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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 515


Chapter 515

The Bloodshed God Emperor stared blankly for a moment before the corners of his lips curled upwards into a smile . "Unless I'm mistaken, he should have only cultivated for a total of 39,000 years . He's much faster than I was in the past . "

"His cultivation speed might be faster than master's, but master remains the strongest in the Deity world as of this moment . Most of those who were faster than master are already dead,"the mighty voice replied .

"I do hope he can walk this path to its end . "The Bloodshed God Emperor had high expectations of his disciple's future .

He stood at the very top in both the Deity world and the Dark Abyss, while those qualified to sit next to him could be counted on one hand's fingers . Over a very long time, his life had seen many ups and many downs, and the number of outstanding grade one True Meaning Transcendents rise up, only to fall down harder was uncountable . And now, Xue Ying's cultivation speed could match that of his eldest disciple of whom he was proudest, Monarch Green . Even so, the Bloodshed God Emperor could do nothing more than look forward to his future .

He was very clear from the first time he met him that this disciple of his whom he quite liked would have no issue with reaching the stage four realm . It was only after he became a stage four World Deity that he would arrive at a truly difficult moment in his cultivation . It was only at that point that he could gradually come into contact with the Bloodshed God Emperor's world .


In the starry sky, some distance away from the Eastern Region City .

Xue Ying was facing off with the silvery-haired girl in white robes from before . Upon looking at his wife, he could not help but reveal a smile . Jing Qiu had just finished transforming her inner world after consuming large amounts of Deity crystals, allowing her to become a stage four World Deity in a single breath . Xue Ying handed a number of treasures to her, such as treasures which would allow her to isolate the laws, and even provided materials for her to refine her personal blood-refined Deity warrior .

While the process of refining a blood-refined Deity warrior was quite complex, she had her memories from her previous life, so she was certainly able to accomplish it by herself .

Meanwhile, Xue Ying, having only cultivated for a short period of time, wasn't as good when it came to these sorts of aspects like refining pills and medicines, blood-refined Deity warriors or hexing poisons . . .

"Xue Ying, in that previous fight I was merely using my Deity energy to form frost sword energy, but the transformation pace when using Deity energy is very sluggish, which meant I had too little frost sword energy at my disposal . On top of that, I could not sure my World Deity domain at that time, so fighting Monarch Cang Yong had been quite taxing on me,"Jing Qiu said with a giggle from afar . "This time, things won't be so simple . "As she finished speaking, a countless number of frost sword lights condensed around her . They put on a mighty display, rapidly enveloping a region of some billion kilometers like a surging ocean of frost energy .

Sitting in center of the vast ocean of frost, Jing Qiu seemed like a true overlord . She was emitting a terrifyingly sharp aura .

Xue Ying was by no means surprised to see this . His luminous sun force could also envelop an area billions of kilometers wide in the blink of an eye .

Just a while ago, Jing Qiu was no more than a Deity, and despite her having cultivated her World Deity secret technique to an extremely high realm, she could only employ it with Deity energy with greatly reduced efficiency! How could an ordinary Deity have compared to the rate of transformation of a stage four World Deity?

"Come, then . Let me see how formidable you are . "Xue Ying chuckled . Having to fight full strength against his wife felt rather peculiar . "You'll have to defeat my world bodies first, though . "

At that moment, nine starry-blue-robed Xue Ying appeared in the void .

Jing Qiu had just become a stage four World Deity, and her World Deity Heart was not as comprehensive as Xue Ying's . As such, she was unable to suppress Xue Ying's ability to condense his his world bodies, at least for the moment .

"Xue Ying, you must be careful!"Jing Qiu's silver hair was swaying . She waved her hand .


Countless strands of her icy sword energy rushed out, seemingly able to cover the entire world . Xue Ying was merely watching this from a distance . He saw the countless icy sword lights envelop all, charging through the starry sky like a surging wave . In the blink of an eye, the sword lights had already enveloped his nine world bodies . At the same time, the nine Xue Yings dressed in starry-blue robes also put their spear techniques on display as they also released his own luminous sun force…

Peng peng peng! The luminous sun force, this sun-like, extremely hard force, turned into countless shackles which rushed out to meet the incoming wave . However, the icy sword lights were simply too sharp . Despite their strength having been greatly reduced in the clash, they still proved able to break the shackles and then proceed on to slash the nine bodies .

Xue Ying's nine world bodies immediately displayed their spear techniques in an attempt to parry this attack, but they were completely suppressed . Very soon, the countless sword lights successfully pierced all nine figures .

In spite of their good defenses and fierce spear techniques, they were ultimately unable to obstruct these sword lights striking from every single angle!

Xue Ying had even reached the sixth level in his Time Immemorial Body, yet it was still not enough to resist these sword lights . The nine world bodies soon dissipated under the penetrative force .

"Stop, stop . It's my loss . I admit defeat,"Xue Ying hurriedly said . As he spoke, the countless frost sword lights finally retreated . Jing Qiu replied, "Your true body didn't even act yet . Why would you admit defeat so quickly?"

"My true body might be slightly stronger than the world bodies, but that's only due to the Scarlet Cloud Spear . "Xue Ying shook his head . "Since the nine world bodies all fell under the sword lights, how could my true body block them? I truly did not think that, once the number of those icy sword lights goes so high, their power becomes so formidable . Your combat power is certainly not any lower than Monarch Cang Yong's by now . "

In terms of combat power, Xue Ying was certainly weaker than Monarch Cang Yong . In the previous battle above the Eastern Region City, Xue Ying and Jing Qiu had only been able to defend against Monarch Cang Yong through a combined effort .

