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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 658


Chapter 658

Long Live Summons! - C658 - Sunny Sunflower, Stage-Change Alienation

When Yi Nan woke up, it was almost noon .

She suddenly remembered what the elders said that a bride should cook for her husband to show her love and respect . She was in a hurry . But when she moved her legs, her young and tender body feel the unbearable pain again . She couldn't help but cry out . Master of Luo Hua City, who was sitting in front of the bed, hurriedly put her hand on Yi Nan . ’’Lie down and stay still . ’’

’’Where are my clothes?’’ Only then did Yi Nan realize that she was naked . She quickly hid herself back under the quilt, recalling all of things from last night . She was humiliated and afraid of looking Master of Luo Hua City in the eye .

’’Don't be shy...... Does it hurt? Master of Luo Hua City smiled and comforted her, then suddenly asked .

’’No, I'm not . ’’ Yi Nan shook her head quickly, indicating that she was fine, though she hadn't recovered her body completely .

’’This is the beginning . If you recover, you'll be fine . Your body is no better than Tian Fa, not even better than Hai Lan's . Don't be so greedy for these few days, you'll have plenty of opportunities later . That scoundrel, he's greedy, he never satisfies, no matter how much you give him, so don't pay attention to him . What is the most important is yourself? I took care of myself first and didn't care about him . If he dares to bully you, I will scold him! ’’Master of Luo Hua City reached out her hand and gently moved a few strands of soft hair that hung in disorder on Yi Nan's cheeks, taught her a bit of 'experience' .

’’No, he was gentle . ’’ Yi Nan was afraid that Master of Luo Hua City would criticize Yue Yang and quickly said some good words for him .

’’Improved yesterday?’’ Master of Luo Hua City asked .

’’Right . ’’ Yi Nan nodded with a bit of shyness and joy . After the final body fusion training, her level and strength had both increased, and she hadn't expected that she would make such progress after the real body fusion training .

’’The longer you train, the more you will increase later . You've trained longer than me, so your breakthrough at last night was even greater than me . No wonder Qian Qian and Wu Xia were still training . I repent that I gave it to him too early . ’’ Of course, Master of Luo Hua City was joking . This was a way to comfort Yi Nan . Actually, Master of Luo Hua City knew that if it wasn't for the requirements of the Zhi Zun and Ye Hou that Wu Xia and Princess Qian Qian had to keep their virginity, Princess Qian Qian had already pushed down by Yue Yang . She knew that that rouge tigress was only ferocious in front of others . If she was alone with Yue Yang, she would definitely make her submit .

’’It doesn't matter if I can raise my level, as long as it can help him . ’’What Yi Nan thinking about is Yue Yang, not herself .

When Master of Luo Hua City heard it, she smiled sweetly .

They all had the same thought, but they didn't say it .

After chatting for a while longer, Master of Luo Hua City secretly passed a secret technique to Yi Nan . She said that she can only pass it to her after the body fusion with Yue Yang . This secret technique was similar to Mental Force Field, but it was even more profound . And only after the body fusion training with Yue Yang, can make it have a obvious result .

According what Master of Luo Hua City said, not even Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxai knew this secret technique . Only Shui Wuhen, Tian Fa and Hai Lan knew it .

So Yi Nan asked curiously, who taught this secret technique .

Master of Luo Hua City shook her head mysteriously .

When she left, Yi Nan got up hurriedly in pain and put on her clothes .

Not long after, Yue Bing came in, holding a bowl of fragrant soup carefully . ’’Sister Yi Nan, this is my brother specially made for you . ’’ He paused for a moment and then said, ’’I and Yue Shuang had drunk it first . I really didn't know it was made for you ...’’

’’What's wrong with that? Let me wash up first . ’’ Yi Nan felt great .

She didn't mind that Yue Bing and Yue Shuang had drunk it, thinking they must mistakenly believe that their brother was cooking for them personally .

Anyhow, as long as Yue Yang made it himself, then that was enough .

It was his will of his heart .

As for the succession, it didn't matter .

After drinking the soup, Yi Nan felt that she was filled with with happiness and sweetness . She was greatly nourished, and her face was naturally radiant . Yue Bing was surprised a little, ’’Sister Yi Nan, ah, it's my sister-in-law . Your face seems very charming today . Your rating... so quick, you've improved again! ’’ Yue Bing didn't think that this was the result of Yi Nan and Yue Yang's true body fusion . She thought that it was Yi Nan who had cultivated her cultivation level .

Yi Nan realized she misunderstood, just in time, secretly amused . ’’Where's your brother?’’

Yue Bing pointed at the outside, ’’He's outside, helping warbeast to upgrade, with using the Heaven's Fury Lotus to refine the Sunny Sunflower . Let's go take a look!’’

To cover up the inconvenience of her walking, Yi Nan pulled Yue Bing's arm and walked out . In the distant sky, the Sunny Sunflower shined with emitting a dazzling brilliance, even more intense than the sun . In the distance, Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang, and Prince Tian Luo were all watching . They were watching how Yue Yang would raise the Sunny Sunflower and to absorb a bit of the experience of raising a warbeast .

Yue Yang, who had Yang Ability, had turned the sky into a world of Heaven's Fury Lotus .

Thousands of blazing red lotuses floated in the air .

