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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 649


Chapter 649

The Water World .

On the surface of the water that was a hundred miles away from the ancient Teleportation Array, Yue Yang stopped .

He told the Master of Luo Hua City stand on the spot and patrolled the sky by himself .

Finally, he landed, nodding at Little Wenli . Little Wenli also nodded, and summoned the Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunderbolt Naga, and Ice Serpent Demon . The Storm Mermaid blew the horn of storm, and then the sky was full of dark clouds . The surface of the water surged with waves .

A giant whirlpool appeared in the water surface .

It whirled faster and faster, deeper and deeper .

In the end, the Storm Mermaid moved out the water in the whirlpool to the periphery, and with the power of the whirlpool, she cut a deep hole in the water several hundred meters deep .

Even from a hundred miles away, Zhong Guan and the others could not help but stop when they saw the sky and the cloud was changing .

They watched all of it in confusion, not understanding what Yue Yang was doing .

Holding hands with the Master of Luo Hua City, Yue Yang slowly descended into the water hole . The water around him was like a cliff, causing the whirlpool power to spin outward . In the center, there was a giant space that was a hundred meters in diameter . When it reached 500 meters deep, an object that was submerged in water gradually revealed itself .

It was the top of a tower .

As the water faded, a black tower appeared in front of Yue Yang and the Master of Luo Hua City .

’’Show yourself . ’’ Yue Yang sneered at the air .

’’Eeeh, how did you find me?’’ There was a shocked voice that was transmitted out of the transparent space, and finally, a shadow appeared on top of the black tower . This shadow was the mysterious shadow that had intercepted Yue Yang before . No one needed to guess that he was the spirit carrier of the Ancient Devil King .

Why was he here?

Had he entered this water world before Yue Yang?

Yue Yang looked at the mysterious shadow that still had his back facing him . Of course, he wouldn't say that he had the Insight of Heaven, but he smiled and said, ’’I guessed so . How can you absent yourself such an important spot? Although I don't know if you're here, but when I try, you can't wait to jump out of the door . ’’

The shadow in cloak clapped his hands and laughed, ’’Third Young Master of the Yue's Family, you are pretty smart! There were only a few people who could guess that there were more than one ancient sealed spots in Water World . There were fewer people in the world that found them . What surprises me the most is that you even know I am here . Even me, will have to admire your wisdom . You are so smart . Then, smart third Young Master of the Yue's Family, what will you guess about the spot?’’

Yue Yang shook his head: ’’I don't know, but I think you'll say . ’’

Shadow wondered, ’’Why shall I say that?’’

Yue Yang looked up at the sky and pretended to look like 'I'm a wise man' . He held his chin in his hand and pretended to think, ’’ A man show like you will feel wronged if you did something proud and not spoke it out . So, you will say . And, if you don't feel proud and want to show off in front of me, why would you want to stay here with the risk of being found by me? ’’

The shadow was silent for a long while, then he burst out laughing crazily . He clapped his hands and praised, ’’That's right . That's what the Third Young Master of Yue's Family should say . What you said really pleased me . It's fun to have an opponent like you . To be honest, you're much better than that dummy guy, the Hell Emperor . I'm optimistic about you . If I let you mature completely, you're really a formidable opponent ... Third Young Master of Yue's Family, since you know that I played a trick here, why did you come? Do you know who was sealed in the grave? ’’

’’Whose grave is it?’’ Master of Luo Hua City grabbed Yue Yang's hand and assumed the mental pressure that the shadow released, and asked .

’’His name is the Peerless . ’’ The shadow mentioned a name that Yue Yang and the Master of Luo Hua City didn't know .

’’I don't know . ’’ Yue Yang shook his head and said frankly .

