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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 646


Chapter 646

Chapter 646 You Thought You Were Fast? I Was Faster!

’’Light Speed Fang!’’

Guild leader Yong Hui snorted coldly and pointed at Hei Tu .

In the Water World, Hei Tu who absorbed land energy for his own use was the weakest . In here, Hei Tu could not display his own abilities, the warbeasts could not absorb a large amount of land energy, then he became the weakest of the three . Although Captain Bai Ma was better at air combat, not water combat, but still better than Hei Tu who's best at land combat . As for Zhong Guan, he had Transferred Shadow Skill, was good in the air, the water and on the land . Yong Hui didin't want to waste energy on him .

On Yong Hui's forefinger tip, a small beam of light was summoned .

Smaller than arrow, faster than lightning .

When the light gleamed in the eyes of Hei Tu, the pillar of light that contained the power of death had already shot to his chest .

It was too fast . Even with Hei Tu's agility of the second level of Heaven Stage, he couldn't completely dodge the attack ... Even Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu knew that guild leader Yong Hui's Light Speed Fang were extremely fast warbeast, and had long since been alerted . However, Hei Tu could not escape this piercing strike, could only watch as the light beam pierced to his chest .

It wasn't that he didn't want to dodge, but campared his speed with Light Speed Fang:

One was a clumsy drunk;the other was a flying arrow .

There was no way he could dodge it . Hei Tu was filled with fear . He prepared to use all of his strength to resist .

’’Overconfident!’’ Although Light Speed Fang was at the first level of Heaven Stage, but it was one hundred percent offensive warbeast without any defense . If Hei Tu got hit by it directly, even he wouldn't die but would still got heavily injured .

Hei Tu could barely take one hit, and another hit?

In just one second, Yong Hui could attack once with Light Speed Fang . Under his attack, how long could Hei Tu persevere?

Captain Bai Ma rode on the Infernal Nightmare, rushed down from the sky and wanted to help Hei Tu, but it was already too late . The speed of Light Speed Fang and the speed of Infernal Nightmare were like running and walking, wasn't on the same level . Bai Ma was sweating profusely . Guild leader Yong Hui was at the peak fourth level of Heaven Stage, the existence at the same level of the leader of Clown Guild . He could not be defeated by three ’’second level’’, even they joined hands .

When Hei Tu was about to be killed by Light Speed Fang, he disappeared .

Then he appeared behind Zhong Guan with high hat .

Zhong Guan saved him .

Although Zhong Guan had saved Hei Tu with the ability of Transferred Shadow, he was covered with cold sweat . Luckily, it was able to catch up . If it was tenth of one second late, Hei Tu's heart would have pierced through...

’’Let's see how many times you can save him!’’ Guild leader Yong Hui raised his hand and pointed his forefinger towards Hei Tu again .

Light Speed Fang fired once again .

In an instant, it almost reached Hei Tu's forehead . As long as it hit, the skull of Hei Tu would be opened . Zhong Guan's Transferred Shadow skill was no time limit for himself, but it could only be used in his own shadow to help his comrades . He had just transferred Hei Tu into his shadow, but found that guild leader Yong Hui had already lowered his finger and pointed, then Light Speed Fang waited on the transfer trail .

It was the light of Sunny Sunflower... Zhong Guan's heart was filled with shock . He instantly understood that this was the reason why Yong Hui had purposely used the Sunny Sunflower to adjust the angle of irradiation .

The opponent already knew the flaw in Transferred Shadow, and based on the angle of sunshine, he could calculated the trail of shadow .

This attack had been calculated by the enemy .

The guild leader Yong Hui at fourth level of heaven stage was indeed not a simple character .

It's done!

If Hei Tu wasn't in Transferred Shadow, he could still try to dodge, but now he was under the control by Zhong Guan, could only watch Light Speed Fang flying to himself .

The Heavenly Flame Horse blocked Hei Tu, kicked him into the air .

Its body instantly pierced through by Light Speed Fang, severely injuring to death, Captain Bai Ma didn't even have time to summon . He shouted madly, riding Infernal Nightmare, hit Hei Tu away, narrowly escaped from another Light Speed Fang attack . Yong Hui sneered, then extended his hand to summon a strange monstrous beast . It had four wings on the back, shaped like a dragon with black claws, snake tail, a single blue eye and one horn .

Black smoke came out from the beast's mouth, then it hid into the smoke .

The black smoke grew larger and larger, covering the sky .

This was another powerful warbeast of guild leader Yong Hui, the Black Smoke Horn Dragon . Although it wasn't a giant dragon dragon of Heaven Realm, only a sub-dragon . It was like the Heaven Realm dragon but not the same species, however, its power was strong . In it's smoke, except the toxin that could make creatures dizzy and weak, there was a special effect that made it's impossible for any creature to find the dragon itself . In terms of attack power, Black Smoke Horn Dragon was slightly inferior to Light Speed Fang, but in the continuation of battle ability, it was much better .

’’Capture!’’ Hei Tu bet his life, summoning the Evil Spider that had been heavily injured before .

The spider spurted out countless threads, forming a gray net .

In a few seconds, the spider caught Black Smoke Horn Dragon from the sky and almost dragged it off . Among the warbeasts that deal with air combat, the Evil Spider was a good hand, and can be called the defeater of all winged waebeasts .

Black Smoke Horn Dragon's body turned into smoke, then easily escaped from the net .

The spider fell .

Above the Evil Spider's head, the dragon swooped down and spewed out fire, almost burnt the Evil Spider into a roasted spider . It missed, then hid into the black smoke again . It had already been behind the Hei Tu when it reappeared . Yong Hui raised his hand before Hei Tu reacted and prepared to shoot the next wave of Light Speed Fang .

