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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 650


Chapter 650

Chapter 650 Skeleton, Crow and Woman

The Water World, the Black Tower .

In the beginning, everyone thought that entering the black tower would require some sort of condition . They had to use some kind of treasure or energy crystal .

They didn't know that it's not like that ... Outside the black tower was the endless Water World, but within the door of black tower, it was incomparably dry . There wasn't even a drop of water in it . It was faintly warm, felt like approaching the volcano . Yue Yang, Xue Wuxia, Princess Qian Qian and Master of Luo Hua City, the four of them entered the black tower, didn't encounter any obstacles .

Just like walking into their own homes, Yue Yang and the three women were stunned .

There was a very mild, unusual energy inside the black tower .

It's like wind, completely harmless to Yue Yang and the others .

Very tender .

When Yue Yang entered the black tower, it even helped Yue Yang expel the water from his body, made him feel dry after entering the tower .

Why were there such differences between inside and outside?

If there was no water in the tower, why set up such a huge Water World outside? This black tower had sealed Emperor Wu Shuang, The Peerless, so where was him? If entering the tower was so easy, why didn't The Peerless escape?

It's very huge in the black tower .

On the wall, there were many ancient words and pictures .

They were describing the wars of ancient experts . Among them, a man with black hair, purple eyes and raging flame appeared at the most . Yue Yang and Xue Wuxia guessed that this man was Emperor Wu Shuang, The Peerless . These mural paintings were describing the lives of him . According to these mural, Emperor Wu Shuang was indeed a very terrifying expert . With a wave of his hand, he could turn the world around him into hell ... Not to mention the peak power of his heyday, even after awakening, he only maintain one percent of his strength, was still a strong existence that people couldn't contend with .

Inside the tower, in the middle, there was a huge hall, and in the middle of the hall was a very high crystal pillar .

It was at least one thousand meters high, and the diameter was one hundred meters long .

All over the pillar, there was rainbow light .

Straight to the top of the tower .

This was the Energy Crystal that could suppressed The Peerless ... This was also the tallest and biggest Energy Crystal that Yue Yang had ever seen . Compared this crystal with the other crystals, it was like meteorites and stars, completely different levels .

’’With this crystal, even if the Ancient Devil King wants to do something, I'm afraid that he won't succeed . ’’ Master of Luo Hua City sighed and smiled in relief .

’’This crystal is indeed not something that human power can destroy . ’’ Princess Qian Qian nodded .

’’If manpower can't destroy it, what is Ancient Devil King coming here for?’’ Xue Wuxia asked

’’...’’ Yue Yang was unable to answer now . Moreover, he knew that no matter how many crystals he had, they would not be the strongest seal . The truly most powerful seal was the seal of black hole, the type that sealed Empress Fei Wenli . In that black hole sealing space, no one could obtain any energy . Instead, they would continuously weaken . In that seal, no one could escape by any methods .

Only the seal of black hole was absolutely the truly unsolvable everlasting Sealing Art .

The seal of black hole was called Nirvana Seal!

Not only could it seal human, it was said that even could seal gods!

Of course, The Peerless was sealed by such a giant crystal, although it wasn't Nirvana Seal, he must not be a simple character .

His's strength was even more frightening than Yue Yang imagined! Perhaps, he didn't need to face The Peerless today, because it wasn't the end of the seal, but what happened after that? Yue Yang believed that there was a day the crystal would collapse, even it's huge, The Peerless, Emperor Wu Shuang, would return to earth .

It was because of such a strong enemy that Ancient Demon King was so anxious to regain his body in order to restore his peak power .

Not only Yue Yang, but even the Ancient Demon King was a little afraid of the awakening of The Peerless .

No one would like such a powerful king reviving, the appearance of Emperor Wu Shuang, The Peerless, meant there would be another competitor for the treasures in Gods' Ruins .

Searching .

The Quintet Seeking Golden Mice found a hidden barrier .

Within the barrier, there was a spiral staircase . Yue Yang, Xue Wuxia and the rest descended a few hundred meters . They discovered another hall filled with power of sealing, blood, forbidding martial arts rules and forbidding war rules were showing their biggest power here .

In the middle of the hall, the Quintet Seeking Golden Mice found another barrier .

After Yue Yang, Xue Wuxia and the rest entered, they discovered that there was a blood red portal inside .

Then they entered a completely dark world .

There was no light . .

Only the seal .

This dark world was a bit like a black hole space, but it didn't have that kind of suction power, only had endless sealing power . This type of sealing power didn't seem to be very strong, but it was irresistible . Anyone who wanted to surpass this sealing power would instantly be suppressed by thousands of times stronger power . This form was a bit like a person carrying a rock . If this person wanted to throw off the stone, this person would receive a thousand times more severe punishment .

It was not known that how vast was the dark world .

Maybe one thousand kilometers?

Was Emperor Wu Shuang, The Peerless, sealed in here?

Yue Yang frowned slightly . Although this seal was powerful, it was far inferior to the seal of Empress Fei Wenli .

If it was Empress Fei Wenli who was sealed in this place, she would have long escaped ... Could The Peerless have already broken away?

This thought had just appeared in Yue Yang's mind, and both Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian looked towards the same direction in the dark . They didn't see anything suspicious, but innate instincts and Six Records Inherent Skill made them realize that there was something approaching from that direction . Master of Luo Hua City's body leaned towards Yue Yang . She looked in the other direction, that meant there were unknown creatures approaching too .

