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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 651


Chapter 651

Long Live Summons! - C651 - The Powerful Warbeasts

After a long time, that invisible woman suddenly opened her mouth and began to deride him, ’’This boy is cunning . The test is fake . He just wants to test our strength . ’’

She was deriding him .

But her voice was nice and cutesy, it sounded like a joke .

Yue Yang, who had been exposed, remained calm and composed, as if the woman's words were simply to bully his honesty . The Skeleton Man carefully measured Yue Yang with his eyes, and after a long while, he asked, ’’I really want to know, what makes you think that you might win against us? No matter how to say, we've lived for dozens of thousands of years! ’’

’’I don't think I can win . I just want you seniors to give me a few tips . ’’ Yue Yang's put on a low profil intentionally, but there was still a bit proud in his modesty .

However, only Xue Wuxia knew him .

Yue Yang was simply not like that .

The more humble he was, the more lies he said . In addition, before Yue Yang said this, Xue Wuxia had already taken out her junior's humble attitude to pay homage . She had a tacit understanding with Yue Yang .

Actually, Xue Wuxia and Yue Yang, who had the heart communication with each other, had never discussed it before . Because they couldn't be sure whether the other party had a probing or intercepting heart communication ability, neither Xue Wuxia nor Yue Yang revealed their special talents . In front of these three super elders, the less power one would be exposed, the safer they would be . The more they concealed, the better . The three elders weren't even the strongest ones yet, and the Emperor Wu Shuang of the Demon Abyss was the most dagerous man .

No one knew if that Emperor Wu Shuang was spying from the shadows .

Yue Yang's Insight of Heaven did not find the Peerless, Emperor Wu Shuang .

However, this didn't mean that he wasn't here .

’’Do you really want to fight?’’ The Skeleton Man was not sure about Yue Yang's attitude and peered at him again . He seemed to be very curious about him, and he didn't quite understand him .

’’For three rounds . ’’ Yue Yang smiled and extended three of his fingers .

When Yue Yang said this, the other party fell silent .

After a long time, the crow let out a long sigh and said, ’’I have to say, you are the most daring boy I've seen in the past few tens of thousands of years . However, you won't win against us . You haven't even entered Sovereign Realm, and no matter how many life guard warbeasts you have, they'll be useless . Little boy, you're really very good, better than anyone else, but you're too young . If you practice for a hundred years more, maybe we'd have a headache . Let's give you ten years . You can go back and practice properly first . Once you've mastered it, then you can come to fight with us . What do you think? ’’

The Master of Luo Hua City felt surprised that the three elders were actually willing to let them go?

Wasn't there a conspiracy?

Yue Yang and the three women looked at each other, and Princess Qian Qian nodded slightly, indicating that they should stay here and fight with them, in order to figure out the enemies' information . But the Master of Luo Hua City had different idea . She thought they should leave without risking it, because it woould be dagerous if they made the enemies mad .

Xue Wuxia thought that Princess Qian Qian's idea was very positive .

If they didn't fight, then the information they had got was too little so that they couldn't deal with Emperor Wu Shuang . Although they had ten year, the Emperor Wu Shuang would most likely wake up within ten years with the help of the Ancient Devil King . This ten years period might be a delaying trick . If they left now, they would fall right into it .

It wasn't unreasonable for the Master of Luo Hua City to worry about this .

Yue Yang was still in the growth phase, and his secrets should not be disclosed .

If the three old monsters, the Skeleton Man, the crow and the invisible woman found Yue Yang's secrets in the fighting, it would most likely cause their killing intent to rise . Even if it wasn't, these old fellows that had been sealed for tens of thousands of years could also use this secret to exchange with the Ancient Devil King .

The Ancient Devil King would definitely try his best to obtain Yue Yang's secret .

The leakage of the secrets would not be good for them .

So what to do?

Xue Wuxia raised her head to look at Yue Yang . She nodded to him, indicating that she would give up and let Yue Yang to decide .

Whether it was right or wrong, as long as he made a decision, she would listen to him ... Princess Qian Qian and the Master of Luo Hua City also looked at Yue Yang, all waiting for his the final decision .

’’Alright then, I'll be willful . Leaving is the best way, but we won't leave this time . ’’ Yue Yang opened his arms, holding the three wome . With their support, Yue Yang was not afraid of all the difficulties and dangers in the world, and he even didn't hesitate to go against the Heaven Realm . To challenge himself, in order to gain insight into the Sovereign's Heart, in order to grow even faster, Yue Yang made a decision . He turned around and nodded to the Skeleton Man and the crow, ’’Our answer is, fight!’’