There were only two choices for Hei Tu, one was to burnt by the fire of Black Smoke Horn Dragon;the second was to hit by Light Speed Fang .

There was no third choice .

In the smoky haze, there were no shadows . The Transferred Shadow o Zhong Guan couldn't save him . As for Captain Bai Ma on Infernal Nightmare, he was fast compared with ordinary flying warbeasts, but compared with Light Speed Fang, he's still too slow .

Hei Tu was beyond their grasps .

’’I'll fight it out!’’ Hei Tu knew that there was no chance for him to survive . With a wave of fury in heart, he ordered the Evil Spider to attack guild leader Yong Hui .

A life-and-death struggle!

Even if Hei Tu couldn't kill Yong Hui, using the spider to poison him would be good . Anyway, he couldn't let this fellow leave easily!

But nobody knew that this tough guild leader Yong Hui had another summon beast .

It was a small monster covered in green scales with golden eyes and silver horns . When it summoned by Yong Hui, the water within a hundred meter radius all rippled, creating a strange and shocking vision . Before the spider's bite arrived, it gently led its tiny forepaws into the into the water and caused the surface of water to roll up into whirlpool . The spider fell into maelstrom, It was impossible to make another life-and-death struggle . This little monster's level was low, fifth gold level, its strength was only at the first innate level, far below the Evil Spider that was close to first level of Heaven Stage .

But its eyes were intelligent .

Even if it could not turn into a human yet, could not speak, but it felt close to a sacred beast .

If it wasn't for the fact that this little thing was still in its infancy and its level was too low, maybe it could defeat the Evil Spider in higher level with its high intelligence .

Yong Hui was very fond of this little monster . After he summoned it, he held it in his hand, unwilling to let go of it . He was afraid that this clever little thing would betray him and flee .

Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu now felt like dead, and their morale was completely gone .

He's too strong!

This guild leader Yong Hui was indeed a guild level expert . Apart from possessing the strength of peak fourth level of heaven stage, he possessed so many powerful warbeasts . There really was no way to fight! The combination of Sunny Sunflower and Spirit of Radiance could guarantee that he wouldn't die, Light Speed Fang and Black Smoke Horn Dragon was the strongest killing combination ... The most disturbing thing was that in order to train the warbeasts, Yong Hui summoned the underage beast to participate in the battle . It seemed that this battle was nothing to Yong Hui, he even had time to nurture the young beast .

Now they want to retreat .

They were prepared to take a few blows from Yong Hui and quickly retreat from this battle . Even if getting beaten up by Yue Yang, they didn't want to fight anymore .

There was no point in this kind of battle . This guild leader Yong Hui wasn't someone that the three of them could fight against, even tie was impossible!

In the moment they felt desperate mostly and Yong Hui's laughter was most arrogant, something impossible happened ... The eyes of Yong Hui, who was about to launch an attack on Hei Tu, narrowed as he looked at the sky . Not only him, but even Hei Tu that was almost bitten, Bai Ma that came to rescue, Zhong Guan that ready to use Transferred Shadow, they all forgot about the battle and stared blankly into the sky at this moment...

The sky was bright,

In an instant,

It's dark .

The Sunny Sunflower had disappeared under the watchful eyes of the crowd . the crowd .

As someone slapped his face, Yong Hui realized that Sunny Sunflower had actually betrayed him .

How could this be?

Plant warbeasts were the most impossible ones to betray in all warbeasts . Except the warpuppets that never betrayed and life guard warbeasts, only a few plant warbeasts would act against their masters ... Unless the plant warbeasts had independent thoughts and intelligence close to the saint beasts . If they didn't, they only had instincts . Even if their master was facing death, they wouldn't betray .


Why Sunny Sunflower betrayed Yong Hui when he had the advantage of being in the upper hand and overpowering the enemy?

This question made Yong Hui felt humiliated, like there wa a rat chewing his heart, making him feel extremely miserable . Not only was Yong Hui embarrassed, he was also angry and depressed . Was his charm really that bad? Even a Sunny Sunflower without wisdom? The worst thing was that this humiliating betrayal had happened in front of the Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu . He was so angry, almost hurt .

The answer came out quickly .

To Yong Hui, the answer meant anger .

To the three, it's happiness...

The Sunny Sunflower reappeared in the sky, shining brightly, but it had changed its owner .

The new owner was a young woman . The woman was holding hands with Yue Yang, descenting from the sky like the Spring Breeze Goddess . Her aura was like a gentle breeze, bringing a refreshing fragrance to the entire Water World .

’’You did this?’’ Guild leader Yong Hui's lungs were bursting with anger . He never thought that the third young master of Yue family would actually snatch the Sunny Sunflower .

’’Lignt Spirit has no intelligence, I don't like it very much . If that Light Speed Fang can fuse with my Spiral Aurora, then that's not too bad . ’’ The woman who brought a scent of flowers was the Master of Luo Hua City . She ignored the anger of Yong Hui, there was noly Yue Yang in her eyes . She smiled at his suggestion and waved her hand, ’’Bing'er gave me the Sunny Sunflower just now, so leave this Lignt Spirit to them! I like attacking, the heal warbeast was useless, so leave it to Yue Yu . ’’

’’You dare to challenge my dignity? Damn it, you all go die!’’ Yong hui raised his hand angrily, pointing his forefinger at Yue Yang, ready to use Light Speed Fang to teach him a deadly lesson .


Faster than Yong Hui, from the hands of the Master of Luo Hua City, a giant aurora pole with three spirals of destructive light energy shot straight at him .


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