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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 32


Chapter 32: The Devil God's Son (2)

Luo Binghe had his back towards her: ’’The divine Winged race's?’’

This matter was very sensitive, the more you said, the more things could go wrong. Tian Zhen honestly admitted: ’’Yes.’’

’’You have a high understanding of that prophecy.’’

’’Heard of it.’’

’’Fuhuang has never been injured before.’’

Here it comes, here it comes! Tian Zhen softly said: ’’I......My constitution is of the worst type. I only have a millennium's worth of cultivation so how could I injure His Majesty?’’

’’divine Winged Phoenix Clan, colored feathers were injured during your fire bathing, cultivated into human form several months ago, and worked as Zhao Huajun's personal maid,’’ Luo Binghe turned around to face her. There wasn't the slightest change in his tone, ’’Zhao Huajun's treatment towards you wasn't cold. Had you stayed in the God Realm, there might have been hope for you to become his side-chamber consort. Yet, you suddenly coming to the Devil Realm has puzzled me.’’

F***, he's gotten a clear grasp of my information this fast! Tian Zhen was caught unprepared: ’’Information that was obtained from asking around isn't necessarily worth completely believing......’’

Luo Binghe reached out his hand.

Tian Zhen was terrified and was just about to recoil when that hand already withdrew.

’’The Trust Hairpin of the Peacock King's race. It can command the Green Feather Peacock Soldiers. If its possessor was just an ordinary maid, I would be greatly interested,’’ Beautiful fingers fiddled with the feather hairpin's dark green rod. Luo Binghe insipidly said, ’’Do not tell me that you have yearned for the Devil Realm for a long time.’’

’’This matter, uh, when speaking of it it's actually quite complicated,’’ Tian Zhen elaborated with her words, stalling for time while her mind rapidly considered the most suitable answer, ’’At that time it that time......’’

Luo Binghe looked at the feather hairpin in his hand: ’’It's best if you think of an excuse faster. There's a limit to my patience.’’

Dealing with a calm and rational person was definitely more challenging and dangerous than dealing with a conceited and powerful person. This kind of difference was decided based on the gap in strength. In front of the latter, there wasn't anything that could threaten him. Therefore he was conceited and disdained too much planning. The former however, didn't have this kind of confidence. Therefore, the moment he sensed a threat, his first response would be to eliminate it.

Being threatened by the killing intent, Tian Zhen inwardly yelled damn it and hurriedly said: ’’At that time when I fell into His Majesty's hands, I actually wanted to find a way to survive.’’

Luo Binghe wasn't surprised. He delivered the feather hairpin back to her hair and then moved one step to the side, giving her a way out: ’’Your life was already saved, you can leave now.’’

Tian Zhen didn't move.

This beautiful man clearly wanted to dispose of her yet he used this kind of sinister method. If she were to really leave at this moment, she would take up the identity of a spy for real. It was likely that in the next moment, even before she had left the Devil Realm, he'd end her. There was a big difference between taking care of a spy and slaughtering a subordinate without reason. The spy was unsuccessful in escaping and was beheaded. The Devil God had no reasons to denounce him.

How could that kind of great deity produce such a sinister son!

His unwillingness to directly make a move indicated that he still had misgivings. Tian Zhen clearly understood this point and quietly let out a sigh of relief.

Worrying about your fuhuang, I understand your filial piety. However, demanding that I use my life to make you feel at ease, the pressure I feel is quite heavy!

’’Heavenly king, please listen to me finish speaking,’’ Tian Zhen simply looked straight at him and very slowly said, ’’At that time, entering the Devil Realm was for the sake of surviving, but now, I sincerely want to remain here and faithfully serve His Majesty.’’

’’You have this ability?’’

’’I'm aware that I'm incompetent. I can only serve His Majesty with all of my heart.’’

Right now wasn't the time to prove her ability. If she really were to puff herself up in order be impressive, it was hard to say whether or not this person wouldn't seize the chance to dispatch her outside to carry out a mission. Wouldn't she be screwed then? Losing face is always better than losing your life.

As expected, Luo Binghe's expression chilled: ’’Remaining here, it'll be hard to guarantee your life.’’

