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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 657


Chapter 657

Long Live Summons! - C657 - I Love You, Bad Guy!

The next morning .

When Yi Nan jumped off bed in excitement, to meet the bright morning light of the day, she found an unexpected building beyond the garden .

It was a rainbow bridge of white clouds, crystals, and rainbows . It was not a big one, but thoughtful .

So ingenious .

’’What, what is this?’’ Yi Nan was surprised to that Cousin Shui Wuhen, who had been accompanying Si Niang, returned . She and Xue Wuxia together built the crystal rainbow bridge .

’’We don't have anything to give you . Wuxia said that your trip to Heaven Realm was canceled, and you can't go to Rainbow City . Then, Xuexia and decided to build a small rainbow castle for you!’’ The sickly beauty gently stroked the top of Yi Nan's head . As a wife, she gradually gained the kind of love on her that was similar to Si Niang's . Her normally attentive and serious face, would make people's hearts light up when giving a smile .

’’Thank you...’’ Yi Nan felt the heat in her eyes . Her tears was to fall .

’’Nothing . Pretty new bride, go about your work!’’ The sickly beauty held Yi Nan's face in her hands and kissed her lightly on the forehead to mark her blessing .

If there were no combat experience, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, who had already started training, would normally be there .

Now, they were busy with carrying all sorts of materials needed to build a castle .

With their strength, it wasn't hard to move something . The main reason was that all kinds of materials were brought back from different spaces in Heavenly Tower . They were so busy that they didn't even have time to drink water . Luckily, Rainbow Castle was small, which couldn't be compared to a real castle . It was just a 'big house' . It was built by Shui Wuhen and Xue Wuxia, and they were very fast .

The rainbow bridge which was a few hundreds of meters, was brought out by Xue Wuhen in less than an hour .

Princess Qian Qian and Master of Luo Hua City had come over to help her as well . Princess Qian Qian didn't have the ability of the sickly beauty who could print symbols on the crystal . She did command and dispatch work;Master of Luo Hua City did the flowers arrangement .

The Drunken Cat Sister brought a pile of gifts to Yi Nan, including all kinds of rare treasures, filling her room . To Yi Nan's surprise, even the Southern Goblin King, who hadn't talked too much with her, gave her a 'Chain of Thunder' . How could she give such a precious thing? It's good, but is it okay? Yi Nan was confused . Chain of Thunder was useful if in the hands of Heavenly Punishment, but for her, it wouldn't take advantage of its true power .

’’For you . ’’ Yi Nan found Sky Disaster, and gave the Chain of Thunder to him who she hadn't talked too much with .

’’For me?’’ Sky Disaster blinked .

’’You are good at summoning natural disaster forces, don't you? With this, I believe tyou will be much stronger! ’’ She nodded .

’’But it's a wedding gift . ’’ What the hell was Yi Nan thinking? Can a wedding gift be given to another man?

’’It's alright, I still have a lot . Besides, what I really need is not the treasure, but the one ... will be enough . ’’ Yi Nan was very excited, with her face like the sun rising in the east . She ran to her room, jumping like a fawn . She brought out the gifts, and gave them to others, only keeping the gifts that Si Niang and other elders gave her .

’’Do we have gifts?’’ Fan Lentie, this bull-headed girl, was very pleased . She thought that was the custom in Soaring Dragon Continent, that the bride gave everyone a gift .

’’Fine pearls . ’’ The gift that Bo'er received was a three-thousand-year-old Lucky Stardrop that Hai Yingwu gave to Yi Nan .

’’Ah, we don't get a gift for you yet . Excuse us . ’’ Although Fatty Hai said this, when he saw the gift Yi Nan gave to him was Silver Dragon Armor of platinum level, he took it without any hesitation .

’’Go to hell!’’ Ye Kong said to Fatty Hai with contempt . He even dared to call himself boss . He didn't even prepare a small gift for her .

