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Long Live Summons! - Chapter 548


Chapter 548 - Demon Suppressing Pagoda, Dark Cloud Sky Flames

Translated by: honey

Edited by: Last

TLCed by: Last

When they heard Empress Fei Wen Li's name, they were stunned.

Although they pretended to be calm, even a blind man could see the fear and shock in their eyes.

After hearing what Yue Yang said, flame giant, scorching blue man, and even Cang Yan completely believed him. After all, only a strong person like Empress Fei Wen Li would be able to have such a disciple like Yue Yang. This was the only logical reason that could explain the peculiar history of the Yue Clan's Third Young Master. On the other side, even after hearing it, Zhi Zun and Night Empress remained indifferent. This was because Empress Fei Wen Li's name had long been lost in history. She was a supreme from 10,000 years ago, other than within Heaven Realm, her existence was not recorded anywhere.

Even if someone mentioned Tian Lun, Qian Ye and Wu Se these 3 seniors, Zhi Zun and Night Empress were not familiar with them. They only knew of their existence from some historical records.

A history of 6,000 years was enough to burn out the splendour of many.

These people were definitely Human Supremes that had a time of fame in the Heaven Realm. It was just that with the passing of time, all matters within Tong Tian Tower were matters of the past.

’’Cang Yan, go finish that boy off.’’ flame giant gave Cang Yan a mission to kill Yue Yang.

’’Great Yan Zong, Cang Yan will do as you say.’’ Even though Cang Yan looked abiding, he was silently cursing in his heart. If Yue Yang this boy really was Empress Fei Wen Li's disciple and Cang Yan really killed him, when Empress Fei Wen Li hears this news, she would definitely attack Heaven Realm. Against the Abyssal Empress who used to wield so much power in Heaven Realm, would the Central Palace even protect him this lowly FirePalace Elder and offend her?


Even though he was well-known as a Fire Palace Elder, he was still worthless.

In Central Palace, there were as many as six clans that were fire-type clans.

Among them, the strongest Fire God Sect and divine Flame Sect were even enemies with a 10,000 year grudge. 3000 years ago, if the Sky Flame Palace did not rise to form the current balance of the 3 forces, and Fire God Sect and divine Flame Sect had not given in, he would never have become Central Palace's Outer Palace Fire Palace Elder! If he were to fall, the disciples of Fire God Sect and divine Flame Sect would all celebrate in joy.

Even though Empress Fei Wen Li had been inactive for 10,000 years, her fame had not diminished in the slightest.

At any time, as long as this Lamia Empress returns to Heaven Realm, there would be many old comrades and followers who would follow her......

If she was to attack Heaven Realm after hearing the news, Central Palace would most likely send his head to her immediately to appease this Ultimate Supreme. Compared to a supreme like Empress Fei Wen Li, he was like an ant, extremely insignificant.

Cang Yan's heart shook.

He made up his mind to follow Yan Zong and Yan Zun. If they were able to kill Zhi Zun and Night Empress, then he would also kill Yue Clan's Third Young Master.

As long as everyone here dies, Empress Fei Wen Li would naturally not know that he was the one who did it.

This way, he could kill 2 birds with one stone. Not only could he get rid of Yue Yang this nuisance, he would also please Yan Zong and Yan Zun who were very powerful in Sky Flame Palace, second only to the Sky Flame Empress. However, if they did not attack, he himself must definitely not make rash moves.

Otherwise, he would be the one who dies in the worst way.

No matter what, he must not offend Supreme Rankers like Empress Fei Wen Li that he could never defeat.

’’......’’ The more Cang Yan looked at Yue Yang, the more he felt that the reason why he was Empress Fei Wen Li's disciple was simple. If not for someone like Empress Fei Wen Li who was protecting this boy, would he dare be so arrogant? Back then when he was still Heaven Ranked Level 3, he was still living on his toes. He did not even dare to fart. Only when he reached Heaven Ranked Level 5 and ascended as Central Palace's Outer Palace Fire Palace Elder, did he barely dare raise his head.

’’......’’ flame giant Yan Zong also felt that Yue Yang was not simple. His ability was not even Heaven Ranked, yet he still dared to attack Heaven Realm?

