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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 655


Chapter 655

Long Live Summons! - C655 - Battles ended and Everyone Improved


The Thunder of the Center was running in the sky, and the Southern Goblin King caught up to him . She struck the back of the Thunder's head with her enegy-gathered hand .

The Thunder's eyes widened as he was severely injured .

Everything ceased .

His eyes continued to hold the fear that he hadn't been able to erase yet .

The light dispersed and the shock wave from her palm spread far away .

The cranium shattered into pieces and the Thunder's body lost control .

Falling down .

Faster and faster until it hit the ground ... The entire body was lying in a pool of blood . The life guard warbeast Thunder Lizard, who was still fighting to protect its master from escaping, looked at its owner with a pitiful expression . It slowly turned into light and disappeared forever . On the other hand, the life guard warbeast of the Southern Goblin King immediately returned to its owner's body, using its energy to support its weary master .

’’This treasure will be more useful in my hands! The weak are prey to the strong, that is the law of the world . If I were killed by you, I believe I will be even worse . I hope your soul rests in peace . I also want to take your corpse as a gift . ’’ The Southern Goblin King floated down from the sky . She stood beside the body of Thunder of the Center, lightly saluted, and gently took down the Thunder God Chain .

In the end, she used a storage ring to collect the Thunder's body .

She used to burn the enemy's body up, but since meeting Yue Yang, she got to know that the enemy's body was actually still useful .

Neither Hui Tai Lang nor the Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen would refuse these supplements . Not to mention the fact that the Thunder's body was of Innate Level 10 . Yue Yang never wasted the warbeasts' bodies, even the ordinary ones .

When the Southern Goblin King prepared to leave, she discovered that there was a tide of water within ten miles .

So odd! How suddenly there was so much water?

Was it a conspiracy?

The Southern Goblin King's expression became serious as she flew up into the air, ready to investigate the truth .

In a distant battlefield, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were also clearing the battlefield . Under Ye Kong's natural Inherent skill and life guard warbeast's suppression, Bai Yunfei, who had the Magic Box, couldn't reverse the situation . If there wasn't the gold spirit Ling Bao'er, perhaps Ye Kong and Fatty Hai couldn't take down Bai Yunfei . After all, the Magic Box was a dacred tool, which Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, who just rised to the Innate, should not be able to deal with . But they had this super lucky Bao'er, who could transform the curse, so Bai Yunfei could only sigh in sorrow ... ...

He was suppressed by Yue Yang first, and then by Xue Tan Lang and Ye Kong, in the end affected by Bao'er, such a weak woman .

He was really annoyed .

He'd rather die under Xue Tan Lang's ice fists . Unfortunately, the angry Xue Tan Lang had already made his decision to capture Bai Yunfei alive and submit it to Yue Yang and his elders for trial before they executed him in front of everyone to warn their descendants .

’’Kill me . Kill me!’’ Bai Yunfei knew the consequences of the trial . Not only did he die, even the entire Floating Mist Sect would suffer a deep humiliation .

’’After the trial, I will cut off your head . Then, give your corpse to the Hui Tai Lang to eat! ’’ The ice like face of Hui Tai Lang revealed a smile that seemed to be a smile . With the Magic Box, Bai Yunfei had heavily injured the Prince of the Heavenly Tome, and insulted Yue Yang, Ye Kong, and Fatty Hai . He decided to let this Bai Yunfei die in the most tragic manner .

’’You should have this kind of consciousness after you acquire the demon energy . ’’ Ye Kong snorted coldly and spat out blood .

Different from Bai Yunfei .

Xue Qianren, Xue Qianqiu had already been beated to patties by Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, the Li Brothers, and Fan Luntie . Two of them were totoly dead . In order to prevent Xue Qianqiu from surviving, Fatty Hai asked Liu Ye disperse the puddle of meat that had been shredded into pieces with Cleansing Inherent skill and then burn it with fire . In the end, Xue Tan Lang frozed it . Although there wasn't much energy left, Fatty Hai still belived this Xue Qianqiu had to enter the belly of the Xue Tan Lang, so that h ecould fully relax .