’’Monkey, I didn't have time . I just came back from the first floor of Heaven Stairway, so I didn't have time to prepare it . Do you think I won't show anything? You thought you were smart . Even though we have Blood Python King leading the way, you still led us to take the wrong way, and we were almost drowned in the Heaven Stairway . ’’ Fatty Hai and Ye Kong glowered at each other . Yesterday, their party was in a sorry state . They didn't understand why Yue Yang sent Blood Python King to lead the way, so they ran away . They suffered a lot in the tsunami-like water . When the old fox finally found them, he scolded them one by one .

’’Not afraid of god-like opponents, just afraid of idoit-like teammates . ’’ Ye Kong sighed .

’’What did you say?! You idiot! ’’ Fatty Hai decided to fight Ye Kong .

’’Both of you are idiots! ’’ Xue Tan Lang corrected their words .

’’Hahaha ... . ’’ Prince Tianluo laughed until his tears were out . Although he had been heavily injured in the previous previous battle, he also gained a lot . Furthermore, because of Cursed Magic Box, Yue Yang decided to strenghen his teammates' strength in the three areas . First, it was to raise the level;Second, to prepare some treasures for everyone . If everyone has a holy tools in their hands, why would they be afraid of a Cursed Magic Box? Third, to get a Heaven Stage warbeast for everyone . After all, everyone was young, and their strength wasn't enough, and they could cultivate slowly . If they could have powerful warbeasts in early time, then they would be secure .

’’Damn it, get out of here!’’ Princess Qian Qian was in a frenzy . Everyone was scared to run away .

In the afternoon, a crowd of elders came to congratulate them .

It was held in secret, and there was no ceremony, either . However, after the elders knew about it, they all felt very guilty . This was because they really didn't have time to organize a wedding ceremony for Yue Yang and Yi Nan .

Therefore, the elders came to congratulate Yue Yang and Yi Nan with their gifts .

His Majesty, Jun Wuyou, had repeatedly said that the wedding was going to be done in a grand manner . But now, there was no time to organize it . They would make up a ceremony, that would cause the entire Heavenly Tower to be filled with excitement, until the situation settled down . Of course, at that time, Yue Yang would not marry Yi Nan, but also Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wuxia and Master of Luo Hua City . Now, the elders just took it as a small rehearsal for a wedding, not a formal celebration .

How the elders arranged it, Yi Nan didn't care .

But she felt happy that she could have such a good day .

As long as she could marry her beloved one, the ritual would not be important at all . Wuhen, Master of Luo Hua City, Heavenly Punishment and Hai Lan also hadn't got a ceremony, but were all very happy . While Qian Qian and Wuxia who followed Zhi Zun's order, needed to keep as virgins for their cultivation .

In this happy day, Yi Nan didn't need to do anything . She just had to keep accepting the blessings of others .

Yue Bing held Yi Nan, this little sister-in-law, letting her stay with her .

And the little girl, Yue Shuang ran around happily, constantly reporting to them about her brother's movements .

In the evening, the little Rainbow Castle was completed .

The most important thing was the Rainbow Bridge . There were a couple of medium crystal houses below, which could be considered as Yi Nan's new house ... Yue Yang had been busy all day too . He greeted the elders who came to congratulate them, and met with the special envoys of envoys of the various sects, giving vent to his allies, talking about the matters of the Heaven Realm and the Ancient Devil King . Then, he competed with Fatty Hai and the others to drink wines, until they were drunk .

’’Basterds, you're simply looking for trouble as you want to have a drink with this young master . ’’ In order to get rid of Fatty Hai and the others, he took out the most intense Dragon-Blood wine, that could put an elephant down . Fatty Hai and the others drank more than a dozen cups of wine .

Yi Nan, who wore a red suit, was waiting for him on the bed . Yue Bing was also waiting with dozing . She got Si Niang's instructions and turned away any visitors but Yue Yang . She was really responsible and kept waiting . Yi Nan felt it was funny, but didn't ask her leave .

