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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 647


Chapter 647

Long Live Summons! - C647 - Look, there's a meteor flying away!

When the greyish face of Yong Hui showed up after the smoke dissipating .

His look .

Was very funny .

It was a kind of disbelieving and confusion ... Even though the Light Speed Fang was not the fastest one in the Heaven Realm, it shouldn't be a problem for it to reach the top ten .

However, it actually could not compete with the enemy's Aurora . The most disappointing thing was that before Aurora's attack, Yong Hui could clearly see that the woman gathered her energy in a casual way . But it was faster than his Light Speed Fang . That was completely unreasonable! He raised his hand and pointed his index finger at the enemy . He didn't want to believe what he had just seen . His Light Speed Fang had lost in speed?

No, the enemy is definitely playing tricks!

One more and then he would know .

’’Aurora!’’ The Master of Luo Hua City raised her hand at the same time as Yong Hui did . She didn't take the first step, completely synchronized with Yong Hui, and in less than a tenth of a second, she made a Aurora condensing move . She move couldn't be faster than Light Speed Fang that could be cast by a finger . However, a scene that would make one ashamed to death,was that although she had spent her time gathering energy, she blasted out a Aurora that was even faster than a Light Speed Fang .

In the instant that Yong Hui attacked, the Aurora arrived .

Yong Hui was sent flying .

If the Master of Luo Hua City had Heaven-Stage strength, or if her warbeast 'Aurora' equated to Heaven-Stage, Yong Hui would have fallen down . He didn't have the chance to dodge, nor did he have the time to react . As she attacked, she woud struck straight at Yong Hui .

In his entire life, he had beaten people with use of his fastness .

Even in the Heaven Realm, there weren't any enemies that could compete with the Light Speed Fang .

The only thing that could defeat Yong Hui was not to have it ove the speed of Light Speed Fang, but simply stage suppression over him . It was totaly strength suppression, ignoring the power of the Light Speed Fang, directly defeating him . He didn't dream about it that after he came into the Heavenly Tower, which had been reduced to only one Heaven Stage, he was beaten to the point where no one could retaliate by a fourth-level Earth Stage .

Even he couldn't believe this kind of thing, not mention others .

’’Impossible! This is impossible!’’ The Lignt Spirit of Yong Hui was able to easily heal the wounds on his body . Moreover, as a peak fourth-level Heaven Stage, he could have almost ignored the Aurora of the Master of Luo Hua City .

But the problem was that he couldn't accept this kind of blow .

The feeling was like a titan was defeated by a dwarf;or like a dragon was beaten seriouly by a small insect .

Yong Hui raged on his heart and almost coughed up blood .

He raised his hand, wanting to curse the Master of Luo Hua City, but the latter thought he was going to attack again, so she cast the third Aurora .

The tragic Guild Leader Yong Hui flew into the air and threw himself onto the water, battered and exhausted .

The surrendered trio, Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu were so frightened that their eyes bulged like zombies . Was that person, who was black from head to toes, and whose hair was like a chicken nest, really Yong Hui? Was it really Guild Leader Yong Hui, who had beaten them up? The three of them looked at each other and gulped in fear .

It was terrifying . Not only was this third young master of the Yue family, there wasn't a normal person around him either .

The woman hadn't appeared in the battlefield just now . If she had come out, it would be the three of them but not the pity Yong Hui, who would be injured so seriouly that their skin were not able to hide their bones .

she would have been unable to hide her bones . It wasn't unlucky Yonghui but three!

Surrendering to the Yue Family's Third Young Master was indeed wise ... They had been a bit disgruntled, because they three Heaven Stages surrendered to one of the fourth-level Earth Stages, and it was a bit shameful, but their pride disappeared now . Who knows how many perverted masters this young master of the Yue family carrying with him . Any heavenly punishment would be enough to give them a headache, and now an unknown flowery woman was in .

’’I got it . ’’ Guild Leader Yong Hui got to understand .

The woman's Battle Beast Aurora was completely different from the his Light Speed Fang .

In the process of attacking, the Light Speed Fang had a time limit . Although it was fast, it had a limit of one second, that meant it needed time to shoot . It was just too fast, and it had been accelerating all the time, so ordinary enemies didn't have time to react .

However, her Aurora didn't have any time limit . It was just by a thought . There was no time between the start of the woman's attack and the arrival of the attack on Yong Hui's body . It didn't even take half a second . So his Light Speed Fang can't compare with her Aurora at speed . The other point was to raise his hand and attack . He discovered that he needed to raise his hand and then aim at his enemies .

There was nothing wrong with that, but the woman did it as naturally as breathing and heart beating .

They were not at the same level...

Perhaps, that woman had practiced thousands of times to reach this point where she didn't need to raise her hand to aim . She just attacked instinctively . If he had the chance to return to the Heaven Realm, he would practice his Light Speed Fang thousands of times more, so that he would cast Light Tooth without Fast Finger .