That was the only way to cure them!

Hui Tai Lang also came back...

It had a chance of winning the battle with the Blood Hoofs of the South and Gale of the West, but there came to the Innate like Thousand Demons Sect Leader, Shun Tian and the Black Prince .

Although he didn't make a move, he was smart enough to know that he couldn't take down the Blood Hoofs of the South and Gale of the West . The Blood Hoofs of the South and Gale of the West did not continue to attack Hui Tai Lang as well, because the Thousand Demons Sect Leader said, ’’Zhi Zun is on the third floor . ’’

This simple sentence made Blood Hoofs of the South and Gale of the the West changed their desperate determination .

They were very unreconciled and withdrew from the battlefield .

After Hui Tai Lang heard this, in order to provoke them to fight again, he threw up the Darkness Holy Sword that he hadn't had the time to fuse it with authentic bones and flame sickles ... . This was precisely what the Black Hell King had used in his lifetime . When the Black Hell King died in battle, Nan Zhu asked Old Man Nangong hand the Black Hell King's body, and his weapon Darkness Holy Sword, Darkness Holy Armor over to Yue Yang . But Yue Yang who had the Blades of Taotie and Nirvana Armor wasn't interested in the Darkness ones, so gave them to Hui Tai Lang .

The Hui Tai Lang spat out the Darkness Holy Sword, Blood Hoofs of the South and Gale of the West were very grieved .

But sense defeated anger .

If Zhi Zun was here, and they didn't withdraw, what would happen?

They would be hard to die, but just be prisoners . They knew many of the secrets of the Ancient Devil King and Black Hell King . Once they were captured, Yue Yang or Ye Hou would use a secret technique to probe the Ancient Demon King's plan . Then that would bring more despair 5 .

Blood Hoofs of the South looked at Hui Tai Lang who was provoking him and stomped on the ground, causing the ground to crack .

They had to unwillingly enter the portal by Thousand Demons Sect Leader . The latter quickly left, while Shun Tian and Black Prince followed Hui Tai Lang, witnessing it return to Ye Kong and Fatty Hai . They didn't want Hui Tai Lang to leave on the way, and took part in another battlefield . They didn't want to suffer any more .

’’Why are you here?’’ Ye Kong hadn't been able to challenge Black Prince before, but now he was his enemy and he wouldn't be polite .

’’We're just passing by . ’’ Shun Tian was so sly that he could barely make a single flaw .

’’Go,’’ Black Prince warned they shouldn't hesitate any more, after seeing the two Abyss Manatees returned from far away . Ye Kong and Fatty Hai hadn't grown up yet so that they would not be afraid of them . But if they were besieged by Hui Tai Lang and two Abyss Manatees, it wouldn't be a small case . Since the Ancient Seal here had failed, they didn't need to stay here .

’’Wait a minute,’’ she said . The beautiful voice of Ye Hou sounded, shocking Shun Tian and Black Prince's scalps tingled momentarily . How did she come?

Ye Hou didn't show her figure .

But it was even more horrible .

Shun Tian was still uncertain whether Zhi Zun had come with her . her .

If Zhi Zun was here, then he and Black Prince would be in for a bad luck . It would not be an excuse to talk to her about passing by, but it would even anger her .

Could it be that he had to save his life by revealing the plans of the Ancient Devil King? This thoughts flashed past in a flash over Shun Tian's mind . He didn't care who he should support . The one who was the most confident would gain his support . If he hadn't been an enemy of Yue Yang early, he would have attacked the Black Hell King and the Thousand Demons King's subordinates . However, he had no choice but to stay away from Yue Yang before he could do anything .

Now that the Ancient Devil King's plan was perfect, he was willing to secretly participate in it .

However, letting him be an obvious enemy of Zhi Zun...

That was impossible!

