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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 521


Chapter 521

"Calm down . Tell me, what wrong with Monarch Mo Xue?"Xue Ying quickly discovered that his wife's current state of mind was in disarray, which was very rare to see in a stage four World Deity like her fall .

Jing Qiu tried her best to regain her calm, and before long, her voice showed no more than a slight tremble . "This is what happened: the avatar my father left behind to protect his empire suffered from a joint attack and it's already killed . "

"What!"Xue Ying was instantly shaken . "Someone killed the avatar he left behind to protect the empire? Even though his combat power is strong enough to allow him to fight powerful existences and he was attacked inside of his own territory, he was still unable to escape with his life . He was actually killed?"

"Mn . "Jing Qiu nodded . "A group of five people acted against him . Three of them were powerful existences, and the other were powerful stage four World Deities . They are the Prison Dragon Emperor, Old Mother Withered Tree, the Nine Yang Palace Head, the Red Transient Empress and Sovereign Ze Nuo . "

Xue Ying's expression changed further the more he heard . "Father-in-law actually offended so many powerful experts in a way that caused them to team up against him? To think that there would even be people from the Dark Abyss in that group . "

Amongst the five people Jing Qiu mentioned, the Red Transient Empress and Sovereign Ze Nuo were the only two stage four World Deities!

However, Sovereign Ze Nuo was a Magma Giant from the Dark Abyss, and his combat power was rather terrifying . It was a fact that experts from the Dark Abyss and Deity world would very rarely interact, since many of the World Deities who dared to barge into the Dark Abyss would be hunted down and killed . It was only the powerful existences and people at their level of combat power that would more frequently act together, teaming up for adventures in ancient ruins .

When it came to existences on the level of the Bloodshed God Emperor, even the Abyss Rulers would be willing to befriend them . The Bloodshed God Emperor's Bloodshed Tavern had been able to to cover the entire Dark Abyss just as easily as the Deity world .

"The Prison Dragon Emperor and Old Mother Withered Tree are no big deal, but the Nine Yang Palace Head is one of the Temporal Island Lord's personal disciples, and he's cultivating an absolute art . His combat power has reached an incredible level, and he's comparable to the three ancestors in strength,"Xue Ying said . "He actually disregarded his reputation completely and joined a five-on-one attack on father-in-law?"

Jing Qiu lightly nodded .

"What about father-in-law's other body?"Xue Ying asked .

"It is still safe for the moment . "Jing Qiu felt uneasy .

Xue Ying let out a sigh of relief before continuing with another question, "Do you know why the five acted together against father-in-law?"

"Father knew that I had already become a stage four World Deity and that you reached stage two in just five thousand years, as well as the fact that you'd been accepted by the Bloodshed God Emperor as a personal disciple,"Jing Qiu began explaining . "As such, he was able to finally relax . Well aware that his True Deity Heart was on the verge of collapse, he decided to take a risk before going on to reincarnate, so he entered a dangerous and ancient land known as the Lake Heart Island to have a look . "

Xue Ying lightly nodded .

The danger posed by any of the ancient ruins which managed to resist up until that day varied greatly . For example, the ruins which Monarch Cang Yong previously discovered had been on the lower end on this scale . Meanwhile, the Lake Heart Island was one of the most famous locations even amongst powerful existences and stage four World Deities! This was such an extremely terrifying location that even His Majesty, the Temporal Island Lord, and other such existences were hardly able to understand it in its entirety .

Over the many years, there had been a great amount of stage four World Deities as well as several powerful existences who went there adventure, one after another .

Naturally, most would only send their avatar inside . By doing so, they could simply recreate the avatar even if it were to perish inside!

The ruins of the Lake Heart Island were peculiar in a few different ways .

For instance, it displayed some self-contained laws . The laws on the Lake Heart Island were unique to it, so it was not subject to the normal operation of the laws of the Deity world .

"My father had been moving together with Nine Yang Palace Head, the Prison Dragon Emperor and the others at first,"Jing Qiu continued . "At some point, however, my father actually discovered a true god weapon . He grabbed it immediately and went on to escape, with the Nine Yang Palace Head and the others following closely behind . It is well-known that the Lake Heart Island is littered with danger, and my father actually ended up entered one of the maelstroms inside, which trapped him in a deep recess within the ruins . However, this fact had also served to let him break free of his pursuers—from Nine Yang Palace Head and the others, at least temporarily . The five even teamed up to eliminate father's avatar, and the self-formed system within the Lake Heart Island means that, while father is trapped inside, he is unable unable to even go on and reincarnate . At the moment, those five are chasing after father inside the ruins . "

Xue Ying lightly nodded .

The Lake Heart Island operated under its own laws, which meant it was completely isolated from the external world! And it was not just the Deity world;neither the laws of the material world, nor those of the Dark Abyss could affect it in any way . As such, it was impossible to reincarnate from within the ruins of the Lake Heart Island, since the soul would be trapped within!