He regretted that he hadn't understood this simple story until today .

It was certain that the Light Tooth Fast Finger is stronger than that Aurora .

However, the owner of the Aurora, was a thousand times better than the owner of the Light Tooth Fast Finger, no mattter in summoning or controlling .

It wasn't a matter of the Light Tooth Fast Finger . It was a contest between the two owners . If they changed their places over, and that woman used the Light Tooth Fast Finger, Yong Hui believed he had been killed .

He broke out in cold sweat when he thought about it .


The Black Smoke Horn Dragon suddenly attacked in the smoke, with its long tongues of flames shooting towards the Master of Luo Hua City .

Yong Hui had thought that the Master of of Luo Hua City would use Aurora to blast away his battle beast . However, the change in the situation caused him to stare in disbelief .

A half fox and half human fox girl came suddenly in front of the Master of Luo Hua City . Her slender arm was skillfully drawn, just like the golden-eyed little monster that had caused the whirlpool to submerge the spider, but her movements were more subtle and skillful . No matter the techniques or the strength, they all reached the perfection .

The flames of the Black Smoke Horn Dragon caused her to use the air currents to form an arc, divine-skilledly spinning backward . With a sound of ’’bang’’, the flames shot backward onto the huge head of the Black Smoke Horn Dragon .

The Dragon widened its eyes in shock .

As if it couldn't believe how could its own flame burn his own body .

It was enraged . How could a fox girl who even have one percent of its own strength actually dared to provoke it?

The Black Smoke Horn Dragon coughed out a cloud of smoke and became invisible, ready to attack the enemy in the smoke . On the surface of the water, Yong Hui saw the enemy's calm expression and secretly exclaimed in his heart, ’’it's wrong’’ . Without waiting for him to warn Black Smoke Horn Dragon, he suddenly saw that beautiful little fox girl give a smile, as if she saw a stupid idiot who was playing a stupid trick that even a three-year-old child wouldn't be taken in .

The white tail behind her small buttocks wavered gently .

Her both hands painted in the sky, as painters described it .

Everyone caught the scent .

It was refreshing .

The black smoke that could cover the sky suddenly began to deform, turning into black flowers, as if the scent was released by those black flowers . The Black Smoke Horn Dragon that had been invisible for a while had instantly broken through the invisible barrier and let out a howl of pain, appearing in the sky .

The Black Smoke Horn Dragon seemed to hate the black smoke that became black flowers, and it quickly distanced itself .

He fled to his master, with his anger and force .

It wasn't until the smoke came out that covered its body that its skin started to collapse under the sunlight and finally returned to normal .

Zhong Guan and the others began to understand . The Black Smoke Horn Dragon was very powerful, but it was afraid of the sunlight . It couldn't lose the protection of the smoke, and if it lost its protection, its skin would festered . That little fox girl had used this point to easily get away this powerful Black Smoke Horn Dragon . In the battles between the Master of Luo Hua City and Guild Leader Yong Hui, no matter on owners or on their war beasts, the former was always the winner .

All they lacked was time .

As long as they had enough time to train, they would be able to defeat the heaven-stage experts!

’’If that's just the case, and you all think you can defeat me, you'll be wrong . Totally wrong . ’’ Guild Leader Yong Hui's pride had returned to his face . Without any doubt, he was a fourth-level Heaven Stage expert . Even if his Light Speed Fang was not as fast as her Aurora, and his Black Smoke Horn Dragon couldn't fight against little fox girl, it didn't mean the opponent could defeat him, a Heaven Stage . With the power the power of her Aurora, even if there wasn't the Lignt Spirit's healing power, only the fourth level Heaven Stage defense wasn't something she could possibly challenge .

’’Ah, if you think you're a Heaven Stage, I won't be able to beat you . You'll be wrong, totally wrong!’’ Yue Yang copied him .

The Master of Luo Hua City couldn't defeat Yong Hui, that didn't mean he couldn't .

As soon as he finished speaking, he had already gone to the back of Guild Leader Yonghui .

Zhong Guan closed his eyes .

He, who had the ability to change and transform, couldn't avoid Yue Yang's movement technique . Yong Hui must had already lost .

However, Guild Leader Yong Hui obviously didn't think that way . He turned around and coldly stared at Yue Yang, sneering disdainfully, ’’Nice movement technique, but what's the use of that? Can you beat me? Your Flames of Nirvana, your Wheel of Destruction, use it all to beat me! Can you? This Water World is filled with forbidding martial arts rules and forbidding wars rules . I just don't resist, and you can't attack me either! With your strength, with your warbeasts, you want to defeat me, a peak of the fourth level Heaven Stage? I just stuck my face out, you can't do anything to me! ’’


Yue Yang casually slapped him twice .

