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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 524


Chapter 524

"It's the undercurrent!"Xue Ying's expression changed suddenly as he hurriedly transmitted a message, "Jing Qiu, there's an undercurrent coming our way!"

Jing Qiu's complexion paled at the sound of this .

Even some of the larger lakes and seas would have undercurrents running through them . The Lake Heart Island's silvery-white water ball had a diameter of approximately 9 . 45 trillion kilometers;it was only would natural that its undercurrents would be very fierce . Seeing how every single water droplet was incredibly heavy, and passing through the water even under normal circumstances was already an arduous task, the arrival of an undercurrent would be a very dangerous event . The power of an undercurrent ramming into someone would be truly frightening .

Indeed, the impact force of an undercurrent was very powerful . Normal stage four World Deities were unable to resist it, likely dying as soon as they were hit . Only some of the more formidable powerful existences would dare use their bodies to forcibly resist these surging undercurrents of the Lake Heart Island . However, if they chose to do such a thing, their bodies would simply be swept along as if they no longer belonged to themselves!

On top of that, weaker experts would not even get the chance to escape, since the undercurrent moved with great speed . As such, most people would end up only having time to hide within their Starfield Flying Ships! These ships were extremely stable, or, at the very least, more stable and sturdy than the bodies of most World Deities, allowing them to resist the surge . Yet even the ships would be swept along by the undercurrent . If one's luck was good enough, the undercurrent might bring them to a miraculous encounter! The absolute majority would simply be placed in a dangerous situation, though .

"Go . "Xue Ying used his luminous sun force to predict the direction of the surging undercurrent, allowing him and his wife to escape it .

Hong long long~ A titanic undercurrent over one hundred million kilometers wide came charging through at a speed of roughly one hundred kilometers per second .

In the usual void, Xue Ying would not have had any need to care about such a thing, but here, in the flowing waters of Lake Heart Island's inner parts, both his and his wife's flying speed was extremely slow . They could feel the undercurrent slowly getting closer and closer to them . With it stretching out over an area of a hundred million kilometers, avoiding it proved difficult .

"Quick, let's move . "

Xue Ying was trying his best to escape .

"If we can't escape, we'll have to hide inside the Starfield Flying Ship and hope for good luck . "Xue Ying felt a tinge of bitterness in his heart . He truly did not think they would be met with trouble before even reaching the core of the island . If they were to die inside of this flowing water layer, it would be too sad . Indeed, throughout history, there were many stage four World Deities and powerful existences who actually ended up dying in the layer of flowing water prior to arriving at the island proper .


Xue Ying and his wife were trying their hardest to escape the undercurrent in spite of the omnipresent feeling of suppression . They were unable to set down World Deity domains, and they could not employ methods of tearing through the void .

The surging undercurrent seemed like an immense monster pressing down on them, closing in to Xue Ying and his wife with every passing moment . 500,000 kilometers, 450,000 kilometers, 400,000 kilometers…

"Xue Ying, I truly did not even consider that we might meet such a huge disaster so soon,"Jing Qiu transmitted over .

"There's a meteorite!"A feeling of great joy surged through Xue Ying heart as he saw it .

The central island of Lake Heart Island was surrounded by a few hundred million meteorites located located in the layer of flowing water . Naturally, these meteorites were by no means ordinary, being so sturdy that they surpassed imagination . Nobody had been able to destroy one so far . Several hundred millions of these meteorites had come together to form a mystical array which protected Lake Heart Island without pause!

Other than that, these meteorites were also known as the safe spots for the cultivators who wanted to cross the flowing water!

"Quickly now! It's right there, to our left . "Xue Ying and Jing Qiu were rushing toward it with all the strength they could muster . Fortunately, the undercurrent was coming from a direction that was different from the starry sky meteorite's location . Xue Ying and his wife were both flying as fast as they possibly could .

"I can see it!"The two of them finally reached the enormous meteorite .

The meteorites inside of Lake Heart Island were all shared a diameter of about five thousand kilometers .

They were quite small individually, but hundreds of millions of them could form an incredibly large array . This particular meteorite was entirely black in color, and its surface was riddled with huge gouges forming a veined pattern . These gouges gave off the feeling that they formed into some ancient array . However, this little meteorite was nothing more than a very small part of a huge array, and Xue Ying could not get any new insights from it .

The gouges which formed into a veined patterns looked very similar to valleys .

Xue Ying and his wife had both entered one of the closest gouge of veined patterns on the surface of the meteorite . The gouge itself was about a dozen kilometers deep .

