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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 31


Chapter 31: The Devil God's Son (1)

Stupid? Tian Zhen practically suspected that a problem had arisen with her ears. Since she had begun following this god during this period of time, the confidence she had in her IQ had greatly increased. Suddenly hearing this kind of evaluation, the first reaction she gave was to not move an inch. Fortunately, her rationality still existed so with difficulty, she restrained herself from speaking what she had been about to say.

This god looking down on you doesn't mean that you can look down on him in the same way. In the face of strength, equality was but a fleeting cloud.

Tian Zhen tactfully argued: ’’Your Majesty believes that the strong do not have to fear schemes?’’

’’Inferior, common gods are already weak to the point of being pitiful,’’ The Devil God turned his face to the side, ’’If they didn't even have scheming, how else could they act as my adversaries?’’

Tian Zhen was silent.

If His Majesty the Heavenly Emperor were to hear these words, he'd definitely be angered to death.

The Devil God returned to the original topic: ’’Silver fox, did he have any sincerity?’’

Tian Zhen shook her head. Of course him wanting to cooperate with you was for the sake of the Demon Realm's interests: ’’Cooperation is a method where both parties each take what they need and jointly pursue a benefit. It's a relationship that's established upon benefits. How much sincerity could it require?’’

’’Pertinent,’’ the Devil God raised his hand to indicate his praise, ’’Clever silver fox. Forming an alliance with him, the strong would definitely meet with betrayal while the weak would definitely be exploited. Only an equal could receive his sincerity and fight alongside him.’’

Tian Zhen didn't speak anymore.

History has told us that it's never a good thing when the weak and the strong form an alliance. This is because almost all of the strong would annex their pitiful allies in the end. The present Devil Realm was dominating. A smart weakling would either unite with other weaklings to balance the situation or sit on the mountain and watch the tigers fight, that was normal. The Demon Emperor unexpectedly didn't worry about the Demon Realm's future and took the initiative to cooperate with the Devil Realm. This kind of ally was very likely to acquire your trust first and then attack you at an appropriate, key moment.

’’Even if it's like this, Your Majesty also shouldn't have spoke out and humiliated him. What would we do if he were to ally with the God Realm out of anger?’’

’’Three Realms Alliance, I quite look forward to it.’’


The true face of the new leader who built a harmonious society is that of a warhawk. Discontent with his own current state of being without equal, he strives to nurture an opponent. He waits for you to slowly become strong and you up again. As it turns out, besides being unable to bear the God race going extinct, he had another reason for why he let the God Realm continue to exist. It was that he could beat them up whenever he was free while treating it as training.

If His Majesty the Heavenly Emperor were to know that the alliance he had taken great pains to set up was, with regards to this god, an offering of amusement and entertainment, he'd definitely be angered to death and then angered alive again. (T/N: so he gets pissed to death but he's so pissed that he comes back from the grave cause he cant RIP)

As for the Three Realms Alliance, Tian Zhen was just joking. In reality, it wasn't anything worth worrying about.

Similarly, the Demon Emperor wouldn't dedicate much sincerity to the God Realm. He didn't want to let the Demon Realm dominate, but in no way did he dare to let the Devil Realm disappear. Otherwise, who would come and restrict the God and Immortal Realms? This person's personality was one where he was unwilling to be lower than someone.

Tian Zhen was unwilling to give up: ’’Your Majesty truly wants to let them mature? Even if we don't touch the God Realm, we could subdue the remaining four realms first......’’

’’Stupid!’’ The Devil God straightforwardly seized her right to speech, ’’Formerly, my strength alone was unrivalled among the six realms. Now, there's no meaning in attacking the weak four realms. You, don't need to speak anymore.

Tian Zhen returned to her original form and got inside his sleeve. She reflected upon herself in silence while squatting inside.

You're strong, that's why I beat you. If His Majesty the Heavenly were to know about this, he'd definitely be angered to death, then angered alive, and then angered to death again.

Alright, I admit that I'm stupid. I just misunderstood this new leader's lifetime goal......

The barrier was eliminated. The news of the victory had reached Void Heaven long ago. The two heavenly kings led a mass of devils outside Void Heaven's door to welcome them. This event really was a plan to lure the enemy away from his territory. At the same time that the two realms' allied armies fought the Devil God, the God Realm had secretly dispatched three armies to attack Yue Wei Mountain. Just as the Devil God had expected, after Lu Binghe came out of isolation, he then personally rushed to support his younger brother and successfully took back the Devil Spring. At that point, the God Realm's plan had been ruined.

Returning to the miles of rocky mountains and seeing the multi-colored pearl's light, Tian Zhen felt it was extremely familiar as she followed the Devil God back to his Qin Hall.

’’I pay my respects to fuhuang.’’ Lu Binghe entered the hall and paid his respects while kneeling down on one knee.