Jing Qiu smiled . "My frost sword energy ended up absorbing some Profound Mysteries from that remnant piece of the"Heart Sword Diagram", which ended up bolstering its strength . Even then, the "Heart Sword Diagram"remain too mystical for me . I'll be ready to being properly comprehending the remnant piece after I finish refining the blood-refined Deity warrior . "

"Who would have thought that I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, a relatively famous figure in the Deity world, would fail to defeat my own wife in battle . "Xue Ying shook his head .

"How much time have you even spent cultivating compared to me?"Jing Qiu pursed her lips .

"Hahaha, I'm just teasing you . Don't worry! I, your husband, will soon be able to defeat you . "Xue Ying laughed . "Let's go back, then . "

"Mn . "Jing Qiu nodded .

The two soon stepped back on their Starfield Flying Ship and returned to the Eastern Region City through a spacetime tunnel .

Upon returning to the supervisor envoy residence, Jing Qiu quietly entered closed-doors cultivation . Considering her combat power, it was natural that nobody was able to discover her true realm . There were, after all, only two stage four World Deities in the entire Calm Sea Prefecture . One of them was the Calm Sea Prefecture Master, and the other was Jing Qiu herself .

In the meanwhile, Xue Ying went to see his daughter to give her some pointers for her cultivation .

"Qing Yao, it's true that you have to target the essence directly when comprehending the laws of the world, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea to focus excessively on a single aspect . You should let go of your current comprehension for a while, and try moving in a new direction . "Xue Ying extended his hand and a sword condensed from World Energy appeared in his hand . In spite of him having never used sword techniques before, the essence of the laws of the world remained the same . Xue Ying's realm was much deeper than his daughter's, so he was naturally able to give her some brief pointers .

Qing Yao was listening to him in rapt attention . From a very young age, she had been hearing stories about her father's exploits, granting her a great deal of admiration for him .

While he was still in the middle of his daughter, Xue Ying suddenly received a strand of power coming from afar . He was able to sense that it had arrived from none other than his teacher, the Bloodshed God Emperor . Even though he had brought along a treasure that could isolate all the laws, he did not dare obstruct his teacher from contacting him .

"Dong Bo,"a voice directly entered his mind directly .

"Teacher,"Xue Ying replied .

"For you to have become a stage three World Deity so quickly is not a bad thing, but you have to keep in mind that many grade one True Meaning Transcendents would eventually end up stopping at the stage four realm . Even Monarch Extermination, whose talent was not any worse than yours, eventually destroyed himself . You've merely just begun walking down the road of cultivation! You must never be arrogant . Cultivation is also about training one's heart,"the Bloodshed God Emperor reminded him . "With your current reputation, a large amount of experts will certainly be coming over to greet you, and they will all want to befriend you . Remember that the ones who you should accept as friends aren't necessarily those who can provide you with the largest benefits . What matters more is karma . "

Xue Ying was startled . "Yes, teacher . Your disciple understands . "

"Mn . "That terrifying power soon left .

"There'll be many experts coming over to greet me?"

Xue Ying frowned slightly .

Indeed, the Bloodshed God Emperor's words proved true . Just half a month later, a large volume of experts had arrived to meet Xue Ying .

"Your Highness Dong Bo, are the rumors that you are looking for Demon Bone Ash true? Haha, it just so happens that this old man has a total of three kilograms which I am willing to give you . "A golden-haired old man laughed .

The long table in front of Xue Ying was filled to the brim with glasses of good wine .

Xue Ying himself took up one of these glasses, sipped a mouthful of its contents and then said with a chuckle . "Nine Rigid Prefecture Master, such a gift is too expensive, and I would not dare simply accepting it . "Just a while ago, his teacher had given him some guidance . With all the intel he had at hand, Xue Ying was able to understand right away that his current cultivation speed was so fast that it had broken the previous record . At the same time, the various superpowers were likely aware that Xue Ying would definitely charge up to the skies, and that he even had great chances of becoming a powerful existence at some point in the future . On top of that, the very moment he broke through, he would most likely have already reached the level of the three ancestors .

Those who understood that Xue Ying's status would rise greatly in the future were naturally willing to 'send some charcoal during winter'while Xue Ying was still small and weak .

After all, by the time Xue Ying reached the level of the three ancestors, he would no longer have any need of the type of gift they could hand out . At the moment, whenever Xue Ying accepted a gift, he would be forming karma with the sender! Afterwards, sometime in the future, he would have to repay this karma!

However, if Xue Ying ended up being stuck as a stage four World Deity, their gifts would naturally have been a waste!

This was a gamble!

Sending Xue Ying gifts at this time would ensure he would repay this karma once he became stronger in the future . Naturally, if he was unable to repay the karma, he would end up being bound by it, which was a huge obstacle for cultivation .

"Your Highness,"a voice suddenly entered from outside . "The Celestial Prefecture Master has come to pay you a visit . "

"What a coincidence . "Xue Ying looked toward the golden-haired old man before him and said, "Nine Rigid Prefecture Master, would it be alright that the Celestial Prefecture Master takes up a a seat with us as well?"

"I haven't met that Celestial brat in a long time . "The Nine Rigid Prefecture Master smiled with a nod, despite being inwardly displeased . Xue Ying had not accepted his gift straightaway, which meant that handing him a gift to form karma would be harder than expected .


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