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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 531


Chapter 531

"Not good!"A shiver passed through Xue Ying's True Deity Heart, followed by the sight of the entire area of the juncture turning dim . His ears were ringing, and his heartbeats were accelerating . The flow of blood in his body turned chaotic, and he even lost his ability to properly sense his surroundings . "The shock alone was strong enough to permeate directly my True Deity Heart directly? This, this is…"

In spite of Xue Ying's extraordinary will, the terror he had felt stemmed from his very instincts of survival .

This was akin to how an ant might feel an overwhelming terror when it was about to be stepped upon by a human! It must be stated that Xue Ying was a stage three World Deity, and at his level, even a powerful existence looking at him would not be sufficient to suppress him, to cause his True Deity Heart to tremble, or to disrupt his ability to sense his surroundings . But now, the combined killing intent of one hundred of these ice sculptures had done just that .

Under their watch, his ears were ringing, his heart was beating faster, his blood was flowing chaotically, his eyes could not see clearly, and his True Deity Heart was trembling .

"How can this be?!"Even Jing Qiu, a stage four World Deity, could feel her True Deity Heart tottering on the verge of collapse . Her vision turned blurry, and she was unable to control the World Deity energy coursing through her body . "Why are they so terrifying? I would not feel so helpless even when facing powerful existences . "

"Not good! Try to flee, quickly now!"King Fu Qiong and Jing Qiu were similar in the way that neither could control the energy coursing through their body smoothly .



A savage expression on his face, Monarch Armadillo Jade let out a sudden roar . He had cultivated for so many years, and had many secret techniques at his disposal;his True Deity Heart had long since been greatly strengthened . As such, even after being affected by the previous shockwave of powerful sense, he was still able to maintain his combat power . He let out a furious roar accompanied by a unique wave that spread out all around him and clashed against the shockwave, reducing its influence .

Only once he did this did Xue Ying, Jing Qiu and King Fu Qiong regain their bearings . They could once again see their surroundings clearly .

The layer of ice on the surfaces of all those hundred ice sculptures finally shattered completely apart, revealing their true appearances—all of them were wearing sets of blood-colored armor . Some had humanoid figures, others were beasts, and there were also some metallic creatures . Regardless of shape, every single one was releasing powerful killing intent as they stared at Xue Ying's group, as if the four were just bumbling clowns .

"You would dare come here and challenge the Blazing Blood Door with that pitiful amount of combat power?"One of the blood-armored warriors sneered .

Hong! Hong! Hong! Hong!

Without warning, four figures flew out simultaneously from the ranks of the blood-armored soldiers . "Shua shua shua shua . "Two approached the group from behind, and the other two intercepted them from the front .

"Such trouble… Your Highness, this path you've pointed us toward is truly formidable,"Monarch Armadillo Jade sent the others a message accompanied by a bitter laugh .

"How can they be so powerful…"Xue Ying could hardly believe it .

According to the information he'd gathered, most ordinary regions of Lake Heart Island would be weak enough for someone with the combat power of a powerful existence to withstand! The deeper one went, the more dangerous it would become, up to a point when even the Bloodshed God Emperor or the Temporal Island Lord could no longer proceed!

However, Monarch Mo Xue did not hide the true god weapon that deep inside inside the ruins;their encounters should not have been so dangerous!

"We'll stake it all,"King Fu Qiong transmitted . His eyes were filled with madness .

"Let's do it . "An enormous sword appeared to begin floating around Jing Qiu . Before long, the sword divided into different parts .

"Kill!"Of the four blood-armored warriors who had come over to stop them, one had a female figure of an enchanting quality . All of a sudden, a vertical eye appeared right between her eyebrows and shot out a red light which charged right at the only woman from Xue Ying's group, Jing Qiu . Faced with this attack, Jing Qiu felt an instinctive dread overcome her .

It was at this moment that she understood how wide the gap between her and this warrior was! This was the most terrifying opponent met ever since she entered Lake Heart Island .