Had they been surrounded?

Although Yue Yang was in danger, he was calm .

He stretched out his arms, gently held Master of Luo Hua City, Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wuxia, comforted them .

Little Wenli, Bloody Queen Red, Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man and Spirit of Heaven Fire were all summoned to protect them from the front and back .

’’I didn't expect this . We haven't had customers for thousands of years, but today, two groups of guests are here . Welcome!’’ A delicate female voice sounded in the dark distance . This voice made Yue Yang, Xue Wuxia and Princess Qian Qian stunned . Could it be that Emperor Wu Shuang, The Peerless, was a woman?

’’It's alright . No matter what guests, we must treat them well as long as they are guests . ’’ Then, another voice sounded like the collision of skull's teeth .

’’So there's a master here . In fact, we're just passing by . ’’ Hearing this, Yue Yang laughed .

’’The young couple want to find a quiet place to talk about love . I understand that . I used to do that too . ’’ The delicate voice replied with laugh .

’’No hurry . Since they Since they are couple, it doesn't matter if they talk later . Since you're here, if don't let us do our hospitality, after you left, people will taunt us for shaming the master . We can't do that sort of thing . You need to know that our master is the most hospitable Emperor Wu Shuang . ’’ The teeth-like voice was getting closer and closer . When he was within a hundred meters from Yue Yang, Yue Yang could see that it was a skeleton wearing a hat and a luxurious robe with a staff in its hand .

This skeleton man was definitely not from Bone Clan, he was human .

But he was dead .

The spirit controlled the body, but it was still like alive . This manipulation skill made Yue Yang feel cold .

Xue Wuxia suddenly gave a slight bow to the skeleton man and performed an innate manner, ’’Sir, first of all, thank you for your hospitality, but we are junior, dare not to bother . ’’

In the dark sky, a black thing was coming at great speed .

Landed on the skeleton man's shoulder .

Even the bold Princess Qian Qian was shocked . It turned out that it was a crow . When its closed eyes opened, the spirit in its eyes was like human's . Its eyes were slightly burning red flame, like it could see the hearts of others . Luckily, this kind of gaze that made people feel bad was only a glimpse, then that crow closed its eyes .

It opened its mouth and said, ’’Don't worry, if we want to kill you, we won't talk at all . ’’

’’Idiot, if you scare the guests away, make me have no chace to chat, I'll make you pay . ’’ That delicate female voice said .

’’All right, all right, I'll be quiet . ’’ The crow really shut up, no longer speaking .

Yue Yang was sure that this crow was not a warbeast .

It's human too .

However, the soul lived within a crow after the body died was a ability to merge with living creatures which was not something that any expert in Heavenly Tower could reach . The Black Hell King wanted to change his body and exert great effort, wanted to find the most suitable body . However, this ’’crow’’ could easily live in a crow's body, and its ability didn't decrease in the slightest ... Yue Yang used his Insight of Heaven, but still couldn't find out how this guy made it .

If Insight of Heaven was a bit stronger, maybe he could .

But now, he couldn't .

’’May I ask the name of three seniors? of three seniors? Because it's so long ago, the Heavenly Tower has changed greatly, we have lost the history of before . ’’ Xue Wuxia saluted again, made a gesture of respect to seniors .

’’Heavenly Tower lost its history . There's nothing strange about this . Besides, history is written by the victors . If we lose, how can we get a good name! The past names were not need to be mentioned . You can called me 'Place', the old woman with umbrella 'Beauty' . As for this stinky bird, you can call him 'Enviroment' . We are all Emperor Wu Shuang's servants . ’’ The skeleton man answered Xue Wuxia with an odd tone .

’’ In the days I hooked up with handsome guys, I was relatively pretty . Even I couldn't compare with you, a little girl protected by divine tools, but I was still something . It's a pity those handsome guys I know were not valiant . If they had a lots of life guard warbeasts, like the handsome young man of you, I wouldn't be so angry and follow majesty Emperor Wu Shuang . His Majesty is like wood, he doesn't love the country and beauty, only practicing skills . It's a waste of my youth . Now think about it, what a pity . The youth has passed ... ’’ The delicate female voice was sighing desperately as if she was reminiscing about her lost youth .

’’I don't recall that . Back then, it seemed like nobady wanted you . His Majesty thought you're pitiful, so let you follow him . ’’ Skeleton man took off his hat, and the skeleton fingers scratched on the bald skull .

’’Damn skeleton, I'm not done with you!’’ The female voice was angry .

’’Forget it, it's meaningless to argue like this everyday . ’’ The crow covered his face and sighed . Finally, he asked Yue Yang, ’’Little guy, you've seen our situation . To be honest, you can help us do something . We won't treat you unfairly . Not to mention you have unlimited potential, even you're just a fool, I can make you an Innate Sovereign . Even these girls . How do you think about this proposal?’’

’’Nice proposal . ’’ Yue Yang nodded .

’’You, you agree?’’ The skeleton man asked in disbelief .

’’We will find out after we fight . ’’ Yue Yang revealed a mysterious smile, ’’ Sovereign battle, the victor is the king . Whoever wins could give orders, and this will be the most fair way . ’’

Skeleton man and the crow, even that invisible women .

All silent .


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