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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 654


Chapter 654

Chapter 654 Tie? Let's Fight Later

Everyone shook their heads when the Three-legged Golden Crow with sixth level of heaven stage appeared .

The distance was too great .

There's no way to fight . Princess Qian Qian thought that if there were no Rules of Forbidding Martial Arts, Yue Yang would be able to fight and use the ruling power of Cards of Fate . But under the Rules of Forbidding Martial Arts and Forbidding Wars, Yue Yang was unable to do it himself . Little Wenli and the others couldn't exert their full strength, and this wasn't a life-and-death battle, just probe, Yue Yang couldn't expose his true power . Princess Qian Qian and Master of Luo Hua City glanced at each other, nodded . Even if they admitted defeat now, it didn't matter . They had already reached the point of probing, the strongest warbeasts of enemy had already came out .

Yin Nan didn't think that way . In her heart, her love should be invincible . She had to do her best to help him .

The Three-legged Golden Crow was indeed very powerful, but she did not want to give up .

’’Flame Spray Wind!’’

The sun-glittering Three-legged Golden Crow flapped its wings, sprayed out flames .

The glow from flame was thousands of times brighter than the sun . Even the long flames hadn't came up, the high temperature had already burned the bones . Even the meat shield defence warbeast like Catfish King was scared and immediately hid into the lake, not daring to let its skin contact the flame . Flame Spray Wind was different from the destructive light of Zhi Zun . The destructive light was killing with millions of energy rays, covering the sky and the earth, no place to hide, even souls could be annihilated . The light of Flame Spray Wind only damaged the enemy's vision, it's the flame with super high temperature did the killing .

However, a warbeast's attack with that level was already incredibly strong .

Even Sky Disaster in Demonic Palace hadn't seen such terrifying warbeast power .

Compare the disaster she unleashed with Flame Spray Wind .

It's like a child playing with mud!

If getting hit by Flame Spray Wind, she would't doubt that this lake would be dried ... Little Wenli stood in front of Yue Yang . Her face was filled with rage . In a short period of time, she thought about the method of breaking the attack of the super powerful enemy .

The Tong Tian Blade in her hands were constantly changing shape, as if it wanted to transform into a treasure that could fight against the Three-legged Gold Crow's flame, but before the transformation was completed, Yi Nan had already flown out and stood beside Yue Yang . She raised the field of spiritual energy and summoned the Spirit Mirror .


The Spirit Mirror rapidly expanded, gathering the beams of light into the Spirit Mirror World and reflecting them back instantly . The Wry Face Mushroom that had hidden in the water was bombarded by the reflecting light beam . Fortunately, these light beam only destroyed the vision, did not have a great deal of killing power . Boom, boom, boom, then the most agile Red Dragonfly . When the light dazzled its eyes, the light beam of Spirit Mirror easily struck it ... Fire Bramble, Bubble Jellyfish and Catfish King were hit one by one . Only the energy-sucking insect sucked the light like drinking nourishment .

Flame Spray Wind quickly rushed over .

Horrible as the sun's flame .

The super high temperature could completely melt all things in the world . Moreover, this kind of high temperature flame had a force of impact, and that kind of shockwave could destroy a castle .

’’Spirit Absorption...’’ Yi Nan's finger pointed at Spirit Mirror . Flame Spray Wind that filled the sky was guided to Spirit Mirror's surface, like pulled by an invisible force . At the same time, Yi Nan turned her body and pointed at the distant Three-legged Golden Crow, ’’Reflect!’’

Suddenly, a phenomenon appeared .

The flames that could destroy and melt everything U-turned in front of Spirit Mirror, like waves to the shore got bounced back by the shore . All the flames shot out towards the Three-legged Golden Crow . In the sky, a reverse tide of flames appeared . Countless flames rushing to Spirit Mirror began to U-turn, sweeping towards the Three-legged Golden Crow, even faster than before .

The Three-legged Golden Crow seemed to be shocked, its old voice guffawed, ’’Weird, how could it be?’’

The flames that filled the sky rushed to Three-legged Golden Crows .

