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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 508


Chapter 508

Monarch Cang Yong did not actually mention how much he was willing to pay in order to make amends .

Truthfully, this whole matter was just a pretense made up by World Deity Shen Tu in trying to get out scot free . He was now clear that Xue Ying's combat power far surpassed his expectations . He himself was quite accomplished in the art of survival and escape, but he had fallen under the restrictions of the supervisor envoy residence's arrays, as well as the suppression of the terrifying domain secret skill, leaving him completely unable to flee! Therefore, he began thinking up ways to beg for forgiveness . After all, if he were to die, losing a body wouldn't mean much to him, but losing all of the treasures he had on him would be terrible . It would mean losing his blood-refined Deity warrior and many other valuable items . On top of that, he would have to cultivate another avatar from scratch . Redoing the transformation of his inner world alone would be incredibly expensive .

As such, he had hold on to his life no matter what!

World Deity Shen Tu's ugly ashen-gray face squeezed out a smile . "Whatever conditions Your Highness sets, my true body over at the monarch's side will quickly report to him! Your Highness, your future is immeasurable, while the monarch has also not cultivated for a long time before he became a stage four World Deity . Both Your Highness and my monarch are destined to become overlord characters in the Deity world, so is there really a need to create such resentment over this minor matter?"

"If Monarch Cang Yong is so willing to repay me and make amends, why would he dispatch you to infiltrate my residence and kill a commander of my personal guard?"Xue Ying coldly laughed . "You're just making things up . "

"I'm certainly not lying . Your Highness need just state a condition and I'll help you transmit it . I can even stay over at your residence until my monarch sends reparatory gift over, and then you can let me go,"World Deity Shen Tu said . Seeing how he had no way of escaping in any case, he was fine with staying over at the supervisor envoy residence temporarily .

Xue Ying lightly replied, "My guess is that you're just saying all this to keep yourself alive . Even so, Monarch Cang Yong was truly too overbearing this time around, having disregarded me completely . Since he dared to send someone to infiltrate my residence and kill my personal guard commander today, he'd certainly have no qualms with sending someone to infiltrate and kill my loved ones tomorrow . "

Monarch Cang Yong had sent someone over and successfully assassinated someone before Xue Ying's very eyes . Of course this sent a shiver of fear through his heart!

It was clear that, while those overlords seemed to be showing Xue Ying some superficial respect, as soon as they decided it would be best to fall out with him, they would just do so! After all, his teacher might be the Bloodshed God Emperor, but the a figure of that level would definitely not lower their identity to act just because of some conflict or and setback faced by their disciples . There was simply no way that would happen! Amongst powerful existences, those who were truly protective of their disciples were few and far between .

In fact, there were only two figures in the entire Bloodshed God Palace territory who would protect the shortcomings of their disciples: Forefather Fierce Tyrant and Monarch Mother Whirlpool .

The rest preferred to let their disciples battle and kill as they wish . These disciples could blame no one but themselves if they ended up meeting their death . It was only through sufficient refinement that true experts would be groomed . Someone who remained forever under protection would never truly rise .

"I wouldn't dare do such a thing,"World Deity Shen Tu hurriedly said . "My true body has already gone to meet the monarch, and will soon inform him on this matter . The final decision will be up to him . "

"Oh?"Xue Ying frowned . There remained a strand of cold intent in his eyes .

World Deity Shen Tu's true body had indeed gone to see the monarch .

Monarch Cang Yong's large, tall figure was seated on the throne, the usual row of enormous bony spears protruding from his back . He stared at the black-robed man kneeling before him with his standard indifferent gaze . "Your avatar can't escape? It seems that Dong Bo Xue Ying's combat power is more formidable than expected . His Majesty is, indeed, quite extravagant to have given that little brat something which even powerful existences would die for . "

"Monarch, how should I proceed?"World Deity Shen Tu asked .

"First of all, check wether World Deity Shang Yi had obtained the relic or not,"Monarch Cang Yong apathetically said . "As for anything else, just act as you see fit! But remember, make sure you don't lose me any face . "

Monarch Cang Yong understood that this subordinate of his wanted to protect his avatar, thus, his words were quite perfunctory .

