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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 656


Chapter 656

Chapter 656 Good News

When Yi Nan opened her eyes, she found herself in Yue Yang's arms .

And he sat on bed .

Aside from holding her, he kept pouring energy by his hands, helping her to recover her overdraft and the physical effects of mental backlash . Although she was fully healed, Yi Nan didn't want to get up from his arms . Of course, the conversation between Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian also made her feel shy . She didn't dare to get up right now ... She closed her eyes and continued pretending sleeping .

’’Guild leader Yong Hui's battle method has already been discussed . Now, he is only left with Black Smoke Horn Dragon, and trapped in Water World . He's not a threat, we could continue to practice with him later . Now, let's summarize the battle with the skeleton man, crow and ghost woman . ’’ Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wuxia, Master of Luo Hua City, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Sky Disaster, Yue Yu, Yue Bing, Hai Yingwu and Drunken Cat Sister were gathered together, exchanging battle experiences and insights they had gained . It was because their hearts were together, they exchanged everything, therefore, their improvement could suddenly skyrocket .

’’You speak first . ’’ Xue Wuxia was in charge of recording .

’’Skeleton man and ghost woman, these two aren't under the crow . I can see a little bit, but not much . That skeleton man's warbeast should be a special type of bone warbeast . It seems to be a bone cage, very strange . And the ghost woman, I saw an umbrella demon keeping her from the sunlight when Three-legged Golden Crow summoned Flame Spray Wind . ’’ Yue Yang told the girls what they couldn't see . These two warbeasts could only been seen by his Insight of Heaven .

’’Bone cage and umbrella demon’’ When Xue Wuxia recorded, she slightly frowned and handed the notebook to Yue Yang .

’’It's like this . ’’ Yue Yang drew two warbeasts on the notebook .

He thought for a while .

Then beside the two warbeasts, he wrote down two abilities, Capturing Imprisonment and Mental Shocking .

Although he might not be right, Yue Yang felt that the two warbeasts had these abilities at least .

Xue Wuxia took back the notebook, gently nodded, and then drew down Wry Face Mushroom, Red Dragonfly, Fire Bramble, Sucking Insect, Bubble Jellyfish and Catfish King with their abilities .

Princess Qian Qian leaned forward to take a look, thinking .

Master of Luo Hua City and Phoenix Fairy Beauty looked at each other, smiled, ’’Let me tell my opinion . ’’

’’We didn't show all our strength in this battle . But after the probing, we learned a lot . As expected of seniors from tens of thousands of years ago, we were still far inferior to their combination of warbeasts, constraints and temporary transformation . No one had thought that Wry Face Mushroom had such a miraculous effect, could actually make Red and Ah Man unable to fight ... My thoughts on the tactics of this Wry Face Mushroom is if we encounter this type of warbeast, we will definitely lose . After this battle, I think we all have to possess warbeasts that could strike back against spirit attack . ’’ Master of Luo Hua City made the first conclusion .

’’But, I'm only good at plant warbeasts . ’’ Yue Bing found it's hard to deal with . The warbeasts she was good at was way too unconventional .

’’There are three ways to counterfire the spirit control . ’’ Phoenix Fairy Beauty said, ’’The first method is the most direct one . Using emotionless warbeast to counterfire, such as various warpuppets, warpuppet is the bane of Wry Face Mushroom . The second method is to use the emotionaless warbeast that's not afraid of negative emotion to counterfire, like Spirit of Heaven Fire .

’’What's the third?’’ Yue Bingchuan asked anxiously .

’’It's a warbeast that is beyond ordinary human emotions, like Little Wenli . In fact, because Red and Ah Man couldn't control their emotions, they were affected . If they could reach the a level of Little Wenli, then the spirit attack of Wry Face Mushroom would be completely useless . Of course, it's very difficult to make it . I estimate that it must be a divine Beast at the very least because the level of Wry Face Mushroom is too high and its mental attack is extremely heavy . ’’ Phoenix Fairy Beauty comforted Yue Bing softly and smiled, ’’Your Green Light Tree Demoness has hopes of advancing in the future . Don't worry, the most important thing to fight against Wry Face Mushroom is the master ... If you are one with Titan Ancient Tree and you are not be affected by spirit attack, Titan Ancient Tree would only be affeted slightly . If your brother didn't show weakness on purpose, Red and Ah Man would easily get rid of the negative emotions . ’’

’’That's right, if the owner of warbeast is extraordinarily intelligent, the warbeast will be affected slightly . The more intelligent and determined the warbeast, the faster it will be free . ’’ Master of Luo Hua City pointed at Drunken Cat Sister's Niu Niu, Yue Bing's Green Light Tree Demoness and her Fox Girl, indicating that they all had the chance to get rid of that negative influence .

