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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 523


Chapter 523

The Mo Xue Empire quickly regained its peace . Currently located in the distant territory of the Bloodshed God Palace, Xue Ying was paying close notice to any developments there . He even took the initiative to express his gratitude as soon as he heard that the various neighboring empires had retreated, to which the leaders of those empires politely replied with, "Had we known that Monarch Mo Xue had some ties with Your Highness, we would not have acted in the first place,"or "The empire's territory is not of much importance to us anyway . "

They had all been very cordial .

Xue Ying did not blame them for how they had acted beforehand either . He was well aware of how cruel the world of cultivation truly was . Once the wall fell, the crowd would come pushing through . Without any friendly relations, why would they help Mo Xue?

On the other hand, the threats issued by the Nine Yang Palace Head, Old Mother Withered Tree and the other existences on their levels made sure that most stage four World Deities would not dare to interfere!

Only someone like Xue Ying, a much younger figure still in his time of splendor could force the various other powers to show him respect when he acted . This was only a minor matter, after all . Had he tried to use his influence during a real opportunity, such as during an opportunity that would allow one to transcend the river of time and become eternal, or during the appearance of a true god weapons, nobody would have cared about showing him any face .


A Starfield Flying Ship left the Calm Sea Prefecture's Eastern Region City . On its deck could be seen Xue Ying in his usual attire, and Jing Qiu who was wearing a mask meant to hide her true identity . Both were looking out at the tunnel surrounding them .

"Xue Ying, the ruins of Lake Heart Island are rumored to have been found even before the emergence of the Deity world,"Jing Qiu said . "Both of us might have collected as much information as we could regarding this place, and father might have also given us plenty of extra intel, but it's necessarily true that nothing will change when we get to experience it personally . Most experts who visit Lake Heart Island have the combat power to match powerful existences . That is the only way they can be considered qualified to adventure within . Even ordinary peak stage four World Deities would have a hard time inside! Any stage four World Deity who enters should be prepared to lose their avatar . "

"Jing Qiu, don't underestimate yourself . Your combat power and mine are both rather high . "Xue Ying grinned .

After he succeeded in cultivating the"Luminous Sun"to the third boundary of the third volume, his combat power had greatly increased . On top of that, after many years of research, he successfully created three important secret skills! He was likely already stronger by a bit than Monarch Cang Yong . Jing Qiu's combat power was also comparable to his . Strictly speaking, she could even suppress him during a fight .

Perhaps they were both weaker by a bit compared to someone like Xue Ying's Eldest Disciple Brother, Hui Ming, but they were still relatively powerful amongst stage four World Deities, much stronger than any ordinary experts at the same stage .

"The purpose of our trip inside the Lake Heart Island at this time is not to seek treasures,"Xue Ying began . "If we're to stumble a place that seems dangerous, we'll do our best to avoid it . Our main goal is saving your father, and to bring back the true god weapon . "

"Mn . "Jing Qiu gave a slight nod . "Anything we feel is too dangerous we'll simply try to avoid . "

Had their purpose been to search for treasures, they would continue investigating once they found location that seemed promising . Is was through this method that people would discover hidden treasures .

In the end, the goal of the two ultimately differed from that of most stage four World Deities .

. . .

Starfield Flying Ships truly were blindingly fast . Xue Ying and his wife only had the chance to chat for a moment before their ship had already crossed the border of the Bloodshed God Palace territory to enter the distant territory of the Myriad God Palace .

The runs of Lake Heart Island were sitting close to the boundary of the Myriad God Palace territory .

"We're here . "

The tunnel in space time opening like mouth to make space for the ship to fly out .

Xue Ying and his wife both looked ahead, concealing the space surrounding their ship at the same time . This, in addition to their use of treasures meant to block scouting techniques, meant that there was no way for any expert over a distance to discover undulation of spacetime caused by the ship .

"Lake Heart Island!"Xue Ying and Jing Qiu both looked into the distant starry sky ahead of them . There, they saw an immense silvery-white sphere made from water!

This immense sphere had been reported to have a diameter of 9 . 45 trillion kilometers .

While the entire ruins were known as Lake Heart Island, the island was actually located at the very center of this enormous ball of water .

"This place already existed by the time the Deity world was born . Even my teacher and the others are unable to truly understand it . "Xue Ying sighed . "I do wonder where it truly came from . "

"His Majesty and the other experts of his level likely know the truth . Such information would never reach our ears, though,"Jing Qiu replied . "Maybe in the eyes of His Majesty and the rest, we're just too weak . "

"If they're not willing to tell us, we can just learn more ourselves . "Xue Ying laughed .

