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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 33


Chapter 33: God and Devil Decision (1)

It couldn't be helped that there were suspicions about her falling out of favor when she moved back to her former residence all of a sudden. Fortunately, regardless of where Tian Zhen lived, there weren't any changes in the devils' attitudes towards her. The main point was that there was a limit to everyone's pursuit. With nothing found, naturally there was no need to ingratiate themselves and nowadays, they sympathized her instead. Jiu Sicang and Minister Mo Ye as well as a few others would drag her out to drink away her worries every night. During this period of time, Tian Zhen had popularized countless objects of entertainment such as mahjong and so on. Her lifestyle was rotted and degenerated once more. Unexpectedly, Yu Yangjiao heard the news of her moving out and her mental state calmed. Her illness was completely gone and she began to come out and play again. Never in her wildest dreams had Tian Zhen expected that she had actually done a good deed.

With regards to Lu Binghe, Tian Zhen believed that he still wouldn't feel relieved, but she also believed that so long as she didn't make a move, he would abide by his promise and let her stay. In fact, the past few days had been very peaceful.

All the devils were at Jiu Sicang's home playing mahjong late into the night. Remembering that they still had to go to work on the next day, they reluctantly left.

Separating from the devils, Tian Zhen hurriedly headed towards her residence.

There was very chilly at night. The blue pearl's light was hazy as well as beautiful and tranquil. It shone such that it flew upon the tops of heads like rain, each strand sparkling and translucent. Atop the tall, rocky mountains, the sky winds violently blew. A dark figure had one hand placed behind their back while standing. The sleeves of the robe turned as they flew, the golden edges flickering. That invisible pressure could be felt even from the distance.

Tian Zhen found it hard to believe. She had lifted her face upwards for half a day before she cautiously probed: ’’Your Majesty?’’


The past few days' gloom was swept clean. Tian Zhen's mind greatly shook. The big boss unexpectedly ran out to personally check up on the employees. If Jiu Sicang and the others were to find out about this matter, it'd be a wonder if all of them didn't fall ill out of fright!

’’Where did you come from?’’ The voice actually sounded beside her ears. In the blink of an eye, he had already taken her from high up in the sky to the rocky mountaintop


Tian Zhen truthfully answered: ’’I was with Jiu Sicang, Minister Mo Ye and the others......discussing business.’’

The Devil God gave another ’’Mn’’, expressing his satisfaction at the answer.

Tian Zhen's heart stirred and she asked: ’’Where did Your Majesty come from?’’

’’My son Xiaocan's residence.’’

’’This late, Your Majesty went to see little heavenly king?’’

The Devil God raised his chin, tacitly agreeing.

Oh hey, when did your paternal love break out? Tian Zhen pretended to not understand: ’’Your Majesty intends to return to your Qin Hall correct? Qin Hall is over there. How did Your Majesty get over here?’’

’’I came to see you.’’ (T/N: Dude, if only more kdrama MLs were like u. So much less pointless drama would have to happen)

Tian Zhen turned her face to the side and used her sleeve to cover her face, deviously smiling. He finally admitted it. He truly was the Lord Devil God who didn't speak lies. The several days that I wasn't present, were you lonely? Did you start to miss me a little? (T/N: Damn, i thought she was gonna blush when she covered her face. Why must u be so evil birdy? :'))

’’Bird Woman.’’

Tian Zhen immediately turned her face back and differentially bowed: ’’Your Majesty.’’

’’How is the Devil Realm?’’

’’The Devil Palace's nighttime scenery is really good.’’ Tian Zhen was extremely willing to accompany the new leader in appreciating the scenery. She raised a hand and pointed towards the front, ’’Look Your Majesty. It's raining. There are big and small rocky mountains.’’

The Devil God slowly moved his line of sight away.

No interest? Tian Zhen quickly pointed to another side: ’’That side, there are many colored lanterns.’’

The Devil God was expressionless.

Tian Zhen switched to another direction again: ’’Over there, there's also......many rocky mountains.’’

’’Nothing refreshing.’’ The Devil God bluntly assessed.

Why couldn't the Devil Palace have some more things growing around it? Tian Zhen was defeated. While glancing around, she accidentally saw that long hair brush against that handsome face. From a side view, the long eyelashes carried very small beads of rain that trembled underneath the pearl's light and shone like blue gems. It was extremely beautiful.

None of the scenery is as refreshing as you!

Thereupon, Tian Zhen solemnly nodded her head: ’’Right on the mark, Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God raised his eyes: ’’I'm, returning.’’

When this god wants to leave, would he specially say so? Tian Zhen asked with her heart filled with expectation: ’’Your leaving right now?’’

