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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 514


Chapter 514

"You were right to do so . "Xue Ying nodded . "Forefather Golden Firmament is one of the Five Fierce of the Deity world and he's an extremely tyrannical figure . It's likely that you've truly offended him that time! You must remember that Forefather Golden Firmament is well-known for his evasive abilities;he could easily escape even from a fight with a powerful existence on the level of the three ancestors . At the same time, his frontal combat ability is a bit weaker than that of any of the three ancestors . If he was to finish cultivating the "Heart Sword Diagram", his combat power would most likely have surged up to reach that of the three ancestors . With you having broken than fate, and the last remaining piece of the Heart Sword Diagram being in your memory, it's unlikely that he'll let you off so easily . "

Jing Qiu seemed distressed over this matter .

"Even so, there's no reason to be afraid of him . "Xue Ying laughed . "Both our true bodies are in the material world . Even if he wants to kill us, he has no way of doing so . "

"Right,"Jing Qiu replied, a hint of confidence in her voice . "Upon reincarnating, I became a new life according to the laws of the world . My karma with him has greatly decreased, so he'll have a hard time trying to sense my existence . Furthermore, I'm already a stage four World Deity, which lets me avoid probing through karma . "

Xue Ying nodded . His Eldest Disciple Brother, Hui Ming, and Monarch Mo Xue could both do this as well .

Stage four World Deities could begin comprehending the side branches of the dao, allowing them to easily comprehend different grade one Deity Hearts . As such, most of them would begin to comprehend karma, which also allowed them to call out the true names of powerful existences without having to worry .

"In the fight just now, Monarch Cang Yong recognized me, though,"Jing Qiu said . "Of course, I mean that he recognized the silvery-haired girl as the Mysterious Star Sword Lady, and not my identity as Jing Qiu . "

"That's true, but he also knows that you acted to help me, and that our relationship isn't shallow . And now, he has something he needs from me,"Xue Ying said . "I don't think he'll start talking about it left and right . "

"Mn . "Jing Qiu nodded .

Neither husband nor wife even thought about dealing with Forefather Golden Firmament for the moment . He wasn't someone they could offend!

However, they were not afraid of him either .

Xue Ying had already become a stage three World Deity, and he also had his identity as a Realm Lord . In reality, he wasn't afraid of anyone! Not even existences such as the Temporal Island Lord could kill him with a thought any longer .

As long as their lives were not in danger, they could deal with most ordeals ahead with a calm mind .

"Jing Qiu, it would be best if you let your realm reach stage four in earnest,"Xue Ying began . "After all, once you increase your realm, your True Deity Heart will also strengthen, and your cultivation speed will increase even further! As long as you do it in closed-doors cultivation and you make sure not to reveal yourself, your identity will naturally stay hidden . Whenever you meet Yu'er or Qing Yao, you just have to condense an avatar . It's more important that your combat power is as high as possible . "

"I'm fine with that . "Jing Qiu nodded . The only reason she didn't already make her breakthrough was that she was afraid her husband might begin suspecting her . Of course, she now understood that her fears were unfounded .

"Hahaha, the two of us both have the combat power of stage four World Deities . We could publicize your identity and Forefather Golden Firmament would still be unable to truly kill us . Who knows if he'd even chase after you so frantically like in the past,"Xue Ying commented .

Jing Qiu giggled . "That's true . After all, you, Xue Ying, are the fastest one to have broken through to become a stage three World Deity in the entire history of the Deity world and the Dark Abyss . "

By now, the husband and wife were were quite confident in being able to deal with any powerful existence .


Only 39,000 years .

The previous report stated that Dong Bo Xue Ying became a stage two World Deity in just five thousand years . If he we count his age, he must have only cultivated for 39,000 years until now! Monarch Cang Yong had already returned to his palace, the pair of eyes on his cold face now showing a trace of anxiety .  Put against the previous record, he should now be the fastest person to have become a stage three World Deity in the entire history of Deity world and Abyss . In fact, he was much faster even than Monarch Green and the Temporal Island Lord! The previous record holder was the Flying Snow Manor Lord .