However, its sun-like body suddenly turn into golden feathers that filled the sky, then disappeared without a trace .

Flame Spray Wind did not hit any target, and flew up into the sky . Finally, it disappeared into the distant sky, and for a long time, the light didn't disappear .

The golden feathers that filled the sky reappeared and formed three identical ’’suns’’ in a strange way .

Didn't know which Three-legged Golden Crow was real, which ones were not .

Because Spirit Mirror's attack against a sixth level of heaven stage warbeast surpassed its original endurance, the light on the mirror quickly dimmed, turning into a ray of light, returning to the Grimoire World . It wouldn't be able to fight again for a long time . Yi Nan, who had expended all of her spiritual energy and reversed Flame Spray Wind, felt a sweet taste in her throat . She coughed out a mouthful of blood, then fainted into Yue Yang's embrace .

’’The Three-legged Golden Crow can transform into three clones . Each clone's clone's strength equates to its original strength within an hour . ’’ The crow saw Yi Nan spitting blood and fainting . He motioned the Three-legged Golden Crow to pause its attack . He asked Yue Yang, ’’The Three-legged Golden Crow is a king with flame attribute, and it's the opposite of your warbeasts . If your warbeasts have grown up, maybe they could fight, but now, it's too early . Young man, do you still want to fight? ’’

’’...’’ Princess Qian Qian resented . She wanted to stand out like Yi Nan and fight for Yue Yang, but her sense of reason told her that truce would be the best choice .

’’Who said I would give up? It's just Eastern Goblin Tribe's warbeasts, who doesn't have?’’ Yue Yang was angry .

He held unconscious Yi Nan and kissed hergently .

Then he handed her to Yue Yu who walked up .

Little Wenli held the Tong Tian Blaze which transformed into a mirror-shaped treasure in front of her .

With the revelation of Spirit Mirror, she believed that she could use the same method to resist the enemy's attack . It was a pity that the Three-legs Golden Crow had now turned into three, not just one .

Yue Yang closed his eyes, seeming to think or meditate . After about one minute, he shouted angrily, ’’Get up, pay the rent!’’

After he said that, the sky was filled with wonderful fragrance .

It was even more refreshing than the fragrance of flowers that Master of Luo Hua City's body was emitting .

Colored lights, lightly flashed .

The cute yawning Qilin girl Bing Yin appeared before everyone . She blurrily asked Yue Yang, ’’Where's this? When I just fell asleep, you were shouting and making noise . My mother said sleep deprivation was beauty's natural enemy . If I have bags under the eyes... What is this bird? Three-legged Golden Crow? Is this the Sun Valley of Heaven Realm? No, Sun Valley isn't that dark!’’

Yue Yang tapped her on the head with his fist . ’’Idiot, this is the Water World's black tower of Heaven Stairway, a sealed area . ’’

This knocking caused tears to appear in the beautiful eyes of Qilin girl . She clutched her head and cried out miserably, ’’The domestic violence here is too serious . I want to run away!’’

’’I told you to come out and help me . You just go up and beat that stinking bird up, that's all . ’’ Yue Yang ignored her protest .

’’No, I can't beat it . That old thing has lived for at least tens of thousands of years . He's at the peak, sixth level of heaven stage, and he has three clones, I have only one . I am still a child, you are abusing the child labour . ’’ Qilin girl Bing Yin Bing Yin shook her head, indicating that she couldn't beat it . When Yue Yang heard this, he immediately waved his hand, ’’Then it's none of your business . If you said so earlier, I would not waste my time . Underage girl was the worst problem!’’

’’What do you mean, lechrous old man?’’ Qilin girl found that he despised her, she was enraged . She grabbed his arm and immediately used her fang to give him a taste .

Yue Yang and Qilin girl couldn't work together . Instead, they began fighting each other .

Fortunately, the Three-legged Golden Crow didn't make sneak attack, otherwise it would have been done .

Xue Wuxia seemed to know that this would happen . She turned her face away, didn't want to look . In any case, Yue Yang and Qilin girl would be good after fighting, their personalities were just opposite .

