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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 4


[Little Phoenix] Chapter 4

MARCH 28, 2016 ~ LUEN

Forgot it was Easter.....Happy late Easter!! ~(^v^)~

Part 4: Secret of the Imperial Court (2)

The imperial court had a special garden for receiving God kings. Several maids had long since been waiting at the gate and in succession, bowed in greeting. The attendant led Zhao Huajun into the room, accompanied him in a brief conversation, and then asked for leave before exiting.

The maid brought over training seeds. Zhao Huajun placed Tian Zhen on top of the table and gestured for her to eat. Tian Zhen looked at the small bamboo rice. In the end, she had no appetite and stuck her head into her wing.

Zhao Huajun patted her: ’’You're really not going to eat?’’

Sensing his concern, Tian Zhen extended her head and hopped twice to express that it wasn't a big deal.

Thinking of how she had previously eaten a jade spirit mushroom, Zhao Huajun no longer tried to persuade her. Very soon, there were two beautiful woman coming in and greeting him. In a delicate voice, one of them said: ’’The bamboo spring has been prepared. May Zhao Huajun please go and take a bath first.’’

Zhao Huajun instructed Tian Zhen: ’’Play inside the room. Don't run around all over the place.’’

Her eyes followed him as he went out the door. Suddenly, Tian Zhen heard a burst of low laughter. The two beautiful women were ambiguously pushing each other with their hands. Taking another closer look, although the two women had wide outer garments draped over their bodies, their insides were barely dressed, with a very thin, to the point that it could be overlooked, light garment. Tian Zhen immediately understood Jiejie, dressing like this, it's obvious that you guys want to drag a beautiful man to accompany you to bathe!

Letting you guys wait on him has led to the endangerment of his purity.

Of course, maybe the person in question is extremely willing to do that.......

Tian Zhen swore that she herself had absolutely no interest in the good-looking leader bathing. It's just that a kind of intense, righteous feeling had arisen within her heart. She wanted to investigate the issue of this leader's conduct. As such, she jumped down to the floor and followed them stealthily out the door, hopping and jumping.

At the back of the garden was a large bamboo forest. A white, light mist existed at the center of the forest. Several tall and white colored screen doors stood and shielded the wind from all around. The two beautiful women from just now were holding clean clothes, hat, belt, and so on in their hands. They looked at each other with a smile and then walked inside.

’’Put them down.’’

’’His Majesty ordered I, your servant, to personally attend to Zhao Huajun in the bath.’’

Hey! Tian Zhen used her wings to cover her beak. This emperor is really considerate of his subordinates. He knew to send a beautiful woman to comfort them before they left for the battlefield and even arranged for two!

It was a long time before Zhao Huajun's voice came through from the inside: ’’No need. Both of you withdraw.’’

The two beautiful women came out with faces full of disappointment.

Alright. This matter has proven that my leader is an upright ’’god’’ of noble character. Tian Zhen felt deep veneration for him.

The majestic Bird God King, even if his temperament was even better, it still didn't mean that you could be impudent in front of him. Even if the two women were unwilling to, they still didn't have the courage to go in again and recommend themselves. Without a better option, they could only give up. They had reluctantly walked a few steps when they cast a glance and suddenly saw a gray figure slip past between their feet.

’’This ugly phoenix has run outside!’’ One woman cried in a low voice.

The other woman looked at me with her two eyes and then laughed into her sleeve and said, ’’I had thought that all of the phoenix race were like Zhao Huajun and Imperial Concubine Ni. So it turns out that there's actually such an ugly one!’’

So what if I'm ugly?! Even if I become even uglier I would still be a phoenix! Tian Zhen consoled herself. Can't you see that my leader is also a big phoenix?! Wait a minute, Imperial Concubine Ni? When I was outside before I heard from the corner of a wall that there was an imperial concubine that wanted to get poison to harm another pregnant imperial concubine. That pregnant imperial concubine seemed to have been called Imperial Concubine Ni. Everyone's a phoenix, should I tell Zhao Huajun to save her.......?

’’Don't let it run all around the place. It won't be easy to explain if something happens to it.’’ One woman wanted to come over and capture her.

’’Don't mind it.’’ The one at the side stopped her and curled her lip, ’’So ugly, who would do anything to her?’’

Coldly looking at the two women leaving, Tian Zhen used her beak to tidy up her gray feathers. I'm what's called looking safe.......

Very quickly, the faint sound of water could be heard from within the screen doors.

Amitofu¹, form is just void. As a noble bird, Tian Zhen discontentedly turned around and planned to go back using the road she had used before. Who would have thought that even before she walked out of the bamboo forest, ashaofu²pulling along a woman had walked in from the front with several maids following after them from behind.

That shaofu had tailored eyebrows and hair tied up in a tall bun. The hairpin links decorating her forehead were dazzling and her clothes were extremely luxurious, accompanied by a cape the color of red clouds with golden clouds embroidered on it. She was 7 parts good-looking and 3 parts majestic. The purple clothed woman who was being pulled by her was also very young and elegant. She had a shy look on her face as her eyes secretly looked in this direction.

Upon seeing this, Tian Zhen promptly understood what was going on. She stuck out her chest and stood straight.

A wolf in front, a tiger behind, and leader, you're precisely that piece of Tangseng³meat!

That shaofu smilingly gave that purple clothed woman a push and then led the maids away. The surroundings were empty of people. The purple clothed woman put away her shy look and the trace of a hard to perceive smile appeared. She lowered her head and gave her body a once-over. Only after she had made sure that her present self was her most beautiful state did she walk towards the screen doors in large steps.

Too calculating! Beautiful woman, do you specialize in acting? Tian Zhen began to fantasize about what the hidden scheme was.