What a joke, did he think Heaven Realm was a hotel that he could come and go as he please?

Without the protection of Empress Fei Wen Li, even if he had guts the size of a water tank, he would not dare to come here!

As for the scorching Yan Zun, when he saw Yue Yang heavily injure the Abyss Manatees with his World Exterminating Wheel, he was also troubled. It shouldn't be difficult to kill this boy, but if he was Empress Fei Wen Li's disciple, things were more complicated.

Whatever, he will just pretend that he didn't see him!

All three of them pretended not to see Yue Yang. Anyway one less matter is better than an extra problem. If they could avoid bothering Empress Fei Wen Li, then they would avoid looking for death!

Offending a Supreme Ranker like Empress Fei Wen Li will not end with simply a few people dying.

The entire Sky Flame Palace could be wiped out......

’’We have made enough progress today, let us come back to tidy up later. We should go back. ’’ Zhi Zun seemed as if she still wanted to fight, but after contemplating she decided to let matters rest.

’’Whew!’’ Yan Zong, Yan Zun and Cang Yan breathed a dodge of relief. Thank god the opponent relented. If they decide to fight to the end, things would be troublesome.

’’Give me a moment.’’ Yue Yang slowly used Nirvana Flames to to purify an Abyss Manatee's core, scaring the two Abyss Manatees who were still alive. Forcing them to surrender immediately even if Yan Zong was still there.

Above Yue Yang, Fire Phoenix had already flew up onto the sky.

What did its appearance symbolize?

The two Abyss Manatees knew with certainty. Unless they surrender, they would die!

When they saw Yue Yang use Nirvana Flames to form the Fire Phoenix, Yan Zong and Yan Zun were green with envy.

In all of Heaven Realm, the Nirvana Flames that all fire-type rankers longed day and night but could not obtain was with this human boy. This, how could this be endured by all the fire-type rankers from Fire God Sect, divine Flame Sect and Sky Flame Palace, who have seeked Nirvana for thousands and ten thousands of years! Back then, his teacher taught him that as long as one relentlessly pursued Nirvana, one would receive the recognition of Nirvana Flames...... In the end, all they have been after were flowers in a mirror and the moon reflected in the lake, unrealistic!

Yan Zong and Yan Zun felt their hearts shatter.

If no one was looking, they would most likely be bawling. After spending thousands of years trying to achieve Nirvana, chasing after the ultimate flame, it was all a dream. Only now, did they wake up from their dream......

The appearance of Nirvana Flames left the two Fire-type Rankers Yan Zong and Yan Zun ashamed.

Especially in front of Cang Yan, they could not raise their head as his senior.

Cang Yan did not mention Yue Yang's Nirvana Flames before. He only described how powerful Zhi Zun was. If he had mentioned Nirvana Flames, they would never have come here. A ranker who owned Nirvana Flames, who had the body of Nirvana, could not possibly be killed easily. Even if they killed him, Nirvana Flames would reform its owner's body. If they could not completely destroy his soul, every move they make was useless.

No wonder Empress Fei Wen Li let this boy do whatever he wanted and attack Heaven Realm, there was almost no one who could kill him......

’’Since you are here, if we do not invite the VIP from Soaring Dragon Continent in for a drink, we would have failed as hosts.’’ Flame giant Yan Zong decided to get back some face. Even if he could not kill the opponent, he should at least defeat him. Otherwise, if news were to spread that Sky Flame Palace did not dare retaliate against Soaring Dragon Continent's Rankers who attacked Heaven Realm, they would lose all their face.

’’Let me treat all you VIPs to a cup of tea!’’ Yan Zun thought the same.

’’......’’ Cang Yan pretended to not see Yue Yang, who was forcing the Abyss Manatees into the Demon Supressing Pagoda.

Actually Yue Yang did not plan to make such a fuss, but he had a reason for doing so.

Firstly, he did not want to let the Abyss Manatees escape. His ability to control the power of the Ancient Code and Hei Hu's death had to be kept secret. Secondly, he did not want to waste the Abyss Manatees. Even though they were not smart, at least they had intelligence. Furthermore, they were Heaven Ranked Level 2, they would be excellent to guards in Soaring Dragon Continent. Thirdly, he wanted to test out the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.