The Devil God turned around: ’’My son, you've worked hard.’’

Hearing these two people's dialogue, Tian Zhen wanted to scoff.

A benevolent father and filial son. How harmonious and beautiful, but this......wasn't it a bit too confusing? Father and son looking like brothers was quite normal. The problem was that the father look like the younger brother while the son looked like the older brother. This sufficiently verified the saying, ’’You can't judge a person by appearance.’’

Lu Binghe and his father didn't have the least bit of resemblance. The contours of his face were robust and on top of that, he had deep purple eyes and very long silver hair. His purple forehead ornament glinted with a metallic luster. He appeared cool-headed and heroic.

In comparison, Lord Devil God, your appearance is really just too......beautiful and delicate.

When father and son stood together, outsiders definitely wouldn't misunderstand who was the Devil Emperor. It was probably because the son's appearance was too masculine and lacked the dark temperament of the ancient Death God.

Tian Zhen was still letting her imagination run wild. Across from her, Lu Binghe's expression hadn't changed. He was still half-kneeling on the ground: ’’Son has gone into isolation for many days. From start to end, it was difficult to raise my body's power. I request punishment from fuhuang.’’

Having personally seen him teach his younger son a lesson, Tian Zhen immediately looked at the Devil God.

’’No matter, it was my mistake,’’ The Devil God unexpectedly didn't reproach him and seemed to have long anticipated this, ’’Taking back the Devil Spring, you did very well.’’

Lu Binghe lightly brushed away his cloak and got up: ’’I've heard that the Demon Emperor sent a letter of request. I expect that he must want to cooperate with the Devil Realm. What was the result?’’


It wasn't just refusal, he also took action and fought with him. Tian Zhen sighed.

Lu Binghe frowned: ’’Fuhuang, why did you refuse?’’

The Devil God said: ’’Completely lacking in sincerity.’’

Lu Binghe said: ’’Although there is no sincerity, it is not as if we cannot form an alliance in name only. This person holds grudges, refusing him will certainly become a hidden danger. I am afraid that it will be harmful to fuhuang.’’

Tian Zhen looked at the Devil God and repeatedly nodded her head.

Look, look, your two sons are either both wise and brave or crafty and cunning. Fortunately neither of them inherited your genes. Although you also can't be considered as too dumb, offending people everywhere you go is just too intolerable......

’’I, don't need allies nor do I fear retaliation,’’ The Devil God carelessly waved his sleeve, ’’Bearing grudges against me won't affect his attitude towards the Devil Realm. My son, he will become your best comrade. My rejection will bring about your future cooperation.’’

Lu Binghe finally showed a shocked expression: ’’Fuhuang, why would you say such a thing?’’

’’A god's tribulation. I will return to the Taishang Mirror.’’

This time, Tian Zhen really did blank out.

The conceited Death God possessed unparalleled strength and looked down on the six realms. To be capable of facing his future destiny so serenely truly was a surprise.

’’Who would be able to seal fuhuang,’’ Lu Binghe resolutely said, ’’That is nothing more than a rumor that Shi Zhongtian spread in order to calm the minds of his army. As long as fuhuang unifies the six realms and completely annihilate the divine Winged race, the rumor will end.

Annihilate the divine Winged race? Tian Zhen was frightened into contracting her wings.

’’When a powerful force remains in this world, it will certainly receive the wrath of Heaven. Come, it's time to receive this tribulation,’’ The Devil God turned around and sat on his couch. His entire body was leisurely sending out a gentle, white light that differed from the usual, ’’It's difficult to arouse the interest of the strong in the current six realms. I look forward to what capability they have to seal me.’’

Tian Zhen was even more speechless.

You made such a disturbance until everyone had a headache yet you dislike dullness. After messing around for so long, you're just freely and confidently walking around.

Lu Binghe took note of the anomaly, his eyes flashed: ’’Heavenly primordial spirit light. Fuhuang was injured?’’

’’No matter.’’ The Devil God indicated that he withdraw.

Lu Binghe paid his respects and left. Without batting an eyelid, he commanded Tian Zhen: ’’Fuhuang needs to recover his primordial spirit, Bird Woman, you follow me outside. Do not disturb him.’’

Seeing the Devil God begin to assume the pose of The Thinker, Tian Zhen nodded her head and followed him out of the hall.

The long, silver hair shone underneath the pearl's light and he seemed to be draped all over in moonlight. The purple cloak followed his steps and moved up and down, almost curving into an arc. It could be clearly seen that the person in front's every step was exceedingly firm. Tian Zhen cautiously followed behind him. Was it really just because he was afraid of disturbing His Majesty the Devil God that he called me outside? Only an idiot would believe that.

Walking down the Qin Hall's fifth layer of stairs, Lu Binghe finally came to a halt. Tian Zhen immediately followed him and stopped.


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