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Little Phoenix Is Not An Immortal - Chapter 28


Chapter 28: Devil Palace Secret (2)

Devil God Daren had stinted with his words. Tian Zhen guessed for half the day before she understood his intention. She evasively responded: ’’I......I wanted to get a good look of Your Majesty and store Your Majesty's appearance in my heart.’’

The Devil God put down his hand and straightened his body: ’’Gray-winged Bird Woman.’’

Tian Zhen looked at her wings and calmly said: ’’Your Majesty is good-looking, my appearance is ugly.’’

’’I, can remove your gray wings.’’ (T/N: Bro, u too easy XD)

Tian Zhen blankly stared at him.

Before, when she had incessantly disliked this pair of wings, many medicine gods had been helpless and unable to do a thing. Now, a good piece of information had suddenly dropped down from the heavens and she was momentarily unable to accept it.

There'll be someone who'll like you just by removing your wings? Just by removing your wings, leader will regret and admit his mistake? If it was a genuine like, then they definitely wouldn't mind a pair of wings.

Tian Zhen bent her head: ’’No need, Your Majesty.’’

The Devil God looked at her.

Tian Zhen explained: ’’Although they're ugly, but they could save my life in a critical moment. I don't want to rashly discard them.’’

The Devil God made an ’’un’’ sound to express his praise. He then stood up and said: ’’When my divine sense leaves my body, do not approach me.’’

Tian Zhen was silent.

God, why didn't you say that earlier......

The Devil God looked at the cakes beside him: ’’Inferior, common god!’’

Tian Zhen had originally also believed that all gods didn't need to eat. It wasn't until later that she became aware that she had been gravely mistaken. A natural born god like him could automatically absorb the heaven and earth's energy and could leave out this step, but this class of high gods had all long since perished in a great fire. The only one remaining was him who had been trapped inside the highest grade mirror. The present Heaven was completely filled with those who had become gods after their birth. Although he claimed the title of genuine member of the god race, strictly speaking, he only had half a god's power and needed time to replenish his energy. (T/N: to those who might not have understood, the current gods of Heaven are like those people in xianxia novels that cultivate n become gods once their cultivation reaches a certain point while Lucifer already had a god's body n power from the moment he was born)

Of course, an inferior, common god was still of a higher level than a mortal. Going hungry for one or two months wouldn't be a problem.

In the following days, a neither big nor small farce occurred within the Devil Palace. ’’Undiscriminating □’’ Yu Yangjiao refused to accept Tian Zhen. In order to prove her charm, she strengthened her nerves and took the initiative to enter the Devil God's Qin Hall. Who would have thought that after just speaking a few words, she retreated outside while flushing in anger. Having been dealt a great blow, she hid within her residence for a full three days stating that she had fallen ill. This led to all the devils laughing at her behind her back.

It was unsurprising since she had overcome her mental pressure with great difficulty in order to put her charm to use, but was frightened into breaking out in a cold sweat by Devil God Daren's one sentence, ’’This isn't what the strong cultivate in, I'm disgusted,’’ and left after reporting her fault.

Seven days later, little heavenly king Lu Xiaocan returned, having succeeded in teaching Mu Mei-ji a lesson. The Devil God was quite satisfied by this. Tian Zhen was terrified of being captured and bled out so she hid within the Devil God's Qin Hall all day long.

’’Bird Woman, why are you unwilling to leave?’’

’’I want to accompany Your Majesty.’’

’’I'm cultivating.’’

’’I'm also cultivating!’’

The Devil God lifted up a beautiful finger: ’’Perseverance and willpower won't be able to change your inferior constitution.’’

Devil God Daren always hit the nail on the head when he spoke. Tian Zhen silently grabbed a pastry and put it in her mouth. She had just eaten two mouthfuls when she suddenly felt a painful ache inside her stomach. She couldn't help crying out ’’ah’’ and then cast the pastry aside.

The Devil God's black eyes slightly moved.

Sensing something was amiss, Tian Zhen immediately threw herself over and hugged his leg, crying for help: ’’The pastry has poison in it, Your Majesty save me!’’

The Devil God reached out his hand and lifted her face upwards: ’’Worm Silk Grass fluid.’’

Recognizing the nature of the poison this quickly, looks like not only did Devil God Daren have talent in producing fill-in-the-blank questions, he was also quite knowledgeable. Tian Zhen was overflowing with admiration. In her mind, she had already guessed for the most part what had happened and couldn't help bitterly smiling: ’’Your Majesty, do you have the antidote?’’

’’Send for the poisoner!’’ The Devil God evidently cared more about his own reputation as he let go of her, ’’Yan Wu, order him to come see me.’’