The Devil God turned around and disappeared.

With this god's superb self-respect, he absolutely wouldn't take the initiative to say words like ’’Will you be willing to come back with me?’’! When Tian Zhen finally reacted, she was endlessly regretful. She flapped her wings and directly flew towards Qin Hall.

She had just flown up when something fell into her hand.

A single golden feather.

Tian Zhen's shock wasn't small and very quickly, she stored the golden feather inside her sleeve before landing in a corner of the rocky mountain.

All around her, it was quiet and silent. There weren't even any patrolling devil soldiers. It was basically unclear where it had flown over from.

Sure enough, there was a time and place on the golden feather. Tian Zhen acted without taking the time to think. She used the lowest level divine spell to destroy it. After that, she silently walked back to her room and laid down on her bed. Her heart was a mess of emotions.

First of all, the golden feather's history. That was a token that only the divine Winged race's Phoenix King had. It carried the Winged King's aura and was unlikely to be fake. However, although the Devil Realm's society was harmonious, it didn't mean that it was negligent with its defense. This was equally taken care of by the heavenly king brothers. Tian Zhen had a slight understanding of this. In particular, elder heavenly king Lu handled matters perfectly without any mistakes. A bit of that could be seen in the devil soldiers' patrol arrangements.

The golden feather was able to be quietly sent inside while avoiding everyone's notice and there were only two reasons.

One, the Devil Palace had a God Realm spy.

As for two, things got a lot more dangerous. This letter was able to be delivered to her because elder heavenly king Lu had silently let it. He wanted to sound her out or perhaps......

Tian Zhen sighed.

Right now, the moment she made a move, it was very likely that she would fall into a trap and elder heavenly king Lu would have a chance to end a spy. Even if it wasn't a conspiracy, whether or not she was going was still a problem. The kindness had already been repaid and there wouldn't even be anything worthwhile to say if they did meet. The Heavenly Emperor had already granted a marriage upon this dragon and phoenix pair. According to the news, he had unexpectedly postponed the wedding day, but this probably wasn't all that related to her. Even if it was, it was probably just because she had gone missing and he felt guilty.

The next day, after the discussion of official business had ended, Tian Zhen didn't leave together with Jiu Sicang and the others. Rather, she went to the Devil God's Qin Hall by herself. By chance, both heavenly kings were present. Lu Binghe was speaking in front of the couch and stopped after he saw her come in while Lu Xiaocan was silently standing to the side with his head hanging down. He didn't seem like his usual quick-witted and eccentric self.

Tian Zhen saluted: ’’I pay my respects to Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God said: ’’Speak.’’

Tian Zhen said: ’’Last night, I received Zhao Huajun's letter feather. I wish to see him and before doing so, I specifically came to seek Your Majesty's permission.’’

Lu Binghe faintly said: ’’How did the divine Winged race's letter feather enter the Devil Palace?’’

Seeing that he had this kind of reaction, Tian Zhen was more certain: ’’Perhaps the Devil Palace has a God race spy. It'll be enough if the heavenly kings do a detailed investigation.’’

’’You can go see him. No need to report.’’

’’I have vowed loyalty and devotion to His Majesty. Wanting to meet the God Realm's king, naturally I should report it.’’

’’If you have vowed loyalty and devotion to fuhuang, why is there a need to meet your old master?’’

’’The spy has already been taken care of. My son insists on sounding her out, but she hasn't hidden anything. Loyal to your new master, but not forgetting your old master. Her professionalism is laudable,’’ The Devil God indicated for him to stop and raised a hand towards Tian Zhen, ’’I'll permit you.’’

As expected, the spy was dealt with. Elder heavenly king Lu deliberately took that golden feather to sound me out. Lord Devil God looks as if he'll manufacture cannon fodder at any time, but in truth, his heart is quite virtuous. I really bet right! Tian Zhen inwardly rejoiced and then cast a glance at Lu Binghe and said: ’’This trip will take one day and then I'll return. However, someone wants to quickly get rid of me. If I were to meet with a mishap on the journey and lose my life, I still hope that Your Majesty and heavenly kings take care of yourselves.’’

Lu Binghe's expression didn't change and appeared as if this had nothing to do with him.

The Devil God said: ’’No matter. I will have Xiaocan travel with you.’’

Tian Zhen was exalted and expressed her thanks.

Lu Xiaocan's mount was a small white tiger that ran extremely fast. With him guiding, she wouldn't have to look at the map. The two quickly hurried to the arranged location which was Shi Fang Xu Ye's Thousand Prairie.


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