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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 35


Chapter 35: Origins of the God's Son (1)

Entering Qin Hall, she was met with the sight of the Devil God standing at the center of the hall. Within the completely empty main hall and under the blue luster of the magic lights, the tall back was a little cold and lonely.

Tian Zhen shook her head.

It was lonely at the top. As far as the warlike him was concerned, he was already unequalled so what else could he pursue? No wonder he was bored.

She walked over and gently called: ’’Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God didn't turn around.

Thus, Tian Zhen took the initiative to circle around to face him: ’’Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God looked at her.

’’I absolutely won't betray Your Majesty.’’

’’Would you dare to?’’


She was sincerely expressing her loyalty yet in return was this threatening line. Tian Zhen inwardly smoothed her feathers. The moment he opened his mouth, this god would always choke people to death. Look at how he wasn't anymore polite towards the Demon Emperor. She couldn't bother about the particulars. (T/N: it means that what he says pisses off people so much that they choke on themselves in anger and then die)

Right now, I'm a fugitive in Heaven and need to guarantee my safety. The first thing to do was to guarantee this god's safety. There was no need to worry about this god's strength. The important thing was his mentality. She had to make him actively try to improve himself and get rid of that ideology of complying with Heaven's will and preparing to return to the Taishang Mirror at any time.

’’Your Majesty, the two realm alliance doesn't amount to much, but in the past I personally heard the Heavenly Emperor say that that prophecy was really left by the nameless saint. Your Majesty can't be unmindful of the divine Winged race.’’

’’You are worrying about me?’’

’’I don't want Your Majesty to return to the Taishang Mirror,’’ Tian Zhen frankly said, ’’If Your Majesty left, what would I do?’’

The Devil God said: ’’Phoenix, what do you like about me?’’

Actually, what I meant was that if you left, elder heavenly king Lu wouldn't protect me and little heavenly king Lu's strength isn't enough so my small life would be in great danger. However, it's also okay if you interpret it as that. Tian Zhen really wanted to reveal her thoughts such as, your moral character is good, your temperament is good, your martial arts are good, I love your everything, and so on. However, after gazing at that face for a long time, in the end, she still just stammered out a few words: ’’I like......Your Majesty's face.’’ (T/N: facepalm)

The Devil God moved his line of sight away.

I had never known that you surprisingly had so many merits. For a moment, she didn't know where to start speaking. Tian Zhen helplessly returned to proper business. Only after repeatedly processing the words that she had thought of did she tactfully begin to convey them: ’’Could it be that Your Majesty has never thought of how, based on the Devil Realm's current situation if you were truly to leave, would Jiu Sicang and the others have the strength to survive under the God Realm's retaliation?’’

The long eyelashes fluttered. The Demon God was expressionless.

Tian Zhen said: ’’The God and Immortal Realms have many experts. Even with the two heavenly kings, it's far from enough to contend against them. It would be difficult to protect the Devil Realm's hundreds of thousands of people from being bullied.’’

’’Your words are justified,’’ The Devil God nodded his head, ’’The Devil Realm needs someone who can replace me.’’

Look look, who said this god didn't take the future into consideration? He's already looking for a successor. Tian Zhen was speechless. After a while, she asked: ’’Does Your Majesty have a suitable candidate?’’

The Devil God said: ’’Although my sons Binghe and Xiaocan have an abundance of wisdom and strategic planning, sadly, in the end they still don't have god bodies so it is hard for them to sustain more power.’’

You have a high level of understanding towards your sons. Tian Zhen was baffled as she said: ’’Your Majesty is a primordial god. How is it that, contrarily, they don't have god bodies?’’

The Devil God said, ’’Two matters without any relation.’’

’’No relation?’’ Tian Zhen probed, ’’Could it be that they're not Your Majesty's biological children?’’

’’They were created by me.’’

Tian Zhen finally asked the most crucial question which had been circling around in her thoughts for a long time now: ’’How come I haven't seen their mother?’’


’’I said, Your Majesty's wife.’’

The Devil God looked at her: ’’Phoenix, when primordial gods create people, how could we use the method of common gods!’’

’’How correct you are!’’ Tian Zhen solemnly nodded.

It's good that there's no wife, it's best that there's no wife! The great primordial god was that Nuwa. If he wanted a son then he probably just grabbed a lump of mud and kneaded it. If he wanted a higher leveled one, would he pull a rib out......

The Devil God gave a rare sigh: ’’I can create all living things and yet I cannot create a god that is the same as I am.’’

Recalling Lu Xiaocan's words, Tian Zhen no longer dared to treat them as joke: ’’What does Your Majesty intend to do?’’

As expected, the Devil God said: ’’My son Lu Xiaocan, can be recasted.’’

Recast, you think your son is a weapon! Tian Zhen persuaded with fright: ’’It's enough if Your Majesty just creates another one. Keep him.’’

’’There is no third drop from the Spring of Life,’’ The Devil God said, ’’My power should be given to someone outstanding.’’

’’What about elder heavenly king?’’

’’He is the Devil Realm's final hope.’’

’’This is unfair for Xiaocan.’’

’’A failed creation already has no meaning in existing,’’ The Devil God consoled her, ’’You will see a far more outstanding him.’’

’’Then that wouldn't be Xiaocan.’’

’’It would be a more outstanding Devil Realm little heavenly king.’’

’’Your Majesty, this is going too far!’’


Persuasion was difficult so Tian Zhen turned around in anger and walked to the palace doorway before she stopped and turned around to look.