’’We won't be shamed again next time,’’ said Red and Ah Mann . They got up and apologized to the girls .

’’It's really a good thing to learning from mistakes . Didn't you increase your strength just now?’’ Master of Luo Hua City laughed loudly .

’’Wry Face Mushroom are about the same as Bubble Jellyfish Jellyfish . If you want to defeat Bubble jellyfish, you need the intelligence of the warbeast . You have to find the weakness of bubble to escape . A divine Beast has the chance to escape, the only problem is time . ’’ Phoenix Fairy Beauty continued, ’’Red Dragonfly is actually not difficult to hit . Element warbeasts and special kind of warbeasts are its banes . Spirit of Heaven Fire and Wuxia's Blizzard Lady can beat it ... Actually defeating Red Dragonfly, the greatest need, is domain . If one comprehend the domain power, then can defeat it . ’’

Ika, the Battle Angel, walked out immediately when hearing this .

She wasn't without domain power, but she didn't know how to use it in a battle .

With Phoenix Fairy Beauty's explanation, she immediately understood something and couldn't wait to go out and test it .

Then, Master of Luo Hua City and Phoenix Fairy Beauty talked about the weakness of the Fire Bramble . The weaknesses and advantages of Fire Bramble were equally obvious . If it fought against animal warbeast, it would definitely win . Even an enhanced animal warbeast would have no way of dealing with it . Only the element warbeast with attributes of water and ice would be able to restrain it .

If this was a fight, the Storm Mermaid's battle power was far inferior to Fire Bramble, but she could easily defeat it ... This was a natural bane .

Sucking Insect was contrary to Fire Bramble .

No matter how many element warbeast, their hitting would be equivalent to scratching .

Its bane was animal warbeasts, and even an enhanced warbeast could make it go for its own asses .

For example, if Ye Kong sent out a Iron Magic Ape or Fatty Hai's Iron Rhinoceros, it would be a tie . If it was Hui Tai Lang, then Sucking Insect would be the food . On the contrary, if it was Spirit of Heaven Fire or Storm Blizzard Lady, it would be unable to take this Sucking Insect .

’’I can't help it, Catfish King is too big . ’’ Master of Luo Hua City felt that even if the Catfish King didn't attack, only being struck by her Aurora, it wouldn't die .

’’This is what a giant warbeast is . Its body is everything . You can make it die very slowly, but would be very tired . If there is no specific method, it's best to avoid it . Young master, what's your opion of fighting against giant warbeasts? The Phoenix Fairy Beauty saw Yue Yang embracing Yi Nan, was a liitle jealous . Her thunder had been stolen by this little girl . If Yue Yang didn't keep her from fighting, with her strength and the Charm Demon Queen's battle power, he might not be able to defeat a crow who had lived had lived for tens of thousands of years .

’’The best way is finding a bigger warbeast . ’’ Yue Yang smiled . ’’When we go to Heaven Realm in the future, let's think of a way . We need to have good warbeast, we'll make sure everyone contracts a few more!’’

’’You wish, how can it be that easy . ’’ When Yue Yu heard this, he laughed . This definitely wasn't easy .

’’If we can't find bigger warbeast, we can rob someone else, like robbing Yong Hui . ’’ Yue Yang was a embracer of robbery .

’’...’’ Everyone gave him a disdainful look . Only Yue Bing felt that her brother was mighty and raised her small fists, agreeing with brother's thoughts .

