahaha, I am only pointing out a direction to you . Everything ultimately depends on yourself . "Monarch Mo Xue said .

Xue Ying was indeed very excited . His teacher Bloodshed God Emperor might also give him pointers for cultivation, but what the God Emperor taught was also comprehension of the laws of the world, and how to transcend to become a powerful existence .

But he had never taught him anything regarding cultivating secret techniques and aspects on how to increase his strength! From the fate of sir commander, it seemed that trying to seek power excessively would not be too good .

Sir commander, Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master, were both stage four World Deities, yet they held an ultra-powerful combat power . Still, they were stuck at stage four World Deity realm .

But they had cultivated many absolute arts . Like the two personal disciples of the Bloodshed God Emperor, 'Monarch Green'and 'Monarch Gu Zang', they both cultivated absolute arts yet they still became powerful existences in the end .

This meant that cultivating an absolute art would not affect one at all . Just that if one sought strength excessively, it might result in some trouble .

"My combat power is too weak currently, and I do not have this perplexity at all . "Xue Ying did not seem to care . He was not even a stage four World Deity, and he was still far away from it .



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