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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 8


Chapter 8: The God King Brothers (2)

The undulating mountain range extended into the distance like the back of a black dragon and it was impossible to see its ends. There was sparse vegetation, but quite a lot of black, rocky soil. Occasionally, there would be some maple trees with black leaves that looked even bleaker amidst the cold, killing intent.

The banner fluttered in the air. The entire mountain was covered with countless celestial soldiers standing close together. Each and every one tightly grasped a spear and sword and waited. The moment the flag went down, a particularly eye-catching heavenly general appeared. He looked around 30 with a square forehead, straight nose, and a pair of inverted eyebrows. He had a mighty appearance and an imposing stature and his armor was made of lustrous gold and jade. A Qian Kun sword was worn at his waist while his hand grasped a Fang Tian Hua halberd.

The troop was stationed in midair and so all the soldiers were compelled to raise their heads to look.

The heavenly official dismounted from his horse and said in a loud voice: ’’By imperial orders, Zhao Huajun has come to oversee the battle.’’

The curtain was lifted and Zhao Huajun walked out from the carriage. His white clothes and golden belt caused the eyes of the people in front of him to shine.

The golden armored god in front didn't go up and greet him. He merely cupped his hands towards the sky: ’’It's currently inconvenient for the army to salute. Don't blame them Zhao Huajun.’’

’’There's no need for the War God to be so polite,’’ Zhao Huajun led the troop in descending from the clouds. He issued his trademark smile and said a few words of praise towards the God Emperor and such. Afterwards, he asked, ’’What's the situation of the battle?’’

The War God pointed directly in front, towards the distance: ’’General Xian is fighting head on against the Demon Realm's younger heavenly king.’’

The battle was really too intense. Tian Zhen had begun to pay attention the moment she had got off the carriage. The demon cloud in front of them surged on. Within the cloud, there were countless numbers of demon soldiers in neat and tidy arrays and a great number of them held either sharp spears or sharp blades. Two people were locked in battle in front of the troops with the light around them shining. The air would be compressed whenever they collided, causing the sand to fly and rocks to move. From time to time, there would also be an accompanying ear-splitting sound of an explosion.

Getting a clear look at the Demon Realm's younger heavenly king, Tian Zhen's head began to get dizzy and she involuntarily pulled her neck back.

Zhao Huajun watched the battle with rapt attention and gradually furrowed his eyebrows. He didn't say anything and it was a long time before he shifted his line of sight to the other side.

On a mountain top not far away, there was unexpectedly a black whirlwind staying there.

The huge funnel was shaped like a whirlwind and it was so tall that it practically touched the sky. You could say that it was moving because he was currently rotating at an extremely fast rate. You could also say that it wasn't moving because from the beginning to end, it hadn't moved from its original spot. It also didn't dissipate with everything within a 500m radius from it being enveloped by it. It wasn't possible to get a clear look at what was inside of it.

Zhao Huajun said: ’’Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire Subduing God Art. Wind Art trapped him?’’

’’Yes,’’ The War God lowered his voice and forced a smile, ’’I won't hide it from Zhao Huajun. At most, this art will only trap him for a while. There really is no way for little god to be sure......’’

Zhao Huajun suddenly said: ’’Call General Xian back.’’

The War God was startled, but his face quickly fell as he transmitted the order to strike the gong.

Tian Zhen had just thought that it was strange when a soft voice came from above her head and explained: ’’If they continue to fight, General Xian will definitely lose within 20 strikes. Recalling him back right now is for the sake of preserving the God Realm's prestige.’’

Raising her head, Wen Xi was looking at her with a smile.

This person can read minds? Tian Zhen was silent as she shifted her line of sight back to the battlefield.

The gong sounded and lightning split across the sky. As expected, General Xian returned.

Lu Xiaocan didn't pursue and withdrew his attack. He rested his hands at his back, smiled, and said: ’’It's really just as fuhuang had said, Heaven is a group of trash. Shen Wugong, do you not have any other subordinates?’’

The War God Shen Wugong restrained his anger: ’’Yellow-mouthed boy, you're actually this rude!’’

’’This insignificant general wishes to teach the Demon Realm's younger generation a lesson.’’ A general near the front requested for the order.