Who was Yan Wu? Tian Zhen was puzzled. Only, the pain was getting more and more difficult to deal with so she didn't actively try to understand.

The Devil God said: ’’Do you want me to help you?’’

Having the terrifying past experience of the power of one hand forcing out poison, Tian Zhen shook her head in fright: ’’Your Majesty's divine power, I won't be able to bear it.’’ Leader wasn't here so there wasn't any heart blood to save her life.

In a flash, a very small figure appeared in the hall's doorway.

Lu Xiaocan clearly greatly feared his father. He slowly came inside and kneeled down: ’’Fuhuang.’’

The Devil God said: ’’You're raising Worm Silk Grass.’’

So it turns out that you're also not dumb. Tian Zhen was in admiration of him.

Lu Xiaocan lowered his head and didn't speak.

’’Harming a comrade, you have failed to live up to my teachings!’’ The Devil God was furious, the ends of his sleeves rising up from the wind.

This situation simply wasn't that serious. Seeing him not even asking questions before attacking, Tian Zhen was greatly alarmed: ’’Your Majesty stop!’’

The Devil God frowned.

This attack was merely teaching him a lesson and couldn't be considered as a strong one. At most, Lu Xiaocan would receive a small injury, but with this Bird Woman's constitution, at the very least, even a pat would cause a heavy injury.

With the incoming powerful force of the palm attack, Tian Zhen was pressured until she couldn't breathe and finally took her own tolerance level into consideration. In fear, she gave a loudly shouted: ’’Your Majesty spare me!’’

The wind coming from the palm abruptly disappeared. The hems of the golden-edged black robe reflected in her eyes. The fact was, his body had momentarily flashed and was one step ahead in blocking the palm strike he had sent out himself. The person was faster than the attack. This speed truly did cause one to be shocked.

’’You, do you not fear dying!’’

’’He wasn't hurting me, he was just teasing me that's all. He wanted me to go look for him,’’ Half in pain and half in lingering fear, Tian Zhen hugged Lu Xiaocan and dispiritedly said, ’’If Your Majesty doesn't believe me, I can search. He definitely has on the antidote on him.’’

Worm Silk Grass's poison wasn't deadly. The Devil God gave a grunt of approval, he clearly understood his son very well.

Tian Zhen took out a medicine bottle from Lu Xiaocan's body: ’’How many?’’

He had teased quite a few people in the past, but this was actually the first time that he had received his father's criticism and almost been beaten for it. Lu Xiaocan pushed her away and angrily turned his small face to the side: ’’One pill.’’

Tian Zhen poured out one pill and swallowed it before finally being reassured. In passing, she placed the medicine bottle inside her clothing: ’’Little children shouldn't play with these dangerous things. Confiscated.’’

Lu Xiaocan was depressed.

Tian Zhen pinched that small, round face in the name of revenge: ’’So obedient.’’

Too late to dodge, ’’muah,’’ the left side of his small face was kissed again. Heavenly king Lu Xiaocan wanted to cry as he used his sleeves to wipe his face.

’’Bird Woman!’’ The Devil God was displeased.

The father was teaching his son a lesson yet the admirer openly opposed him. This harmed Devil God Daren's reputation. Tian Zhen promptly explained: ’’I love everything about Your Majesty. Your Majesty's son is also my son. I like him a lot and don't want him to be injured.’’

The Devil God placed his hands behind his back, his expression improving.

’’Be good, you have to do as you're told. I'll love you lots.’’ Tian Zhen hugged Lu Xiaocan again and incessantly rubbed that small face. Little imp, this old woman won't bully you back!

Heavenly king Lu Xiaocan had on a bitter face. In front of his father, he wanted to resist and yet he didn't dare to. He could only let her knead to and fro.

Right at this moment, Minister Gu Shi's voice came from outside the door: ’’Your Majesty, the one guarding Yue Wei Mountain's Devil Spring, Gu Daozi, has sent back news. Traces of heavenly soldiers have been discovered in the Devil Spring's surroundings.’’

The proper procedure for the Devil Palace's so-called discussion of official business was: first, all the great devil ministers would neatly assemble in the Devil Shrine and stand in rows below the stairs. They would listen to Devil God Daren's comments from up above and the decisions he made;After Devil God Daren made his decision, he would announce that the meeting was adjourned;Finally, each of the devils would go back. Those who should drink would drink and those who should sleep would sleep.

At present, they were right in the middle of carrying out the first step within the Devil Shrine.

’’Yue Wei Mountain's Devil Spring appeared just awhile ago. All of Heaven's gods have a covetous heart.’’