"Yes,"World Deity Shen Tu politely replied .

High above the supervisor envoy residence, a huge number of personal guards together with the Xia Clan Deities, including Jing Qiu, Dong Bo Yu, and Qing Yao, were all watching as countless white shackles surrounded the black-robed World Deity Shen Tu, leaving him racked with anxiety and fear . At the same time, he followed the orders given by the monarch and checked the treasures left behind by World Deity Shang Yi . Since he was already dead, those treasures could now be easily probed .

"This is…"Almost as soon as he started looking through, the black-robed man discovered a certain wooden box left behind in one of World Deity Shang Yi's storage treasures . The wooden box contained a single black sphere with many complex and uneven patterns on its surface .

A single momentary look at the black sphere was enough to leave World Deity Shen Tu stunned!

He had long since seen drawings of this black sphere . Monarch Cang Yong had shown some pictures to him and his fellow subordinates and sent them to chase after the fleeing World Deities, all just to find out whether this specific black sphere could be found within their remnant treasures . As soon as they discovered it, they had to make sure to bring it back!

What a surprise! The relic was actually on World Deity Shang Yi's person! The black-robed man was both excited and nervous at the same time . He was excited because he had found the relic, and knew he could use it as a pledge! He believed that Monarch Cang Yong would not blame him if he did so . At the same time, however, he was nervous that Xue Ying might just kill him! IF his avatar was to be killed, he didn't particularly mind the loss of resources, but it would also mean the loss of the relic .

As one of the monarch's subordinates, he was clear just how much the monarch had paid to obtain this treasure . However, as soon as the relic landed in Xue Ying's hands, it would become incredibly difficult to retrieve . Unlike World Deity Shang Yi, Xue Ying was not someone so easy to deal with .

"Your Highness, Your Highness . "

World Deity Shen Tu looked at Xue Ying, squeezing out a smile . "I've already given my report to the monarch, and he has reprimanded me for not being able to complete my work cleanly enough . Originally, he had made his preparation knowing that Your Highness would not agree to his terms, but the monarch still wanted to kill Shang Yi very badly . As such, he decided to send me over to eliminate Shang Yi stealthily and then send another emissary to discuss things over . After all, your future is immeasurable, and my clan's monarch is not willing to form a grudge with you .

"We simply didn't anticipate that Your Highness would be so formidable that, in spite my specialization in infiltration, assassination and subterfuge, I would still be ultimately unable to escape,"World Deity Shen Tu hurriedly added . "Since the monarch heard before that Your Highness is on the lookout for Demon Bone Ash, he is willing to give you five whole kilograms of it!"

Xue Ying was startled .

Despite his previous unbridled fury, he couldn't help but be startled upon hearing that .

Five kilograms of Demon Bone Ash? After he became a supervisor envoy, he sent Xi Wei out to search for Demon Bone Ash, but he still only managed to purchase one and a half kilograms of it within thirty thousand years or so . Demon Bone Ash was really that precious and rare .

"Is your clan's monarch really able to take out five kilograms of Demon Bone Ash?"Xue Ying frowned .

"He can . The monarch has personally attested to this, "World Deity Shen Tu added .

The man could lie as well as he could breathe! As for whether the monarch really had Demon Bone Ash or not, he had no clue . The only thing he was clear was that Xue Ying had long since been looking out for Demon Bone Ash, and it was only those with great power who were willing to show Xue Ying some respect and sell some to him .

The only thing he could do was try to push for more time!

If he successfully secured the relic and got it in the monarch's hands, he could be considered to have succeeded in his mission!

"Five kilograms of Demon Bone Ash, you say?"Xue Ying frowned . "Bai Li Shang told me that a large amount of people had escaped from the ruins . Is your monarch perhaps willing to pay five kilograms of Demon Bone Ash for every single World Deity he kills? Could he even afford such a thing?"