He wasn't injured at all, and this wasn't a move that could be considered a collision . It was forbidden by the forbidding martial arts rules .

Guild Leader Yonghui was first stunned, but then he became furious .

He wanted to repay Yue Yang with a few punches and slaps . However, the attack with killing intent and energy was forbidden by the forbidding martial arts rules, and this made him cry out even more . Unless he dispelled his energy and eliminated the killing intent, casually swept his hand across Yue Yang's face, it was possible that he would give him a strike . But it was obvious that Yue Yang wouldn't give him this chance .

’’Clang!’’ Yue Yang slapped him once again before he could strike .

’’...’’ When Zhong Guan saw Yue Yang humiliating Yong Hui like this, he felt both pleased and shamed . He was pleased because this Yong Hui had defeat them three so badly just now, but now he felt good to see Yue Yang slap him in the face . The shaming thing was that he and this fellow all came from Heaven Realm, and they used to be teammates, and now, Yong Hui was slapped on his face by Yue Yang . This made him feel like himself be slaped .

Guild Leader Yong Hui was enraged . The Black Smoke Horn Dragon immediately opened its mouth, trying madly to devour Yue Yang .

The moment it was about to bite Yue Yang, a foot appeared and sent the Black Smoke Horn Dragon flying out of a hundred meters away . With a 'boom' sound, it smashed into the water, causing the Black Smoke Horn Dragon to be in a sorry state . The trio of Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu covered their faces with their hands . There was no need to look, they knew who this was . It was the female barbarian bull that possessed the power of Titan and the Heart of Earth .

’’Huh!’’ When Ah Man appeared, Yue Yang added a giant shadow to her . She blew out her heavy punch and struck on Guild Leader Yong Hui's chest .

’’Get out of my way ...’’ He wanted to resist it with resist it with his hand . Little Wenli came out, using her binding talent instantly to froze his movements . Ah Man was uncourteous, her fists shooting like a meteor onto the chest of Guild Leader Yong Hui's . As a peak fourth-level Heaven Stage expert, Yong Hui once regained his freedom, and immediately began to gather his energy to protect himself . He directly shook off Ah Man's heavy punch, and snorted at Yue Yang with a hoarse and arrogant tone, ’’You want to hit me with just that much strength?’’ ’’Hmph! It's nothing!’’

The Light Spirit that was hovering behind Guild Leader Yonghui immediately healed his internal injuries and restored him to his original state .

With Yong Hui's defense and the super strong healing power of the Light Spirit .

Even if Ah Man was to throw out a thousand fists, she wouldn't be able to hurt him .

However, Yue Yang smiled and asked Yong Hui, ’’Really?’’

He added another giant shadow to Ah Man, and Ah Man combined with Little Wenli's binding talent, gave another strike ... ... This punch had doubled in strength compared to the previous one, and it was a bit too much for Yong Hui . Luckily, the Light Spirit healed him in time and made his body to recover as well .

When he saw that Yue Yang gave Ah Man the third giant shadow, he felt his legs go weak .

He couldn't bear if the brat did it again .

Zhong Guan and the others no longer had the face to look again . This fellow's strength was not bad, but compared to Yue Yang, the perverted young master of the Yue family, he was still far weaker . He wanted to fight Yue Yang? There would be only one result, and that was to look for torture!

Ah Man, who had ten giant shadows, punched Yong Hui, frightenning him to nearly piss, and he couldn't escape . Because no matter where he ran, Yue Yang was like a shadow, and he had been in the way of his retreat . He found that he had been running for hours, but still only half a meter away . If his body moved away more than half a meter, Yue Yang who was faster than the Light Speed Fang, would stop him . He couldn't give him a strike, but he could use his body to block him ... Guild Leader Yong Hui never dreamt that under the restrictions of forbidding martial arts rules, there was actually such a method of fighting .

’’Let's get punch together!’’Yong Hui sneered . As long as his body was in contact with his body, half of Ah Man's fist strength would be removed .

His idea was, let that kid enjoy the female barbarian bull 's heavy blow .

If Yue Yang got such a punch, he would definitely fell down .

The idea of Yong Hui was wonderful .

In fact, it can't be realized!

When Guild Leader Yong Hui struck at Yue Yang with his punched body, he discovered that the young master of the Yue Family vanished . He flew out like a bullet . Only now did he realize that he had been tricked . The boy had purposely stopped him, wanting to borrow force from him . This was a trap . He immediately roared, ’’You're so sly, huh ...’’

Yue Yang made a gesture with his hand over his forehead, as if he was looking far into the distance . He shouted exaggeratedly, ’’Look, there's a meteor flying away!’’

Zhong Guan, Hei Tu and Bai Ma all fainted and plunged into the water .


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