A cry of surprise, the beautiful woman covers her face, turns her small waist, stomps her small feet once, and then runs out while shouting to the extent that everyone can hear her. After that, the high class woman from before will immediately jump out and say: I will get justice on your behalf.......

A matchup of an elegant gentleman and beautiful woman is normally very common. The problem is that the moment that Phoenix Leader of mine is finished doing his proper business, he'll feed a bird and then take a bath. Furthermore, he didn't have the intention to call on you and it can clearly be seen that he doesn't necessarily like you either. Isn't this kind of planning against him too unfair?

As a competent subordinate, I can't let leader fall into passivity. Tian Zhen resolutely abandoned her bird character and burst through the screen doors.

A warm atmosphere came rushing over like tides. In front were white stone steps leading to a pool. The steam hung in the air and in the center of the pool was a person. He had a high nose bridge and from the side, you could see an even more elegant outline of his figure. His phoenix eyes were slightly shut and his expression was serene. The long, damp hair stuck to his face and back. The spring water barely submerged his chest. That firm chest.......

Discovering movement nearby, he lifted his face.

There was a burst of heat in her nose and Tian Zhen immediately raised her head towards the sky. Can't look anymore. Have to save the blood that's been replenished with great difficulty.

’’Little phoenix?’’ Surprise.

Tian Zhen returned to her senses from that call and remembering what her proper business was, promptly looked outside the screen door and shook her head.

As the Bird King, Zhao Huajun was originally familiar with every kind of bird cry and was thus able to determine what the members of his race were conveying. Unfortunately, Tian Zhen was a fake phoenix and basically couldn't understand bird speech. Fortunately, the phoenix race's rebirth through bathing in flames was a huge calamity so any mishap could happen. This was why Zhao Huajun didn't have any doubts.

Regarding her as an ordinary spirit bird, Zhao Huajun overlooked the fact that he was right in the middle of taking a bath and comforted her in a soft voice: ’’No need to hurry. What do you want to say?’’

Tian Zhen thought for a moment, but couldn't think of a way to express the words ’’get up’’. Might as well turn around and lie on the ground and then jump up. She repeated this series of actions several times.

Zhao Huajun was worried: ’’An unstable footing. Could it be an illness?’’

Seeing him getting up from the water and wanting to come over and hold her so as to examine her, Tian Zhen received a huge stimulus. She promptly closed her eyes. Amitofu, I absolutely didn't do it on purpose. It was you insisting on letting me see. I'm still a good bird.......

Zhao Huajun was getting more and more bewildered: ’’Little phoenix, what's wrong?’’

There's nothing wrong with me. It's leader, you, who wants to become the lead of the nude photography industry. Tian Zhen sighed and then held the clothes in her mouth before throwing them in front of him. Afterwards, she flew to the top of the screen door and by coincidence, that purple clothed woman was just about to come in. She didn't think and simply spread her wings and swooped down.

A shadow sweeping past her face, that purple clothed woman was unexpectedly frightened. Her flowery countenance turned pale and she cried out in fear while retreating.

What I wanted was exactly this result. Right now I'm a bird and whatever a bird does is normal. Beautiful woman, sorry! Tian Zhen completed the high and troublesome flying movements and dropped back on top of the screen door in a crouch, pleased with herself. She didn't continue to tease her because after all, everyone here had magic power. Taking care of a small bird wasn't a problem.

Sure enough, Zhao Huajun came out from behind the screen doors with his clothing in order. His expression was evidently somewhat strict: ’’Didn't I tell you people to withdraw?!’’

His was still dressed in a white robe with golden borders. Only, the top of his head had already changed to a delicate, narrow, and tall golden crest to bind his hair with. He seemed to have an even more graceful and noble air.

Tian Zhen admired him.

Leader is leader. I can't compete with his dressing speed.

Her good thing ruined by a bird, the purple clothed woman was, contrary to expectations, calm. She quickly covered up her embarrassed appearance and put out a shocked appearance: ’’Zhao Huajun?’’

Zhao Huajun recognized her: ’’Goddess Heng Yue?’’

The purple clothed woman bowed down low: ’’Heng Yue-ji meets Zhao Huajun.’’

Zhao Huajun's complexion relaxed some: ’’Why are you here?’’

’’I came here together with the Celestial Queen Mother just now.’’ Heng Yue-jismiled amorously and gazed at Tian Zhen on top of the screen door with unlimited tenderness. ’’Originally, I was randomly walking around when I saw this clever little phoenix and I really liked it. I was afraid that it would get lost so I followed it here. It hadn't occurred to me that Zhao Huajun would also be here.’’

What a bird-loving beautiful woman! Tian Zhen nearly puked out blood and died.

Zhao Huajun seemed to believe her and criticized Tian Zhen: ’’I told you to stay in the room. Why did you come out and run around all over the place? You scared the goddess!’’

Who told you to meddle in other people's business? Who told you to prevent other people from getting at their peach flower? You reap what you sow. Serves you right to be thrashed! Tian Zhen used her wing and ruthlessly slapped her face. She dejectedly jumped to the ground and bowed her head in apology.

Heng Yue-ji bent over and amiably stroked her head while smiling like the Holy Mother: ’’It was an unintentional transgression. Zhao Huajun should stop scolding it.’’

Yes, yes. I admit that it was my transgression. Beautiful jiejie, you can't burst my head! Tian Zhen looked at those sharp and long fingernails and her feathers rose up. She directly hid towards the back.

Zhao Huajun slightly tilted the upper part of his body to hint at her: ’’Phoenix.’’

Hearing the call, Tian Zhen immediately flew into his arms.

Zhao Huajun softly stroked her back to placate her and asked: ’’Where is the Celestial Queen Mother?’’

Heng Yue-ji hurriedly said: ’’The empress is waiting for Zhao Huajun in the hall.’’


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