Upon seeing this, the Devil God turned his face away.

When this god made a decision, it was even harder to deal with than the old leader since he didn't give in after this angry tantrum. Tian Zhen's head hurt. Her mind cried that this wasn't right. If she were to really get mad at him, the little brat would definitely be turned into cannon fodder. As a result, she walked back and quietly said: ’’I was wrong, Your Majesty forgive me.’’

The Devil God gave an ’’Mn’’: ’’Reformable Phoenix.’’

Forgiving this quickly, this god didn't even argue. Tian Zhen secretly smirked: ’’In truth, the reason why I don't approve is because I have an even better method to offer to Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God was surprised: ’’Speak.’’

’’I'm just afraid that Your Majesty won't be willing to......’’ Seeing him frown, Tian Zhen stalled in her response: ’’The inheritance surpasses the creation so has Your Majesty......that is, have you considered......using the common god's method?’’

The Devil God was stunned.

A son born from that would be very likely to inherit his constitution. Tian Zhen thought it over and then added on: ’’There's only 50/50 chance.’’

After all, the six realms didn't have a primordial goddess to match him with anymore.

Quite a while later, the Devil God turned to the side and said: ’’Let me think it over.’’

’’Then the little heavenly king......’’

’’Discuss again later.’’

Exiting Qin Hall, Tian Zhen inwardly blushed at her previous words. Whatever the case, this god's train of thought had been diverted and his attention shifted. Lu Xiaocan could be temporarily considered as safe. It'd be better to go tell the little brat the good news first so that he wouldn't be scared.

As expected, Lu Xiaocan was still drooping his head while waiting atop the rock hill. Furthermore, there were two additional people beside him. The purple-clothed and silver haired Lu Binghe and the Jiu Sicang who was incessantly shaking his head.

Seeing that Lu Binghe was present, Tuan Zhen didn't go over. She hid behind a rock and watched.

’’Laying out the defense is a big matter and yet you actually overlooked it. Why did fuhuang hand this matter over to you?’’ Lu Binghe lectured his little brother: ’’If it weren't for Jiu Sicang coming to report, I still wouldn't know.’’

Lu Xiaocan turned his small head to the side: ’’As if I care!’’

Lu Binghe coldly said: ’’Wait until I report to fuhuang and ask him to hit you!’’

’’Go ahead! You only know how to make fuhuang like you. I'm not afraid!’’

’’You're being insensible!’’

Lu Xiaocan gave a snort.

Lu Binghe didn't say anything else. He raised a hand and heavily slapped his little brother's head. Then, he gracefully jumped down the rock hill and walked away, taking large strides as he did so.

Jiu Sicang moved closer and adopted an advising appearance: ’’How important is the Devil Realm's defense? I say, little heavenly king. You're too insensible......’’ He had yet to finish his words when he was sent flying by a kick.

Lu Xiaocan's mood was originally already bad and then he was scolded by his older brother. The belly's worth of anger had finally found a target to vent on. He jumped over and swing a small fist: ’’You dare to scold me? I'll beat you to death!’’

’’Spare me little heavenly king! It was heavenly king who said so. It has nothing to do with subordinate!’’ Jiu Sicang was frightened as he begged for forgiveness.

Elder heavenly king Lu scolding his little brother doesn't mean that you can follow him and scold as well. Tian Zhen watched and thought it was laughable. She promptly went over and stopped Lu Xiaocan. She helped Jiu Sicang get up and then took out a bottle and poured out a healing medicine pill to give to him. Jiu Sicang was very thankful and escaped at lightning speed after receiving the medicine.

Seeing Lu Xiaocan standing to the side in fury while occasionally casting glances at her, Tian Zhen purposefully shifted her line of sight away and pretended to appreciate the scenery.

’’Hey.’’ Lu Xiaocan restlessly tugged her wing.

’’I'm not called Hey.’’ Tian Zhen looked upward, ’’Call me mother.’’

She had just finished speaking when a burst of pain came.

’’Hey, hey hey!’’ Tian Zhen repeatedly swung her arm.

Lu Xiaocan laughed heartily and jumped aside.

Tian Zhen lowered her head to look and saw that sure enough, there was a line of small teeth marks on her wrist. She couldn't help angrily saying: ’’What are you doing!’’

Lu Xiaocan put a hand behind his back: ’’If the matter that you had agreed to hadn't been accomplished, would you have the heart to fool around? It's definitely because fuhuang agreed that you're purposely teasing me.’’

The little shota was too sharp! Tian Zhen was speechless. Quite a while later, she said: ’’Ungrateful little demon. I'll ask your fuhuang to hit you!’’

’’So petty. I didn't even drink your blood,’’ Lu Xiaocan pointed at that line of teeth marks, ’’This, is the price of you teasing me.’’

Tian Zhen didn't know whether to laugh or cry as she glared at him.

Lu Xiaocan had a sinister expression on his face: ’’Don't be this fierce. You seem like a stepmother.’’

The little brat was probably something like a humanoid mud figurine that Lord Devil God had kneaded and didn't have a birth mother. Tian Zhen stooped down to hug him: ’’Then in the future, I'll be your mother. If there's something the matter, mother will cover for you. Come, let's hug first.’’

’’You're really disgusting!’’ Lu Xiaocan turned into red light and ran away, ’’I have to go and set up the defense.’’

Tian Zhen gave a slight smile.

The little brat was actually quite serious in carrying out every matter that his father instructed him to do. The result was that he still couldn't obtain his father's approval. It was no wonder he attracted other people's sympathy.


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