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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 520


Chapter 520

Time kept flowing, with Xue Ying's influence within the Calm Sea Prefecture growing by the day . Everyone was well aware that, at the moment, the Calm Sea Prefecture housed two great clans that held incredible influence . The first one, the Long Shi Clan, had the Calm Sea Prefecture Master as its representant . The other was the Dong Bo Clan, and included in its sphere of influence were both Dong Bo Yu and Qing Yao . Considering Xue Ying's current level, there were now many superpowers who wanted to meet him, but had a hard time doing so .

As such, they were left with a single option—to take a step back and befriend the closest people to him . In other words, they would go after Dong Bo Yu and Qing Yao .

Relating to this matter, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu did not place harsh demands on their children . They would only become more proactive when it came to guiding them in regards to cultivation . As for the issue on their moral characters, seeing how the children had already lived back at the Crimson Rock Mountain world for several thousand years, their personality had long since settled down, and their parents were not worried that the two would become silk-pants . There was a single point which left Jing Qiu feeling rather helpless . Neither Dong Bo Yu nor Qing Yao really seemed to listen to her words .

The most likely reason was that, in their eyes, she was no more than a peak Deity, while the two of them were also peak Deities . That being considered, why would they heed her guidance? She was still their mother, so they pretended to listen to her words on the surface, but in their hearts, some suspicion would still remain . They did not dare follow the pointers they received from Jing Qiu since they were afraid that it might lead them on a wrong path! They held greater admiration for Xue Ying, and it was only in his words that they would trust unconditionally .

Xue Ying saw no good way to solve this issue . Those two brats were not aware, after all, that their mother was already a stage four World Deity, and that her realm was even higher than Xue Ying's, their father! On top of that, stage four World Deities could begin comprehending the other daos, as well as the other Deity Hearts belonging to various laws of the world . Pointers received from such people were so valuable that most people could only hope for, but never get . However, those two brats weren't even willing to listen to them!

They could not speak of this out loud, though . Jing Qiu could only keep her resentment to herself, but she remained worried for her children, so she would be telling Xue Ying her advice so that he could then impart it to them instead .


Xue Ying was sitting cross-legged within the underground palace of the supervisor envoy residence with an enormous dark diagram floating right in front of him . This diagram was emitting a dark aura made up of countless fused Profound Mysteries .

"The Dark World?"Xue Ying muttered .

He saw many flowers blooming around him, plants and trees growing, he sensed the shining of the sun, the gust of the wind and the grit dancing in the breeze, rivers were flowing and mountains undulating…

The world is brimming with variety, and it is willing to accept anything as part of it . The only issue is that my current realm is too low, and my utilization of the laws too ordinary . Comparing myself to the"Black Bug Scripture"and the"Luminous Sun", I can't help but sense an enormous gap, Xue Ying thought . He had spent quite some time trying to further his research on this subject in an attempt to absorb several different ways of using the Profound Mysteries into this diagram while also perfecting his own secret skills .

The more he grew, the easier it was for him to sense the enormous gap . This also served to increase his admiration towards those seniors who could create the"Black Bug Scripture"and"Luminous Sun"to the level of reverence .

Prison, Xue Ying thought .

Hua hua hua~

Countless white shackles began dancing all around him, all of them soft and gentle like ripples on the surface of water . Before long, they enveloped the entire hall . While the World Prison Xue Ying had been able to use as a stage two World Deity was made up of many piled up layers of shackles which served to restrict his opponents and prevent them from escaping, his current World Prison was as soft as water, and even strangely gentle .

Only those who truly fell into his prison could understand its terror in earnest!

I am improving bit by bit, while Jing Qiu finished bringing her inner world to the stage four realm, and her blood-refined Deity warrior has also been slowly increasing in strength, Xue Ying thought to himself .  Even now, I'm merely able to keep myself alive in a fight against her .

Even now, he was still being suppressed by his wife in a pitiful manner!

Two years earlier, he successfully reached the third boundary of the third volume of his"Luminous Sun"absolute art, which served to greatly improve his combat power . At the same time, however, Jing Qiu had already finished refined a blood-refined Deity warrior for herself in the form of an enormous sword which could split into nine thinner swords . The resulting blades could display an extremely formidable technique she had learned from the remnant piece of"Heart Sword Diagram". Clearly, a large amount of the array diagrams found in the "Black Bug Scriptures"proved to be of great aid in Jing Qiu's comprehension of the remnant piece of the "Heart Sword Diagram".

