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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 519


Chapter 519

Within the palace hall of the supervisor envoy residence .

"Monarch, please sit,"Xue Ying said as he took a seat of his own on the other side of the long, narrow table . He was carefully inspecting Monarch Devil Flame who was now sitting before him . His entire figure was covered in black hair, his eyes were blood-red, and his body was emitting a sinister and cruel aura . There was even the faintest sign of surging flame within his eyes . This might stage four World Deity known for his vicious temperament, and his combat power was much higher than Monarch Cang Yong's . He was among the existences who could display combat power close to powerful existences if needed .

"Hahaha, Your Highness'name has spread far and wide . Quite a few of us geezers have been talking about you lately . "Monarch Devil Flame laughed out loud . "Unfortunately for the others, they do not have any gifts to give you, or they would have surely hurried over to visit you . "

"Monarch is exaggerating my worth . Compared to you people, I'm still quite lacking in strength,"Xue Ying replied .

"Hahaha, there's no need to be modest! Even if the both of us manage to become powerful existences, I dare say that you will certainly do so before me . "Monarch Devil Flame revealed a large, ear-to-ear grin . However, his visage was so savage and ugly that he was terrifying to behold even when he smiled . "I've come to visit Your Highness on this day with hope that you'll receive a certain gift of mine . I truly wish to form some karma with you . Haha, I could not truly ask Your Highness to repay me in earnest . My only wish is that, after you become a powerful existence, you will agree to offer me some assistance . "

He was sure that Xue Ying would reach the level of the three ancestors as soon as he became a powerful existence . The price of asking such an existence for assistance was truly too hefty .

"Oh?"Xue Ying looked at him . This Monarch Devil Flame seemed very confident .

"Your Highness, please have a look . "

Monarch Devil Flame waved his hand .

Hu .

Two shackled female World Deities with enormous snake tails appeared side by side . Both figures were identical in appearance to the Venomous Ying World Deity .

"Venomous Ying?"Xue Ying was startled .

A strand of despondence could be seen in the body language of both Venomous Yings . They were looking towards Xue Ying with a gaze of urging .

"Venomous Ying and I do share some enmity, that is correct . "Xue Ying nodded . "But she poses no threat to me at her current level . In the future, once my combat power increased even further, it would have been a simple task to capture or kill her myself . "

He had long since completely disregarded Venomous Ying .

Monarch Flame Devil let out a laugh so loud that the hall shook from its foundations . "This Venomous Ying World Deity has been quite careful . I had to use karma and spend a few months to finally capture her . After all, it was very important that I captured both her bodies at once . Even then, what Your Highness said isn't wrong . Once you became a stage four World Deity and comprehended the Karma Deity Heart, you could use the power of karma and easily capture both her bodies by yourself . However, I've already acted to capture her, which means Your Highness can now resolve your enmity with her much sooner . Furthermore, Venomous Ying has a certain treasure on her . "

"Treasure?"Xue Ying was startled .

"Your Highness, please have a look . "Monarch Flame Devil waved his hand and a peculiar green leaf appeared in his hand . The leaf was emitting an ancient and hazy aura strong enough to leave Xue Ying feeling petty and low .

"This is one of the remnant pieces of a paramount, supreme inheritance known as the"Myriad Poison Record". "Monarch Flame Devil chuckled . "I would have never thought that this Venomous Ying would actually have such a treasure . While hexing poisons might consist of a side dao, the technique itself is powerful enough to allow one to transcend into eternity, and anyone can ponder its secrets as reference . This might be nothing more than a remnant piece, but it's still a fragment of the"Myriad Poison Record". "

Xue Ying shot the man a glance then shook his head . "The side dao of hexing poison focuses primarily on the research of plants, stones and other relevant myriad existences . I have no time to concentrate on such things . "

Monarch Flame Devil at the sound of this, and he began to feel rather awkward .

Xue Ying's words rang true .

Indeed, all of the different dao paths shared some similarities . However, if one could say that the array diagrams found in the"Black Bug Scripture"could be used to extrapolate a few things to learn from, the hexing poison dao, with its focus on the research of plants, stones and other materials from the myriad existences, was truly useless to Xue Ying . On top of that, what was being offered was just a remnant piece! Its value was even lower because of this . Meanwhile, Xue Ying had the"Black Bug Scripture"in its complete form, so its value was so much higher than a remnant piece of the"Myriad Poison Record".

In truth, it was only the absolute arts that experts could cultivate and which would allow their combat power to surge, such as Xue Ying's own"Luminous Sun", that were truly priceless . Even simple bits and pieces from the complete versions of such cultivation methods were extremely expensive .

Jing Qiu's remnant piece of the"Heart Sword Diagram"was a good example of this . She had obtained it through battle, and it was similarly expensive .

This was precisely why Forefather Golden Firmament had been so furious at the time! He had spent a very long time collecting the various pieces of the absolute art . In fact, he was only missing a single piece before he truly finished collecting the entire absolute art, yet Jing Qiu had essentially squandered all of his effort . It was only natural that his fury would shot up to the skies . Monarch Mo Xue found himself unable to defend his own daughter, while her teacher from that previous life, a powerful existence in his own right, had not dared to show himself and defend her .

