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Loner Harem Meister - Chapter 23


Lone Harem Meister Chapter 23: Yuki's feelings

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I am currently in my bookshop packing my luggage as usual.

’’Today, I need to press Yuuki to confess how he found out about my underwears color.’’

I am aware that he's going through that age, however, it is still wrong to talk about such a delicate matter. But, I wonder if the day when I will have to something indecent with him will come. Since he's my first boyfriend, I don't know how things are supposed to go, besides, he's still a man, after all.

’’What am I doing? Focus! Let's think about that once Yuuki is back.’’

I silently resumed my packaging process. I cautiously wrapped the books in a vinyl, making sure to not damage them;used sponges in the boxes, placed the books inside and shut the boxes using a tape.

’’It's already evening. Yuuki should be on his way now, I should take a little break in the meantime.’’

Right when I decided to do so and stood up, my smartphone started ringing.

’’I wonder who it may be.’’

Hinata's name was projected on the screen. In that case, I need to reply back.

’’Hello, this is Yuki.’’

’’Yuki! You answered!’’

’’Is something the matter?’’

’’I want you to stay strong and listen to me.’’

’’...what happened?’’

’’Yuuki was run over by a car and he's currently unconscious. I still don't know the full details, since I was just contacted by the hospital.’’

My field of vision suddenly turned pitch black. I wanted this to be a lie. I wanted that accident to have happened to someone else.

’’A-Are you serious...? You're lying, right...?’’

’’I'd like to answer you saying it's a lie, but it's all true. Utano is on her way to your place now. Let her drive you to the hospital.’’

’’I understand...’’

I closed the bookshop, took my essential stuff, and waited for Utano while controlling my impatience.

’’... Sorry, I'm late.’’

’’It's fine. Let's go now.’’

’’... Right.’’

I rode the car then asked Utano about the situation.

’’Is Yuuki okay?’’

’’... I don't know. But let's believe in him.’’

That's seems like I'm the only one who's out of her composure. Although I know that flustering won't do me anything, I still couldn't control it that easily.

’’... I'm flustered as well. I can't calm down either.’’

’’So you did read my expression, after all.’’

’’... I'm a counselor you know. Besides, Everyone is worried.’’

Not much time has passed since I first met her and she can already read my mood this simply. And in addition, she helped me take back my coolness too.

’’We're almost there.’’

’’I understand. Suuu... Haaa...’’

I took a deep breath and resolved my mind. Of course, it was to prepare myself to stay with Yuuki no matter what happened to him.

’’We're here...’’

’’Well then, let's go.’’

Utano and I ran into the hospital. We asked the nurse about Yuuki's room and headed over there.

We finally arrived at the room where he's supposed to be.

’’Excuse us.’’

I stepped inside and suspended my breath after witnessing Yuuki's figure.

’’...!! What's this...?’’

’’So you came.’’


I tried asking Hinata for an explanation but I couldn't even let out a sound.

’’He got a bone fracture in his left hand, one broken rib which injured his lung and is bleeding in his head. His life is secured thanks to some form of treatment, but apparently, a complete recovery will take a long time.’’

’’Is that so...’’

I didn't know how to react to her report. Should I be happy because he's still alive? Or should I...

’’I'm very sorry.’’


I turned to the direction of the voice to find a girl sitting in a chair as she cast her sight downward.

’’Who's she?’’

’’Humu, this will take a while but, let's talk about Yuuki's accident.’’

’’Yes, please.’’

After that, I listened to Hinata's story and grasped the whole situation.

It looks like Yuuki was hit by a car trying to save this girl who's sitting now in the chair. The girl's name was Kirishima Kaori.

She didn't notice the car that was ignoring the red light until Yuuki pushed her away forcibly.

The car driver sped away after, but it seems there were plenty of witnesses, so it's only a matter of time until the driver was arrested.

’’I see. I'm glad you're okay, Kirishima.’’

’’But I... Kaori did...’’ (TLN: she refers to herself as her name instead of ’’I’’)

’’It's okay.’’

Kirishima didn't do anything wrong. I approached her and then hugged her close. She shouldn't get crushed by the responsibility of Yuuki's accident.

’’Kaori is... Kaori is...’’

’’You did well staying strong. It's okay now.’’

I gently caressed her hair.

’’I'm so sorryyyyyyyyyyy!! Uwaaaaaaaaa!!!’’

She started crying loud in my chest, However, I didn't mind that and remained to hold her close. She must have been enduring her urge to cry all this time.

’’It's okay. Yoshi Yoshi.’’

A short while after, she stopped crying and instead fell asleep. She's a pretty cute girl. If only Yuuki was this honest with his feelings.

’’Hinata, can you bring me that chair, please? Standing still while holding her this way is quite tiring.’’


I took a seat in the chair that Hinata brought me and put Kirishima to sleep in my lap.

’’Sorry about that, Yuki.’’

’’About what?’’

’’Leaving you to take care of Kirishima.’’

’’No, it's completely fine. She's a good girl.’’

I softly stroked Kirishima's hair.

’’... What are we going to do now?’’

’’Let's see. Now that we confirmed that Yuuki is okay, how about taking turns in looking after him?’’

’’Okay, first we're leaving it to you now. Utano and I need to go inform the school.’’

’’I understand.’’

Utano and Hinata exited the hospital leaving me and the sleeping Kirishima.

’’Yuuki... It's a heavy responsibility to make a girl cry.’’

I spent my time leisurely waiting for the both of them to wake up.


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