Want to scare me away? Contrarily, Tian Zhen became calmer and bent her waist as she deferentially said: ’’Doubting that I'm a spy, this isn't all that strange as anyone has the right to doubt. I understand heavenly king's misgivings, but the Devil Realm's people cannot massacre one another. I have engraved His Majesty's teachings in my heart. Without proof, I'm convinced that His Majesty won't rashly punish his subordinate nor would he tolerate this kind of conduct.’’

Purple eyes turned frosty and Luo Binghe drew closer: ’’You think you can be regarded on equal terms with me?’’

An undisguised threat! Tian Zhen drew back: ’’How could I dare to compare myself with heavenly king. Heavenly king is His Majesty's child. Killing a puny capitulated soldier isn't a big crime, but subordinate is indeed being wrongly accused.’’

She hadn't finished speaking when blue light shone within that palm. It scared her into breaking out in a cold sweat.

Suddenly, a red figure jumped out from behind a nearby rock and grabbed the tips of her wings: ’’Big brother, don't scare her. I know she wants to seduce fuhuang!’’

Children's words carry no harm, children's words carry no harm! Tian Zhen was silent.

’’I personally saw it,’’ Lu Xiaocan pushed her aside and strolled over to his big brother's side, ’’Although she looks a bit ugly, she's always bothering fuhuang and fuhuang listens a bit to what she says.’’

Luo Binghe was also aware of the rumor and stopped his hand in passing.

Tian Zhen continued to maintain her silence while feeling incomparably wronged.

This is practically an enormous unjust accusation. The criteria for a honey trap is too high. I know myself extremely well. At most, I did some flattering while I was in my infatuated state and even that was just because I wanted to live a bit longer. Lord Devil God not yelling that I was stupid was already quite polite of him. When have you heard my words?

Luo Binghe asked his little brother: ’’Why did come here?’’

Lu Xiaocan said: ’’Just now Yan Wu came to find me saying that fuhuang wanted to see me.’’

Yan Wu? Tian Zhen was surprised when she heard this name again.

’’Fuhuang is healing, how could he call you......’’ Lu Binghe furrowed his brows, no longer continuing to speak.

Lu Xiaocan glanced at Tian Zhen and lightly snorted: ’’I didn't say anything wrong.’’

The two brothers were clever and Tian Zhen couldn't be considered as too stupid. She quickly understood and was overjoyed with the turn of events. She finally made up her mind: ’’My magic is weak and I'm someone who's afraid of dying. Heavenly king need not be so alert towards me.’’

Luo Binghe faintly said: ’’You're quite unwilling to give up.’’

Tian Zhen said: ’’His Majesty has shown me kindness. It's fine if you believe me, it's fine if you don't believe me. I swear that I definitely won't betray the Devil Realm.’’

’’I'll allow you to stay. However, your divine Winged Phoenix Clan identity,’’ Luo Binghe paused and then said, ’’You know what should be done. I look forward to your actions.’’ Having finished speaking, he turned around and slowly walked down the stairs.

’’Bird Woman, don't think that you'll have your way.’’ A small, red head tunneled out from underneath her wing.

This little rotten child was unable to differentiate good from bad. Fancy that I, as a Holy Mother, said good things about you on your behalf and even fed you blood! Tian Zhen grinded her teeth and was all smiles when she turned her body to the side: ’’Little heavenly king is truly clever. Just now, what did you say you saw?’’

Sensing enmity, Lu Xiaocan jumped away: ’’You're seducing fuhuang. I warned big brother and saved you.’’

Tian Zhen nodded her head: ’’How did I seduce him?’’

’’No wonder you still haven't succeeded,’’ Lu Xiaocan clicked his tongue twice and shook his head, ’’Looking this ugly and only able to hold hands. How could fuhuang be taken in. You should go learn from Yu Yangjiao......’’

Tian Zhen glowered: ’’I'm seducing him because I want to be your mother. At that time, I'll drink your blood everyday.’’

’’You dare!’’ Lu Xiaocan pointed at her and bared his teeth, ’’I'll make you......’’

’’What'll you do to me? If you don't want to make fuhuang mad then don't touch me,’’ Tian Zhen spread her arms, ’’Be good. If you agree to let mother give you a kiss, mother will properly care for you from now on.’’

’’You're really disgusting!’’ Lu Xiaocan turned into red light and escaped.

The light of the pearls atop the divine pillars outside had extinguished and it was nighttime in Void Heaven. On the couch, the Devil God was still supporting his forehead with one hand and in a state of meditation. The heavenly primordial spirit light coming from his body was fading out and beginning to turn into the normal blue halo. The reflecting light made the main hall mysterious and beautiful. Similar to the palaces within Greek mythology.

