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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 653


Chapter 653

Long Live Summons! - C653 - Three-legged Golden Crow

’’No more . ’’

Of course, Yue Yang had other warbeasts, such as Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen and Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying .

However, Yue Yang didn't want to reveal any more .

Moreover, the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying was currently passing down the divine power of the Dragon God Sovereign . She was still in her dormancy, and it was not suitable to awaken her to take part in the war . The Golden Crown Thorny Flower Queen was also in her dormancy from digesting a Heaven Realm expert, so Yue Yang would not wake her up unless he had to .

’’You're going to admit defeat now? It looks like you don't seem like someone who easily admits defeat! ’’ The crow was quite sure that even though Yue Yang still had a young divine Beast that hadn't made a move, it still had a powerful life guard warbeast that had not been summoned . The winner would always be the crow .

’’I really don't admit defeat easily . You had suppressd me earlier, just because I used the wrong tactics . ’’ Yue Yang replied truthfully .

He came up with a way to attack back .

Out of prudence, he decided to consult with Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian .

The Skeleton Man, the crow, and the invisible woman were all a bit curious . What method did this kid have to turn the tide? His warbeasts were suppressed, and his treasures weren't used . What else could he do?

Yue Yang, Xue Wuqia, Princess Qian Qian, Master of Luo Hua City, and the Beauty Feng Xian all gathered together, exchanging glances and not saying a single word . The Skeleton Man and crow opened their mouths, almost falling to the ground . Could it really work? Changing their minds just by looking at one's eyes, without speaking anything or doing sound transmission . Isn't that too awesome?

If two people were to accomplish this, that would be fine .

But there were five of them here, and all five of them had the same mind . What did it mean?

The invisible woman kept feelng for half a day, but she didn't feel anything . She immediately cried out, ’’Skeleton, stinky bird, did you feel a bit of mind fluctuation? I didn't hear anything . These kids are too weird . They can actually communicate with each other without using any sound transmission! ’’

’’You had talent for listening, and even you can't hear anything, what could we catch . ’’ The Skeleton Man made a dramatic, sweaty gesture .

’’It's weird . ’’ The crow's expression became more serious . It felt like a real battle was officially beginning .

’’Ha!’’ Yue Bing was secretly happy .

What everyone feared was the special talent of the enemy .

Yue Yang and Xue Wuxia had warned everyone before entering the black tower that they shouldn't use their minds to do sound transmission, especially to communicate important information .

Yue Bing was afraid that her 'soul dialogue' with the brother would be caught by the enemy . She didn't dare to speak to the brother, and didn't dare to use Heart Mirror to communicate with Yi Nan, Xue Wuxia, and the brother . Now, when she saw the depressed look on the enemy's face, she got to know that the enemy really had a talent for listening with which they could eavesdrop on mind communication ... Unfortunately, what the enemy didn't know was that her brother had specially thought of a silent exchange of eyes .

This was a special skill that one could achieve by cultivating a combination technique and reaching a high degree of understanding among each other . This was the unique skill

the brother creatived .

No one could do it, or eavesdrop it .

Seeing Yue Bing amused expression, the skeleton man and the crow became even more depressed . From the girl's reaction, they could tell from the eyes of that kid that he was indeed exchanging information, not putting on a show .

How did this boy make it?

’’Their hands held together . It isn't encouraging each other . It's a way of communicating with energy and ideas . We could tell who is about to 'speak' from their eyes, and they don't using their eyes to communicate . ’’ The invisible woman was an old demon that had lived for tens of thousands of years, so she got a little of it . However, it was just that they understood the principle of communication, but they couldn't catch the information .

’’Could this be his talent?’’ Skeleton Man made a bold hypothesis .

’’Possibly . ’’ The Crow nodded in agreement .

Yue Yu, Yue Bing, Yi Nan, Sky Disaster, and the sea parrot didn't participate in the discussion . Firstly, their understanding wasn't as good as Xue Wuxia's, and Sky Disaster hadn't practiced the combination technique at all . Secondly, they weren't good at planning the battle . Among the few women, Xue Wuxia and the Beauty Feng Xian were the most important tactic masters, while Princess Qian Qian and Master of Luo Hua City always had wonderful inspiration . With the four of them, Yue Yu Yu and the others didn't need to worry .

From the eyecontacts between the five persons, one could tell that Yue Yang was the main one to ’’speak’’ .

The four women were ’’listening’’ .

Occasionally, Xue Wuxia questioned .

Sometimes, it would be the Master of Luo Hua City and Princess Qian Qian ’’speaking’’, while the Beauty Feng Xian shook her head in denial . In short, this is a heated, silent discussion .

Could the five people really come up with a good idea?

Yue Bing and Yue Yu didn't participate in the discussion .

But they are convinced .

He could!

He was third Young Master of Yue's Family, who was the most powerful man in the young generation, and had never been defeated!

The discussion came to an end soon, and the four women nodded to each other, and then Yue Yang took it into action .

Little Wenli, who shared the same thoughts as Yue Yang, had already stood up .

