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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 652


Chapter 652

Chapter 652 Warbeasts, Then Tactics

Yue Yang pointed with his finger .

Spirit of Heaven Fire shot out at once .

Her target wasn't anything else, but the weird Wry Face Mushroom .

For a Spirit of Heaven Fire of pure elemental form, even though she would be affected by spiritual force, but lacked enough human emotions . The negative emotions like sadness, joy, pain had no effect on her . The only emotion Wry Face Mushroom could use on her was anger . Moreover, Spirit of Heaven Fire didn't have breakdown point like human . Even if she was enraged, she would not lose its rationality and go mad .

After she got enraged, Spirit of Heaven Fire's body spurted out flames .

Her movement was not effected .

The target didn't change .

Luckily, Wry Face Mushroom's level was higher, power was stronger . It easily dodged ... As for this movement, Xue Wuxia, Princess Qian Qian and the rest immediately understood that Wry Face Mushroom wasn't adept at close combat at all . It was only good at controlling enemies with their spiritual force .

’’Jellyfish . ’’

The crow with his eyes closed flapped wings, unhurriedly, summoned another warbeast .

It was a white jellyfish, almost translucent .

It's appearances were nothing special, except that it was an extraordinary third level of heaven stage . Jellyfish sprayed at Spirit of Heaven Fire, countless bubbles floated out . These bubbles didn't have any damage, but two kind of effects . When Yue Yang boldly extended his finger and lightly flicked, the bubbles immediately shattered . To human, it was no more than ordinary bubbles . However, it had a completely different effect on warbeasts . It easily enwraped Spirit of Heaven Fire into the bubble, no matter how Spirit of Heaven Fire struggled, it could not escape from the bubble ... The Bubble Jellyfish was a warbeast that had special abilities like Wry Face Mushroom . This type of warbeast could not be defeated in ordinary way .

Master of Luo Hua City leaned her chin on her hand as pondering .

Why was bubbles ineffective against humans, but could imprison warbeasts?

Princess Qian Qian was also thinking, she felt she'd caught on to something, but couldn't quite see it . Xue Wuxia looked at Little Wenli, seemed to confirm something with her . Little Wenli nodded to Xue Wuxia and then flew up . She entered a bubble . She bumped inside, couldn't break out from the bubble .

Obviously, this wasn't something that could be broken through with force .

Just when Yue Bing and the others were worried for Little Wenli, She suddenly turned into a rainbow and easily escaped .

After escaping from the bubble, she entered again . This time, she moved her six arms and drew a formation on the bubble wall .

This was Runic Circle which Yue Yang was best at . Nobody knew that Little Wenli had learned it . When Runic Circle appeared, the bubble broke, then all the bubbles in the sky . Even Spirit of Heaven Fire successfully escaped .

’’Good . ’’ The skeletons man praised Little Wenli . ’’As expected of a divine Beast, her intelligence is high enough to easily break the opponent's ultimate moves . ’’

’’Hit him, don't be polite, pull the feathers out of this stinky bird!’’ The invisible woman cheered for Little Wenli, as if she worried things were not messy enough .

’’Are you guys on the other side of the road? Although that kid has a divine Beast, she was an infant . Did he think only one divine Beast can defeat me?’’ The crow hummed, a little angry . Then he summoned a Catfish King as large as a cruise ship with a mouth that could swallow a mountain . When it appeared in front of all the girls, Yue Yu, Yue Bing and the others all looked pale with fear .

They knew that there were enormous warbeasts, like Island Whale .

But they had never seen such a huge heaven stage warbeast .

Now, they were all terrified to see a Catfish King which was one thousand meters long with a mouth seemed can swallow the world .

Such a huge warbeast, not to mention hitting, it could crush a whole area just with its body ... The most terrifying thing was that the Catfish King could fly in the sky . It was simply unimaginable . When it opened its mouth, even Sky Disaster who had been acting calm scared to tremble . She really was afraid that the Catfish King would swallow everyone .

Spirit of Heaven Fire had no choice but to retreat, because she discovered that no matter how she flew around, she couldn't avoid that mouth .

What could they do?

The other side had summoned such a huge warbeast . As defense, it was much more more solid than an iron castle .

There were Bubble Jellyfish and Wry Face Mushroom for long-range attack, Red Dragonfly and Fire Bramble for pinning down the enemy, and Catfish King for defense . Such acombination was invulnerable .

Yue Yang was in no hurry .

He smiled .

He made a placating gesture at Spirit of Heaven Fire that had been evacuated .

He pointed to Red Dragonfly .

It indicated that he had changed his original target of attack, asked Spirit of Heaven Fire to attack the most agile one, Red Dragonfly . In terms of agility and speed, Spirit of Heaven Fire wasn't a match for the enemy, but she didn't have a stable body form, it was simply impossible for Red Dragonfly to catch her . Even if Spirit of Heaven Fire couldn't defeat Red Dragonfly, she would still be able to hold it back .

Once Battle Angel Ika was released, Ika would play a part .

As expected, when Red Dragonfly saw Spirit of Heaven Fire turning into roaring flame, it immediately ascended to the sky without fighting ... There was no point in fighting with flame of random form .

Battle Angel Ika was able to get rid of the battle and return to Yue Yang .

