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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 7


[Little Phoenix] Chapter 7

APRIL 10, 2016 ~ LUEN

Chapter 7: The God King Brothers (1)

A red robe with small sleeves with red hair hanging down. The ruby embedded in the silver band which decorated his forehead glistened and sparkled under the light of the night pearl. Lu Xiaocan stood up high on the treetop, waving at Tian Zhen: ’’We meet again. Do you still remember me Gray Phoenix?’’

Receiving too much attention isn't a good thing. Tian Zhen wanted to cry. I don't remember you little monster.

’’You're that little soldier that escaped from my hands?’’ Lu Xiaocan recognized Wen Xi and his big eyes were filled with amazement, ’’You received my 10 strikes and yet you didn't die?’’

He quickly relaxed and he happily smiled at Tian Zhen: ’’Gray Phoenix, was it you who healed him?’’

Tian Zhen's heart twitched.

The deeply hidden expert, Wen Xi, was actually injured at his hands and moreover, it was only 10 strikes! Exactly how strong was this little monster? Do I have any chance of escaping today?

Lu Xiaocan rudely pointed at Wen Xi and ordered: ’’This heavenly king orders you to kill yourself!’’

Wen Xi had already resumed his calm attitude and he smiled: ’’I seem to have yet to become that foolish.’’

Let me go. I'm willing to kill myself. Tian Zhen struggled, wanting to come out from his arms. What is foolish? Letting this freak of a little monster do the job himself. Now that would be called foolish.

Lu Xiaocan however, clasped his hands behind his back and with great arrogance, walked two steps on the treetop: ’’Don't think of playing tricks on me. You guys can't escape.’’

Without any forewarning, the branch underneath his feet sank and he suddenly jumped, throwing himself directly towards the two people. He was nimble and quick and looked exactly like a rabbit that had escaped from a cage. The light of magic flickered within the palm of his small hand and the lightning at the center of his palm went straight for Wen Xi.

Wen Xi had long since been on his guard and upon seeing this, he rapidly retreated while carrying Tian Zhen. Helplessly, Lu Xiaocan's skills were unexpectedly far from what Tian Zhen had thought. He chuckled and then turned over and transformed into red lightning. He passed over the two people and intercepted their path.

In the end, the result of trying to escape was being unable to escape. Wen Xi inwardly gave a bitter laugh. If it was truly Heaven's Will that he was destined to die here, then there was nothing he could do about it.

He simply put Tian Zhen to the side: ’’Little phoenix, many thanks to you. Go!’’

Just by relying on my pair of wings, how far could I escape? Both left and right paths result in the same conclusion. Wouldn't it be better to help a person to the very end? Tian Zhen gave a long sigh and turned around. She then charged towards Lu Xiaocan, ruthlessly wanting to peck his head.

’’Little phoenix!’’ Wen Xi was alarmed. Quickly understanding her intention, he hesitated for a second before changing into a sweet smelling wind and fleeing.

Sure enough, Lu Xiaocan captured Tian Zhen and no longer continued to pursue Wen Xi. After all, letting a little celestial soldier go wasn't something serious. He held onto Tian Zhen and dropped down on top of a large block of stone. He gave a ’’yi’’ sound and then lifted her wings: ’’It can't be seen, but you sure have some guts.’’

Little demon is a rabbit spirit? Tian Zhen glared at that pair of round, red eyes. She stretched her head and used all her strength to peck, used all her strength to peck......

Of course, the above mentioned was only limited to her imagination.

Tian Zhen's guts were very small.

Lu Xiaocan bared his teeth, put out a very fierce appearance, and then pulled her neck feathers: ’’You dare to peck me?’’

Children really were pure demons. Tian Zhen trembled.

Seeing that she was scared, Lu Xiaocan was greatly pleased. He stopped his hands in satisfaction and said as he blinked his eyes: ’’If I kill you, Zhao Hua-bobo¹will get angry. Fuhuang²said before not to kill members of the Bird God race.’’

I know, that's why I dared to abandon myself to help others. Tian Zhen relaxed.

Lu Xiaocan cocked his head and thought: ’’Although you look ugly, but I still like you a bit. It would be better if you return to the Demon Realm with me!’’

Demon Realm, fuhuang, he was definitely the Demon God's son! Tian Zhen rolled her eyes. No wonder he was so treacherous and two-faced at such a young age. Do you like me or do you like my blood?

Sure enough, Lu Xiaocan immediately said afterwards: ’’Because your blood is too useful!’’

Damn, you little XXXX! Facing the child, for the first time in her life, Tian Zhen had the urge to scream out swear words. The painful thing was, no matter what a bird screamed out, the opposite party wouldn't be able to understand what her words.

It was very clear that Lu Xiaocan had no intention of taking her feelings into consideration. With the intent to raise a bird, he began to consider the series of problems that he would come across in the future. The small face showed an extremely worried and awkward expression.

’’If I bring you back, fuhuang will blame me when he sees you.’’

Lu Xiaocan was distressed while Tian Zhen was pleased.

’’I'll just say that Zhao Hua-bobo gave you to me.’’

Lu Xiaocan was pleased while Tian Zhen was distressed.

’’But he won't believe it......’’

Right! Right!

’’Then I'll be stealthy and not let him find out!’’

The hell!