He wouldn't do that even if he was insane . Not to mention him, even other super experts from Heavenly Tower, such as Thousand Demons Sect Leader, or Black Prince who hated the continent, wouldn't be so stupid as to turn a face into an enemy with Zhi Zun .

’’Zhi Zun asked me to tell you that you should be an obedient super innate expert . Don't make yourself in trouble, or you will die . ’’ Shun Tian was filled with absolute certainty about what Ye Hou said .

Because he was well aware of the temperament of Zhi Zun, she did not normally like to rule others .

But once she got angry, there's only one result .

That's death!

And complete destruction!

’’Of course, we heard that there are many Heaven Realm experts come to the Heaven Stairway . They also want to help you . Since Zhi Zun has orders, we will obey . ’’ Shun Tian immediately laughed and left with Black Prince . The speed of running was ten times faster than that of when he arrived . They seemed to be afraid that Zhi Zun might change her mind and kill them all in one move .

’’You little fellows, well done, have a good rest!’’ Ye Hou praised Ye Kong and the others in a heavenly voice, and then the voice faded away . After that, there was no sound .

’’So tired...’’

Fatty Hai exhaustingly fell onto the ground . Not only him, but the others except Xue Tan Lang who could barely hold on to his support, all sat down on the ground with their bodies turned soft .

The battle finally ended .

All of their Grimoires automatically flew out .

They shone golden light of promoting . Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, Xue Tan Lang, and the Li Brothers, all had a promotion . Waebeasts such as Hui Tai Lang, Iron Rhinoceros, Lang, Iron Rhinoceros, Little Hippopotamus, Wind Breath Seabird, Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle, and Storm Giant, also improved themselves . So did others like Liu Ye, Bao'er, Fan Lun Tie and Anna .

In such a hard and arduous battle, although there was a lot of dangers, everyone still gained a lot .

They got improved one by one .

Of course, because of the difference in value and comprehension, everyone's level of improvement was different as well . Ye Kong, Fatty Hai, and Xue Tan Lang, the three of them had the most benefits and improved more than the other team members .

Apart from the three of them, the next was Liu Ye .

She had completely suppressed her enemies Xue Qianqiu with her Inherent skill and ability all by herself . In this battle, she showed her confidence and skill .

Some day, she would grow up to be a good female warrior, becoming a qualified teammate who could help Yue Yang ... There was no limit to the potential of combining the Cleansing Inherent skill with Perforate Deer . Not to mention now, even if Yue Yang wanted to explore the Devine Grimoire World, or go to the Gods' Ruins, she would be an important assistant .

’’Bark?’’ Hui Tai Lang, who was fuse Darkness Holy Sword with authentic bones and flame sickles, suddenly stood up in shock . Instead of being leisured, it was looking to the distance .

’’What's up?’’ Ye Kong and Fatty Hai thought something was wrong . They immediately jumped up .

All of them held the weapons, and were prepared to battle again .

From afar, they saw the giant Blood Python King bringing along a few small blood pythons and swimming towards them .

They didn't know this was the Stone Element Medusa's warbeast . They thought it was an enemy's warbeast . They all gathered their power and prepared to kill ... The Southern Goblin King, who was holding a jade lute, suddenly flew through the sky like a meteor, yelling at Ye Kong and Fatty Hai, ’’What are you fools doing here? The enemy knew they failed in the battles and carried a great deal of water . Don't you want to run away, if you guys don't want to be like drenched chicken s ?

An odd voice came from the distance . The surging tide formed a long line of water that was invisible to the horizon, flooding to them .

Ye Kong's scalp went numb as he shouted, ’’ So much water . Where should we run to? Where are Yue Yang and Princess Qian Qian? ’’

The Southern Goblin King ignored him . He scurried away and said, ’’That fellow went back to the front yard of Hundred Flowers Valley!’’

'Ah? ' Fatty Hai was stunned, ’’He's so unrighteous? But we don't have that scroll, and we can't leave the Heaven Stairway . Help, help ... ’’


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