Her arm lifted, and the black cannon was filled with energy, aiming at the unmoving Fire Bramble .

It was not easy to hit the Bubble Jellyfish and Wry Face Mushroom, a waste of energy to shoot Catfish King . Only the unmoving Fire Bramble was the perfect target .

’’What?’’ Crow opened his eyes, with a look of surprise on his face . He didn't seem to have expected Yue Yang would change his attack mode and achieve miraculous effects . It muttered to itself, ’’Alright, your have many life guard warbeasts ... Luckily, my warbeasts were not a few either! ’’

He flapped wings and summoned a very ugly and very laughable insect warbeasts .

Countless fleshy limbs waved chaotically, covered with greasy blood vessels .

It looked ugly, but luckily, not disgusting .

Yue Yu, Yue Bing and the rest were familiar with all kinds of warbeasts, but they had never heard of this ridiculous insect warbeast before .

Battle Angel Ika shot at Fire Bramble . The power of this shot was earth-shattering . Even Wry Face Mushroom and Bubble Jellyfish had retreated, didn't want to be touched by the shock wave . However, that insect warbeast looked at the energy beam energy beam of light that was shooting towards itself, rushed to the light, like it had been struck by a precious treasure . It extended out tens of thousands of thin limbs and greedily sucked the energy .

There's no explosion .

There was no shock wave .

The shot Ika fired was sucked by the ugly insect warbeast, like drinking water .

’’...’’ Yue Yang was speechless . This fellow was too damn deceitful! How could there be so many warbeasts? Moreover, that ugly insect warbeast was also damn . It was actually feeding on energy . If it encountered an element warbeast, could it still be undefeatable? Fortunately, the origin of Spirit of Heaven Fire was a strand of Nirvana Flame . Otherwise, she would suffer a loss if encountering this insect .

’’Brother, what can we do?’’ Yue Bing looked at Yue Yang with a pale face . She wanted to comfort her brother, but didn't know how .

’’Easy, how could your brother get defeated by that?’’ Yue Yang patted his chest and summoned the Reaping Mantis . He point at the ugly insect warbeast, ordered, ’’Eat that insect . It didn't know how to fight in close distance . ’’

Reaping Mantis swooped down like a fighter plane .

The skeleton man shook his head, ’’the sucking insect is indeed not good at close combat, but it is a king of long-range venom . Its poison can melt gold and stone . ’’

As expected, the skeleton man didn't finish his words, the ugly insect had already grown more limbs out of it . There were nearly ten thousand of them, each one emitted dark green venom .

Dark green venom dropped to the ground, smoke rose, corroded a large area .

The sky was filled with venom, more dense than raindrops .

How could Reaping Mantis get close from afar?

Reaping Mantis was hovering in the air . She successfully dodged the entanglement of Fire Bramble extended to the sky . It rushed forward without fear in the venom spurted out like rain of bullets, scared the insect to cuddle up and hide under the protection of Fire Bramble . Only now did the crow notice that this unusual Reaping Mantis was not afraid of venom . Because this Reaping Mantis that Yue Yang cultivated devoured all kinds of poisonous creatures in long term, grew up with his innate energy, so she was almost immune to any venom . In addition, In addition, her skin secreted a special kind of grease that protected her from poison .

The venom that sprayed on her body dripped quickly .

There was no reaction .

Fire Bramble let go of the Titan Ancient Tree and brandished its branches to catch Reaping Mantis .

Faster than Reaping Mantis . Ika, the Battle Angel, had already shot her energy cannon first, made a large part of Fire Bramble destroyed .

Tens of thousands of brambles shrank back into the ground, and the ground was once again filled with new brambles . However, the ones which had been slightly slowed down were cut off and thrown into the air by Ika with Angel's Blade . ’’Bramble Sea!’’ Crow was completely faceless because Yue Yang's warbeasts could fight back . He had lived for tens of thousands of years, almost perfect in any aspects . If he was still no match for a young man, that was simply too frustrating . His warbeasts, no matter level or attribute, were close to perfection . How could he let this kid's warbeasts regain control of the situation?

The Fire Bramble with fourth level of heaven stage increased by thousands of times .

The entire earth had become a sea of brambles .

Battle Angel Ika had quickly sunk into the sea of brambles . Fortunately, she was smart enough to send out Reaping Mantis first, leaving herself behind and protect herself with Angel's Blade, narrowly persisted .

Bloody Queen Red and Ah Man had already escaped from the negative emotions . But they didn't know how to join the battle while facing Bramble Sea, the bubbles in the sky, Catfish King like iron castle and Wry Face Mushroom on its back . Not only were these warbeasts' level extremely high, their power was incredibly strong, and they also had advantages of attribute and distance . There were Bubble Jellyfish and insect for long-range attack, Fire Bramble on the ground, Catfish King with huge mouth in the sky, Red Dragonfly's ultimate catch for close combat, how could you defeat such a combination?

They looked at Yue Yang . With their intelligence, they could not find a plan .

Xue Wuxia, Princess Qian Qian and Master of Luo Hua City were thinking .

They wanted to share a bit of pressure on Yue Yang and offer some advice .

’’Well? Do you have other warbeasts? ’’ Crow felt that if he couldn't suppress this kid, it would be unreasonable .


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