After last night's dual cultivation with Yi Nan, he'd gained even greater rewards in terms of both his cultivation and energy . His improvement was even more obvious than Yi Nan . He'd advanced to Innate Level Nine from Innate Level Eight . This promotion wasn't just as simple as level promoting . To know that his Innate Level Eight was equivalent to someone else's level three in Heaven Stage, his raising a level was undoubtedly someone else's raising from level three in Heaven Stage to level four in Heaven Stage . And most importantly, every time Yue Yang ascended, his inherent skill and warbeast increased in varying degrees .

With the effect of body fusion with Yi Nan, and the effect of unsealing knowledge inherited by mother of the pitiful guy .

Even though Master of Luo Hua City and the sickly beauty had the same .

However, the effect was the strongest when compared to body fusion with Yi Nan .

If it wasn't for the young girl Yi Nan being too young and unbearable, Yue Yang really wanted to cultivate for longer time and unseal more knowledge .

Yue Yang, who had risen in power, was confident that he could refine the Sunny Sunflower . Sunflower . Master of Luo Hua City was the main attacker . Her battle prowess largely determined the direction of the situation . Therefore, Yue Yang decided to first raise the Sunny Sunflower that she had obtained ...

’’It seems that it's still early . Let's go back to bed and take a nap!’’ The Phoenix Fairy Beauty yawned and went back to sleep for beauty .

’’Come on brother-in-law!’’ Sky Disaster received the Thunder God Chain and cheered Yue Yang with great excitement .

Ten minutes later, after Yue Yang's Heaven's Fury Lotus refinement, it turned out that the Sunny Sunflower of Heaven Stage level one had successfully transformed into the Sunny Sunflowers of Heaven Stage level two .

Compared to the Sunny Sunflowers that didn't have any attack power, the new Sun scorching Sunflowers had one more skill . It was ’’Blind Watch . '

This offensive ability that was almost impossible to injure anybody, caused one's vision to disappear in a short time .

It seemed useless .

Actually, this Blind Watch skill would be the key to reversing the entire battle once it was cleverly used .

If an expert were to fight, it would be a mistake in an instant, and he would also be judged .

Splendid! Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, who had their necks extended to look at the flowers, all gave their thumbs their thumbs up, praising the student . Like Liu Ye and Bao`er who worshipped Yue Yang, they excitedly clapped their hands in cheers . Yue Shuang was chewing on the ice melon in one hand while nodding her head . She had an indescribable appearance .

However, Yue Yang was not satisfied with the outcome .

He turned the Heaven's Fury Lotus into the Fire of the Twilight Zone and took out the remaining Pure Blue Fire Form . He attempted to merge with the Sunny Sunflowers .

He continued to ascend, he wanted to turn the Sunny Sunflowers into alienation... Fatty Hai and Ye Kong were stunned . If it wasn't for Yue Yang and another person, they would have thought that he was a madman .

The transformation of the warbeast was just the transformation of order, could it also change to alienation? No! What's even more impossible is that the Twilight Fire is the opposite of the Heaven's Fury Lotus!

An hour passed, and Yue Yang, who felt that he was tiring more than a life and death battle, made his final effort .

If he didn't succeed, then he would give up .

Could it be that the Sunny Sunflowers is the highest state of the Sunny Sunflower? the Sunny Sunflower? Can the sun be turned into a hazy day?

’’I'm sure you'll succeed!’’ The Master of Luo Hua City no longer waited on the ground . She flew up into the air and put her arms around Yue Yang to support his efforts with her own energy .

It was unknown whether it was because of the Master of Luo Hua City, or whether it was Yue Yang's sudden inspiration, or whether the Sunny Sunflowers had truly reached the critical point of turning the scale of alienation . Three minutes later, the sky gradually dimmed and the light became dim . Everyone could see that the Sunflower was shining brightly, like the sun, but there was no light . It was like a golden moon, its color incomparably gentle .

In the end, the light grew weaker .

An even more powerful aura covered the entire land .

It was as if there was only the darkening sun flower left in the world, everywhere under its light .

When Ye Kong and Fatty Hai saw that the Sunflower's transformation had been a success, the world was dark . When the Sunny Sunflowers was officially turned into the Twilight Flower, even the most belligerent Fan Lun Tie had a feeling that he had seen through the world . He was completely unable to lift his fighting spirit .

’’Heavens, this skill is a spiritual attack!’’ Ye Kong reacted and cried out in alarm . Fatty Hai, whose mental defenses were slightly inferior to his, still sat on the ground and sat like an old man . Only when a Wind Breath Seabird wokes him up did he feel that he was affected by the Twilight .

’’Can you get me a Twilight Flower?’’ As a boss, you can't even have a sunflower on! ’’ fatty asked shamelessly .

’’Give me Heaven Realm gold coins, I'll buy one for you . ’’ This was what Yue Yang's answer meant .

’’Then never mind . ’’ Fatty Hai knew that he could not sell it for twenty million even if he was to cut fat on his body, so he gave up on this idea .

’’What?’’The Phoenix Fairy Beauty who had gotten a good nap and discovered that Yue Yang had turned the Sunny Sunflower into the Sunny Sunflowers and turned the Sunscorching Sunflower into the Twilight Flower was not enough . ’’Had he been so excited yesterday that he was a little out of sorts? The sun shines from the 1st level to the Heavenly Rank 3 Tan Tian Sun Flower, and he wants to continue? ’’She asked Yue Yu .


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