’’Brother, you're back, I am so tired!’’ Yue Bing, who had been busy all day, was very happy that she had completely fulfilled her mission, but she forgot about the place . She took off her shoes and went to bed with Yi Nan as usual . She forgot that today was the big day that her brother and Yi Nan got married .

’’Ha, ha!’’ Yue Yang gently picked Yue Bing up until she fell asleep . Then he lowered his head, and gently kissed Yi Nan, who was rather shy . ’’My new wife, just a moment . ’’

He sent this sister back to the Grimoire World, and then washed off his alcoholic smell .

When he returned to his room, he found the sickly beauty waving outside .

In addition to handing him a piece of white cloth for testing chastity, she whispered to him, ’’Sister Yi Nan is young, be tender to her . ’’

After the sickly beauty left, Liu Ye, who was hiding in the corner, walked out . She lowered her head and didn't dare look at Yue Yang . She only handed him the gift, and his voice trembled slightly . ’’Master, I forgot to give you a present during the day ... Oh, I'm leaving! ’’ Yue Yang twisted her face, making Liu Ye shy and shocked . She quickly stuffed the gift into Yue Yang's arms and rode her Perforate Deer to run away as fast as lightning .

Yi Nan hid in her bed and secretly watched as Yue Yang came in . She wanted to pretend to be asleep, but her breathing couldn't calm down .

’’Here, this gift will suit you!’’ Yue Yang opened the box . Inside was a pair of cute porcelain dolls .

’’Is the door closed?’’ Yi Nan was a little shy . She had heard the empress's instructions during the day, and she had also peeked at Yue Yang with Wu Hen, and with Master of Luo Hua City . Hua City . And as a brave Yi Nan, she didn't allow herself to flinch, especially in front of him . She wanted to be with him, always, forever .

’’Don't worry, no one dares to listen to us . ’’ Yue Yang embraced the beauty in his arms and gently kissed her, which were trembling from nervousness .

The kiss of a lover eased her nerves and her worries .

The sweet kiss was intoxicating to her .

When his hand caressed her body, her breathing became ragged, and she couldn't help holding him tightly, feeling that she was melting in his arms .

This man was the husband that she had chosen for herself .

Now that she had given everything to him, what was there to be afraid of?

After the drunken kiss, Yi Nan was a little conscious . She thought of the empress' instruction, and quickly struggled up . She took off Yue Yang's clothes with her soft fingers . Her duties as a wife began tonight, and would went on . Because from now on, he was her husband .

Because of the weakness of her fingers, she couldn't unwrap his clothes for a long time .

Yi Nan was shamed, putting her hand in his arms, and she felt embarrassed to look at him .

'Am I stupid? ' Yi Nan discovered that he was laughing, and began to laugh too . Her shame went away and she looked up at him .

’’No, my bride is not stupid, but cute . ’’ Yue Yang kissed Yi Nan's small face, her brow, her nose, her cheeks, her earlobes, her cherry lips, and his fiery kiss made her tremble in happiness . She was enchanted for a long time, and her clothes had been taken away...... Yi Nan had thought that she would be very nervous, but everything went smoothly .

Until he was lightly pressed against her, Yi Nan remembered that she should that chastity cloth .

She wanted to get up and lay it down on the bed, but his kiss made her too weak to do it .

Forget it, it was just a tribute to her saying goodbye to her virginity .

As long as she was a virgin, she would have the honor of the chastity to her husband... Yi Nan felt his tenderness, and was touched . Then she got the courage to kiss the corners of his lips . It hurt, so that her tears couldn't help but roll out,but under his gentle kiss, her tears became the proudest pride in her heart .

She choked down the pain wand kissed his lips .

The salty taste of her tears still remained in his mouth, and it quickly became sweet and nourished his heart .

She had finally given everything that was her best to her loved man ...

’’I love you, bad guy!’’ Yi Nan cried again, but it was not from the pain, but from the happiness!


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