’’It's not surprising that you don't know him, because he's not an expert of this era . ’’ The shadow suddenly went speaking with enthusiasm, ’’In Heavenly Tower, there were countless experts . In this era, the famous ones include the first Conquest Queen Fei Wenli of the Demon Abyss, the Hell Emperor Zhan Feng of the Soaring Dragon Continent, the Sleeping Princess Ye Meng of the Heaven Stairway, and in the lower level, there are Tian Lun, Qian Ye and Wu Se, and the next level lower is the Crimson Emperor and others . The Black Hell King and the Thousands of Demons King you know are the last ones on the list of the true experts . If I would like to do it, I could kill them at any time . Of course, if I do more of this, the old ghosts who travel outside will know, and it'll be a little troublesome . Therefore, little guy, don't think entering the Heaven Realm is a good thing . The more famous you are, the more killing you will do, do, and the more dangerous you will be ... Unless, you can go against the heavens and become a god, and you have the right to fight with those old ghosts . Otherwise, you will forever be a struggling ant, just bigger than others . ’’

’’Is The Peerless an old ghost you said?’’ Yue Yang's face darkened, and he asked .

’’Ah no, don't misunderstand . ’’ The shadow rejected .

’’Then he's your ally?’’ Master of Luo Hua City had already got a few points .

’’He can barely be said to be an ally of mine . His attitude towards me isn't very good, but he's also not an enemy . He's a loner . He has a bit airs of a expert, a stubborn temper, and a stubborn personality . The shadow lamented, ’’If his personality is not so rebellious, how can he be sealed in the Water World for dozens of thousands years?’’

’’Dozens of thousands years ... . ’’ The Master of Luo Hua City was speechless . Why came to dozens of thousands of years when mentioned the old ghost?

’’When was he sealed? I'm not too sure, because I was sealed a lot earlier than him . However, I believe that it's at least thirty thousand years . Although this fellow was a human from the Soaring Dragon Continent, he was the first emperor of the Devil Abyss to truly unify the Devil Abyss, and only because of him did the various races of Devil Abyss have the chance to rise to prominence . The Conquest Queen Fei Wenli , was one era later than he was . If The Peerless was not sealed, how could the Conquest Queen sweep across the Heaven Realm? And Barut and Ha Xin, the devil kings, can't even have the qualification to be his groom! ’’The shadow chuckled strangely . He pointed at the black tower beneath his feet and smiled, ’’Third Young Master of Yue's Family, let's make a deal . As long as you tell me where my body is hiding, I will let the first generation emperor of the Devil Abyss, Emperor Wu Shuang, continue to rest ...’’

’’Emperor Wu Shuang? The Peerless is Emperor Wu Shuang?’’ When Yue Yang heard this, he was stunned .

Yue Yang didn't even recognize any of the experts of the Devil Abyss, or other experts like Tian Lun, Qian Ye, Wu Se, and he was not interested at all when hearing about them .

However, in the memory passed from this pity boy's mother, there was an extremely obvious name in the broken chain of memory, which was Emperor Wu Shuang!

In the memory passed from this pity boy's mother, there were at least ten methods to deal with Emperor Wu Shuang .

However, none of these ten methods was the best one .

This pity boy's mother didn't find out the best way to deal with Emperor Wu Shuang ... However, she'd studied Emperor Wu Shuang repeatedly . . It could be said that even the Ancient Devil King couldn't have such a memory like this . Yue Yang didn't know what Emperor Wu Shuang had done, but he could tell that Emperor Wu Shuang must have been sealed by the Heaven Stairway experts after passing through the Water World of Heaven Stairway . Moreover, this fellow hadn't been completely sealed, and he probably had escaped . Otherwise, his mother wouldn't try her best to find out a way to deal with him .

’’Have you heard of Emperor Wu Shuang?’’ The shadow was astonished at Yue Yang's reaction .

’’Ah, the Mo Long mentioned it to me . ’’ Shameless Yue Yang used the dragon's name .

’’Mo Long? You know Mo Long? ’’ The shadow was fooled by Yue Yang, and his cloaked body shuddered slightly . It was obvious that he knew the Mo Long .

