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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 539


Chapter 539

Xue Ying took out four items from within the wristband, which were also the more unique ones within the wristband . Other items were just the commonly-seen ones like Deity crystals .

These four items, were respectively, an axe, a piece of sharp remnant piece, a black whip and a golden book .

"The axe and this whip are both top graded World Deity weapons, and the refiners seem similar . "Xue Ying came to the conclusion after inspecting through them once . The Deity imprints on the axe and the whip were both extremely ancient and unique, and were styles which he had never seen before prior to coming here . Strictly speaking, it was similar to the scarlet red wristband, with both containing the taste of time-space .

"Axe, whip, scarlet red wristband… their refiners must be good at time-space, and the person who currently is the greatest expert in time-space is the Temporal Island Lord . "Xue Ying pondered on for a moment, but he could not guess the identity of this gray-robed male corpse . It seemed as if he was a powerful existence that popped out of nowhere .

He casually took out the sharp remnant piece once again .

Caressing the remnant piece, the remnant piece was crimson red in color . There were some ancient and simple patterns on it, and was emitting a vast and calm aura . This made Xue Ying feel his inner heart becoming calmer .

"Indeed some extraordinary, just that I can't determine its function just from a look . Furthermore, it is only a remnant piece, unless it is a piece coming from a true god weapon?" Xue Ying made his guesses before placing it aside . He turned towards the final item .

Xue Ying took up this thick golden book, flipping it open only to see many ancient words on it . He used his consciousness to sense .


Large amounts of information began surging into his mind .

"I am Paragon Dust Cloud . "

"The scarlet red wristband, axe and whip are weapons which I personally refined . It is just that they are lacking in materials, causing their grades to be limited to World Deity weapons . And that remnant piece of mine has been fortuitously obtained by me . Until today, I have yet to discover its function . "

"These are gifts I am leaving behind to you, inheritor! I, Dust Cloud, has also been bitterly cultivating for a long period of time, without having many treasures . I do wish for inheritor to forgive me on this . "

"Other than sending these items, I have a matter to request of you!"

"If inheritor is to meet 'Paragon Qing Yuan', please pass this book to him . Otherwise, it is fine . "

"Qing Yuan, I've already completed the matter which you asked of me . It's just that I've belittled the danger in Lake Heart Island, and that we have no destiny to meet once again . Regretful!"

Just a few words, following which were many extremely complex array diagrams . There was a total of 325 array diagrams, with all of them being extremely complex .

Xue Ying became silent as he held onto the book .

He could sense the regret this male who died left behind . These were his last words .

"Paragon Dust Cloud? Paragon Qing Yuan?"

"Unless he is an existence at the Paragon realm?"Xue Ying reckoned . When he was adventuring with Monarch Armadillo Jade and the others, he knew of how many of the powerful existences were also called 'True God', and they were separated into three levels . Ordinary True God, Paragon True God and True God Ruler! Just like his own teacher, Temporal Island Lord and others on their levels, they were all Ruler realm realm existences .

"There isn't many at the Paragon realm in the entire Deity world and Abyss, but why have I never heard of the two?" Xue Ying thought, "And this Paragon Dust Cloud seems to not have any communication means? Prior to dying, he has instead left behind his last words on the book he is carrying?"

Usually, one would have communication means for contacting others .

One could also communicate via karma despite being separated by many worlds .

Leaving behind his last words in a book was something unique .

. . .

After investigating for a moment, he kept these . Xue Ying then looked at the gray-robed male corpse who was seated cross-legged with a calm look, before extending his hand, causing many soil and rocks to condense from the world energy . The soil and rocks soon covered the entire corpse of the gray-robed male corpse . Since he had died, he should return to the safety beneath the soil .

"Such an expert should have some identity . But he has died here, leaving behind a parting message . It should be his true body which died . " Xue Ying thought to himself as he looked at this grave, "The Lake Heart ISland is indeed ranked in the forefront of historical remains in the entire Deity world and Abyss . Its degree of danger has surpassed our imaginations, and it should most likely have methods of killing both avatars and true bodies . "

Just like Bloodshed God Emperor, he could use karma while killing powerful existences to transmit to the other body that was far away, killing both together!

Only when hiding oneself in the material realm, with the material realm laws, that would protect the native lifeforms . The stronger the expert, the more his strength would be suppressed . Those at the level of rulers, even if they borrowed upon an oath to send an attack down, could only kill a stage three World Deity . Without an oath, they could only kill a stage two World Deity .

One had to know that in that in the Deity world and Abyss, experts like the Blood God Emperor could easily kill the ordinary powerful existences . One could see how formidable the intrinsic laws of the 'material realm'was .

"The danger of the Lake Heart Island historical remain should most likely be greater than the abilities of my teacher and the others . I can't be careless . "

It's after he had seen the corpse of Monarch Heavenly Cloud, the huge array formed from the billions of meteorites, that enormous array diagram, which gave Xue Ying a sense of feeling that this place wasn't any weaker than the laws of material realm! Thus, it made Xue Ying feel that… the protection of the laws of material realm wasn't absolute!

"Fortunately, I am a guest of the Lake Heart ISland . As long as I do not deliberately seek death, I should not be so unfortunate . "

Xue Ying looked at the grave .

"No destiny to meet once again, regret!" Xue Ying was chanting these words in his heart, "I wonder if the two are lovers or relatives?"

"The road of cultivation isn't easy . Entering the historical remain might be beneficial, but it has its dangers too . " Xue Ying sighed .

An existence of True God Paragon had died here .

Sou .

Xue Ying continued proceeding ahead .

. . .

As the distance to Monarch Mo Xue got closer, Xue Ying was also starting to communicate with Monarch Mo Xue via his wife . Monarch Mo Xue was also not staying at one spot . He was avoiding the pursuit of others and thus, was always on the move . But because he was located deep within, there were many dangers . Thus, the movement distance was very small .

15 billion kilometers, 5 billion kilometers, 2 . 5 billion kilometers, 500 million kilometers…

The distance between the two got closer and closer .

"I've entered the wrong path . This is a dead end . "Even though he knew that their distance was getting closer, there were still many obstacles between them, and he had to take the detour for a long time .

"No rush, no rush . "

Monarch Mo Xue was currently standing on a piece of empty ground . The entire empty ground was sealed in ice . He was just looking afar while waiting . At the same time, he was sensing the distance between him and Nine Yang Palace Head and the others . He was dodging them while at the same time, moving closer to Xue Ying .

Hu .

Monarch Mo Xue's eyes brightened . He could see a streamer arcing through the sky, following which he landed on the plaza . He was none other than a black-robed young man who had several frost left on his body .

Monarch Mo Xue caressed the snowy-white beard of his, grinning at the same time . The last time he saw Xue Ying at the Myriad Flower Feast was when Xue Ying was still a Deity . Now, he had the combat power of a stage four World Deity .

"Good son-in-law . "Monarch Mo Xue shouted out as he laughed . His voice was grand, and had reverberated around the plaza with joy .

Xue Ying also greeted back, "Xue Ying greets sir father-in-law . "



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