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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 518


Chapter 518

"Good . "Monarch Cang Yong did not hesitate to agree . The majestic Bloodshed God Emperor would never lower his own status from greed over such things . Very quickly, the two parties took to negotiate and then naturally confirm the terms of this contract .

Of course, one of terms prevented Monarch Cang Yong from becoming enemies with Xue Ying . After all, if Monarch Cang Yong's strength were to quickly increase and he would then use the Flowing Light Insect to come back and threaten him, Xue Ying would have no way to retaliate . Of course, Xue Ying had confidence that, by the time Monarch Cang Yong actually finished bringing the Flowing Light Insect to maturity, he would also have become powerful enough to face him .

"This brathas quite the luck . This should be the fifth "Insect Scripture", if I'm not mistaken . "The Bloodshed God Emperor who was still sitting before the Cosmos Furnace sensed the oath being made and immediately understood what was going on . He couldn't help but reveal a smile . "Although the cultivation of insects is just a side Dao, this fifth "Insect Scripture"contains truly profound knowledge on array diagrams, which can be used as reference . "

Monarch Cang Yong's guess had been correct .

The Bloodshed God Emperor had no need to care for the insect scripture . With him being the strongest person in the entire Deity world, the sort of item he pursued far surpassed the imagination of someone like Cang Yong . They were on an entirely different level .

As soon as the oath was set down, neither party would dare break its terms .

The oaths were very powerful, and could not be disregarded even by someone who had the protection of the material world . As long as they remained in the material world, a stage three World Deity who did not make an oath would have no reason to fear even the Bloodshed God Emperor . However, if they did break an oath, the power of His Majesty's attack would be bolstered by the oath, allowing it to pass into the material world and kill a stage three World Deity with ease .

Outside the material world, in the Deity world and Dark Abyss for instance, oaths would have an even stronger effect, and even stage four World Deities and powerful existences would have to be very cautious and serious about them, never daring to take them lightly . They would make sure to never violate an oath they had already made .

"Hahaha… Your Highness, you truly are ruthless . "Upon receiving the black sphere, Monarch Cang Yong's mood instantly improved as he said with a smile, "The conditions you've set are truly giving me a heartache . I can barely take it . "

To this, Xue Ying replied, "Compared to your own behaviour, what I did was nothing big . In fact, obtaining this inheritance item won't result in any huge increase of my strength . My only wish was to leave it for my children and descendants to study, giving my less talented acquaintances some way to protect themselves as well .

In truth, Xue Ying's words were pure nonsense . He would never wish for his children to embark upon this kind of side Dao .

"Your Highness, you truly treat your children and descendants well . "Monarch Cang Yong smiled . Now that the transaction went through, he found that he did not regret his choice . He had been prepared to give up every last treasure he had, and even his empire, if it meant obtaining the black sphere .

All of those things were, after all, just external sources of power . Meanwhile, the Flowing Light Insect within the black sphere would let him match powerful existences!

"I've never even seen a Flowing Light Insect . At least let me have a look,"Xue Ying said .

"No problem . "

Monarch Cang Yong placed the sphere on the table and then lightly reached out to stroke its surface . Immediately, the uneven runes began to let out light . The rays it emitted hovered in mid-air to form a three-dimensional array diagram .

The incomparably profound array diagram began to slowly change and many different parts of the three-dimensional were transforming .

Hua .

The rays of light forming the array diagram finally withdrew, and the interior of the black sphere began to fluctuate . The uneven runes on the surface immediately began to split open, eventually breaking entirely to reveal the sparkling, translucent light egg inside it . Within this egg of light lay a peculiar shadow moving about incessantly, flowing like water . At times, it would even display a shape specific to an insect .

A single look in its direction was enough to send palpitations through Xue Ying's heart . Watching the might with which the insect warped and weaved in every direction, he couldn't help but say, "I have a feeling that, once this Flowing Light Insect is properly raised and it matures, it will probably go further than just being equal to powerful existences . "

"It won't surpass powerful existences,"Monarch Cang Yong said . "Unless it undergoes another transformation, that is . But that would be too difficult to achieve . Your Highness, once you study this inheritance, you will understand what I mean . ""

Xue Ying nodded .

"Then, unless there's anything else you wish to discuss, I'll be taking my leave . If there's anything Your Highness wants me to do, you only need to notify me . I've already agreed to go all out to help you three times . "Monarch Cang Yong smiled .

"Alright . "Xue Ying also got up to send the man away . He was well aware that Monarch Cang Yong was antsy to go back to his base and begin cultivating the insect .


Within the underground palace hall of the supervisor residence .