Sou sou!

Once they stored the Starfield Flying Ship, the husband and wife tore began tearing through the void to approach the sphere . Every step they took brought them closer and closer, and it was not long until they finally arrived .

Hua hua hua~ There were countless waves of water rolling around the outer perimeter of the immense sphere .

"Let's go!"Xue Ying exchanged a glance with Jing Qiu and, without a shred of hesitation, the two entered .


Their figures surged with strength . The The surface of Xue Ying's body was now covered by a layer of his luminous sun force, a sun-like, hard force . Meanwhile, Jing Qiu's body was covered by a violet stream of light . This was a secret technique she had begun cultivating after becoming a stage four World Deity called"Violet Sunrise". Its primary use was the ability to hide her identity, which meant she could not use her other World Deity ranked secret techniques . However, since she was already a stage four World Deity, she could now begin researching side daos, which allowed her to cultivate more secret techniques . This specific technique she had chosen from within the Crimson Rock Mountain, meaning to pair it up with the sword techniques she already had .

"So cold . "As soon as he entered the enormous Lake Sea Island sphere, Xue Ying began to feel the movement of water was it flowed around him . It gave off an icy-cold feeling which quickly began to permeating his body, forcing Xue Ying to use his luminous sun force to form a protective layer, blocking the water from coming within a certain distance from his body .

The flow of silvery-white water placed an extreme burden on any swimmer .

That was because every single droplet of water forming it weighed an incredible amount! They were, in fact, heavier than planets . Countless of these exact droplets of water were flowing and surging about . Only people who wielded destructive power such as stage four World Deities and above could pass through here unhindered .

"The laws here are very strange,"Jing Qiu commented . "They're heavily restricting my World Deity domain . On top of that, my Violet Sunrise feels like it's being pushed down by a huge pressure, allowing me to extend it to no more than five kilometers or so . Xue Ying, what about you?"

"Me? I'm still trying to see how far I can take it,"Xue Ying said .

Indeed, his luminous sun force had yet to be limited in how far it could go .

Just how was it possible for Xue Ying to have the combat power of a stage four World Deity despite being a stage three World Deity? It was precisely due to his luminous sun force! After he successfully cultivated the third boundary of the third volume, his luminous sun force reached an extremely terrifying level . Every single strand of this force was not only extremely sharp, allowing it to pass through the flow of water unhindered . However, the water was still able to weaken it gradually and even block it completely upon reaching a milestone of one million kilometers .

"One million kilometers . "Xue Ying laughed .

"It went that far?"Jing Qiu was overjoyed . The flow The flow of water of this Lake Heart Island was not particularly turbulent, but their naked eyes still only allowed them to see up to a distance of a few thousand kilometers or so . "That means our scouting treasures have become temporarily useless . They're only able to go as far as one hundred thousand kilometers, after all . Your luminous sun force is truly too formidable . I wonder just how powerful it will become once you reach the fourth boundary . "

"By then, my combat power should be roughly similar to Eldest Disciple Brother Hui Ming's,"Xue Ying replied . "However, the fourth boundary is truly difficult to reach . My true body has been studying it back in the Crimson Rock Mountain all this time, but I am still quite some distance away to completing it . "

"Absolute arts truly are incredible . "Jing Qiu could not help but sigh .

For them to boost a stage three World Deity's combat power almost to the level of a powerful existence, they truly were worthy of the title of 'absolute'. It truly was no wonder that even powerful existences went mad over the chance to acquire them . Unfortunately, complete and perfected absolute arts were truly too rare, most having already been acquired by His Majesty, the Temporal Island Lord, and other such existences . Perhaps the Bamboo Mountain Prefecture Master also had an absolute art that he could impart to others .

The two tore through the mighty flow of water in a rather casual manner .

In his mind, Xue Ying was constantly replaying the introduction he had received regarding the Lake Heart Island . The vast waters on the outer perimeter were known to be relatively safe, but even they were associated with certain dangers . Some particularly unfortunate encounters might even part powerful existences on the level of the three ancestors from their lives! The innermost section of the Lake Heart Island even contained an area that His Majesty would find dangerous .


Xue Ying's luminous sun force covered an area of one million kilometers in every direction, allowing him to sense danger in advance . Xue Ying and Jing Qiu proceeded further inwards with great care .

"Mn?"Xue Ying suddenly frowned . He felt a mighty power that seemed able to could crush anything in its path come into contact with his luminous sun force . The power seemed mellow and overbearing at the same time, and it also displayed a mixture of strength and suppression which sent part of his luminous sun force crumbling .



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