’’What would be good?’’ All the devils expressed their nervousness.

The Devil God raised his hand: ’’I will take a trip there.’’

The crowd of devils simultaneously praised: ’’Your Majesty is wise.’’

All that's missing is that he didn't say ’’I'm currently unoccupied to the point of boredom.’’ Tian Zhen supported her forehead with her hand.

His Majesty the Devil God was truly dedicated to his work, personally taking care of it himself. All the matters are taken care of by having you father and sons step in while the rest of the people have nothing to do. It's no wonder you nurtured a group of good-for-nothings.

What is a leader? A leader is that person who frequently smiles at you and pats your shoulder saying ’’I think highly of you,’’ and then throws a pile of work at you, making you, this group of fools, so busy that you're running around in circles yet you're still overwhelmed by the favor that he showed you while he himself is leisurely drinking while embracing his little wife without a care in the world. If you handle matters well, leader will have an achievement and everyone will benefit. If you screw up, leader will happily have you all take the blame for him. Devil God Daren, this kind of taking the lead and getting things done leader type stopped trending a long time ago, haaah.

The matter being settled, the crowd of devils was just about to disperse when suddenly, a small devil hurriedly delivered an urgent report: ’’A letter from the northern border. The Immortal and Heavenly Realms have joined hands to set up a barrier, preventing our race from getting out!’’

All the devils were alarmed when they heard what he said and they began to discuss in a scattered manner.

’’They've come quite fast. They're sounding me out because they don't have any confidence in themselves,’’ The Devil God gave a loud laugh, ’’The situation has become interesting.’’

Minister Gu Shi stepped forward: ’’If this old servant may be so bold as to say, the two realms uniting is clearly to clash with Your Majesty and the Devil Realm even though Your Majesty has pardoned them time and time again......’’

’’I have always known of your loyalty,’’ The Devil God raised his hand to stop him, ’’Although Heaven's gods have weak strength and evil natures, but from beginning to end, they're the descendants of my race. If I were to exterminate them, my race would no longer continue on.’’

Minister Gu Shi sighed: ’’This old servant was indiscrete. Your Majesty was born of the god race, but the Devil race is also Your Majesty's people. Now that the way out has been cut off, how does Your Majesty plan to take care of it?’’

The Devil God asked: ’’Who's the one leading the soldiers?’’

The little soldier who had informed them replied: ’’It's Heaven's divine Winged King Zhao Huajun, War God Shen Wugong, and the Immortal Realm's Jiufu Taigong and so on.’’

Lu Xiaocan hurriedly stepped forward and kneeled down on one knee: ’’This matter requires fuhuang to personally go in order for us to win. As for protecting Yue Wei Mountain's Devil Spring, son is willing to substitute fuhuang in going.’’

The Devil God nodded his head: ’’This matter concerns the Devil Realm's water supply for a year, my son, do not disappoint me.’’

Lu Xiaocan said: ’’Do not worry fuhuang.’’

The father and son duo had just drawn up their plans when a shout of fright came from far away. Only an arrow-like red light could be seen rapidly climbing the Devil Shrine. The crowd of devils cried out in alarm. They had yet to block it when that red light made a beeline for the tall jade stairs.

The Devil God stretched out a hand and caught it. It was actually a letter.

The crowd of devils were terrified: ’’Your Majesty!’’

’’The Demon Emperor has invited me,’’ The Devil God raised his hand after he finished reading. A red light flashed and the letter turned into empty air, ’’My son Binghe will be coming out of isolation tomorrow. Gu Shi, order him to substitute me in guarding the Devil Realm.’’

Minister Gu Shi promised and then asked: ’’The two realms have united and their troops aren't small. Is Your Majesty still going to advance alone?’’

’’I alone am enough.’’ The Devil God turned around and in a flash, his presence disappeared.

The crowd of devils were deeply worried and uneasy as they dispersed to their respective places.

Only after they had all left did Tian Zhen slowly walk down the shrine.

This battle was extremely important. Zhao Huajun, War God, Jiufu Taigong......most of the two realm's experts had been gathered together to set up the barrier. This was in fact because they wanted to take advantage of this chance to clearly sound out this side's strength and odds of victory. The Devil God was just the most realistic and most dangerous test subject.

The Devil God's arrogance didn't mean that he wasn't strategic, but rather it proved how sure he was of the outcome. It seemed that he didn't put the two realms' experts in his eyes.

As a result, this experiment had just gotten even more dangerous......

Tian Zhen flapped her wings and rapidly flew out of of the Devil Palace. (T/N: so she basically went from the shrine to the palace (basically her home now) and now back out)


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