Jing Qiu had also begun entering closed-doors cultivation for long periods of time, primarily because she'd already become a stage four World Deity, which was not something she could wantonly show off to everyone! Whenever she went out to meet her son or daughter, it would be through as a body condensed using World Energy .

"Xue Ying, I'm sure you could've asked for more . Regardless of how much Monarch Cang Yong's heart ached, he would've still accepted your terms,"Jing Qiu said in a teasing manner .

Xue Ying shook his head . "I've taken enough from him . Seeing how important that Flowing Light Insect is to him, there was no chance that he would have given it to me! After all, without the technique to cultivate the insect as well as the method used to open the array diagram, I would not even have even gotten to see the Flowing Light Insect itself… In that case, getting a few treasures out of him is enough . The most valuable thing I got is still that inheritance .

"The insects cultivated using those ancient techniques can even match powerful existences . Even that array diagram placed on the black sphere was so profound . "Xue Ying sighed . The existence who created the technique was sure to have reached an extremely high realm of cultivation . Being able to to rely on the techniques he created as a source of enlightenment was also of great aid to other cultivators .

Even opposite paths would had certain ways in which they were similar .

"I'll give it a look first, then . "Jing Qiu was also very curious . This was, after all, a complete technique .

"Sure, you can go first . Is there any need to care about things like order between us husband and wife?"Xue Ying smiled .

Jing Qiu submerged her consciousness within the item at once, and she suddenly went completely calm . The faint undulations were the only way to tell that she was currently receiving a large volume of information . She only recovered after a breath's worth of time .

"Xue Ying, I have to let you know that you've really earned big this time around,"Jing Qiu exclaimed . "This technique is seriously incomparably profound . It might relate to a side Dao, but it's incredible nonetheless . "


Xue Ying also immediately submerged his consciousness into the item to receive the inheritance .


A large amount of information rushed into his mind, including countless array diagrams, as well as all kinds of characters . It took him quite some time to learn everything . As soon as he did, a peculiar black book appeared within his sea of consciousness .

If he opened the black book, he could see those same array diagrams from before, as well as some characters forming some simple instructions .

This black book hovered right in front of his True Deity Heart in his sea of knowledge, and a small hand formed by the True Deity Heart was browsing through it . The further he went into the book, the more complex and profound its contents became . At some point, the array diagrams depicted were even more complex than those displayed by the black sphere .

""Black Bug Scripture"?"Xue Ying also learned the name of the scripture as he received the inheritance . It was a technique created specifically for rearing insect beasts, and the most complex information it contained related to the array diagrams .

Someone with an extremely high boundary could even start with relatively ordinary insects and raise them to become very strong .

Of course, using a terrifying insect like the Flowing Light Insect would make things much easier, as they would grow up to become very formidable even without help . If they were trained meticulously, it was only natural that they would become that much stronger .

"Incredible,"Xue Ying "Incredible,"Xue Ying praised .

"It truly is formidable . It gave off the feeling that the laws of the world were all conveniently kneaded to form those countless array diagrams,"Jing Qiu exclaimed .

The two of them were not planning on studying the cultivation methods for insects, but the array diagrams were complex enough to impart them a more profound understanding towards the integration of the laws of the world .

This was the most fundamental reason why Xue Ying had asked for this technique!

Any powerful technique, regardless of its focus, would be extremely profound which meant they could be used as reference .

Upon receiving the "Black Bug Scripture", Xue Ying and Jing Qiu both allocated most of their time on trying to comprehend the array diagrams . As he studied them, Xue Ying even discovered many clumsy areas in his destruction spear technique .

After all, among the countless array diagrams, there were some which focused on the aspect of destruction! Xue Ying had been very happy to discover this .

He had also begun to integrate some of his understanding of the array diagrams on his World Prison technique in an attempt to create an even stronger secret skill . In the past, Xue Ying would often study how the"Luminous Sun"technique used the Profound Mysteries of the Law . However,"Luminous Sun"was a technique of extreme Yang and extreme hardness;it was focused completely on this one aspect .

Meanwhile, the"Black Bug Scripture"was essentially all-inclusive . Darkness, destruction, life, softness, strangeness, overbearingness… Having so many types of array diagrams to learn from broadened Xue Ying's horizons .

It was only half a month after the two began their cultivation that they were interrupted .

Heng heng heng .

Right in front of the main entrance of the supervisor envoy residence stood a man . He was covered in black hair and he was wearing a suit of armor . A trace of a smile on his face, he spoke to an attendant directly, "Quickly, go tell Dong Bo that I, Monarch Devil Flame, have arrived to pay him a visit!"



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