Hua .  The enormous sword behind Jing Qiu split into nine thinner swords which formed a resplendent starry diagram with countless planets floating lazily within . She moved the starry diagram to defend her front, but as soon as it came into contact with the red light, it immediately froze . The nine thin swords were also unable to move any longer, having taken on a stationary spot in mid-air .

"This, this is just…"Jing Qiu did not even consider that her blood-refined Deity warrior would actually be frozen solid after a single exchange of moves . Such an outcome served to spread a feeling of helplessness through her heart . Perhaps they had been too conceited by barging into the ruins of Lake Heart? Were they so overconfident that they misjudged the dangers they would be facing?


Another blood-armored warrior came charging forward . His body was thin, his eyes contained two pupils each, and he was wielding a blade . With a single step, he was already next to King Fu Qiong, where he waved his blade, creating thousands of illusions . Even King Fu Qiong, a stage four World Deity, was unable to discern which blade was real and which illusory .

Pu . Pu . Pu . Pu…

King Fu Qiong used his enormous wooden ruler to form an array in an attempt at defending himself, but his body was cut into thousands of pieces regardless .

It turned out that every single one of those thousands of 'illusory'blades was real and held terrifying power!

"Hmph . "The alluring woman who had just shot out the red light through her vertical eye decided to suddenly switch targets . Her vertical eye shot out a another red light that split out to land on every single one of those thousand chunks that King Fu Qiong had been turned into, stopping them from fusing back into his body .  Ka ka ka ka ka… Every single one of those tiny fragments of his body began shattering and dissipating .

King Fu Qiong was straight-up annihilated;he had died in this battle . He had been the first to perish from their group .

The rest—Xue Ying, Jing Qiu and Monarch Armadillo Jade—did not have the leisure to be angry about this in light of the incoming threat .

"Hahaha…"Mighty laughter served as a backdrop to the sight of an enormous golden fist suppressing Monarch Armadillo Jade . Simultaneously, a muscular warrior was hurling his hairy black palm towards Xue Ying .


At this moment, Xue Ying's countless dazzling white edges finally launched out to restrict the four blood-armored warriors . His luminous sun force was very fast, but the red light sent out by the enchantress and the blade attack of the blood-armored warrior had been even faster . Still… his luminous sun force spread out through his surroundings, and it now finally enveloped the entire battlefield to begin restricting his enemies .

This was one of Xue Ying's three most important secret skills–Prison!

After Xue Ying's advances in his comprehension, this secret skill transformed to far surpass the restriction by means of shackles he used before . It was now a sort of gentle binding force that was omnipresent . With countless strands of luminous sun force coordinating, he could restrict and influence the movements of his enemies without stop .

Against stage four World Deities, this skill would have certainly been formidable, but its effect on these blood-armored soldiers was clearly weaker .

"Hou~"Monarch Armadillo Jade opened his bloody mouth and let out a furious roar .

Following his roar, a large amount of circular black ripples gushed out in a fan shape towards the four blood-armored warriors . Once the black ripples came into contact with anything, pi pa pi pa, many small chaos holes would appear on their surface . The four warriors failed to evade these ripples and were affected by their impact . Even they were left slightly disoriented for a short moment .

One of their members, the muscular warrior covered in black hair, was even assaulted by a slight pain as he raised his hands to hold his head . Turning to stare at Monarch Armadillo Jade, the speed of the other three warriors was clearly much slower now .

The rest of the hundred blood-armored warriors spread throughout the surroundings were also looking at Monarch Armadillo Jade .

"Leave, quickly . I can't match them,"Monarch Armadillo Jade sent a message to the others as he let out an anxious roar . At the same time, he was helping Xue Ying and Jing Qiu along, increasing the speed of their retreat .

"You want to leave?"The tallest, biggest blood-armored warrior in the group let out a sneer at the sight of this . The golden fist which had stopped momentarily due to the roar was now once again hurling out accompanied by a suppressive effect . The golden fist rapidly increased in size, and within moments, it was large enough to block their escape path . There were countless deity imprints orbiting around the fist, granting it an immeasurably terrifying might .


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