By now, Xue Ying could be considered average amongst stage four World Deities . However, the fact that he could protect his life in a fight against Jing Qiu meant that gap between their combat power had shrunk to become much smaller .

Somewhere in the starry sky, on a cold, desolate planet condensed entirely from frost . The planet also seemed to emit the same icy energy without pause, while its gravity was unusually powerful . It was so strong, in fact, that most Transcendents could not survive here .

Hua .

It was on this very planet that an old man wearing black robes, and with a snowy-white hair and a bushy beard of the same color, had suddenly appeared from the void . He landed in a deep part of a valley where, extending his hand, he took out some sparkling, translucent dust . With a thought from his part, the dust underwent various transformations to take on the appearance of the ordinary icy dust that could be found all around the planet . As he threw it out, the dust began tunneling deep into the layers of frost and quickly blended in with everything else .


With a step, he disappeared, only to appear again at another location in the distant void .

Looking toward the dark planet in the distance, the old man let out a cold chuckle .  I, Mo Xue, might end up dead any time soon due to the crumbling of my True Deity Heart, and I am prepared to reincarnate at any moment . Do you really think I would be afraid of your threats? Hmph, if I'm given the chance to trade this life of mine, a life that will soon be extinguished in any case, for a better future for my daughter, there's no way I would refuse! My daughter's husband is Dong Bo Xue Ying! Hmph, hmph!

My daughter has already become a stage four World Deity and, considering her talent, she even has hopes of becoming a powerful existence, as difficult as that may be . Even so, she'll have my help, as well as her husband's help . I'm sure she can succeed .

Monarch Mo Xue felt truly carefree at this moment .

Just moments ago, his avatar had resolved a truly delightful and huge event .

Hong long long~"

All of a sudden, an enormous black array diagram appeared in the vast void . It quickly expanded to a width of a few billions kilometers and was still not showing any signs of stopping . The many planets in its path were nothing more than minor obstacles compared to the size of this array diagram . All of the spacetime that fell within its sphere of influence was being sealed, and began to quickly solidify . Even Monarch Mo Xue, in spite of his incredible combat power, had a hard time flying .

"Mo Xue, you can't escape!"

Hong hong hong hong hong!

Before long, five figures had appeared in different locations within the enormous sphere of influence of the array diagram .

All five of these figures displayed mighty auras . A member of this group took the form of a wriggling black dragon with its head raised to the skies . Another was an old granny holding onto a wooden crutch, her hair stretching over hundreds of millions of kilometers and seemingly turning into all sorts of grayish and brownish tree roots . The countless tree roots had taken root in the void . Yet another figure belonged to a teenger with a cold expression .

The first three had all been powerful existences, but the other two, one a charming red-robed woman, the other a magma giant whose entire body was burning were both stage four World Deities . Despite their seemingly lower realm, their combat prowess was not any weaker than that of any ordinary powerful existence .

"Mo Xue, your True Deity Heart is on the verge of crumbling apart, and you have no hopes of transcending into eternity . Is there really a need to fight us over that true god weapon?"roared the magma giant . At the same time, the flames covering his body flared with power .

"Mo Xue!"the wiggling huge black dragon followed up . "If you agree to hand over the true god weapon, you still have a chance to go chance to go on and reincarnate . Otherwise, you can forget about getting even that slight chance at keeping your life!"

"I truly do not know what gives you, Mo Xue, the courage to actually dare toy around with us . "The teenager's eyes betrayed his unbridled fury . "Repent now and follow my commands, and I promise not to treat you unfairly . "

These five terrifying experts had already moved out to surround him .

Monarch Mo Xue laughed out loud . "You wish to threaten me? I, Mo Xue, have been a tyrannical figure in the Deity world for over ten billion years . Now that I'm finally nearing the point of my True Deity Heart crumbling apart, what would I still be afraid of?"

"Refuse us one more time, and you will not even get the chance to attempt reincarnation,"the teenager once more angrily shouted .

"Reincarnate? Just how many stage four World Deities who attempted it ever came out of it alive?"Monarch Mo Xue sneered . "Don't even try to use such petty threats on me . "

Back in the underground palace beneath the supervisor envoy residence .

"Xue Ying, Xue Ying . "

Xue Ying was in the middle of cultivation when Jing Qiu's voice entered from another secret room .

"Mn?"Xue Ying opened his eyes . The door leading to a passage to another secret room began opening and Jing Qiu immediately rushed in through it .

"What's wrong? Why are you so flustered?"Xue Ying looked at his wife .

Jing Qiu replied, unable to hide her anxiety, "Xue Ying, something happened to my father . "



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