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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 30


Chapter 30: Devil and Demon Discussion (2)

Due to the Shi Fang Xu Ye (No Boundaries in 10 Directions - sounds better in chinese no?), the six realms were connected. The Shi Fang Xu Ye was far beyond what the vast wasteland could compare with. Its land was the widest and it had green hills, clear waters, beautiful woods, secluded ravines, birds singing, fragrant flowers, as well as barren hills, wild rivers, dangerous valleys, miasma, poisonous insects, and ferocious beasts. Its boundaries were unknown to all the gods, immortals, demons, and devils. Just like its name, this place wasn't within the boundaries of the six realms and could be considered as a public location. While walking in the area, you could encounter a friend and you could encounter a sworn enemy. Fights breaking out was a frequent occurrence. As for Tian Zhen coming out to play with the devils on a daily basis, let's not go into detail.

Impatient with Tian Zhen's speed, the Devil God had turned her into a bird and threw her into his sleeve for the entire trip in order to easily carry her.

The place that the Demon Emperor had arranged for the discussion was the white bone hill, Wang Yun Tang (Facing the Cloudy Shore).

Tian Zhen regained her human form after rolling out from the sleeve. Seeing the white bones scattered all around on the ground, her scalp immediately tingled.

Actually, it wasn't that demons naturally liked this kind of sinister place, rather it was because of a restriction in cultivation. The three races, gods, humans, and immortals regularly cultivated by borrowing the essence of the heaven, earth, and sun, hence their preference for yang energy. On the other hand, the three races, demons, devils, and ghosts cultivated by heavily borrowing yin energy. Thus, the majority of the members of these races all loved the night and weren't fond of sunlight. This could also explain why the Devil realm's Void Heaven was eternally night time.

Recalling that he was injured and that they were about to face the Demon Emperor, Tian Zhen was faintly concerned. She hesitantly stepped forward two steps, extended her arm and said: ’’Your Majesty, my blood is the best for healing......’’

The Demon God raised his chin: ’’Although I have injuries, dealing with common demons won't cost much effort.’’

This god was arrogant to the point that he felt even using medicine was beneath him. This wasn't right. Tian Zhen understood his temperament and corrected herself: ’’I know, it's just that I feel extremely apologetic over causing Your Majesty to get wounded and want to do an act of service to make up for my earlier mistake. I beseech Your Majesty to accept my intentions.’’

The Devil God declined: ’’It's fine.’’

Knowing that she couldn't persuade him, Tian Zhen closed her mouth.

An attack made through the cooperation of many gods and immortals. If it weren't for this god's protection, she would have definitely lost her life. Fortunately, he wasn't too hindered by it. Otherwise, she'd feel guilty for the rest of her life for endangering the Devil Realm's harmonious society.

Wholeheartedly saving others, when was there the slightest bit of apprehension when the other party attacked? The drop of heart blood at that time, that favor could be considered as returned.

She was still rueing over this when suddenly, a burst of demonic wind blew up from the opposite side.

The wind carried smoke within it that was too hazy to clearly see what was in there. Bursts of evil energy penetrated through it.

’’I'm arrived late and made Devil Emperor wait a long time.’’ Several figures appeared on the white bone hill. The one at the forefront was a middle-aged man with a 30+ year old appearance. He had bent eyebrows, handsome eyes, and silver hair. He had on a silver robe and wore a silver crest on his head. A clean and unadorned appearance as well as a graceful temperament, but it was completely different from Zhao Huajun. It gave people a feeling of evil demonic charm.

This was the Demon Emperor Fu Qianqiu? Tian Zhen inwardly speculated while consciously retreating backwards one step so as to made leader even more prominent.

’’You didn't arrive late, it was I who arrived early,’’ The Devil God raised his hand, ’’Speak.’’

’’Devil Emperor truly is straightforward,’’ The Demon Emperor made his next move and said with a smile, ’’It's better this way. There's no need for me to continue saying those pleasantries.’’ He signaled his subordinates to move back and bluntly said: ’’The God Realm and Immortal Realm have joined hands. I presume Devil Emperor knows who they intend to deal with by doing so.’’

The Devil Emperor placed a hand on his back: ’’The two realms' alliance, I also don't fear.’’ (T/N: might not have gotten through cause of my bad translation but the underlying meaning is that he didn't fear em before, he still doesn't fear them now that they're working together)

The Demon Emperor nodded his head when he heard these words, the smile in his eyes decreased by two tenths: ’’The Devil Emperor's power is known to everyone in the six realms. Although I also approve of these words, the six realms' unforeseen events are many too. One more ally means one more helping hand. The Human Realm and Ghost Realm usually keep watch. Only the Demon Realm and Devil Realm come from the same bloodline. There's no harm in Devil Emperor thinking it over.’’ (T/N: it differs b/t novels but in cn novels at least, any1 can become a devil if they 1) feel enough negative emotions (think magi black rukh) or 2) absorb devillic aura/blood n voila! congratz on ur race change;so demons can become devils too)

The meaning that these words were expressing couldn't have been any clearer. Tian Zhen suddenly understood. There was a god and immortal alliance on that side while this side's devils and demons also wanted to set up an alliance. The six realms really were too confusing.

The Devil God slowly shifted his line of sight: ’’You, want to join my faction?’’