"Father told me that the chances of recovering his memories after becoming a Deity would be very low even if he were to reincarnate . He said he's already lived long enough, which is why he decided to risk his life for a chance to acquire the true god weapon,"Jing Qiu said in a low voice . "He already sent me the location where he hid the weapon . It's in a very deep area inside the ruins . Father is still on the run, since the others know that he did carry the weapon with him, at least for a while . However, even if Nine Yang Palace Head and the others manage to reach him, it's impossible for them to get it . "

Jing Qiu's voice was soft, and her eyes had taken on a red tint .

Xue Ying sighed inwardly .

His father-in-law truly was the sort of person who would risk his own life for the sake of his daughter . It was truly an easy task for an expert to hide a true god weapon, and someone like Monarch Mo Xue could easily bring out the type of treasure which could block scouting techniques . As long as he isolated his aura from the true god weapon, while also isolating himself from prying eyes, how could the weapon be so easily discovered in the huge ruins of the Lake Heart Island?

"A true god weapon… It's no wonder that Nine Yang Palace Head and the others went crazy pursuing him . "Xue Ying sighed .

"Mn . "Jing Qiu nodded . "I urged father not to do this, but he refused to lower his heart . However, now that he's stuck in the ruins, he has no means of even reincarnating . Even though his chances of regaining his memory are low, they're not nil either . Am I not living proof of that? Father might have said that using his True Deity Heart that is about to crumble to exchange for a true god weapon is worth it, but…"

Xue Ying was able to understand Monarch Mo Xue's line of thinking perfectly .

True god weapon .

What was a true god weapon?

The cultivation realms could be split, for the most part, into the Transcendent realm, the Deity realm, the World Deity realm, and finally, the realm of powerful existences! However, powerful existences were also known as 'true gods'.

It was only those who transcended the river of time to reach eternity that could truly be considered eternal gods, giving them the qualifications of being called true gods . At that point, these people could truly control their own destiny since they would have already transcended the laws of the world . They were able to form their own laws .

As such, just as World Deity weapons were meant to be used by World Deities, true god weapons were important to powerful existences . !

With so many World Deities in the Deity world and Abyss, it only made sense that the number of existences able to refine such weapons was also very large! Many of the powerful existences could also refine World Deity weapons, since it was a relatively simple task .

Meanwhile, true god weapons were much harder to create .

Ordinary powerful existences were practically unable to even attempt creating true god weapons . At most, they could refine a Cultivation Eden treasure which contained its own complete law . However, such treasures were not meant to be used in battle . In fact, they were essentially just isolated worlds . As such, they were too simple to be considered true god weapons . What most powerful existences would realy risk their lives to obtain were these treasures that could be used in battle . They were the real true god weapons .

These weapons not only have a complete law of the world inherent to them, but they would also house destructive might .

Unfortunately, that made them very difficult to refine!

For the most part, it was only existences similar in power to the Bloodshed God Emperor and the Temporal Island Lord who refine them through much effort . Thus, true god weapons were quite the rare sight in the Deity world . Out of any ten powerful existences, even eight or nine might not not own one .

"These weapons are powerful enough to turn powerful existences crazy . It's natural that your father would refuse to give up on one,"Xue Ying said .

"The weapon he found had the form of a simple, unadorned Deity sword . Knowing that my main focus is on the research of sword techniques, father was even less willing to give up on it,"Jing Qiu said, her heart aching with every word she sounded . "Even then, how could he just give up his chance at his chance at reincarnation?"

Reincarnating essentially represented another chance at life .

While the chance of success was not very high, the alternative would be certain failure . It would mean true death .

"Father…"Jing Qiu's expression contorted from the pain she felt . "Xue Ying, if I reveal my my identity letting them know that I am Dong Bo Xue Ying's wife, as well as Monarch Mo Xue's daughter, would it make them even the slightest bit wary? Would it prevent them from acting so decisively?"

"No need to overthink this,"Xue Ying replied as hugged her . "Even if you were to reveal your identity, there's no chance that those five will take heed of me . "

Jing Qiu continued, "Right, my father hid the treasure away on a planet of frost . Let's go ahead and collect it first . "

"Alright . "

Xue Ying gave his subordinates some orders, asking them to report to him directly if any urgent business appeared, and then stealthily left together with his wife .

They left the territory of the Bloodshed God Palace aboard a Starfield Flying Ship . Monarch Mo Xue had provided them with a detailed star map, so it didn't take long for the ship to arrive at the designated planet .

Hu .  After he stored the ship, Xue Ying landed on the icy planet together with the silvery-haired girl hiding her face behind a mask . Jing Qiu's attire was meant to conceal her identity . After all, if other people were to know that Xue Ying's wife was a stage four World Deity, it would certainly attract a lot of attention . Perhaps Forefather Golden Firmament himself would recognize her .

That would be a source of endless trouble, so they naturally tried their best to avoid such an outcome .

"It's right in front . "Jing Qiu observed her surroundings before leading the way for Xue Ying . With a step, they crossed five thousand kilometers . A few more steps later, they found themselves in the deep recess of a dark valley . A cursory glance was sufficient for Jing Qiu to make sure that they had arrived at the right place .



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