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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 9


[Little Phoenix] Chapter 9

APRIL 25, 2016 ~ LUEN

Wellllll, it's late but here's chapter 9.

Daren/ Dashen: 1st one is a title of respect toward superiors while 2nd one is referring to a deity/ guru

huang xiong: imperial brother

biaodi: younger male cousin from female line

Chapter 9: Heaven's Death God (1)

Hearing that voice, the War God wasn't able to change anything and so he lifted his halberd and gave an ordered, his voice loud and clear like a roll of thunder: ’’The three armies, retreat!’’

Actually, even without his order, the celestial soldiers were already retreating.

Wen Xi evidently also understood how dangerous the situation was. He carried Tian Zhen and ran.

The black whirlwind tower on the mountain top seemed like it had been struck by an immense force as it began to violently shake. It looked like a large building that was on the verge of collapse. It was no longer a funnel shape with a set distance from its center and had become an indistinct lump.

When all was said and done, the War God was unwilling to easily give up. He personally soared into the air on his cloud and borrowed the heavenly wind's power to protect the spell.

The wind's power condensed once again and the spell regained its tranquility.

The War God relaxed, but his complexion suddenly changed again.

The stationary whirlwind seemed like a black, glass goblet. Unexpectedly, a crack gradually appeared on its surface. One crack, two cracks, three cracks......

The cracks moved unhindered and through them, a godly light was radiated all around.

Without time to mend it, the War God was greatly alarmed. Predicting the situation that was on the verge of occurring, and with no time to turn around, he directly moved backwards towards the bottom of the flag in that position.

Zhao Huajun was still stably standing on the mountain top and hadn't retreated. Upon seeing that his mending had failed, he couldn't help deeply sighing. He raised his left palm while his right hand cut an arc high up in the air, causing his wide sleeve to gently wave. The movement wasn't big and seemed more graceful and nice looking. In a flash, a bright, red ball of fire encircled his entire body and then gradually expanded in all four directions, altogether forming an enormous, firm and secure barrier.

At the same time, the War God beside him also brandished his Hua halberd and pointed it at the sky. Lightning flashed across the vast sky, appearing to be pulled by the tip of the halberd. The white sparks were dazzling as they produced a blue-white protective barrier.

The Bird God King and Heaven's War God stretched out their magic power to their limits and built a solid double barrier to resist the Demon God's power together.

The sound of the explosion was ear-splitting. The whirlwind had dispersed, the spell had been broken. A blue god light shone with a glaring cold, iciness. The flow of air was like the flood of a bursting dam, carrying smoke, dust, and flying rocks with it. It hid the sky and covered the earth as it came rolling over.

Within the booming noise, the two-layered barrier shattered.

Everything, had occurred within a mere blink of an eye.

Having predicted this outcome long ago, Zhao Huajun and the War God weren't surprised and retreated backwards at the same time to avoid injuries. Those two men had formidable god power protecting their bodies while the celestial soldiers on the other hand, were screwed. The several thousand who were a bit slow in retreating and evading had all been annihilated.

Seeing for themselves, the terror of the Demon God's power which had surpassed their imaginations, the complexions of each and every one of the remaining celestial soldier paled and their legs weakened.

Fortunately, Wen Xi had quickly dodged. Tian Zhen trembled.

The gale continued, rolling sand and stone everywhere. The entire sky was filled with dust, confusing everyone's field of vision. The previous oppressive feeling became clearer and heavier, almost causing one to suffocate.

A figure gradually appeared from within the blue god light.

Tian Zhen promptly shook her neck so as to shake off the dust and looked with rapt attention.

There was a seemingly 20, but she suspected he was actually 30, thousand or maybe ten thousand year old man. His stature was clearly much taller than that of an ordinary person. He wore a wide sleeved black robe lined with golden borders that rose due to the wind. His long black hair was flying about in the wind with a few strands hanging down in front of his forehead. In addition, he wore a golden forehead as well as hair ornament. The man was noble and awe-inspiring.

Eastern God or Western God?