’’Clap clap clap clap!’’ Skeleton Man praised with his hands .

’’...’’ The crow was still thinking, and it could not figure out what Yue Yang's real intentions were .

’’Still want to fight? I hasn't moved for many years, and my body seems a bit inconvenient for today . You two guys take this!’’ The charming female voice indicated that she would give up .

’’Little boy, I'd rather fight with you, but my battle skills and wasbeast are all a bit strange . The power is difficult to control, so it's hard to survive when I attack . ’’ The Skeleton Man picked up his top hat and indicated that he would not accept the challenge . This ball, which finally was kicked the crow, made the crow glow a little . ’’You two are pretending to be dead, always putting me on the table, and I'm not in charge . A Guard Captain has so much work to do, and no salary, I severely protest . If I'm going going to fight, then you all have to show off a bit . ’’

’’Skeleton seems to have a decent gem . ’’ The invisible woman reminded the crow .

’’I only have eight gems in total . Now, six of them have been in your pocket . Are you really going to take away the left two?’’ The skeleton man was sweating .

’’It's fair that you each have one . There are a lot of gems all over the Heaven Realm . When you are out, you can get what you want . Not to mention eight gems, you can get eight sacks of gems . ’’ The invisible woman chuckled .

’’Ah, this is a 8-grade Resurrection Heavenly Crystal . It's not a major product . If there are two sacks of it in the Heven Realm, then it would be the Heven Realm . ’’ The skeleton man used his finger to scratch the skull, and pondered with some annoyance, ’’I'm still planning to use these two Resurrection Heavenly Crystals to see if I can recover my former body . Now, my body might not be able to get back . ’’

’’If you think that the Resurrection Heavenly Crystal can bring death back to life, then you're too naive . ’’ The invisible woman snorted, ’’Resurrection Heavenly Crystal can only be used for a life that has just died and his soul has not been seriously harmed . If he dies for more than a day, even if his soul is not harmed, it will be useless . ’’

’’Have you tried?’’ The skeleton man and the crow asked in a hurry .

’’...’’ No, but the Emperor said so . ’’ The invisible woman pondered for a moment and then answered .

Yue Yang and Xue Wuxia could tell that this invisible woman must have used the Resurrection Heavenly Crystal and failed, so she could be so sure .

Of course, in order to cover up her failure, she used the Emperor Wu Shuang's words to prove it . It also proved that she had confirmed it from the Emperor Wu Shuang, and the answer was that even if she had the Resurrection Heavenly Crystal, she couldn't easily revive .

The skeleton man sighed, ’’It seems that I can only obtain the divine Blood to recover my body . ’’

Yue Yang and Xue Wuxia looked at each other and were excited by the information they had unintentionally acquired .

Although the Resurrection Heavenly Crystal was good, it was far inferior to the divine Blood .

The Gods' Ruins .

There must be a lot of divine Blood within its treasures . This was a rare treasure that the old monsters pursued to achieve the immortal body and obtain higher realm . No matter the Black Hell King, the Crimson Emperor, the Ancient Devil King, or the ghost trio in front of them, even the Emperor Wu Shuang, were all eager for divine Blood .

A strange thought flashed through Yue Yang's mind .

The pity boy's mother was the first person in history to enter the Gods' Ruins . Then, did she obtain a large amount of Devine Blood, and whether she had risen to the level of a god, as a way to ascend to the Heaven Realm or to a more upper realm?

Xue Wuxia looked back at him with a certain spirit .

’’I can't leave for now . It's been a long time since I've made a move, and I'm also a bit itchy . itchy . Then, let's have a fight . ’’ The crow opened its eyes, and the strange flaming eyes that saw through the world burst out with an irresistible aura that caused all things in the world to bow . He hadn't raised his strength yet, but he was able to look down on everything in the world . The feeling of being a Sovereign Realm, that Yue Yang once sensed, was from only one person, who was the Sovereign .

Even Yan Zun, Yan Zong, or the Clown Guild leader didn't give Yue Yang that feeling .

As for the Lion Heart King, his might be powerful, and his strength was also strong enough .

However, compared to this crow, the Lion Heart King seemed to be slightly inferior .

At the very least, he didn't give Yue Yang a completely unbeatable illusion . The Demon Dragon's realm didn't need to be questioned, but he hid it more rather than put it out . As for the Conquest Fei Wenli, she had reached a level that Yue Yang could not feel .

Princess Qian Qian, Master of Luo Hua City, and Xue Wuxia all took a step back .

