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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 659


Chapter 659

Chapter 659 Nirvana Sunflower

’’...’’ Yue Yu couldn't answer Phoenix Fairy Beauty's question, and she didn't want to discuss anything about her younger brother's wedding night .

’’Can he convert again?’’ Even Yue Bing, who admired Yue Yu the most, felt a little strange inside .

’’Ah, theoretically there's one possibility . ’’ Princess Qian Qian replied .

’’You did?’’ Liu Ye and Bao'er were all curiously approaching . The Sunny Sunflower rose to the sun, and then turned to the cloudy sky . They felt that they were already at the limit of the limit and could still turn again? What kind of flame in this world could actually make the Twilight Flower continue to improve?

’’Nirvana Heart!’’ Xue Wuxia thought slightly and nodded, ’’If I can use the Nirvana Flame to refine it and become a Spirit of Heaven Fire , I will succeed . ’’

’’The Spirit of Heaven Fire was an accident ...’’ This time, even Yue Yu screamed .

Although the Spirit of Heaven Fire was an accident .

Her previous self was a tavern girl who had died for Si Niang and the little girl . Her style could not be duplicated .

Could it be that Yue Yang wanted to use the Nirvana Flames to refine the Twilight Flower?

Aren't he afraid of burning the Sunflower to the clouds?

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were sweating profusely as they watched this . They were all worried for Yue Yang . If the heavenly third level Twilight Flower was destroyed, they would have felt their hearts ache! The Twilight Flower was already very impressive . It was already at the third level of the Heaven Stage, and it was already the highest level among the many warbeasts . It was even one level higher than the Charm Demon Queen who had punished the heavens .

You must not destroy it . Otherwise, everything will be gone!

Of course, they couldn't possibly say such words to Yue Yang . One reason was that Yue Yang was a coward, and he didn't necessarily listen to her .

How small the chances of success were, they all wanted to believe in Yue Yang .

In his hands, the miracle of creation was uncountable .

This time, he'd surely succeed!

Everybody was looking forward to it .

The only problem was that he was exhausted .

Could he hold on to the moment he succeeded in refining the Twilight Flower? In normal times, Yue Yang could certainly rest and wait for his recovery to continue, but not now . Not only Yue Yang, but everyone felt the same . Even if the Twilight Flower was completely stabilized and increased the level of its transformation, the price would be ten times more and it would be even more difficult .

Therefore, no matter how tired Yue Yang was, he could only grind his teeth in support of this .

’’Everybody come!’’ Master of Luo Hua City, who was sending energy to Yue Yang, was sweating profusely as he sent out requests for help from the crowd .

’’Hold on,’’ Princess Qian Qian rushed out to the sky .

Then it was Xue Wuxia .

Not only them, but also the Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Yi Nan, the Hai Yingwu, Yue Yu, Yue Bing, and the Drunken Cat Sister, even the Sky Disaster . They all flew up to support Yue Yang . After receiving the energy of the women, the exhausted Yue Yang recovered a lot of energy . He immediately focused his mind to control the Flames of Nirvana, transforming the Flames of Nirvana into a fire phoenix, and attempting to transform the Twilight Flower into the Flames of Nirvana . But wherever the Flames of Nirvana Phoenix passed, the Twilight Flower would melt like ice, completely unable to withstand the power of the Flames of Nirvana .

The Flames of Nirvana was, after all, the first flame in the world .

There was nothing against it .

If not for the fact that Yue Yang had supported him with his innate energy and the negative energy of all the girls, the Twilight Flower would have been destroyed .

Even though Yue Yang had drawn the Runic Circle on its surface, it could not resist the Purification of the Flames of Nirvana .

The Twilight Flower died under the Nirvana Fire .


Yue Yang was unwilling to accept this . If he could succeed, then he would have the experience of succeeding in replicating this method of fumbling for and improving a warbeast ... If he gave up now, then it would appear that he would be blocking his way of research .

But if he didn't give up, the Twilight Flower would die . First, it couldn't support it .

’’You're a fool!’’ Qilin girl Bing Yin suddenly came out . When she saw Yue Yang using the Flames of Nirvana to refine the Twilight Flower, she scolded with joy .

’’Ah, can't you refine it like that?’’ Yue Yang was stupefied .

'Who told you? The Flames of Nirvana was capable of completely destroying even the soul . Not to mention a single sunflower, even the Eastern Goblin Tribe and even stronger lifeforms were unable to accept this refinement . The two were completely on a different level . You're using a divine tool to chop wood . Cut Cut wood with an axe, you idiot! ’’ Qilin girl said as she covered her cheeks with laughter .

’’You didn't say that before!’’ Yue Yang was enraged . Your father has been busy for half a day before you say no?

’’They were resting a while ago, but I didn't know you'd do such a foolish thing . ’’ The Qilin girl pretended to not see Yue Yang's angry eyes .

’’...’’ If it wasn't for everyone watching, Yue Yang would've surely caught the girl and slapped her on the butt, letting her know what it meant to be obedient .

’’It's been a waste of time . It would be a waste if you stopped . If your mood is good, then you have to help you . When the Qilin girl saw Yue Yang's angry expression, she felt that she was in a good mood and she said slowly .

Yue Yang wanted to give her a slap on the back, but now that he heard it, his anger immediately vanished .

He wanted to hug the Qilin girl and kiss her .

She was waiting for this .

As long as she succeeded, she would be proud for two minutes . When there was no one, she would beat her backwards and return .