It was only after the two rushed into one of these valleys that they could let out a breath of relief . Very soon, they felt a powerful force sweeping over them .

Hong long long long~ The huge undercurrent swept its way across . The flow of water had taken on a rapid and fierce aspect, forcibly suppressing everything in its path as it ruthlessly swept over the meteorite . However, the meteorite remained firm and stable under this force, as if it did not consider this undercurrent worthy of its effort . As the surging undercurrent swept over the surface of the meteorite, only a slight portion of the current passed through the gouges forming the veined pattern . By the time it entered the valley-like pattern, it was much weaker than usual .

Hu hu hu .

Xue Ying and his wife were both grabbing onto a wall-life surface next to them . Even this weaker version of the current sweeping through the valley was still rather powerful, strong enough to destabilize Xue Ying's and Jing Qiu's foothold . Very soon, however, this secondary current also passed .

"How incredible…"Xue Ying and his wife let out a shared sigh of relief .

"We were fortunate enough to have been close to one of these Lake Heart Island meteories . "Xue Ying sighed . "Without it, we would have lost control of our bodies by the time the undercurrent passed . The normal layer of flowing water is not so dangerous, but the undercurrent would have swept us along . It would have kept moving with us unable to escape it and, over time, we would have likely encountered something so dangerous that would have lost us our lives . "

"Xue Ying, take a look,"Jing Qiu said as she pointed downwards .

"Mn?"Xue Ying looked to where his wife was pointing . The valley they were currently in was roughly a dozen kilometers deep, and more than a few thousand kilometers long . Somewhere in the distance but still inside the valley could be seen something like a mansion .

"A mansion?"Xue Ying was startled . The building was, without a doubt, a mansion—the abode of a cultivator!

"Xue Ying, let's go take a closer look,"Jing Qiu said .

"Alright . I do wonder whether this mansion was only recently constructed, or if it's an ancient building,"Xue Ying sent back as he flew over alongside Jing Qiu . In the meantime, he had already sent out his luminous sun force out to rapidly envelop this entire region .

"The hundreds of millions of meteorites of Lake Heart Island are dispersed all throughout the layer of water . That we've landed on this specific meteorite is nothing more than coincidence, so I really don't think the mansion will belong to a cultivator of our generation,"Jing Qiu said . "That is, unless it belongs to a powerful existence who can live forever . "

Before long, Xue Ying and his wife arrived at the main entrance of the mansion . At a first glance, the building seemed average size, though its foundation was quite stable . The doors to the mansion were half-open, likely due to the undercurrent which had been charging through over the years, tearing apart everything in its path .

"It's unlikely that a cultivator has lived here in a very long time,"Jing Qiu determined as soon as she saw the building .

"It does seem rather decrepit . "With a step, Xue Ying entered the building . Inside, he could see several areas which had already begun to erode .

The courtyard of the mansion wasn't very large, and they arrived at the main hall quite quickly .

Some arrays seemed to have been placed down to prevent the flow of water to enter the hall . Its insides, however, were empty .

"What a desolate place,"Xue Ying commented . At the same time, he kept on walking towards the back door of the hall . From there, they passed through a corridor to arrive at an inner section of the hall . This portion had clearly been a more private spot, which they could tell from the arrays placed down to aid in the usual process of cultivation .

"Look at these walls!"Jing Qiu shouted out .

Xue Ying walked over .

Indeed, some words had been carved on surface of the hall's walls . There seemed to be three distinct styles of handwriting, each of them differing in depth . They seemed to have been left behind by three different people .

The leftmost words read as such: "I, Zhen Yun, was stuck at the stage four realm, leading me to construct a courtyard here and undergo bitter cultivation . I have also sent an avatar into the ruins of Lake Heart Island in search of fortuitous encounters…"

As she read through, Jing Qiu couldn't help but comment, "Xue Ying, I've somehow never heard of a stage four World Deity by the name of Zhen Yun before . "

"I've not heard of him either,"Xue Ying replied .

"That means he likely failed to become a powerful existence . "Jing Qiu shook her head .

Xue Ying said, "It's not so easy to become a powerful existence . "While the number of stage four World Deities currently living in the Deity world was only so large, a great many stage four World Deities had emerged in the time from the Deity world's birth and up until the current moment . However, most of them were stuck at the last step, failing to transcend into eternity . The first master of this courtyard as well as its builder was likely one of the people who remained unable to transcend .

If one successfully transcend to become a powerful existence, even if they ended up dying afterwards, they would become incredibly important figures . There was no way that both Xue Ying and his wife would have never heard of them .



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