The crow, the skeleton man, even the invisible women were shocked at the appearance of Qilin girl Bing Yin .

The three suns quickly dissipated the light of the body, transforming into three fire crows combined with fire .

’’Can it be the legendary Immortal Beast?’’ The skeleton man's voice trembled slightly .

’’Looks like, very much . ’’ The crow was a bit incoherent .

’’It's not looks like, she is . She's the Immortal Beast Qilin . I didn't expect actually seeing Immortal Beast in Heavenly Tower . Could it be those old things that only existed in legends were about to return to Soaring Dragon? ’’ The invisible woman's voice trembled as if she shuddered .

’’Although I'm your life guard warbeast, I can still be considered as a member of Eastern Goblin Tribe . ’’ The three fire crows signified that there were Immortal Beast, so they couldn't attack . Eastern Goblin Tribe was the creatures of Immortal Beast World, but in the ancient era, because of excessive slaughter, the peaceful Immortal Beasts exiled them to Heaven Realm . They were like a group of homeless wanderers who wanted to return home . For thousands of years, they wanted to be forgiven and accepted again by Immortal Beasts . Since the ancient era, all the ancestors of Eastern Goblin Tribe had sworn that the future generations would reform themselves and never once again fight against their own .

Not to mention the noble Immortal Beasts, even if their own people, Eastern Goblin Tribe wouldn't fight their life .

If two from Eastern Goblin Tribe were fighting, it would only be a feint .

If it wasn't because of the fight, the Three-legged Golden Crow would come over and greet Qilin girl Bing Yin, but they just fought each other, the situation was a bit awkward . It definitely didn't want to make a move now . If it did, the entire Golden Crow Clan would suffer greatly .

’’Let's say .

’’Let's say it's a tie . You still have warbeasts, and we're almost done . ’’ Crow also did not want to provoke Yue Yang who possessed Immortal Beast .

If they continued fighting, and the Qilin girl got hurt, then not only a subordinate like him, but even their master, Emperor Wu Shuang The Peerless, would be severely punished .

Unless they had absolute confidence of killing them all .

And there was treasure to wash away all the traces .

Otherwise, no one would want to attack Immortal Beast . That would be like piercing through the sky, no one could bear it .

’’If that's the case, then let's temporarily put it back!’’ Yue Yang had originally wanted to summon Fire Phoenix that the phoenix sisters gave him, which was similar to living beings . Fire Phoenix was purely composed of Nirvana Fire . No matter what king of flame attribute the Three-legged Golden Crow was, it would still be burnt . There were no flames in the world could compare with Nirvana Fire . However, when Yue Yang wanted to summon Fire Phoenix, Qilin girl Bing Yin unexpectedly came out, pretended to be annoy and mess up with Yue Yang . In fact, she knew that as soon as she appeared, the Three-legged Golden Crow would immediately truce .

’’Alright, we need more communication . You should go back first . For various reasons, we won't introduce you to His Majesty, welcome to be back . ’’ Crow was definitely unwilling to fight Yue Yang again . No matter who the hell he was, must can't be offended . Considering his potential, his warbeasts, especially the Immortal Beast, he might come from Eastern Immortal Tribe .

It wasn't easy to defeat this kid, no good for beating him up, and there would be disaster after beating .

Only a fool would fight him .

In fact, before he'd fought with Yue Yang, crow had suspected that if it wasn't the Eastern Immortal Tribe, how could this kid be so pwerful . He had several life guard warbeasts, in the entire Heavenly Tower, from ancient era, no one was like this .

’’Let's go home . ’’ Yue Yang waved his hand, the girls all returned to Grimoire World under the guidance of Little Wenli and others . Yue Yang left with Three Realm Compass . After this battle, he had many new experiences, making him understand many things that he had been unable to comprehend in the past battles . With these experiences, he believed that he could reach a new stage .

In fact, not only him, but also Xue Wuxia and the rest, as well as Little Wenli, Ah Man and other life guard wareasts ... Everyone couldn't wait to go back . They wanted to use the new experiences to improve .


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