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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 535


Chapter 535

The tall, slender woman nodded . "The Blazing Blood Door was crafted by my master for the sake of accommodating outsiders . However, very few of those who have visited Lake Heart Island so far showed the qualifications to see my master . Master would send anyone who sought his treasures here to attempt the trials of the Blazing Blood Door . This place has many dangers, and the more one overcomes, the greater the benefits they would obtain . "

Xue Ying was enlightened .

He could imagine that the master of Lake Heart Island had been an incredible figure very long ago, and there would undoubtedly have been many people coming to visiting him . Since the master was too lazy to welcome everyone, he had simply created the Blazing Blood Door .

"Not everyone has the qualifications necessary to open this Blazing Blood Door,"the woman continued . "As such, before they're allowed to step through, one has to experience a trial of selection which serves to cull the majority of cultivators . "

"A selection trial?"Xue Ying was bewildered .

"That's right . Your opponent has already arrived before you . Defeat him, and you will have passed the trial . That will grant you the status necessary to enter the inner section of the Blazing Blood Door,"the slender woman explained as she pointed to the small blood-armored warrior who had stepped onto the blood-colored disk a while ago . "You can either force him to acknowledge defeat or just send him flying out of the range of the Blazing Blood Door . Either of these methods will be counted as your victory . "

"Begin,"the woman indifferently stated .

"Chao Wu, be careful that you don't lose,"a tall, sturdy warrior with golden eyes shouted from the side .

"Little Brother Chao Wu, show us that you can gain us some face and kill off that outsider . "The enchanting woman who specialized in hexing poison covered her mouth and giggled .

"Brother Chao Wu, settle him, get rid of him . "

"We believe in you . "

The various blood-armored warriors were all cheering loudly . Having just woken up after a long time, witnessing a selection trial at the Blazing Blood Door left them feeling incredibly excited and joyful, something they had not felt for so long . These old people were, after all, too lonely, and they were looking forward to seeing Xue Ying die in this battle .

"Hong!" The blood-colored disk roughly five hundred thousand kilometers in width shot out a dim red light which enveloped the entire surrounding region up to the skies .

Xue Ying and the small warrior were both inside this region .

"I've got to either force him to admit defeat or send him out of this region of red light to win, right?"Xue Ying said .

"Look at this brat's confidence . "

"Chao Wu, get rid of him!"

By now, a significant amount of black-armored creatures had appeared at the entrance of the passage leading to this distant region . Some of them were humanoid, others had beastly figures, and there were even creatures with bird-like features . Regardless of shape, they were all watching the battle with great interest . In fact, the black-armored creatures had even begun chatting with the blood-armored warriors as if they had already been acquainted .

"I am Chao Wu . "Back on the disk, the small warrior was staring at Xue Ying as he said in a shrill voice, "I was witness to that battle you've participated in before, and I know that you've cultivated an absolute art . Unfortunately for you, I have a way to deal with that ability of yours perfectly! Die!"

With those words, the warrior sprouted six arms, each of them had grabbed a curved saber .

"Hua . "

Under the guise of a silver trace that seemed distorted as it flashed through the air, the small warrior arrived next to Xue Ying . In spite of this, Xue Ying was in the middle of investigating the surrounding area unperturbed . Ever since the red light appeared, Xue Ying noticed that the usual instinctual suppression placed down by Lake Heart Island had disappeared! He could now display his World Deity domain and operate World Deity energy .

It was clear that, for the sake of making this selection trial as fair as possible, the ruins of Lake Heart Island would not suppress Xue Ying during the fight .

"How swift!"With a step, Xue Yin disappeared, only for his figure to appear once again a few hundred thousand kilometers away from his original position . At the same time, the warrior's blade light landed on empty space .

At the sight of this, the warrior showed a frown as he roared, "Seal!"

Xue Ying felt the space surrounding him being sealed, but he merely chuckled in response . With a thought, he operated his World Energy, followed by condensing it . As a result, a large number of Xue Yings wearing starry-blue robes appeared in his surroundings . There were a total of nine of them, and each was holding onto a black spear which they used to launch a grand assault, putting all sorts of spear techniques on display .