The false Demon Emperor, the reincarnated Death God, was merely motionlessly standing there. The killing intent covering his entire body gave birth to fear within people's hearts.

One look. One look was enough.

The contours of his face were unexpectedly gentle with a high bridged nose, thin lips, and the corners of his mouth slightly raised in a smile that wasn't quite a smile. His eyebrows were elegantly narrow and slanted towards his temples. If you asked of the Demon God's magnificence, it was entirely within his long and narrow phoenix eyes. The expression underneath those long eyelashes, rather than saying that it was self-confidence, it would be better to say that it was contempt and arrogance. That was a kind of ’’looking down on the six realms and worshipping only myself’’ loftiness. Regardless of whether they were man or god, in front of him, they all seemed so petty, low, and insignificant.

This appearance......why is this appearance so familiar-looking?!

Tian Zhen shut her eyes. Her heart beating wildly.

’’That's Demon God Lucifer (Lu Xi Fa).’’ Wen Xi softly sighed.

What? Tian Zhen opened her eyes, her head full of black lines.

He, he, he......Lucifer! Lucifer Daren?

There wasn't enough time for her to confirm before the Demon God's eyes narrowed, his eyebrows lowered, and his sleeve waved. Within that split second, the god power in his body erupted and once again, several thousands of celestial soldiers gloriously turned into fertilizer for the soil underneath their feet.

Tian Zhen was silent.

Alright. He passed the screen test. If you added six wings, he'd totally be able to play the role of Lucifer Daren......

Wen Xi looked at Zhao Huajun and the War God not far away and used a voice transmission technique to give her an explanation: ’’He's originally the God Emperor's blood-related brother and was Heaven's most famous God King. Because he was unwilling to be beneath the God Emperor, he rebelled against Heaven and became the Demon Emperor.’’

’’In the past, Heaven's previous emperor had seven sons. The eldest son, Shi Zhongtian, was born from the God Empress and is the current God Emperor. After 80,000 years, the God Empress gave birth to the seventh son. That very night, a nameless saint entered the palace and met face to face with the previous emperor. The saint said 'When there is disorder, calm the disorder. When there is no disorder, disorder will be created. The reincarnated Death God will refuse to serve as a servant and will leave.' However, at that time the God Realm's 4 ministries were rebelling and the imperial court was in a critical situation. The previous emperor insisted on keeping him and bestowed the name Shi Zhongliu upon him.’’

’’It is said that he was originally the Ninth Heaven's Death God who was trapped inside the highest quality mirror through the cooperation of the Ancient Gods. Part of his soul reincarnated, but his nature was prone to killing. Within a year, he pacified the 4 ministries' rebellion and since then, no one dared to offend the God Realm. Afterwards, the previous emperor had to deal with his aging body and Shi Zhongtian ascended the throne. He was unwilling to accept this and so rebelled and went to the Demon Realm to become the Demon Emperor. He discarded his original name, no longer using it, and instead, named himself Lucifer. This all happened to comply with the nameless saint's words.’’

In front of them, after the Demon Emperor had made over 10,000 cannon fodders, he finally stopped his hand.

’’Your Majesty.’’ The Demon army neatly kneeled down and paid homage to him.

Lu Binghe and Lu Xiaocan stepped forward and went down on one knee only: ’’Fuhuang.’’

Hearing these two words, Tian Zhen almost choked to death. Her entire body shook and all her feathers rose up Heavenly King Lu are you sure? That good-looking and violent Dage is really, really your dad and not your brother?

The corner of Wen Xi's mouth twitched unnoticed as he said: ’’The Demon Emperor is naturally arrogant, only showing up at this time. It was definitely because of the War God's words provoking him that he willingly stayed inside the spell.’’

Sure enough, the Demon Emperor raised his face, his hair blown by the wind and brushing against. There was quite a bit of contempt present in his voice: ’’Shen Wugong, I stayed inside the spell for 15 days and you still weren't able to beat my sons. Do you still have any words to say?’’

The War God didn't take it lying down: ’’The situation has already arrived at this point. There's no need to speak nonsense.’’

