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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 648


Chapter 648

Chapter 648 From the Richest to the Poorest

Guild leader Yong Hui was fiercely punched and threw into the water hundreds of meters away .

His chest was cracked and his heart almost ached to stop .

However, he didn't use his own energy to heal himself . He was used to treating internal injuries by Spirit of Radiance . He believed that as long as he had Spirit of Radiance, the severe trauma could easily recover . Not to mention hurting the heart, even all internal organs were broken and his body was broken apart, Spirit of Radiance could use the healing power to save him quickly .

With Spirit of Radiance, he was immortal!


Yong Hui had a strange feeling . This time, it was different .

It wouldn't take one second for Spirit of Radiance to recover him before . But this time, after half a minute, still no progress .

Guild leader Yong Hui rushed out of the water, looking for Spirit of Radiance . However, when he looked at the scene in front of him, he was stunned . The Spirit of Radiance that had been floating behind him now stayed in the sky . Her body emitted splendid light . She was washed away all the memories by a secret technique . But now, she was crying ...

Her eyes, which had been completely lifeless, was gradually filled with spiritual energy .

Countless black aura came out from her pure white light body, dissipating in the pure brilliance of Little Wenli's palm .

In the white light, Although the figure of Spirit of Radiance was still blurry, but gradually returned to her original angel form below the waist . Her eyes gradually became frightened, like she was remembering some horrible things .

Ah, ah, ah...

Spirit of Radiance suddenly held her head and screamed . Because she had no actual body, then there was no sound .

But her fear could infect everyone .

Guild leader Yong Hui felt the situation was not good .

Dissummon immediately!

Although since ancient times, there was no precedent of Spirit of Radiance's betrayal, but this situation was too strange, Yong Hui was slightly frightened .

At the moment of dissummon, Yong Hui felt that Spirit of Radiance seemed to have been reminded by his dissummons . She recovered from fear and looked up at him . The eyes of Spirit of Radiance widened, as if she remembered something, but was a bit confused . However, like it was instinct, she chose to betray, broke away from the contract with Yong Hui ... She was bathed in white light . Her body rushed into the sky, fled with tremble, like everyone was her enemy .

’’I'll kill you!’’ Guild leader Yong Hui went crazy .

Watching Spirit of Radiance rescind the contract with him, he felt incomparable pain .

This kind of pain surpassed the pain from that female barbarian's punch, the Spirit of Radiance that he painstakingly acquired had actually restored her memories after the little Serpent Demon dispense the secret energy with white light .

Spirit of Radiance of sixty million gold had always been an unavailable existence in Heaven Realm, so many people with money couldn't get one .

Unexpected, it was just a ray of white light, his sixty million was gone .

Without thinking, Yong Hui pointed at Little Wenli .

Light Speed Fang .


If he couldn't kill this little Serpent Demon, it would be hard to dispel his hatred . Losing Sunny Sunflower had already made him close to exploding . Now Spirit of Radiance had fled, it was simply killing him . Even if he killed the little Serpent Demon, he wouldn't be able to calm his anger . Now Yong Hui wanted to not only kill the third young masters of Yue family, but also whip the corpse, and burn the bones to ashes .

Facing the fast-flying Light Speed Fang, Little Wenli calmly formed a crystal ball .

This glittering crystal ball, let alone an outsider, even to Yue Yang, the master who knew her the most, it was also the first time seeing her use it .

As soon as the crystal ball appeared, the sky lit up with brilliant light . Even the sun-like light of Sunny Sunflower was easily suppressed . Although these light rays were extremely bright, but weren't dazzling .

In the light, Light Speed Fang was like a fish running into rapid stream, getting slower and slower . Finally, it was almost as slow as a snail . In the sky, the light from Sunny Sunflower also bacame weak . In front of this brilliance, Black Smoke Horn Dragon ferociously pouncing towards Little Wenli screamed paifully . Its body seemed to be burning, its skin continuously festering, and the smoke was unable to protect its body anymore . The dragon fled into the water, its speed was ten times faster than when it came . It hid in deep water to protected itself, dared not to come out for a long time .

Little Wenli's six tiny arms were beautifully changing their movements .

Like leading, sending, fetch or hug .

It's wonderful .

She seemed to be performing some sort of special sealing ritual, even Yue Yang Yang had never seen such a ritual .

Could it be that this little thing had recovered her previous life? Yue Yang was perplexed, was she really not the daughter of Empress Fei Wenli and himself, but the Guard Captain? But he didn't want to think anymore . No matter what happened to her previous life, she was his own baby now, not a daughter, more than a daughter!

The brilliance in the sky was condensed and fold up by Little Wenli miraculously .

Space itself was twisted .

Countless rays of light were all sealed into the crystal ball by Little Wenli . Even the warbeast Light Speed Fang was sealed in without resistance .

Only the Spirit of Radiance that was hiding high above quickly withdrew the faint glow from her body, then survived from the sealing .

Of course, it could be that Little Wenli had mercy on her .

All the lights sealed by her, and the entire Water World became dark .

After a long time .

Water World gradually recovered in the illumination of Sunny Sunflower .

Captain Bai Ma's Infernal Nightmare and Hei Tu's Evil Spider trembled from fear because of the sealing .