Monarch Cang Yong was currently sitting cross-legged in a sealed, pitch-black hall . Just sitting there, in that dark environment, he was trying to think of what his next move should be .

The experts who could obtain such incredible results while having cultivating for such a short period of time all had frightening potential . Throughout history, with the exception of Monarch Extermination who had died early, the other three were now all frightening existences . Had Monarch Extermination had not been killed in his youth, he would certainly have been able to suppress powerful existences as a stage four World Deity . It was very likely that he would even be able to match people like the three ancestors .

As such, it was very easy to predict what heights Xue Ying might reach in the future . Even if Monarch Cang Yong decided to look for helpers, nobody would be willing to assist him! At the same time, he himself wasn't willing to offend such a figure either .

I must lower my head, and bring him a gift and a formal apology .

No matter what, I have to get the relic back . However, Dong Bo must have already guessed that the relic is no ordinary item . I'm afraid he'll drive a hard bargain .  Monarch Cang Yong felt some bitterness rise up in his heart .  Alright, I'll just go ahead and negotiate properly . Even if I have to give up everything, even my empire, it would still be a net gain .

Xue Ying had fought Monarch Cang Yong right above the Eastern Region City, before the eyes of a large crowd!

The disturbance of the battle had been seen by countless Deities in the Eastern Region City, and even the many World Deities living within the city . As such, news of it could hardly be contained .

"Monarch Cang Yong arrived in the Eastern Region City . As soon as he came, a mysterious lady with silver hair—a stage four World Deity—had stepped up to block his path . Afterwards, His Highness Dong Bo himself came up to fight Monarch Cang Yong . Their combat power was on a similar level!"

"His Highness Dong Bo then chatted for a long time with the Calm Sea Prefecture Master . The senses of many World Deities confirmed that His Highness Dong Bo has already become a stage three World Deity . It's likely that he relied on a legendary absolute art to face off a stage four World Deity . "

"There's absolutely no doubt that he's a Stage three World Deity! The Long Shi Clan of the Calm Sea Prefecture has already released the news . "

"We can confirm that he is a stage three World Deity . The supervisor envoy residence has also publicly released this information . "

"General Mo and some other World Deities went up to meet His Highness Dong Bo . They have also confirmed that he is a stage three World Deity . "

A large volume of news was rapidly being sent out . In fact, the information was not being transmitted just across the Bloodshed God Palace, having even reached the Temporal Island, the Myriad God Palace, and various other desolate and mysterious regions within the Deity world . Even the terrifying existences of the distant Dark Abyss had received the news .

Within world layer deep in the Dark Abyss .

The whole region was dead-silent, since the entire world only contained a single existence . This figure was sitting cross-legged somewhere within . An aura left through his nose and rushed out through the silent world, raising the temperature up to a frightening level . His body was incredibly large, having long since reached an unfathomable size . However, . However, if compared to someone who trained the Time Immemorial Body to grand perfection, he would still be slightly smaller .

This enormous frame made it so that, as he laid down his body could still span across the entire world layer;his head was lying at one end of the world, his legs on the other . As such, it was a given that he would be alone in this world layer . In most cases, he would be satisfied as long as he could get some good sleep .


The cross-legged figure suddenly opened his eyes, those eyes that seemed even bigger than the sun and the moon .

"A brat from the Deity world became a stage three World Deity in just 39,000 years?"The enormous existence muttered . His voice reverberated throughout the entire world layer . "That Bloodshed brat is truly lucky to have obtained that kid . From what I know, he was originally from the material realm, yet that fool from the Temporal Island couldn't get his hands on him? Interesting, interesting . As long as he gets some proper grooming, he might just become a good little helper!"

Back in the Deity world, within the mysterious underground palace beneath the Bloodshed God Palace .

The Bloodshed God Emperor was currently sitting cross-legged right before the scarlet-red Cosmos Furnace, but there was no sign of the black bird that was normally on his shoulder . One could only wonder where it had run off to .

"Master,"a mighty voice resounded within the palace, coming from the treasure spirit of the Bloodshed God Palace .

"Hm? What's the matter?"the Bloodshed God Emperor asked .

"Master, Dong Bo Xue Ying has become a stage three World Deity,"the mighty voice resounded once more .



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