Qilin girl Bing Yin pulled at Yue Yang's hand and bit down with her little tiger tooth . It almost caused Yue Yang to feel angry . He felt that this girl must have gotten revenge . Last time he was too impulsive to spank her bottom during the quarrel, which had made her annoyed that she had been hiding and refused to come out for weeks . She must be making a vengeance in the public this time . Otherwise she wouldn't bite so hard!

You'll see . I'll catch you in my hands next time!

Yue Yang dared Qilin girl to threaten her .


I was not afraid of you!

Qilin girl Bing Yin ignored this fierce daring and squeezed out a mouthful of blood on Yue Yang's finger . Then, she drew a profound rune tactic on the flower of the Twilight Flower .

Before Yue Yang saw it clearly, the rune formation took effect that a flash of light unexpectedly connected with the Flames of Nirvana . It burned furiously and finally merged into the Twilight Flower's body, reaching into the soul and thus becoming the source of its spirit . The source of the Spirit of Heaven Fire was a strand of the Flames of Nirvana, and it had the same quality as the other, but no completely the same . Yue Yang didn't have enough time enough time to think too much about it . The Twilight Flower blossomed in the sky, filling his body with flames, turning it into flames . Then the Flames of Nirvana was born out, with which as core it brought the bodies of Heaven's Fury Lotus, Flames of Twilight and Pure Blue Fire Form .

The Heaven's Fury Lotus was the outer layer of flame . The Flames of Twilight was flower stem . The Pure Blue Fire Form was leaf .

The perfect combination of those three was petals .

The core was the Flames of Nirvana .

The Twilight Flower, which was ten times smaller than it was, had now transformed into Nirvana Sunflower of Heaven Stage level five!

Jumped two levels on Heaven Stage! Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were completely dumbfounded .

Were they dreaming?

The current Nirvana SunFlower, not to mention attack, speaking to defense, how many warbeasts could there be in this world that could attack it? With the Flames of Nirvana as its core, it had Heaven's Fury Lotus, Flames of Twilight, and Pure Blue Fire Form . What kind of power could kill it in the world?

Master of Luo Hua City was so surprised that he almost suffocated . When she saw the contents of the call, she immediately screamed out in excitement .

Nirvana SunFlower: Elemental life guard warbeast, Platinum Level 10 (Equivalent to Heaven Stage level 5) Elemental body, King of Sunflowers, Immune against damage, weakened phase, the petals never withered . In any space of flame and light, the energy automatically returned to itself .

What made Master of Luo Hua City the happiest, wasn't she got a Heaven Stage level 5 warbeast, but obtained a life guard warbeast .

The most precious thing in the world is the life guard warbeast!

Although it might look like scum, it would never betray and never die . There is nothing worth training a life guard warbeast .

’’Wuuuuu!’’ Master of Luo Hua City was so excited that tears streamed down her cheeks as she threw herself into Yue Yang's embrace, with shoulder shrugged and crying out . Suddenly, she lifted her head and kissed him in front of all people . Yue Yang almost suffocated . She then released him and happily screamed out, ’’Ah, ah, ah, I'm so happy!’’ ’’Nirvana sunflower! I have a unique Nirvana Sunflower!’’

’’How did it become a life guard warbeast?’’ Xue Wuxia looked at the Qilin girl Bing Yin and hoped that she would answer .

’’Neither do I know . ’’ Qilin girl spread her hands, indicating that she was confused .

’’I guess it shall because of this guy's blood!’’ Princess Qian Qian looked at Yue looked at Yue Yang . Her gaze a bit liked a crazed scientist studying a human slice . Seeing her, Yue Yang felt a chill in his heart, and quickly ran away with his bride, Yi Nan .

Yue Yang also felt that it had something to do with his own blood, but he was not sure .

He wanted to find a suitable time to meet the Queen Fei Wenli and ask her all the questions that puzzled him .

He believed that the Conquest Queen Fei Wenli would have the answer .

Only now did Fatty Hai and Ye Kong feel tired . They all sat on the ground, feeling both shocked and excited . If Yue Yang could successfully replicate this secret technique and raise all of their warbeasts one by one, even if they weren't as perverted as the Nirvana SunFlower, it would be enough like Sun Scorching Sunflower or Twilight Flower .

What did everyone fear about Innate? Even those Heaven Stage powerhouses that were unreachable had a certain amount of power to fight .

After all, the strength of a master was directly related to the strength of a warbeast .

The stronger the warbeast, the more powerful its owner .

As Yue Yang improved, the more he comprehended and grasped, the stronger the warbeast became in his hands . That was certain!

It seemed that everyone would have to practice more and fast . Otherwise, not to mention Yue Yang himself, the warbeasts would all be left behind . Thinking of this, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai looked at each other . Their exhausted bodies immediately felt a tinge of excitement . They jumped up, clenched their fists, and slowly pulled to the side, beginning to cultivate again... Yue Yang's strength increased, the strength of his warbeast increased, and all sorts of promotions increased their pressure . Even though they had been training for several hours, they still felt that it wasn't enough .

’’We'll go back . ’’ Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian also looked at each other and nodded in tacit understanding . They would also go back to cultivate .

In order to quicken their pace and follow Yue Yang, they were actually the hardworking ones .

Queen Night, whose hope about chasing after Zhi Zun and Yue Yang .

Also placed on them .

Yue Yu was a little conflicted, because Yue Yang had said that he would give the Spirit of Radiance to him and use it to fuse with his Angel's Blade to help him improve his warbeast . Yue Yu had no idea should he reject or accept it . What to do!


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