With regards to men who have saved them before during a crucial moment and who are injured as a result of doing so, most women would raise their favorability ratings of them. What's more, this god was beautiful beyond belief.

Unwittingly, a wave rippled in Tian Zhen once again as she walked over and knelt down in front of him.

Calling the younger son over was clearly to help her get out of trouble for him. He had already foreseen that the older son would make things difficult for her. Although this god's IQ wasn't clear, plus he was a bit conceited, a bit violent, a bit warlike, and a bit proud. However, he was a god of good rank, he took on responsibilities, and he created a harmonious society. Actually......seducing wasn't necessarily out of the question. It was just that she wasn't sure of the probability of the formidable Devil God having a formidable esthetic conception......

The pitch-black, long hair hid the golden hair ornament, the thick, long eyelashes hung low, and the corner of his mouth seemed to raise yet didn't. The entire face was encircled within a dark black atmosphere. He deserved to be called Void Heaven's Devil Emperor.

Inexplicably, Tian Zhen reached out her hand.

She watched as she was just about to caress that face......

This god can't be touched! The experience of being shot flying reappeared within her memories. Tian Zhen woke up and promptly wanted to pull her hand back. Who could have known that at this moment

’’Bird Woman.’’ The pair of long, narrow eyes slowly opened.

Your Majesty.’’ Tian Zhen's hand couldn't reach out, nor could it be withdrawn. Without any other option, it was left raised in midair.

The Devil God looked at her.

This ambiguous distance had long overstepped the boundaries of a leader and subordinate. Tian Zhen awkwardly said: ’’Little heavenly king came just a moment ago. I'm very grateful towards Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God accepted her thanks and changed to look at that hand. It was evident that he wanted a reasonable explanation.

Tian Zhen also looked at that hand in midair and forced a smile: ’’Your Majesty's face is very beautiful ......’’

The Devil God still didn't express anything else.

Her face was burning hot and her mind was also getting dizzy. Tian Zhen hardened her heart and made an important decision at the last moment.

Gently, softly, gently, softly......

Silently reciting these two words, Tian Zhen's claw stretched forward and she adopted the posture of wiping his sweat on his behalf: ’’Is Your Majesty's injury a bit better?’’

His divine prestige was offended and his divine face was about to be blasphemed. The Devil God probably didn't expect there to be someone who was this unafraid of dying. He subconsciously wanted to teach her a lesson, but then he suddenly recalled that this woman wouldn't be able to endure a beating. The consequence of using his divine strength was very likely to be a seriously injured her. At that time, it would be quite difficult to explain this to outsiders. More importantly, if he turned this woman into cannon fodder, the coming days would once again become dull.

Just this moment of hesitance and a tragedy occurred.

Lord Devil God's face!

I touched Lord Devil God's face!


Tian Zhen's soul flew towards the sky. All the hair on her body stood up and her small heart trembled, having nearly directly shutdown.

A cold wind blew in from outside the palace door. Subsequently, the long hair that hung down in front of his forehead swayed and brushed against her hand. The real feeling from her fingertips transmitted a perceivable temperature......

’’Bird Woman!’’ The Devil God calmly opened his mouth

’’Yo......Yo-Yo-Your Majesty......’’ Tian Zhen stuttered. She couldn't tell if it was excitement or nervousness. Momentarily, that hand unexpectedly stiffened and it was too late to pull it back.

’’Un ’’ A deep and low voice with a rising intonation. It indicated a warning.

Maintaining this kind of posture, Tian Zhen finally recalled this action's purpose. She promptly gazed at his eyes and spoke the words that she had prepared long ago: ’’Your Majesty, I like you!’’

’’I, don't like you.’’ The Devil God lifted her aside and straightened his body.

That was her most serious confession and yet it was met with the most straightforward and heartless rejection. Once more, Tian Zhen's frail heart received a blow. Forget it, I was overestimating my capabilities. Your son is so dangerous, it's better if I do as I'm told and distance myself from you. (T/N: wait that one was for real?!)

’’Since Your Majesty doesn't like it, I'll drop it,’’ She dejectedly crawled up and walked towards the palace exit, ’’I'll live outside. I won't bother Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God was slightly surprised and watched her go out the door.


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