Tian Zhen coolly watched from the side and discovered that this person looked quite familiar. Without having to spend too much time thinking, she remembered this was the Roc King, Chui Tian, whom she had met back then in the Heavenly Ocean!

Shen Wugong was feeling embarrassed at that moment. Several generals had met with

consecutive defeats under Lu Xiaocan's hands. Heaven's prestige had been completely lost. The opponent was a junior so he, the great War God, couldn't personally do battle with him. Now seeing Chui Tian requesting to battle on his own accord, he was immediately elated: ’’This battle requires that a general to be sent in order to obtain victory!’’

He wielded his halberd and commanded: ’’Roc King Chui Tian, hear this order, on behalf of this general, battle against Lu Xiaocan!’’

Chui Tian complied with the order and flew until he was face to face to Lu Xiaocan.

When Lu Xiaocan saw him, his gaze sharpened, but his mouth happily smiled as he said: ’’Roc, my fuhuang considerately spared you. How could Zhao Huajun-bobo still allow you to come and throw your life away?’’

Chui Tian scolded: ’’Demon Realm's junior, you're still wet behind the ears and yet dare to speak such conceited nonsense!’’

Lu Xiaocan gave a ’’hey’’ sound: ’’First look at my Furious Sea God Kill.’’

The moment he finished speaking, his small hand peacefully pushed outwards, raising a tide-like blue halo. One wave was followed by another wave, rushing forward. It was obvious that he hadn't used his entire strength and his attack power wasn't lacking in ferocity. It could clearly be seen that although he was young, he had a rich amount of experience in confronting opponents. This was gaining the initiative by striking first while at the same time, probing his opponent's limits.

Chui Tian sneered and a pair of extremely wide roc wings abruptly appeared from behind him.

The roc wings lightly flapped and gave rise to a hurricane.

The opposing tide was obstructed. In the end, the tall tide was pressured into retreating and collapsed backwards like a mountain.

Lu Xiaocan had changed shape long ago into a shadow to avoid the counterattack while repeatedly sending out attacks. In a situation where the opponent wasn't weak, it was necessary to fight and obtain a decisive opportunity.

The two people underwent 10 rounds of you come, I go. The flashing human shadows resembled the wizards in TV and even had light and shadow special effects. Tian Zhen's head became dizzy and her vision blurred. Where was it possible to tell who was more superior? She turned her head to look at Zhao Huajun beside her and discovered that his complexion was the same as always. She couldn't help snickering at that. Two-faced people were just like this, being able to pretend either victory or defeat.

’’Little phoenix, do you want to listen?’’ Wen Xi stroked her head, ’’I could give you an explanation?’’

Tian Zhen hurriedly nodded her head.

As expected, Wen Xi softly explained in a few words: ’’Lu Xiaocan will lose.’’

Tian Zhen didn't doubt his judgement in the slightest. She was so excited that all of her neck feathers rose up as she gazed at Lu Xiaocan with both eyes shining in schadenfreude. Roc, represent our Bird God race and ruthlessly take care of that little monster! How about also capturing him and bleeding him?

The more the two fought, the more intense it became. The power that they wielded came into contact and in a flash, three mountain tops were cleanly removed.

Lu Xiaocan retreated several meters before standing firm with blood flowing out from the corner of his mouth. He was neither angry nor scared and his small hand casually wiped his mouth. His two hands joined at his chest, creating a huge ball of blue light which was then shot towards Chui Tian.

Yo, such a small age and he still knows to show off! Tian Zhen was speechless. Seeing that he was injured and bleeding, contrarily, she couldn't help but glance at her household's heavenly deity and wonder how could he be so smart. The moment he saw that his subordinate was about to lose, he hurriedly ordered a retreat. Now that this lousy child's injured, would his parents hurt for him?

Needless worries. Has your dislike of bloodletting lessened? Tian Zhen inwardly scolded herself.

Facing a strong attack, Chui Tian didn't dare to be negligent. He gave a loud shout and raised both of his hands. In a split second, the weather in the area changed. The surrounding air rapidly rushed towards the center of his palm.