Yue Yang never had a chance to use the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.

In the past, it was because he did not have a strong enough opponent. But now, things were different. Even if it was the Black Hell King or the Scarlet Emperor, they had to be sealed.

Yue Yang was concerned that these 2 guys might not die easily. Anyway he was good at sealing, so the Demon Suppressing Pagoda was the best choice...... If the effect was good after testing it on the Abyss Manatees, he could later try to fit the Ancient Slaughterer Beast King and the twenty Ancient Slaughterers.

Actually, the two Abyss Manatees were hoping for Yan Zong, Yan Zun and Cang Yan to save them. But the problem was that all 3 of them pretended not to see anything. The Abyss Manatees could only begrudgingly go into the Demon Suppressing Pagoda, and become Yue Yang's. They did not want to die. Whether it was the World Exterminating Wheel or Nirvana Flame, they did not want to be hit by these. Once hit, it would mean eternal death, resurrection was impossible...... Now that their owner Hei Hu was dead, loyalty and pacts were all useless. Now, they could only hope that this owner would treat them well.

A golden splendour shone and the 2 Abyss Manatees took in their surroundings longingly.

At the last moment, they hopefully looked at Cang Yan.

After all, they used to be companions of their owner.

On account of them being comrades, could he help them?

Cang Yan looked at the sky nonchalantly, showing that he was a clueless bystander who only just passed by. Tears streamed down the faces of the two Abyss Manatees......

’’Get in! If this young master wasn't so bored these days, I would not even care about you two!’’ Yue Yang kicked the 2 tragic Abyss Manatees' butts. The two Abyss Manatees wanted to bawl so badly. But under their new master, they could only give in to him and crawl into the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.

They realized that this Demon Suppressing Pagoda even had to be crawled into. Their new owner did not even open a teleportation circle, and only left a narrow space for them.

In that instant, they saw darkness in their future.

Of course, they did not know that Yue Yang did not even know how to open the Demon Suppressing Pagoda.....

Yan Zong and Yan Zun decided to work together to show the 3 humans in front of them what they were made of. For two reasons, to test their ability and also redeem some of their face.

Indeed, Empress Fei Wen Li's disciple was arrogant. But as a Heaven Ranked Level 6 Supreme Rankers, if they bowed down to him, they could forget about staying in Heaven Realm. They would become the biggest joke of Heaven Realm.

’’Sky Flame Praire!’’ flame giant Yan Zong waved his hand as a purple golden sea of fire spilled out.

Zhi Zun did not budge.

All the flames were reflected by the energy shield surrounding her. It was completely ineffective like Cang Yan's attack previously.

With [Starry Sky Domain], Night Empress only used the Winter Circle and blocked all of the Sky Flames.


Only Yue Yang suffered.

He was burnt by the Sky Flames, in immense pain and almost suffocating.

However, Yan Zong was not pleased with Yue Yang's suffering in the least. Instead, he even felt fury.

Yue Yang had deliberately allowed the Sky Flames to burn him. He was swallowing the power of Yan Zong's Sky Flames. After being burned, together with the continuous fusion of the Heaven's Fury Fire Lotus, the power of Heaven's Fury Fire Lotus was upgraded. Furthermore, majority of the Sky Flames that were not fused would become 'Dark Cloud Sky Flames' after purified by Nirvana Flames. Dark Cloud Sky Flames was something that even after 1000 years of trying, Yan Zong has still been unable to create.

Dark Cloud Sky Flames, was a Sky Flame that could transcend the limit of fire-types, changing from Yang to Yin.

For 1000 years, Yan Zong had desired to upgrade his Sky Flame but to no avail.

Today, Yue Yang used a mere few minutes to achieve what he had never been able to.

Even without Nirvana Flames, Yue Yang's Heaven's Fury Fire Lotus had a suppressive force. If he was also be able to form Dark Cloud Sky Flames, then his fire ability would surpass Yan Zong who had been training for thousands of years.

Such a heartless ridiculing move made Yan Zong lost all face.

He was furious, to the point of almost losing his senses.


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