’’You don't know him . I'll introduce you next time . Although the Mo Long is a wretched middle-aged man, he has your personality . Both of you are very easy-going, and like-minded, you might even become friends! Yue Yang laughed out loudly .

’’The Mo Long has been sealed . Without the release of the Dragon God Sovereign, no one can save him . If you want to use him to suppress me, then you're wrong!’’ The shadow smiled .

’’Same here, if you want to use Emperor Wu Shuang to suppress me, then that's not a brilliant move . ’’ Yue Yang replied with the same tone .

Tit for tat . No matter in words or vigour, he was not weaker than the mysterious shadow .

The tension made by the shadow was released by Yue Yang's words about the Mo Long .

He originally wanted to seize the chance to suppress him .

He didn't expect Yue Yang to easily dissolve it . He sighed, ’’You are indeed a formidable opponent . Third Young Master of Yue's Family, we still have a chance to fight . It depends on how fast you grow or how fast I recover my strength . There is only one true ruler of Heavenly Tower . Let's see whether it is you or me! ’’

The shadow was lost in one move, so he didn't bother him any further .

His figure turned into a light smoke .

Disappear .

Even with the Insight of Heaven, Yue Yang was unable to catch his traces .

Yue Yang closed his eyes and carefully sensed his surroundings . After a long while, he nodded towards the Master of Luo Hua City, ’’He's gone . This guy also has a treasure item for travelling through space, or some kind of skill for traversing the void! He's really a tough opponent . ’’

The Master of Luo Hua City grabbed Yue Yang's hand and comforted him softly, ’’It's fine . We can't do anything to him for to him for now, and he can't hurt us either . He's just testing us . If he was sure, why would he make such a small move? He went a long way to get out of the Water World, and this proves that there was some flaw in his ability to travel through space . Otherwise, why would he come in ahead of time and run so far away? ’’

’’I understand all of what you said . ’’ Yue Yang nodded gravely, ’’However, if the Ancient Devil King does release Emperor Wu Shuang, it'll be not a good thing . I don't know how powerful the Hell Emperor is, but I'm certain that Emperor Wu Shuang is much more powerful than the Hell Emperor ... . This Peerless Emperor is only one step away from the legendary god . ’’

’’If Emperor Wu Shuang is so powerful, the Ancient Devil King wouldn't let him out . ’’ The Master of Luo Hua City analyzed .

’’Of course not now . But if he has no more hope, he will be desperate ...’’ Yue Yang pondered for a moment before replying, ’’Before, I had a bad premonition that it was because of the Ancient Devil King . But now, it seems that it should be Emperor Wu Shuang . ’’

’’I also have this feeling . I thought it was just a misperception . ’’ Princess Qian Qian came out, and nodded in agreement .

’’In that case, let's go to the Black Tower . ’’ Xue Wuxia's expression was resolute, ’’I think it is a good thing . Perhaps it's an opportunity for improvement . If we don't experience it, how can we fight against the Ancient Devil King? If we couldn't handle the sealed Peerless Emperor, how could we possibly enter the Heaven Realm? The heart of the sovereign was to look down upon all living creatures . It was only one of the living creatures, even if they were the Ancient Devil King or Emperor Wu Shuang . It's not only Yue Yang, but we too . If we want to grow up, we must have such awareness! ’’

’’Ah...’’ Princess Qian Qian and the Master of Luo Hua City were frightened by Xue Wuxia's unblemished expression .

’’Does this mean that we should feel the heart of the sovereign by this way?’’ Yue Yang closed his eyes and pondered for a moment . His expression hardened as he clenched his fists and vigorously waved his hand . ’’Get inside the tower . Let's take a look at what kind of character the prehistoric Peerless Emperor is!’’

’’Yes sir!’’ Xue Wuxia, Princess Qian Qian, and the Master of Luo Hua City, the three women agreed in unison .

No matter when it was, they were always his strongest and steadfast back .

Since the day they met him .

They would stay together until death separated them, and they would never change their minds .


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