She summoned the Diamond Grimoires, and the Skeleton Man and the crow once again bobbed their jaws . They could believe the divine beast had Diamond Grimoires . How could this brat have such a life guard warbeast? In their senses, this little serpent demon seemed to be not as simple as the legendary divine beasts, but it seemed to be more than that ... When little Wenli summoned the four major beasts of Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunderbolt Naga, and Ice Serpent Demon, the Skeleton Man and crow almost vomited blood . They were completely speechless . This boy really was a monster . Not only did he have the life guard warbeasts, but the little serpent also had four life guard warbeasts .

’’Let's fight!’’ Yue Yang conjured up the little metal beast and tossed it to little Wenli . In this space under the Rules of Forbidding Martial Arts and Rules of Forbidding Wars, little Wenli couldn't use her twin blades . However, Yue Yang had prepared for this .

’’Tong Tian divine Dragon's larva?’’ The Skeleton Man's chin nearly dropped to the ground .

’’How many warbeasts do you have, boy?’’ The crow was faint . Everyone else said that it had the most warbeasts, how could they know that he had more!

’’No more . ’’ The expression on Yue Yang's face was like that ’’ I still have more other warbeasts, but I won't tell you that’’ . Looking at this, the crow had the impulse to knock its head against the wall . Who were these people, so young but so powerful? What would happen if the boy had grown up . Probably even the Heaven Realm Heaven Realm couldn't hold him .

Little Wenli took the Tong Tian Blade transformed by the little metal beast, pointing towards the sky .

The Storm Mermaid suddenly swam backwards, as if she was about to leave the battlefield .

When she withdrew ten thousand meters away, she conjured up the Storm Horn and summoned the storm ... The Rules of Forbidding Wars were forbidden to all offensive weapons . However, some of the treasures that wweren't offensive seemed to have a chance . For example, the crystal ball that Little Wenli had previously sealed would be useful, so did the Storm Mermaid's storm horn .

She did not use the storm that the Storm Horn had summoned to attack the enemy, but rather like summon a storm to play .

A large amount of rain fell and poured down onto the sea of Fire Bramble, producing a sizzling sound and a lot of steam .

Crow's eyes changed .

Even though the storm didn't target anyone, a large amount of rainwater was still enough to cause the Fire Bramble disabled . The Fire Bramble was not afraid of fire, not afraid of energy bombardment, not afraid of choppers and knives, but it was afaid of water .

The Storm Mermaid was like a poison to Fire Bramble . The rain grew heavier and heavier, rapidly gathering on the ground . The vast flat ground was originally unable to gather water flow . It could only disperse in all directions . But with the help of Stone Element Medusa, Thunderbolt Naga and Ice Serpent Demon, more rain gathered and formed a large lake on the ground, sweeping across the Fire Bramble .

On the far side of the lake, large amounts of ice formed into a wall of ice .

The Ice Serpent Demon pointed at the sky, and the temperature dropped abruptly . The Catfish King who opened its mouth and was about to swallow the lake into its belly had its mouth congealed into frost and then closed its mouth ...

And then, when it opened its mouth, it wanted to swallow the water .

The Storm Mermaid who controled the water made the water dented, so that the Catfish King wouldn't swallow easily . She was to make sure that the rain was much more than the water the Catfish King had swallowed . The Catfish King was depressed . After so much rain, he wanted to have a drink, but failed . Even if it could drink up all the water, the rain could fall any time .

No matter how big its stomach was, how could it be as easy as blowing a as blowing a storm horn even if it could drink water again?

The situation now was beyond what skeleton man and the invisible woman could imagine . How could a few of the children who didn't reach the Heaven Stage yet, fight like this? If the opponent's warbeasts were the Heaven Realm, they would have already won . Fire Bramble and other warbeasts would not support themselves if without their high level and strong power .

’’Should I still fight?’’ The crow asked his companion . It also had a super powerful life guard warbeast . Once summoned, it could reverse the situation . But the problem was that it would bring no honor to the victor . It'd cultivated for tens of thousands of years, and if it bullied a few children, it would be too much of a lie .

’’Stop it!’’ The invisible woman felt that the crow had better not fight, because winning was meaningless .

’’Ah, it's fine . ’’ The Skeleton Man scratched his skull habitually with his bone fingers, and nodded after thinking .

’’So, fight or not?’’ The crow was totaly confused . Why did they have two opposite answers? One said no, and one said yes . Which should he follow? he wanted to fight, just who would listen? He looked at the little serpent demon with Tong Tian Blade in her hand, and was a little bit eager to fight . It hadn't had a fight with such an opponent for tens of thousands of years . There was a chance today . If it didn't take a move, it would say sorry to its rusty bones .

In the end it decided .


No matter whose offspring he was, no matter what trouble it would bring, just enjoyed the fight first .

It spread its wings and burned itself up, summoning the Platinum Grimoires .

Everyone, including Yue Yang, felt an inexplicable pressure rise up in the sky . It was even more dazzling than the sun, and more fierce than the sun . The light was like an arrow, and it was so intense that it was impossible for them to open their eyes ...

There was only the pressing light left between heaven and earth .

In the center of the light, only Yue Yang, who possessed the Insight of Heaven, could see that there was a glowing ’’sun’’ .

’’Golden Crow,the fifth level Heaven Stage, no, the sixth level Heaven Stage of three-legged Golden Crow?’’ The calm Yue Yang couldn't help but cry out when he saw this warbeast . This crow's life guard warbeast was stronger than he could imagine .


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