During the period of time in which these several sentences had been spoken, Tian Zhen's heart had gone up and down and had already been trampled on several times. Fortunately, none of the N types of methods that Lu Xiaocan had thought of were considered as the right one. In the end, he helplessly showed the kindness of children: ’’Whatever, I can't raise a bird. Bringing you back with me would be really troublesome. It's better if I return you to Zhao Hua-bobo.’’

What a well-behaved little shota! Tian Zhen shed tears of gratitude.

’’Pure phoenix blood is rare so give me some more drops to keep.’’ Lu Xiaocan was immeasurably self-satisfied by this idea. He took out a knife, pulled up her neck, and cut at it right away.

Do you take this old woman to be a blood bank for you to use? Tian Zhen wanted to cry but had no tears.

In fact, being a bird isn't so good either. At the very least, she couldn't be a phoenix. If I could do things over again, I'd rather have become a crow.......

Morning, night, morning again, night again......

The carriage shook. A faint, delicate fragrance came from the warm hug. A hand was softly placed on her back and would occasionally tidy her feathers for her. Tian Zhen was motionless with her head dangling about. That day, Wen Xi had gone back and notified the others. By the time, Zhao Huajun had rushed over to find her, Lu Xiaocan had already left while she was passed out on top of the stone with her two legs straight up in the air, facing the sky.

’’As expected of someone born of the phoenix race. How is it?’’

’’Thanks to Your Majesty's great blessing, there's no longer a problem.’’

The God Emperor was very appreciative of her act of altruism and reached out his hand in indication.

Zhao Huajun said: ’’This act has taken a toll on it......’’

Right, I've lost too much blood, I'm dizzy, my vision's blurry, and my heart is agitated. I won't be able to endure you, old man, playing jokes on me again and again. Tian Zhen pulled back her body as much as possible and her claws tightly grabbed the front of Zhao Huajun's robe.

The God Emperor raised his eyebrows: ’’Zhen had a mind to bestow a reward on her for her praiseworthy action and wanted to see the condition of her injury. What's biaoxiong worried about?’’

Yesterday you were still cordially using ’’I’’, today you're completely revealing your original self and using ’’zhen’’. Tian Zhen closed her eyes and pretended to not have heard. She inwardly cursed in her heart. Aren't you just using your identity as the highest leader to pressure others? Like hell you're that great. I bet you don't know that those wives of yours clamorously fighting and that this loyal and devoted biaoxiong is actually secretly setting up a honey trap for you.

’’The Bird God race's people ought to carry out Your Majesty's orders. How could it dare to ask for a reward?’’ Zhao Huajun smiled and presented Tian Zhen, ’’Your servant is worried that since it was injured, it will be lacking in manners in front of Your Majesty.’’

The God Emperor suddenly also smiled and raised his hand: ’’Nevermind, our official business is urgent. Once you return, reward it on my behalf Zhao Huajun.’’

Zhao Huajun promised and then got up and lifted the curtain of the carriage. He took Tian Zhen and then passed her to Wen Xi who was beside the carriage on horseback. He himself returned inside of the carriage to discuss official matters with the God Emperor.

After traveling on the road for 5 days, the terrain in front of them gradually levelled out and the distance, you could see the outline of the long, long mountain range. Clouds and mist curled around it and hidden within them was a soaring murderous aura. It looked like they weren't that far off from the battlefield at Dong Yuan Yin Mountain.

Wen Xi asked with a smile on his face: ’’Little phoenix, have you gotten better these past few days?’’

With the favor of having saved his life, in these past few days, he naturally looked after Tian Zhen often and they became more familiar with each other. Tian Zhen gave a low cry to express her response.

Wen Xi's gaze twinkled: ’’You can understand speech right?’’

Tian Zhen was silent.

This person wasn't simple. How could she hide her interactions with Zhao Huajun from him?

’’But you haven't told Zhao Huajun and the others about my matters right?’’ Wen Xi patted her back, ’’Why are you helping me?’’

I also didn't expect that I would help you. Tian Zhen glanced at him.

Wen Xi didn't ask again. He smiled and sighed: ’’You lazy phoenix, you only eat and sleep. When will you be able to cultivate into human form?’’

Tian Zhen objected.

What's so amazing about turning from a bird to a person? I turned from a person to a bird. This is real skill!

Right at that moment, 10 people dressed in battle attire were riding on heavenly horses and rushed here from the distance. They stopped in front of the troops and dismounted before greeting the leading general, Yue Zu, up ahead. They said a few words and then leading general Yue Zu led those men to the front of the carriage.

’’General Bo Haigui, in accordance to the War God's orders, has come to greet Zhao Huajun.’’

In a flash, the imperial bodyguard raised half of the carriage's curtain and Zhao Huajun was sitting upright inside it. He asked with a smile on his face: ’’What is the situation of the battle up ahead?’’

Bo Haigui respectfully answered: ’’For the time being, the Demon God is still trapped inside the spell and there has yet to be any movements made. Only, the Demon Realm's elder and younger heavenly kings quickly led soldiers over just now and are fighting with the War God. At this moment, the battle's outcome in unknown.’’

Zhao Huajun looked at the God Emperor beside him and after understanding his intention, easily said: ’’In that case, you'll lead me to the front to have a look.’’

Bo Haigui complied.

The troops began moving again. Tian Zhen was incomparably excited.

Two armies poised for battle and the gods and demons are about to wage war. I'm going to go watch the celestial soldiers train and raise their ranks!


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