Stage four World Deities were, indeed, generally very wealthy, but five kilograms of Demon Bone Ash was worth more than 500 million Deity crystals . At the same time, Monarch Cang Yong was a rather young figure, unlike Monarch Mo Xue who had already lived for a very long time . How deep could his clan's pockets even be? He was willing to repay such an amount for every stage two World Deity he killed?

"The sum is only so large because he's dealing with Your Highness . He is willing to pay it just to make amends with you,"World Deity Shen Tu replied .

Xue Ying shook his head . "I'm afraid I can't believe you, World Deity Shen Tu, so I'll still have to ask you to die!"


Nine different figures of Xue Ying formed in the surrounding space, each of them holding onto a spear . For a moment, destructive power enveloped World Deity Shen Tu in his entirety as all nine bodies displayed Xue Ying's destruction spear technique . As he did so, even space itself began crumbling apart in the darkness . World Deity Shen Tu revealed a look of terror upon seeing it, hurriedly splitting his avatar into countless shadow streams in an attempt to escape . At the same time, his voice reverberated, "My words are true!"

"I don't believe you . First of all, if Monarch Cang Yong were so earnest, the emissary he sent over back then to negotiate would not have been so arrogant .

"Secondly, I don't think Monarch Cang Yong is so afraid of me that he would be willing to pay me five kilograms of Demon Bone Ash just to calm my anger .

"Thirdly, everything you said I could not hear from Monarch Cang Yong's own mouth . I think you were just trying to stall for time in an attempt to save your skin .

"And finally, the fourth and most important point… is that you killed a commander of my personal guard on this day! Every last member of my personal guard is here, watching us, as well as countless Deities from the entire Eastern Region City . If I were to let you go, how could I, Dong Bo Xue Ying, face my people ever again?"Xue Ying coldly stated .

Hong long long~

The region under Xue Ying's assault crumpled and folded into darkness while the shadowy streams previously moving in all directions were all exterminated . It was true that people who cultivated the Boundless Deity Heart were very difficult kill, but the kill, but the gap in combat power between the two was simply too large, leaving World Deity Shen Tu heavily injured time after time, and forcing him to consume more and more of his energy .

"The monarch will certainly send someone to repay you and make amendments . No, he says he'll even come in person,"World Deity Shen Tu's voice reverberated throughout the whole dark, crumpled region .

"I'll kill this avatar of yours first! He can consider that part of the punishment . If your monarch is truly sincere, he can send another emissary over to make amends,"Xue Ying replied . Just as his voice reverberated, World Deity Shen Tu's remaining shadowy figure found itself unable to resist any longer . As the last shadowy stream was destroyed, World Deity Shen Tu's avatar was finally and completely killed .

Xue Ying waved his hand to collect the treasures left behind by World Deity Shen Tu . At the same time, he tore through space to arrive at the side of his wife and children .

He truly saw World Deity Shen Tu as too untrustworthy . Furthermore, Monarch Cang Yong had essentially slapped him in the face this time around . How could he just let him off?

Sitting on his throne, Monarch Cang Yong looked down at that black-robed figure .

World Deity Shen Tu said, "Monarch, I've tried all kinds of methods to beg for forgiveness, even pledging many promises, but Dong Bo still ended up killing my avatar . "

"You've pledged promises? You've tried all sorts of methods to beg for forgiveness?"Monarch Cang Yong indifferently asked . "I've already told you not to me lose my face . "

"No, no, no,"World Deity Shen Tu continued . "You have asked me to investigate the treasures left behind by World Deity Shang Yi and I actually discovered a black sphere that looked just like the one in the picture you have given to me . "


Monarch Cang Yong suddenly stood up .

A terrifying grayish-white aura surged in the surroundings, and Monarch Cang Yong were now filled with incredible killing intent . "Where is the relic, then?"He had long since sought after this treasure . It was an item for which he would forgo all other treasures and blood-refined Deity warrior . He would rather give up his empire than give up on the relic . This was also part of the reason he used karma just to search for the traces of the World Deities who escaped back then .

"Now that my avatar was killed, the treasure has landed in Dong Bo Xue Ying's hands,"World Deity Shen Tu concluded .



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