’’What are the advantages and weaknesses of that Three-legged Gold Crow?’’ Princess Qian Qian asked the most important questions . Among the many warbeasts of this old crow, although Wry Face Mushroom, Red Dragonfly, Fire Bramble, Sucking Insect, Bubble Jellyfish and Catfish King had different skills, they were no match for the Three-legged Golden Crow . It could fight against them all .

’’Three-legged Golden Crow has almost no weaknesses . It's very powerful . Even in Heaven Realm, there aren't many warbeasts that can surpass it . However, the crow itself was the biggest weakness . He had lost his body and was not as strong as the Three-legged Gold Crow . If he met a rival of his own level, he would easily be killed . If it's me, fighting with the Three-legged Golden Crow is nonsense, killing the crow is the best way . The advantage of Three-legged Golden Crow is to transform itself into three suns . Unless all of them were killed, it will still be able to recover as long as there is one remaining . The weakness is time limit . I believe that Three-legged Golden Crow will have a weak period after transforming . If someone's domain or treasure can control the time in the domain, then Three-legged Golden Crow will suffer once it transforms ... If Three-legged Golden Crow didn't transform into a person and attacked at a distance, it had only one method, Flame Spray Wind . The Spirit Mirror Reflection could restrain it . Mental Force Field, Space Whirlpool and Runic Circle can also restrain this attack . You guys can't handle Three-legged Golden Crows yet, don't worry, Wry Face Mushroom first . ’’ Yue Yang also knew that everyone would measure their strength . Three-legged Golden Crow was as high as sixth level of heaven stage . Without special treasures, even the Heavenly Punishment Phoenix Fairy Beauty would not be able to fight .

’’I envy sister Yi Nan's Spirit Mirror, so amazing . ’’ Yue Bing recalled the destructive power of Flame Spray Wind was reversed by Yi Nan with power of Spirit Mirror . Mirror . At that time, the skeleton man and the crows were shocked .

’’You can do it in the future . Try harder . ’’ Yue Yang told his little sister with a petting on her head .

Yue Bing and Yi Nan, they were in different paths of growth .

When Yue Bing grew up in the future . It might be difficult for her to fight the Three-legged Golden Crow, but when fighting other warbeasts, she would be invincible with Titan Ancient Tree .

Yi Nan, who pretended sleeping in Yue Yang's arms, heard others praised her, and Yue Yang made her an example to encourage Yue Bing, she felt both pride and joy . She could finally become his help . Unfortunately, it wasn't enough . If she cultivated to a higher level, then she wouldn't just spit out blood and faint in his arms after one hit .

Yi Nan secretly plucked up her courage .

She had to become stronger, to be his arm, like Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian .

She knew that if Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian were to fight, the results would be even better ... They only temporarily hid their strength, waiting for the right moment . If her Body Fusion could give Yue Yang bigger help like theirs, she believed that Yue Yang's improvement would be even greater, and his battle power would be even stronger .

They all had different gains after they exchanged insights with each other .

The Hai Yingwu and Drunken Cat Sister, who had low levels of strength, was overjoyed and even a bit impatient, wanted to cultivate and improve .

Phoenix Fairy Beauty and Xue Wuxia wanted to stay and continue to dicuss deeper insights with Yue Yang, hoping they could advance to a higher level ... They knew that Yue Yang had the most insights .

Three hours later, all the girls were tired .

Before resting, Xue Wuxia suddenly suggested, ’’Tomorrow is a good day . Why don't we give Yi Nan some compensation? It seems like her Heaven Realm trip was delayed by Clown Guild . Since the fighting will never be over, why won't we do it earlier . How do you think?’’

’’The wife spoke up, how can the mistress like me disagree?’’ Phoenix Fairy Beauty smiled .

’’Alright, let's do that!’’ Princess Qian Qian and Master of Luo Hua City nodded in agreement .

’’...’’ Yi Nan suddenly heard the good news and hid in Yue Yang's embrace, not daring to look . Only now did she realize that they had known that she had woken up .

Tomorrow she would be his bride .

Yi Nan felt both happy and shy, both nervous and sweet .

However, wasn't this what she had been looking forward to? Master of Luo Hua City and Wu Hen were still here, show your courage! Yi Nan hid in Yue Yang's embrace, encouraging herself .


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