As such, the Jing Qiu from her previous life could only grit her teeth and go on to reincarnate, starting an entirely new life .

"Let's forget about this remnant piece of the"Myriad Poison Record". "Xue Ying shook his head . He had no need for it, and it was just as useless to Jing Qiu . As for his children, Xue Ying did not wish for them to spend any effort on hexing poisons . Finally, the treasure was no more than a remnant piece . Venomous Ying herself had been using it for so long in her cultivation, and she still ended up in her current state . Had it been a complete volume, Xue Ying would have been much more interested in acquiring it .

"I'll just take this Venomous Ying World Deity off your hands, then . Many thanks to Monarch Flame Devil . "Xue Ying chuckled . "I shall certainly remember this favor . "

"Hahaha, this works too . "Monarch Flame Devil stood up . His original plan had only been to send Venomous Ying over to Xue Ying anyway, while the remnant piece of the Myriad Poison Record he had just found accidentally after searching her body . Xue Ying, as the personal disciple of His Majesty, paid no heed to the dao of hexing poison, while the treasure itself was no more than a remnant piece . This outcome was to be expected .

"I won't be staying any longer, then . I just want to congratulate Your Highness Dong Bo one more time, and to say that I sincerely hope for you to become a powerful existence soon . "Monarch Flame Devil laughed .

"Let it be as monarch says,"Xue Ying stood up and sent him off .

Most of the stage four World Deity geezers were treating Xue Ying as an equal by now, and they all wished to befriend him . After all, Xue Ying's combat power had already reached the level of a stage four World Deity, and he had so much more potential than most other people . Even powerful existences could afford to disregard Xue Ying by this point .

After sending him off, Xue Ying returned to his hall .

The two Venomous Ying were still shackled . Her True Deity Heart had long since been sealed, and she simply had no way to struggle free . Her two bodies were both turned to look at Xue Ying, and one of them let out a soft cry, "Dong Bo Xue Ying, you're pretty good . I'll be first to admit that I was truly too short-sighted back then! Since I didn't destroy you at the Myriad Flower Feast, you managed to become His Majesty's disciple, which eventually led to you shooting up to the skies!"

Xue Ying stared back at her from the side . His teacher was, indeed, one of the points which allowed him to rise so quickly . With the strongest expert in the Deity world as his teacher, he received pointers that directed him straight to the most essential parts of the Chaotic Deity Heart and the Extremity Deity Heart . On top of that, he gave Xue Ying an absolute art as well as various spirit fruits and treasures . Without them and the guidance he received from his teacher, his cultivation speed would not have been even nearly as fast .

However, this was nothing outside the norm .

Every expert who raised with miraculous sped, such as Monarch Extermination and Monarch Green, received grooming that was not any worse than his own .

"And now, I've landed in your hands,"Venomous Ying growled . "You can go ahead and kill me . Just end it . "

She was now in a position where she had no way of getting out alive, but neither could she choose to die .

"Do you truly desire death that much?"Xue Ying lightly said .

Venomous Ying World Deity was stunned, her eyes showing a trace of disbelief . "If Your Highness truly is willing to let me off, I would naturally accept becoming your loyal subject . "

"You're overthinking my words,"Xue Ying said .

A hit of terror finally appeared in Venomous Ying's eyes, "You, unless you…"What she was most afraid of was that Xue Ying might use all sorts of punishment methods to torture her, leaving her begging for death, but unable to truly die! This would be a true nightmare! This was precisely why she had been shouting at Xue Ying to kill her from the very start . After all, a clean death would be much less painful than being tortured for billions upon billions of years on end . The thought of this alone was enough to leave her terrified!

Seeing how frightened the Venomous Ying World Deity had become, Xue Ying let out an inward sigh . Defeating one's enemy would always lead to this! Back then, if the White Sand City Lord had not been there to intervene, and if he had not been a grade one True Meaning Transcendent, his wife would most likely have been the one to fall under torture . Well, truth be told, his wife was only a Deity on the surface . Her true combat power was likely higher than Venomous Ying's even back then!

Jing Qiu had truly hidden herself well, refusing to reveal herself until it was absolutely necessary .

"The enmity we two share… let it end thusly . "Xue Ying extended his finger and two streams of white light shot out from his fingertips . They went out to tunnel right between the eyes of both avatars, directly destroying Venomous Ying's already sealed True Deity Heart .

Venomous Ying bodies thus lost their auras, leaving behind only an expression of release on their faces .

Xue Ying shook his head at the sight of this .

The way he saw it, nobody should be overy overbearing when resolving matters . To not show anyone a path for survival also meant they would not show you any mercy in turn! In spite of his position as His Majesty's personal disciple, as well as status as a Realm Lord, Xue Ying would only ever be ruthless to his enemies . Towards the other World Deities, he would never act with such disregard . After all, it was always possible that, by offending so many people, disaster might come around to meet him someday when he kicked an iron board . Venomous Ying had previously shown him, a small Deity, absolutely no respect . What she did not know, however, was that one of the people she offended was a grade one True Meaning Transcendent, while the other, Jing Qiu, was actually much stronger than her!



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