The Demon Emperor maintained his elegant demeanor quite well: ’’The truly strong ones know what's the correct choice and won't refuse other people's sincerity.’’

’’The strong will choose allies,’’ The Devil God changed the topic, ’’But, do you have the qualifications to negotiate with me?’’

The Demon Emperor's complexion sightly changed. He forcibly smiled and said: ’’What does Devil Emperor mean by that?’’

’’You, still don't have enough qualifications to be my comrade.’’

The moment this sentence was spoken, at the side, Tian Zhen did a facepalm.

Saw this coming, saw this coming. According to this god's temperament, it would only be strange if the discussion didn't collapse! You're so sensitive about not losing face, how can you not know to be more courteous towards others and let them keep some face? The great Demon Emperor took the initiative to express his friendship. Even if you look down on having alliances, you don't have to make an enemy out of everyone everywhere. You don't have to speak with such finality. In the end, are you smart or stupid?

’’Everyone says that the Devil Emperor is arrogant. From today's meeting, it's a fully justified reputation,’’ Taking the initiative to express goodwill but receiving his insult instead, the Demon Emperor's face was red one moment and white the next before he gave a grim laugh, ’’But if I may offer a piece of advice to your distinguished self, words shouldn't be spoken too quickly. The Devil Realm is strong, but it's only you and your two sons who're strong.’’

Tian Zhen admired him.

Boss you really hit the nail on the head. You declared what I was thinking!

’’Silver fox, you speak of conceited nonsense!’’ The Devil God was furious. The moment his left hand turned over, a strong wind arose.


As early as from the moment he narrowed his eyes, Tian Zhen had had an ominous premonition. Upon seeing this, she felt even more powerless.

There truly are strange injustices throughout the ages. I have never met a demon who placed this much importance on the truth. Look, look, in the end, who exactly is the one speaking conceited nonsense. This god was fundamentally a model case of someone who frequently uses brute force to resolve everything regardless of whether he's dealing with his son or other people. When all's said and done, I could care less about debating who's stronger with you, I'll directly beat you until you concede. (T/N: the last line was TZ's interpretation of Devil God's train of thoughts)

It was a simple strike that didn't contain any skills. The force carried within it was already terrifying enough. The Demon Emperor didn't dare to underestimate his enemy and hurriedly condensed all the strength in his body to withstand it. In a split second, two forces collided and within the loud sound, countless flowers and plants suffered harm again. The Demon Emperor retreated three feet, his face was practically almost the same color as his clothes and he had already received internal injuries. Several subordinates rushed forward to support him in a great flurry.

’’Today I'll spare your life,’’ The Devil God once again placed his hand on his back, ’’It wouldn't take 10 days for me to exterminate the Demon Realm.’’

The Demon Emperor was irate and he brushed his subordinates aside: ’’Refusing a friend, you will pay the price for today's actions!’’

The Devil God tilted his face: ’’Hm?’’

Taking into account how cheap the skin on a mouth was, the Demon Emperor didn't dare incite him again, fearing that he'd come and wipe out the Demon Realm on a whim. He angrily turned around and hurriedly led his subordinates away.

The Demon Emperor had run away and Wang Yun Tang resumed its silence, dense with bones and sobbing dark, wind.

The Devil God wrinkled his brows. Indeed, using his true aura had affected the previous injury.

Tian Zhen wiped her sweat and stealthily retreated.

Alright, you have the capital to be conceited. You really don't need an ally. Not forgetting to beat someone up even while being injured, who would dare to provoke you? You're dangerous goods, the kind that you have to gently and carefully place down. (T/N: so he's a sensory type bomb?)

The Devil God caught sight of her: ’’Bird Woman!’’

’’Your Majesty.’’

’’You, are scared.’’

Tian Zhen's voice shook as she spoke the truth: ’’I'm afraid that Your Majesty will kill me.’’

’’Kill you for no reason?’’ The Devil God corrected her thinking, ’’How could the Devil Realm's people massacre one another and be as chaotic as Heaven!’’

’’Your Majesty is wise.’’ Tian Zhen repeatedly nodded her head. What massacring each other, what fighting and scheming against each other. That group of useless people couldn't possibly be capable of doing something this high-levelled. The Devil Realm's people truly are blessed to have a super bodyguard like you. Everyone can live a simple live harmoniously while being kind and loving one another.

The Devil God ordered: ’’Return to the Devil Realm.’’

’’Your Majesty,’’ Tian Zhen couldn't help probing a suggestion, ’’I believe the Demon Emperor's words weren't necessarily without reason.’’

The Devil God looked at her again.

This god's been powerful for far too long and hasn't used his brains! Tian Zhen cautiously urged: ’’Right now the God and Immortal Realms have joined hands. Although Your Majesty is without rival, they're used to fighting and scheming so it's hard to avoid them scheming behind our backs. It's so-called easy to dodge the spear in the open, but hard to avoid a stab in the dark. It's far better to have one more friend rather than one more enemy. Why not accept the Demon Emperor's good intentions, Your Majesty? By planning some more, there'll be a day where the Devil Realm will genuinely be unequalled.’’

The Devil God gave an ’’un’’.

Being able to move this god, Tian Zhen was secretly rejoiced: ’’Your Majesty thinks?’’

’’Stupid Bird Woman.’’


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