Even it's not them which Little Wenli sealed, but Yong Hui's Light Speed Fang, they couldn't resist the fear in their hearts and hid behind their masters, trembling . Bai Ma, Hei Tu, Zhong Guan and Yong Hui had never seen such a sealing . They had heard that the super experts of heaven stage had the power to seal life, but no one had ever seen it . Today they finally saw it .

The problem was, this little Serpent Demon was not a super expert of heaven stage at all, she didn't seem to even have the strength of heaven stage, so how could she seal Light Speed Fang?

The most unacceptable thing was that she was a life guard warbeast in her infancy .

Instantly, they understood .

divine Beast!

Apart from the divine Beasts, there was no other warbeast had such a strong will, remarkable intelligence and shocking power ...

’’No, no!’’ Guild leader Yong Hui was so anxious that he almost committed suicide . He already lost Sunny Sunflower, Spirit of Radiance betrayed and left, now the Light Speed Fang was sealed by the opponent, what left to him? He rushed forward frantically, swing his fist at Little Wenli, but the forbidding martial arts rules and forbidding war rules here made his fist impossible to punch out .

Little Wenli raised her head and stared at Yong Hui with icy cold eyes .

This was not using Binding Innate Skill, but pressing .

A supreme will of will of divine Beast invaded Yong Hui's soul, making him panic .

His fists loosened under Little Wenli's gaze, quivering and falling down . He retreated little by little, was afraid that little Wenli would reach out to kill him . At this moment, Little Wenli was no longer a warbeast he despised, but a supreme divine Beast with the power to instantly kill all living creatures . If it wasn't for the fact that Yong Hui had the power of peak fourth level of heaven stage and his mind was steady, he would have fallen on his knees in front of her . It was fortunate that this was still a young divine Beast . If she was an adult, its strength would have reached its peak, and he would probably have been killed .

When Yong Hui was one hundred meters away, he found himself drenched in cold sweat .

In his heart, he had never felt such a strong death shadow .

For the first time in his life, he found that he was so eager to survive, so frightened of death .

’’That's terrible!’’ Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu were also sweating profusely . It turned out that the little Serpent Demon didn't use her true strength at all . She was just like the third young master of Yue family, hiding deeply . If she truly unleash the power of a divine Beast, all her enemies who underestimated her would all be annihilated!

’’I have an important matter to attend to, see you later!’’ Yue Yang opened his arms and hugged Little Wenli, who was flying back with a smile on her face . He gave the cute little darling a kiss as reward . Little Wenli threw her arms around Yue Yang, the dignity of divine Beast had disappeared, and it was like a well-behaved daughter being spoiled in her father's arms .

The Master of Luo Hua City also gave Little Wenli a kiss and caressed her head to show the love .

Yue Yang brought Little Wenli and Ah Man, and held hand with the Master of Luo Hua City .

They moved southwest, and soon disappeared into the distance .

When he left, the trio of Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu smiled coldly, surrounded guild leader Yong Hui .

’’We are all from Heaven Realm . Why can't we talk about this properly? Maybe we can join forces against the third young master of Yue family ... Ah, I mean, I don't have any grudges with you, we may be able to cooperate . ’’ Yong Hui felt bad . If he If he still had Light Speed Fang, the three of them dared to fight again, it would be seeking death .

’’Guild leader Yong Hui without Sunny Sunflower and Spirit of Radiance protecting your body and Light Speed Fang to bully people, I'm curious, why don't you talk or cooperate with us before you lose your warbeasts?’’ Zhong Guan asked, straight to the point .

’’Of course we can talk . When we finish fighting, we start talking . ’’ The Heaven Realm Flaming Horse of Bai Ma was about to be destroyed . The anger in his heart hadn't even passed!

’’There's no point in speaking . ’’ Hei Tu immediately ordered the Evil Spider to attack .

’’Do you think I'm afraid of you three?’’ Guild leader Yong Hui was enraged . Since things were getting ugly, it was difficult for everyone in such a situation .

He lost Sunny Sunflower, Spirit of Radiance and Light Speed Fang, but still wasn't a soft persimmon that could be easily crushed . He was a peak fourth level expert of heaven stage, it would be humiliating for being scared away by the three second level of heaven stage . Not everyone in the world was as terrible as the third young master of Yue Family . You wanted to fight? Nobody was afraid! As Yong Hui ordered Black Smoke Horn Dragon to fight back, he summoned the little monster with golden eyes and silver horns .

With this clever little thing, what tricks could the enemy's warbeasts do?


But when Yong Hui just summoned the little monster, it chose to betray him instantly, turned into a ray of green light and chased after Yue Yang away, seeking his protection or joining him .

Yong Hui had been dumbfounded . He hadn't thought this would come in the end . Too smart, unreliable!

Luckily, the stupid Black Smoke Horn Dragon didn't betray, otherwise he would killed himself immediately .

’’Ah? Hah hah hah hah! The trio of Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu were stunned at first, then laughed, could not stay in the sky and almost fell into the water . ’’Guild leader Yong Hui, didn't you have a lot of warbeasts? From the richest in the world to the poorest, just one day! Now let's see how arrogant you were!’’ They guessed that the third young master of Yue family had something important to do now . If it wasn't for that, then Yong Hui's tragedy would not be over!

As a guild leader, he must have some treasures, right?

They didn't think Yue Yang would be so kind to let go of those treasures...


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