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Lord Xue Ying - Chapter 507


Chapter 507

Xue Ying immediately charged out from his cultivation place and rushed up to the sky . It wasn't long before his figure could be seen arriving somewhere above Commander Bai Li Shang's cavern dwelling . The many female attendants surrounding the place and the soldiers patrolling in the distance all turned to look at Xue Ying in confusion . Why was it that 'His Highness'himself had come to Commander Bai Li's cavern dwelling?

"Stop right there!"Xue Ying let out a furious roar, so loud and mighty that it reverberated around the entire supervisor envoy residence .

"Hahaha, Your Highness Dong Bo, I did not have any other goal in coming to your residence, and neither do I have the heart to commit another crime . I'll be taking my leave now, and I do hope you'll find it in you to forgive me!"a different voice, this one loud and clear, resounded in the sky . A strand of shadowy fog had already left Commander Bai Li Shang's cavern dwelling and had charged up the sky .

It was only now that sings of action could finally be seen throughout the supervisor envoy residence .

The personal guard gathered in a fast and orderly fashion . Jing Qiu, Dong Bo Yu and Qing Yao had all come out to watch the scene .

Even so, nobody else was able to interfere . Xue Ying's personal guard had moved out carefully to surround the perimeter, but the little lapse in time before they acted was sufficient to allow the other party to escape!

Monarch Cang Yong actually dispatched someone to infiltrate my residence and assassinate a commander of my personal guard? Xue Ying was boiling with anger .

This assassin specialized in the aspect of shadows is likely World Deity Shen Tu, one of Monarch Cang Yong's subordinates, Xue Ying assessed . He was aware of most famous names from throughout the Deity world . Monarch Cang Yong had a total of twelve stage three World Deities in his retinue, and among them, World Deity Shen Tu was known to specialize in assassination and slaughter . He was also one of the top three most powerful subordinates Monarch Cang Yong had .

He was truly fast to act . I'd rushed out in the blink of an eye, yet Commander Bai Li is already dead . He is, indeed, worthy of his fame in terms of assassination .  Previously transmitting shouts pleading for help through Xue Ying's communication treasure, Bai Li Shang had now reached a status of eternal silence at the moment .

"You can forget about leaving this place on this day . "

Xue Ying's eyes were filled with cold intent .

World Deity Shen Tu was doing his best to escape .  Not good! The arrays of the residence are being activated . With them having been fortified by so many supervisor envoys over the years, they now leave me unable to utilize my boundless domain within this area . I have to get out of this region belonging to the supervisor envoy residence!

Indeed, continuous enhancements had been made to the arrays by generation after generation of supervisor envoy . While Shen Tu's method of infiltrating had been appropriate—melding into the body of a female attendant to avoid the examination of arrays, their ability to prevent him from utilizing the more commonly seen technique of 'boundless domain'left him unable to stop Xue Ying's from forming his world bodies . In any case, the arrays were now under Xue Ying's control .

Having fallen under the suppression of the arrays, it was only natural that Shen Tu could not suppress Xue Ying back .

Shua .  Within moments, Xue Ying already arrived next to World Deity Shen Tu . He sent a cold gaze toward the shadowy figure and shouted out, "Shen Tu, do you still think you can escape?"

"I had no intention of offending you,"a voice was sent back by the shadowy fog . At the same time, the shadow space immediately turned into more than ten thousand separate shadows which shot out in different directions .

Xue Ying frowned .

He was able to form no more than nine world bodies . Of course, he could also form a virtually limitless number of weaker mirage bodies, but their combat power was too low, leaving them unable to defend themselves .

Dang dang dang~ Countless slender, long white shackles came flying out . Each and every one of them was formed using luminous sun force, and they all flew at incredible speeds, just like light . If Xue Ying himself were to fly out, his current combat power would have allowed him to use a speed of no more than 150,000 kilometers per second, which was a bit less than half the speed of light .

The countless dazzling white shackles flew in all directions, their speed far surpassing that of the shadows .

"Domain-related secret technique? Hmph hmph! The Boundless Deity Heart is strongest in terms of its defensive ability, while you have no way of discerning which is the real body and which ones are fake . You think you'll be able to trap me with a domain-related secret technique covering this large an area?"World Deity Shen Tu looked down upon Xue Ying's course of action . He was well aware that, since the domain-related technique was spread over such a huge area, its effect on any one target would be that much weaker .

"World Prison!"Instead of responding, Xue Ying simply looked coldly at all of this happen . The countless slender shackles were already overwhelming the surrounding 500,000 kilometers, binding every last one of the shadows .