This was clearly an indirect admission of defeat. The Demon Emperor gave an ’’Un’’ sound with quite a bit of satisfaction and didn't bother with his reluctance to admit his loss: ’’Shi Zhongtian, since you've come is there any need to hide?’’

The moment these words came out, the War God's complexion underwent a huge change as he hastily turned his head around to look.

’’If seventh brother wants to see zhen, shouldn't you say huang xiong¹?’’ Within the previous carriage, a person slowly lifted the carriage's curtain and walked out. He was dressed from head to foot in beautiful clothing. He wore a smile on his face and his tone wasn't inferior to the Demon Emperor's in the least.

Do all leaders change clothes this quickly? Tian Zhen was in admiration of them to the extent that she wanted to prostrate before them in worship.

The War God's soul almost left his body: ’’Your Majesty!’’

Zhao Huajun led the three armies in paying their respects.

The wide, black sleeve waved as the Demon Emperor placed one hand on his back: ’’Incompetent. Unworthy of my servitude.’’

These words were not only rude, but were basically extremely arrogant. Facing this reckless insult, the God Emperor was no longer able to hold back his anger. His tone and the look in his eyes both became cold: ’’Shi Zhongliu, don't you take advantage of my Heaven too much!’’

’’The use your power to make me surrender.’’

The moment those black eyes narrowed, once again, several thousand celestial soldiers became cannon fodder.

Wen Xi had long since anticipated this result and had retreated far away in advance. Tian Zhen was huddled in his arms, endlessly sighing. Your Majesty the God Emperor, now there's a person that you can't toy with. It's a pity your celestial soldiers......

Looks at the remaining celestial soldiers in the surroundings The moment Demon God Daren narrows his eyes, if you don't want to be cannon fodder then dodge. Haven't you discovered this pattern yet?

Looks at Zhao Huajun again Has there been a mistake? In reality we came to watch the Demon God train and raise his level right?

Finally raises her head and looks toward Wen Xi This is a dangerous person. I should stay a bit further away from him?

The God Emperor stood at the top of a mountain and looked at everything that had happened in front of him. His handsome face had become so cold that it was freezing. The two fists inside his sleeves were clenched until they almost shattered. Grudgingly, the gap in strength was too great and so he basically didn't have the luxury of flaring up. This was because at present, even if he, Zhao Huajun, and the War God, these three people, were to cooperate, it still wasn't certain if they could win against him. It would be even more troublesome if they were to stir up his killing nature and fight all the way up to the imperial court.

Zhao Huajun inwardly sighed and stepped forward: ’’Biaodi, is this necessary? The God Realm hasn't assaulted the Demon Realm for many years now. Even if it died out, what benefit would there be for you? Moreover, apart from the God Realm, there's still the Immortal, Spirit, Ghost, and Human Realms.Biaodi is also a member of the God race and we shouldn't massacre one another like this. Wouldn't that be letting them derive benefit from our infighting for no reason?’’

Tian Zhen heard this and laughed.

Leader, you really know how to be diplomatic. All the good words were said by you. What 'The God Realm hasn't assaulted the Demon Realm for many years now'? Hearing this, it's like you did them a huge favor. The problem is that with this Lucifer Dashen present, do you dare to assault them?

The reincarnation of the Death God with natural warlike instincts. Thinking over with joy at the number of times that the God Realm had lost to him, the Demon God heartily laughed: ’’This person who's good at speaking, I'll give you this face for the time being.’’

He turned to the side and ordered: ’’My sons, withdraw the troops.’’

The sound of his voice had just fallen and the people were already gone.

Lu Binghe said ’’withdraw’’ and together with his younger brother Lu Xiaocan as well as the several ten thousand demon soldiers, they all disappeared without a trace within the blink of an eye.

Tian Zhen was speechless.

This Demon God Daren really......does as he pleases. Vigorously fighting up until now to the point where other people's chicken were sent flying and their dogs jumping. In the end, a few soft words from my leader and he went home.

At this moment, Tian Zhen finally understood the true purpose of those several hundred thousand celestial soldiers. It was to serve as cannon fodder for the Demon God's training.


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