If this crow didn't emit such a powerful aura, they would still want to fight for Yue Yang . Now, they understood that with their current strength, they couldn't defeat the crow . All they had to do was to watch the battle and find the flaws of the enemy as soon as possible . Not only them, Yue Yang summoned Tian Fa, Tian Zai, Yue Yu, Yue Bing and Yi Ka .

He believed that no matter how much he gained in today's battle, it would give a increase to their cultivation .

This kind of opponent was rare, so that Yue Yang would like to take the challenge .

’’I hadn't thought you have so many young girls, and all of them are top quality beauties . Even the ordinary emperor doesn't have such a fortune . ’’ The invisible woman chuckled .

’’Greetings, three seniors!’’ Little girl Yue Bing was more polite, and she bowed to Yue Yu .

’’I'm just here to play . Don't misunderstand me, he's my brother-in-law!’’ Tian Zai held the beauty Feng Xian's arm and proudly declared that she was one of Yue Yang's women .

’’Wry Face Mushroom . ’’ The crow didn't pay attention to these verbal grenades . It closed its flaming eyes, flapped its wings, and summoned a strange mushroom with white body and a blue face . It had hands and legs, but it was incredibly short . It had a face and a mouth, looking like a man but very odd . Of course, even if this mushroom wareast had an unremarkable appearance, its strength was not small . It had at least reached the third level of the Heaven Stage .

As soon as the Wry Face Mushroom appeared, it ’’smiled’’ at the Bloody Queen Red .

The smile was uglier than a weeping .

The Bloody Queen Red was stunned for a few seconds, and then she seemed to be frightened by a child's wry face . Her face was pale, her tears were running, she cried out, and her body was trembling .

’’Go!’’ When Ah Man saw the Bloody Queen Red being attacked, she immediately brandished his fist and slashed at the Wry Face Mushroom that seemed to easily be beaten .

’’Scary!’’ The Wry Face Mushroom made a move to hide from the hide from the others .

’’Hahahahahaha ...’’ In the end, Ah Man stopped her angry attacking . She stopped and pointed at the Wry Face Mushroom . She laughed out loud, and her tears spurted out . She could not hear the shouts of the Master of Luo Hua City and the others . Now, even a blind person could tell that this Wry Face Mushroom had used a mental attack to defeat the will of the Bloody Queen Red and Ah Man, causing one of them to cry and the other to laugh .

How tough the will of Bloody Queen Red and Ah Man was .

But it was easily defeated by the Wry Face Mushroom . It was quite unexpected .

Yue Yang waved his hand, and the War Angel stood up . She wasn't like Red, nor was she like Ah Man . She was a War Angel, and her will was with Yue Yang's . As long as Yue Yang's will was not defeated, she wouldn't be affected .

That crow seemed to know that Wry Face Mushroom wouldn't affect the War Angel, and it immediately summoned a strange red dragonfly .

The red dragonfly was ten meters long, and its wings stretched out over ten meters .

When the War Angel charged forward, her black cannon had just extended out, the red dragonfly came up to her and gently grabbed the War Angel before her cannon could launch . In that one second, the War Angel swung out her arm and chopped out the Angel Blade, the red dragonfly threw the Angel Yi Ka away from it, throwing it a hundred meters away .

When the War Angel Yi Ka landed .

It came to her again .

Yi Ka raised the cannon of her arms angrily and fired for a hundred times in three seconds . However, the red dragonfly dodged and flew through the light web of the shooting light . The War Angel Yi Ka, and her Angel Blade, swirled like the wind, but she couldn't hit it at all . They chased each other at the speed that even one's eyelights couldn't follow .

The red dragonfly, who was also a third level Heaven Stage, grabbed Yi Ka from time to time threw her far away .

But It remained completely unharmed in Yi Ka's attack .

’’...’’ The girls all took a deep breath . It was too frightening . With her speed, Yi Ka was impossible to touch a single hair of her opponent . This was too incredible .

’’Elder brother, let me help you . ’’ Yue Bing couldn't accept the fact that her brother had been suppressed . She summoned the Titan Ancient Treeand charged forward in a panic .

’’Fire Bramble . ’’ The crow flapped its wings, and countless of fire brambles appeared on the ground . Fire Bramble was the fourth level Heaven Stage . It easily grabbed Titan Ancient Tree, binding it firmly onto ground . Yue Bing almost fainted from the sight . She never dreamed that her Titan Ancient Tree would be binded so hard that it couldn't move . This was her usual tactic . She usually let Titan Ancient Tree to bind the enemy .

’’Well, it's my turn!’’ The beauty Feng Xian decided to attack .

’’Wait, please trust me, I have a plan . ’’ Yue Yang grasped the beauty Feng Xian's beautiful hand and nodded, then walked out .


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