Other than a single shadow which began condensing into a figure, every other shadow immediately dissipated .

"How could this be!"The final shadow had now completely turned back into a black-robed man, his green eyes betraying his surprise . Doing his best to struggle free, he finally broke out of the white shackles which let out a peng sound as they shattered . A look of disbelief still plastered on his face, he turned towards Xue Ying .  I might specialize in assassinations, but my combat power in a straight-up fight is still at the very top amongst stage three World Deities . How could it be that I was almost unable to escape these bindings?

Dong Bo Xue Ying's domain-related secret technique is stronger even than the Annihilation White Sand used by the White Sand City Lord? The black-robed man was truly aghast .

Hua hua hua~

Countless white shackles had engulfed the entire area, attacking the black-robed man without pause .

Shen Tu was trying his hardest to defend himself from the shackles . At the moment, a bewitching green saber light had formed in the surrounding, cutting and shattering the white shackles as they approached him . This action, however, proved to be equally taxing on himself as well . He was having a truly hard time trying to break free . In fact, the shackles were so dense that they had bound him entirely, causing him to have to struggle out again and again . In the end, he was beaten to the point of being sent flying here and there, revealing his true appearance in the process .

Hiding beneath the shadows had been an ugly face with ashen-gray skin and a pair of eyes glowing green . He was ugly to behold and his expression was entirely sinister .

"Your Highness!"World Deity Shen Tu shouted out desperately . "My clan's monarch does not wish for any enmity to form between the two of you . We are afraid that our actions this time might have offended Your Highness . I am here to issue a formal apology, and the monarch will certainly leave you a gift after this whole business is done so as to dissolve this minor dispute . "

"Minor dispute?"

Xue Ying took a step, teleporting from his original location in the distance to position right in front of World Deity Shen Tu . Staring right at him, Xue Ying continued, "The monarch sent his subordinate to infiltrate my residence and kill off one of my personal guard commanders and you still have the gall to call this a minor dispute? Do you see me, Dong Bo Xue Ying, as someone so easy to bully?"

A feeling of inward bitterness began to spread through World Deity Shen Tu's body .

Truthfully, the monarch didn't really consider offending Xue Ying as any big deal! The reason he didn't see Xue Ying as anything special was that he knew of so many World Deities with huge talent who couldn't break through from being stage four World Deities in the end . Those who could take that final step and become powerful existences were truly that rare . The total number of experts who had become powerful existences in the entire Deity world over the many, many years was very easy to count out .

It seems that things have become quite troublesome . Who would have thought that, other than the arrays set down at the supervisor envoy residence being so hard to deal with, Dong Bo Xue Ying's domain-related secret technique would also be so strong . I was so close to failing to to struggle free from it .  World Deity Shen Tu was feeling apprehensive inwardly . Under this frightening domain-related secret technique, he could at most display 20-30% of display 20-30% of his combat power, not nearly enough to match Xue Ying .

How can he be so strong?

If his domained-related secret technique is so strong already, how could he have been unable to catch the Venomous Ying World Deity back then? World Deity Shen Tu pondered . It was publicized in a report that Venomous Ying and Dong Xiao had both escaped the encounter at the Nest of Myriad Devils, and that Xue Ying's domain-related secret technique had been completely unable to trap them . World Deity Shen Tu was also quite confident of his own combat power . Seeing how Venomous Ying, whose combat power was weaker than his, could break apart the domain-related secret technique, he had determined that, when used on him, Xue Ying's technique should not influence reduce his might by more than 30% .

But he was wrong!

Xue Ying's combat power had far surpassed his expectations .

What he did not know was that during the past thirty thousand years, the "Luminous Sun"which was previously stuck at the third boundary back then had now already reached the fourth boundary! If it could be said before that Xue Ying would not lose out when facing stage three World Deities in the past, he was now practically unparalleled amongst them . Even the weaker stage four World Deities might not resist more than two or three of his moves .

Such was the power of the luminous sun force brought to a level of grand perfection . Even if he displayed its might through a domain-related secret technique, it was still as terrifying as ever .

"No, no, no . We would never think that Your Highness is easily bullied . It's just that World Deity Shang Yi truly offended my clan's monarch, so the monarch really wanted to kill him . Previously, he had sent an emissary over for discussions, yet the negotiations were not successful . It was only then that we had to proceed on to the next step,"Shen Tu replied, his voice rather hoarse . "This time, our side was indeed in the wrong, but seeing how we've already committed the deed, it is now too late to regret it . The monarch is also not willing to become Your Highness'enemy, so if you're displeased with the situation, you are free to raise your conditions for solving this dispute! We can just talk things over!"



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