Borrowing the wind's power, he slowly pushed his right hand forward.

A white light was emitted, as thin as a sword. In a moment, it penetrated the ball of blue light and the ball of light exploded open. The white light still didn't stop and struck at Lu Xiaocan.

Blood spurted out from Lu Xiaocan's mouth and with difficulty, he turned over and avoided the attack.

Seeing him getting another injury added on top of his injuries, Tian Zhen's motherly instinct was finally released alright, I'm the Holy Mother. Little idiot, if you can't beat him why don't you run? Right, his dad was trapped within that spell. Pitiful ah pitiful. Why doesn't his mom come out and save him?

Watching the Roc King Chui Tian, an adult chasing a child and beating him, aren't you afraid of losing face?

She then looked at Zhao Huajun who was as calm and collected as the Buddha.

Other people have the heart to spare your subordinate, but now you're watching your subordinate injure other people's son without stopping him. Really ungenerous......Tian Zhen heaved a sigh, contrarily expressing her understanding. His Majesty the God Emperor is present, so who would dare to have good relations with the Demon Realm right in front of him at this moment?

’’Lu Xiaocan won't die that easily,’’ Wen Xi patted her head, indicating that she could be at ease, ’’You see that he's small, but you don't know that he's already caused a number of people's heads to hurt.’’

Having heard that, Tian Zhen relaxed.

That's right. He looks like a beautiful and harmless little shota, but he's actually very cunning. Even more so than a rabbit.

With his opponent falling behind, Chui Tian was elated and relentlessly chased for the kill. Who would have imagined that after 10 strikes, a glaring white light would suddenly collide against him. His line of sight became empty and blocked, scaring him into repeatedly falling back. Fortunately, he was a seasoned veteran with ample experience. Although his mind had yet to react, his hands already unconsciously received a hit. The air condensed and formed a round screen in front of him in an attempt to defend.

Lu Xiaocan chuckled: ’’Stupid bird!’’

There was a twinge at the back of his shoulder blood splashed out. Only then did Chui Tian realize that he had fallen into a trap. In his fury, both hands grabbed the air and don't know from where, a blazing red longsword had appeared. Following a sound, the sword then struck at Lu Xiaocan!

Ayah! Tian Zhen cried out in alarm.

The clear and resonating cry of a phoenix suddenly rang out on the battlefield. All those who heard were distracted for a moment. Zhao Huajun shook his head and looked at her. He seemed to find it laughable and also seemed to be rebuking her.

Tian Zhen promptly took her wing and covered her beak. Luckily, she didn't plan on crying out for a second time.

Lu Xiaocan didn't die and was safely and calmly lying in someone's arms.

Chui Tian's longsword had been obstructed by a blue light. After clashing a few times, it had exploded with a bang in midair. In a flash, the fragments disappeared without a trace. So it turns out that it had actually been transformed from wind and fire energy.

Tian Zhen sized up that person in amazement. It couldn't be unsaid that a phoenix's vision was possibly even better than an eagle's. Even it was a distance of 300m, it was still possible to see everything clearly and distinctly.

The one who had saved Lu Xiaocan was a young war general. He had on a purple battle robe with long silver hair flying up in the wind and a purple forehead ornament. The outline of his face was clear. A high-bridged nose and deep, purple eyes suffused with cold light.

Red hair, silver hair. Does the Demon Realm all do art or all love playing around with non-mainstream ideas? Tian Zhen sighed with sorrow.

The young purple-robed war general put Lu Xiaocan down and coldly snorted: ’’Bird God race?’’

Lu Xiaocan stood firmly and respectfully called out ’’gege.’’

’’Heavenly King Lu Binghe,’’ The War God over here gave a bitter smile. He was just about to recall Chui Tian when there was a sudden change in his expression. He turned his head and looked to the other side, ’’Not good!’’

’’My sons, withdraw.’’ A man's voice was transmitted over.

Deep, low, and resounding. It carried a bit of a nasal sound, arrogance, and dignity. It reverberated for a long time throughout the area. There was a dim killing intent penetrating through that made all of the celestial soldiers present indescribably terrified and gave rise to an oppressive feeling.

The voice came from the black whirlwind not far away.


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