The dazzling luminous sun force edges filling the surroundings became visible, overwhelming the entire area . Within moments, it was already restricting the small warrior's movements .

"Kill"! A glimmer of cold intent flashed through the warrior's eyes .


His figure blurred and the space surrounding him began to distort .

The blurred figure arrived next to one of Xue Ying's world bodies that were nearest to him . His six arms sent out blade lights in a flowing manner similar to a dance, these lights following the trajectory of silver light . Before long, the attacks became so powerful that Xue Ying's world body, which had already been having a hard time defending himself, was hacked apart and exploded . The other eight world bodies had been sending out continuous attacks during that whole time, but the defenses of this small warrior were seemingly impervious . The world bodies were entirely unable to injure him, being able to slightly disrupt his body-enhancement technique at most .

'That body-enhancement technique makes him so fast, and that blade technique is so difficult to counter . It's no wonder that he was so confident in being able to defeat me . ' Xue Ying was startled as he looked at all of this happen from a distance .  'With those blade techniques and his six arms, he'll be quite troublesome to deal with . '

As soon as that world body was dealt with, another simply condensed to take its place . The nine world bodies were once again attacking the small warrior, no trace of fear in their movements .

At the same time, Chao Wu, the small warrior, was also feeling inwardly distressed . Back when Xue Ying and his team had been first attacked, the four had not approached the Blazing Blood Door, so the suppression was preventing them from displaying their World Deity domains . That also meant that Xue Ying had now shown his world bodies! Now that Chao Wu acted, he discovered that his opponent could condense nine world bodies, and his head was already starting to ache at the thought of the implications .

'I was careless . It's been so long since I last fought someone that I actually forgot to observe his movements properly that previous time!' Chao Wu thought .  'Be that as it may, I still have to win this battle!'


Chao Wu's fury increased explosively .

His figure once again blurred, followed by a similar distortion of the surrounding space-time continuum . However, his speed now reached a genuinely terrifying stage . He forcibly launched himself forward with such swiftness that he could now evade most of the attacks sent in his direction by those nine world bodies . As for the attacks he could not dodge, he would simply use his weapons to lightly parry them . In fact, he would even use his body to resist some of the attacks, as long as he was sure it would not affect his speed .

Xue Ying's attacks were entirely unable to injure him .

Right now, his target was one—Xue Ying's true body!

"You want to kill me? I am one with the world, and the world is one with me . Within this entire region, I am everywhere . "Xue Ying chuckled . Within moments, he was already three hundred thousand kilometers away thousand kilometers away . Chao Wu's speed could have been even faster, and he would still have been helpless against Xue Ying's disappearing act .

From the ranks of the blood-armored warriors watching the battle, the enchanting woman from before said with a giggle, "You brat, how long are you going to keep dodging? You'll have to force Chao Wu to admit defeat or send him flying out of the region specified by the Blazing Blood Door in order to win . You can keep evading, but you will never achieve victory . "

"Right, you can't win just by running around . "

"Unless you manage to win, you'll still end up dead sooner or later . "

The warriors watching the battle from the side felt quite carefree .

Xue Ying ignored all of these comments coming from everyone around him . Unperturbed, he simply moved here and there while displaying his domain-related secret technique, Prison, to restrict his opponents while his nine world bodies continued attacking him! In fact, he had been so careful during this fight that he had yet to even use his Scarlet Cloud Spear . He simply continued observing his opponent's blade technique without saying a word .

It was only by understanding his enemy perfectly that he could have any hope of winning this battle .

On the other side, Chao Wu instead tried his hardest to kill a path over to Xue Ying in his fury . However, no matter what he tried, he simply could not get close to him . Time and time again, he was forced to continue fighting the world bodies .

'Mn, that's it . ' After observing his opponent for the time it took to brew a cup of tea, his true body cultivating back at the Crimson Rock Mountain in the distant Xia Clan world in a hundred-times accelerated environment finally finished analyzing all the observations and came up with a strategy .

"Hu!" Xue Ying's Scarlet Cloud Spear seemed to jump out, moving along an unpredictable trajectory as it came piercing over .



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